Heroic Death System

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Author: Snowfield Specter

Status: 275 Chapters (Complete)


【I curse you to never have a peaceful death!】

Thus, Shang Ke started a never-ending (forced) cycle of constantly throwing away his miserable life.

He would always show himself as a martyr while letting others cry over his death.

It was because of a woman’s curse that Shang Ke was hit by a car and turned into a human vegetable. This led to him becoming bound by an unlucky system in which he was cursed to die. The most unfortunate part was that he never cheated on anyone’s feelings. The reason for why he was cursed by a woman was because of a guy named Qi Chen. Qi Chen was a ladies man, and he would always use Shang Ke as an excuse to break up with any woman that he was with. As a result, Shang Ke was always blamed for the breakups. Since then, the main character could only be forced to cross into different worlds. He would thus experience for himself, the hero’s “thrill”.

Tags: Romance, Danmei, Comedy, Xianxia, Sci-fi, Tragedy Cycles, HE, etc

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Table of Content

Arc 1: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You

Arc 2: My Heart Beats For You

Arc 3: You Are My Faith

Arc 4: Let Me Protect You

Arc 5: Everyone Loves Little Immortal Mushroom

Arc 6: A+A

Arc 7: I Am Not A Merman

Arc 8: Covenantor

Arc 9: Becoming Your God

Arc 2 Re: My Heart Beats For You

Arc 3 Re: You Are My Faith

Arc 10: Sentinel & Guide

Arc 11: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree

Chapter 134: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (I)
Chapter 135: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (II)
Chapter 136: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (III)
Chapter 137: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (IV)
Chapter 138: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (V)
Chapter 139: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (VI)
Chapter 140: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (VII)
Chapter 141: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (VIII)
Chapter 142: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (IX)
Chapter 143: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (X)

Arc 12: I Am An Evil Pen

Chapter 144: I Am An Evil Pen (I)
Chapter 145: I Am An Evil Pen (II)
Chapter 146: I Am An Evil Pen (III)
Chapter 147: I Am An Evil Pen (IV)
Chapter 148: I Am An Evil Pen (V)
Chapter 149: I Am An Evil Pen (VI)
Chapter 150: I Am An Evil Pen (VII)
Chapter 151: I Am An Evil Pen (VIII)
Chapter 152: I Am An Evil Pen (IX)
Chapter 153: I Am An Evil Pen (X)
Chapter 154: I Am An Evil Pen (XI)
Chapter 155: I Am An Evil Pen (XII)
Chapter 156: I Am An Evil Pen (XIII)

Arc 6 Re: A+A

Chapter 157: Re: A+A
Chapter 158: Back To That Key Moment ③
Chapter 159: Back To That Key Moment ③
Chapter 160: Back To That Key Moment ③
Chapter 161: Back To That Key Moment ③
Chapter 162: Back To That Key Moment ③
Chapter 163: Back To That Key Moment ③

Arc 7 Re: I Am Not A Merman

Chapter 164: Re: I Am Not A Merman
Chapter 165: Back To That Key Moment ④
Chapter 166: Back To That Key Moment ④
Chapter 167: Back To That Key Moment ④
Chapter 168: Back To That Key Moment ④

Arc 13: Ghost Assistant

Chapter 169: Ghost Assistant (I)
Chapter 170: Ghost Assistant (II)
Chapter 171: Ghost Assistant (III)
Chapter 172: Ghost Assistant (IV)
Chapter 173: Ghost Assistant (V)
Chapter 174: Ghost Assistant (VI)
Chapter 175: Ghost Assistant (VII)
Chapter 176: Ghost Assistant (VIII)
Chapter 177: Ghost Assistant (IX)
Chapter 178: Ghost Assistant (X)
Chapter 179: Ghost Assistant (XI)
Chapter 180: Ghost Assistant (XII)
Chapter 181: Ghost Assistant (XIII)
Chapter 182: Ghost Assistant (XIV)
Chapter 183: Ghost Assistant (XV)
Chapter 184: Ghost Assistant (XVI)

Arc 14: Let's Run, Fox

Chapter 185: Let’s Run, Fox (I)
Chapter 186: Let’s Run, Fox (II)
Chapter 187: Let’s Run, Fox (III)
Chapter 188: Let’s Run, Fox (IV)
Chapter 189: Let’s Run, Fox (V)
Chapter 190: Let’s Run, Fox (VI)
Chapter 191: Let’s Run, Fox (VII)
Chapter 192: Let’s Run, Fox (VIII)
Chapter 193: Let’s Run, Fox (IX)
Chapter 194: Let’s Run, Fox (X)
Chapter 195: Let’s Run, Fox (XI)
Chapter 196: Let’s Run, Fox (XII)
Chapter 197: Let’s Run, Fox (XIII)
Chapter 198: Let’s Run, Fox (XIV)
Chapter 199: Let’s Run, Fox (XV)
Chapter 200: Let’s Run, Fox (XVI)
Chapter 201: Let’s Run, Fox (XVII)
Chapter 202: Let’s Run, Fox (XVIII)

