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Chapter 115: Back To That Key Moment ①

Shang Ke opened his eyes with great effort. The light coming from above his head flickered intermittently as a shadow flitted about close by. He could hear a slightly trembling voice, but it was very faint and difficult to decipher, like it came from a distance.

Within his fuzzy mind, Shang Ke’s consciousness submerged into the darkness once more…

“The operation was very successful, please do not worry Mr. Jiang.”

“Don’t worry? It’s been a month already, how could I not worry?”

“Young Master Jiang has gone through two surgeries in a row. Inevitably, his body will be weak and show some signs of rejection. So, please don’t worry too much, Mr. Jiang. Young Master Jiang will get better.”


Just then, Shang Ke let out a low groan and slowly opened his eyes, the brightness of the light causing him to squint.

“Yumo!” Jiang Song rushed to the bed, pleasant surprise flooding his features. “You’re awake!”

After adapting to the light, Shang Ke could finally see the world. He was in a patient ward and Jiang Song, Jiang Yumo’s father, was by his bedside.

Shang Ke could not determine what timeframe he had returned to. The only certainty he had was that he was alive again, back in the world where Jian Chenfeng lived.

A few days later, Shang Ke had more or less deciphered his current situation. He had gone back to the time when Jian Xin had chased after Jiang Donglin while he had run out in pursuit. Later, he was seriously injured from saving Jian Xin and was sent to the operating room for emergency treatment. However, the events this time around were a little different. He had gone after Jian Xin like before, but Jian Chenfeng made it just in time to save them. He’d arrived just before they rushed into the middle of the road and prevented the tragedy from happening.

Afterwards, they rushed him into the operating room because his condition had worsened since his head collision. After two surgeries, they successfully removed his brain tumor.

In other words, not only did Shang Ke not give his own heart to Jian Xin, but every risk regarding his brain tumor was eliminated.

All these changes happened because of Jian Chenfeng. Why was he there at that time and place? He couldn’t have gone back in time as well, right? Ha, ha… well, who knows…

Knock. Knock. The door to his room gently opened and a familiar figure came into view.

“Yumo.” Jian Chenfeng, with a bouquet of roses in hand, strolled over to Shang Ke’s side. His eyes filled with such barely repressed emotions that he didn’t even register the pain coming from his pricked fingers.

Shang Ke’s smile was as bright as the sun, and it instantly warmed Jian Chenfeng’s frozen heart. The once incomplete world was finally whole and beautiful again.

He placed the bouquet down and embraced Shang Ke in his arms, his grip firm but gentle. 

He’s alive. He’s still alive!

Jian Chenfeng still couldn’t believe that he had a chance to see him alive again. When he found that he had gone back to the day of Yumo’s death, he had no time to think. He drove straight to the hospital and saved Yumo and Jian Xin from danger.

To prevent Yumo from giving up his life under the excuse of his brain tumor, Jian Chenfeng invited an expert neurologist to perform an operation on Yumo before he woke up. 

Of course, the Jiang family consented to this decision.

The operation was successful, but he needed to wait for Yumo to wake up. Every day that passed felt like a year to him, and he feared that he would one day wake up to bad news. 

Fortunately, all of this was true. Yumo was still alive and in his arms.

Jian Chenfeng thanked God for giving him a chance to make up for his life’s regrets.

This time, he would not let go of him again.

“Thank you,” Shang Ke said, “I heard from my father that my successful operation this time is all thanks to you.”

“No thanks needed.” Jian Chenfeng stared deeply at him as he continued, “I’m happy as long as you’re healthy.”

Shang Ke felt touched when he saw the deep feelings in this man’s eyes and his heart pounded.

After a while, he disrupted the mood when he asked, “How is Jian Xin?”

Shang Ke was definitely not going to give up his heart this time. In that case, what would happen to Jian Xin’s operation?

Jiang Chenfeng’s face sank. “She’s now abroad and just concluded her transplant the day before yesterday. It was successful.”

After the success of Shang Ke’s operation, Jian Chenfeng made sure to send Jian Xin out of the country as soon as possible, so that a certain someone wouldn’t give his heart to her.

So, even without his heart, Jian Xin would still be okay? The system really made him work for that death of his. Shang Ke inwardly roasted the system.

“She has your brother’s care so you don’t have to worry about it.” Jian Chenfeng specifically mentioned Jiang Donglin, so Shang Ke could give up on Jian Xin as soon as possible. Although he was Jian Xin’s brother, he didn’t think his sister was worth the effort, judging from his previous life’s experience.”

“Well, as long as she’s alright.” Shang Ke sat comfortably against the pillows, smiling at Jian Chenfeng with glowing eyes.

As he looked at the beautiful Shang Ke, Jian Chenfeng, who prepared himself to endure a long period of abstinence, felt his heart itch. He wished he could press Yumo under him. 

But he held himself back in the end. Haste will ruin everything. Yumo just went through surgery and his body was very weak. He would be unable to endure it.

Shang Ke revealed such a seductive smile to him, but this man refrained from even touching his finger. Since when did this beast turn onto the path of innocence?

