Thousand Autumns


Author: Meng Xi Shi

Status: 128 + 13 extra chapters (Complete)


Yan Wushi had walked a path full of blood and corpses.

He did not believe in the good nature of humanity. Even more so, he did not believe that there could be someone with great kindness and sense of justice, who would be so considerate of others without asking anything in return.

One day, Shen Qiao, who was the sect leader of Mount Xuandu, the number one Daoist sect under the heavens, was challenged to a duel but somehow fell off the cliff.

Yan Wushi happened to pass by down there.

Seeing Shen Qiao who was seriously injured to the point of dying, he suddenly came up with a perfect idea…

After thousands of autumns, who could stay eternal?

Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial Arts, Wuxia, Danmei

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Table of Content

Chapter 1: This story tells us to take a walk, and you’ll find a surprise.
Chapter 2: Not an idiot, but a blind man instead.
Chapter 3: Gentle and amenable, beautiful and kind.
Chapter 4: Shen Qiao’s Three Views received a 100-point critical hit.
Chapter 5: Leaning against the wall, he appeared calm and peaceful, with no signs of fear.
Chapter 6: Three donkey meat burgers.
Chapter 7: Do you want to be blind like me?
Chapter 8: The current Shen Qiao is not the whole Shen Qiao.
Chapter 9: You’re blind!
Chapter 10: I’m proud of you.
Chapter 11: Shen Qiao: My heart is too tired to love again.
Chapter 12: Everyone was stunned.
Chapter 13: What taste of ecstasy would it be?
Chapter 14: How does it feel to be a good person?
Chapter 15: Shen Qiao felt that this person probably had mental problems.
Chapter 16: Why should I waste my breath?
Chapter 17: Junior Brother Yu, it’s me.
Chapter 18: I won’t let you go.
Chapter 19: I’m not very fond of it.
Chapter 20: This shameless bastard!
Chapter 21: What does your life or death have to do with me?
Chapter 22: Despite having experienced innumerable twists, setbacks, and all the rough and ragged paths of life, was there really someone that was still capable of holding onto their conscience?
Chapter 23: How hard of a bone does he have inside him?
Chapter 24: Goosebumps eventually disappear if one has enough of them.
Chapter 25: Ah-qiao, he’s insulting you.
Chapter 26: I bet you treated that Junior Brother Yu of yours with even more compassion and tenderness before, right?
Chapter 27: Shen Qiao had the intent to kill.
Chapter 28: Shen Qiao already had no place to retreat and could only close his eyes and wait for his death.
Chapter 29: But your hand feels good.
Chapter 30: I offered you food and a place to live, yet…
Chapter 31: May I ask Sect Leader Shen to please be a witness for us?
Chapter 32: There are rumors that you have a deep relationship with Sect Master Yan, that you two are together all the time…
Chapter 33: Hiding under Sect Master Yan’s shelter… A stray dog lives a better life than you.
Chapter 34: She even pecked the end of Shen Qiao’s nose!
Chapter 35: Sect Leader Shen felt utterly exhausted, both mind and body.
Chapter 36: My Ah-qiao is the best!
Chapter 37: You can’t tell anyone else!
Chapter 38: Done looking yet?
Chapter 39: Stay away from Yan Wushi since disaster will strike soon.
Chapter 40: Why not spend a night with me?
Chapter 41: Did you really start to grow feelings for the Demon Sovereign?
Chapter 42: What a pity.
Chapter 43: Ah-qiao cried.
Chapter 44: Were you very happy when you saw that I had come?
Chapter 45: Only one kind of person has the right to stand by me, and that is my rival.
Chapter 46: If you can start over, will you regret?
Chapter 47: Starting Anew
Chapter 48: Who is it? Shen Qiao.
Chapter 49: What right do you have to look down on me?
Chapter 50: But for him, it was an arduous journey of half a lifetime.
Chapter 51: Are you happy that Yan Wushi’s time of death is close?
Chapter 52: I’m still me.
Chapter 53: Today will become your death day.
Chapter 54: I got him!
Chapter 55: I hope you take care of yourself on your way to the other world.
Chapter 56: Shen Qiao could only think of one way.
Chapter 57: Since when does an outsider have the right to humiliate the disciples of Mount Xuandu?
Chapter 58: From now on, you are no longer a disciple of Qi Fengge.
Chapter 59: When I was sleeping, you kissed me.
Chapter 60: Can you guess who I am now?
Chapter 61: I’m not Yan Wushi.
Chapter 62: There may be hundreds of thousands of Chen Gongs in this world, but there is only one Shen Qiao.
Chapter 63: He could still feel a bit of warmth in his chest.
Chapter 64: Nobody would dare to look down at Shen Qiao anymore.
Chapter 65: Why don’t you ask me?
Chapter 66: You and I do not travel the same path. We never did, and we never will.
Chapter 67: Don’t be mad at me, okay?
Chapter 68: Out of sight, out of mind.
Chapter 69: No, I want you.
Chapter 70:

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    • Synth says:

      There still on here, they’re just not listed on this page. If you scroll down to where it says categories and select Thousand Autumns you’ll find the missing chapters that aren’t on this page, hope this is helpful 🙂

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