Arc 15: Death Cycle

Chapter 203: Death Cycle (I)
Chapter 204: Death Cycle (II)
Chapter 205: Death Cycle (III)
Chapter 206: Death Cycle (IV)
Chapter 207: Death Cycle (V)
Chapter 208: Death Cycle (VI)
Chapter 209: Death Cycle (VII)
Chapter 210: Death Cycle (VIII)
Chapter 211: Death Cycle (IX)
Chapter 212: Death Cycle (X)
Chapter 213: Death Cycle (XI)
Chapter 214: Death Cycle (XII)
Chapter 215: Death Cycle (XIII)
Chapter 216: Death Cycle (XIV)
Chapter 217: Death Cycle (XV)
Chapter 218: Death Cycle (XVI)
Chapter 219: Death Cycle (XVII)
Chapter 220: Death Cycle (XVIII)

Arc 1 Re: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You

Chapter 221: Re: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You
Chapter 222: Back To That Key Moment ⑤
Chapter 223: Back To That Key Moment ⑤
Chapter 224: Back To That Key Moment ⑤
Chapter 225: Back To That Key Moment ⑤

Arc 5 Re: Everyone Loves Little Immortal Mushroom

Chapter 226: Re: Everyone Loves Little Immortal Mushroom
Chapter 227: Back To That Key Moment ⑥
Chapter 228: Back To That Key Moment ⑥
Chapter 229: Back To That Key Moment ⑥
Chapter 230: Back To That Key Moment ⑥
Chapter 231: Back To That Key Moment ⑥
Chapter 232: Back To That Key Moment ⑥
Chapter 233: Back To That Key Moment ⑥

Arc 8 Re: Covenantor

Chapter 234: Re: Covenantor
Chapter 235: Back To That Key Moment ⑦
Chapter 236: Back To That Key Moment ⑦
Chapter 237: Back To That Key Moment ⑦
Chapter 238: Back To That Key Moment ⑦

Arc 10 Re: Sentinel & Guide

Chapter 239: Re: Sentinel & Guide
Chapter 240: Back To That Key Moment ⑧
Chapter 241: Back To That Key Moment ⑧
Chapter 242: Back To That Key Moment ⑧
Chapter 243: Back To That Key Moment ⑧
Chapter 244: Back To That Key Moment ⑧
Chapter 245: Back To That Key Moment ⑧

Arc 11 Re: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree

Chapter 246: Re: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree
Chapter 247: Back To That Key Moment ⑨
Chapter 248: Back To That Key Moment ⑨
Chapter 249: Back To That Key Moment ⑨
Chapter 250: Back To That Key Moment ⑨
Chapter 251: Back To That Key Moment ⑨
Chapter 252: Back To That Key Moment ⑨
Chapter 253: Back To That Key Moment ⑨

Arc 12 Re: I Am An Evil Pen

Chapter 254: Re: I Am An Evil Pen
Chapter 255: Back To That Key Moment ⑩
Chapter 256: Back To That Key Moment ⑩
Chapter 257: Back To That Key Moment ⑩
Chapter 258: Back To That Key Moment ⑩
Chapter 259: Back To That Key Moment ⑩

Arc 16: This Life—Starting

Chapter 260: This Life—Starting (I)
Chapter 261: This Life—Starting (II)
Chapter 262: This Life—Starting (III)
Chapter 263: This Life—Starting (IV)
Chapter 264: This Life—Starting (V)
Chapter 265: This Life—Starting (VI)
Chapter 266: This Life—Starting (VII)
Chapter 267: This Life—Starting (VIII)
Chapter 268: This Life—Starting (IX)
Chapter 269: This Life—Starting (X)
Chapter 270: This Life—Starting (XI)
Chapter 271: This Life—Starting (XII)
Chapter 272: This Life—Starting (XIII)
Chapter 273: This Life—Starting (XIV)
Chapter 274:  This Life—Starting (XV)

Chapter 275: New Life


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    I know it will take time to reach then but I can’t help myself, so what are the “Re” arcs?
    They change the story? They are about stuff form the pov of the male lead? They show how the death/sacrifice of Shang Ke affected the world?

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      They start out with what happened in the original world from the other people’s point of view after MC dies yeah.

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