Jian Chenfeng spoke with a stern face, “Yumo, do your words from back then still count?”

“What words?”

“After your operation, we’ll be together.”

Shang Ke glanced at him. Is it really all right for you to change a question into a statement? He clearly did not agree.

“I won’t force you.” Jian Chenfeng held his hand and softly said, “I have a lifetime to wait for you.” 

He had already lived a lonely life without Yumo. This time, he would never let his happiness escape his grasp. In this world, no obstacle could prevent him from obtaining this man. 

Shang Ke recovered quickly, and he was able to leave the hospital within half a month. He only needed to return regularly for further check-ups and consultation.

Jian Chenfeng took him back to the house where they had lived before, and father Jiang even sent them off heartily. He had never seen someone so happy to sell their son off. He was probably still in the dark about the ‘affair’ between him and Jian Chenfeng, otherwise, he would not be so calm. 

When Shang Ke finished packing and walked out of the bedroom, he found that Jian Chenfeng had prepared a table of dishes. Shang Ke was surprised. Since when did Jian Chenfeng learn how to cook? 

“Try it. It’s not as good as yours, but it tastes decent.” Jian Chenfeng stood by the table in his casual clothes, smiling at Shang Ke like the model of a good husband.

After Shang Ke died in the previous timeline, Jian Chenfeng found he couldn’t eat the food made by others, so he learned how to cook himself. But he had no talent in that area. When he started, the food he made couldn’t be eaten at all. He had lost a lot of weight in a month before managing to cook something edible, barely returning to his regular weight afterwards. 

Shang Ke knew nothing about what happened, but when he tasted the food, he could taste the man’s effort and intentions. 

The Jian Chenfeng in his memories was always so proud and arrogant, but the current him seems to have discarded his protective shell and revealed his softest and most vulnerable parts to him. 

His previous speculation could be right. Jian Chenfeng was indeed sent back in time.

After dinner, Shang Ke went to the bathroom to shower. When he was halfway done, he suddenly opened the door and shouted to Jian Chenfeng in the living room, “Jian Chenfeng, I forgot my clothes. Could you please get them for me?”

Jian Chenfeng walked to the bathroom door with his clothes and knocked. 

“The door’s open.” Shang Ke called out over the sound of running water.

So, is he telling him to bring it in?

Jian Chenfeng composed himself before opening the door and striding in with an unperturbed expression on his face. 

Through the thin mist rising from the shower, he saw Shang Ke with his waist bent, diligently focused on… picking up soap. 

Shang Ke was standing naked before him. His slender waist, full hips and plump butt swayed enticingly in front of Jian Chenfeng’s eyes.

His entire body froze. In his mind’s eye, he was thinking about rushing towards Yumo and pressing him up against the wall, doing unimaginable things to him. 

“Thank you.” Shang Ke tried to get the clothes from him but found that the other was clenching them tightly. 

“Jian Chenfeng?” Shang Ke cast him a puzzled look. 

But in Jian Chenfeng’s eyes, Shang Ke’s cheeks were red from the shower, his skin moist and eyes shining flirtatiously at him. 

The images in Jian Chenfeng’s head were getting more and more passionate, kneading, biting and entering… But in reality, he just opened his hands with a blank face, releasing the clothes to Shang Ke. 

He stood there, eyes like those of a starving wolf, and watched Shang Ke put on his clothes before stiffly following him out of the bathroom. 

Shang Ke had glimpsed at the other man’s lower body through the dim light. He was already as hard as iron, but he could still endure it? Shang Ke praised him in his heart. 

The bathroom seduction was a fail, but this could not discourage Shang Ke. Rather, it motivated him to keep trying. While watching TV in the living room that night, he wore a thin shirt and occasionally wandered in front of him. Or, while lying on a pillow, he pretended to unintentionally raise his legs.

Shang Ke kept covertly trying to seduce Jian Chenfeng, but it seemed to be all for naught. He completely ignored his many attempts. 

“Go! Go!” The television displayed the bloody images of an army fearlessly besieging its enemies. 

Jian Chenfeng sat with a straight face while Shang Ke was bent over a sofa chair, playing with the corner of his clothes in boredom. 

“Brothers, for the victory of the revolution! Let’s go!” 

The deafening sound of gunshots rang out. 

Shang Ke looked up at the screen and saw that it was full of bloody martyrs. 

His interest instantly vanished like smoke. It was better to just wash up and sleep. Today was obviously not going to be a day of rolling in the sheets. 

Shang Ke stood up and headed for the bedroom while he yawned.

He had not even taken a few steps out when he was pulled into a heated hug. Following which, the world spun and Shang Ke suddenly found himself pressed down on the sofa and peppered with kisses. Jian Chenfeng touched the man below him greedily, not letting off even a single piece of skin.

Jian Chenfeng picked up Shang Ke, held him by the waist and pressed him down on himself harshly.

“Ah!” The sudden penetration caused Shang Ke to curve his neck.

Following that, Jian Chenfeng started the ‘revolution’ he had waited two lifetimes to do. That night, the sounds of their battle continued to linger on…

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