Rooster X Rooster


Author: Sweet Pomelo Tea

Status: 5 Chapters + 1 Side Story (Complete)


When hens were on the edge of extinction, roosters had a hard time finding a mate. Humans were on the verge of losing baby chicks…..and eggs to eat!

But luckily, ABO hormones appeared. The later generations of chickens were able to continue to multiply. Chickens laid eggs; eggs hatched into chickens.

The useless, skinny, little Omega chicken didn’t receive a warm welcome for the reason that it was hard for him to get pregnant. Until one day, when he met a fat and blind rooster. 

Afterwards, they became the world’s most handsome Alpha chicken and the world’s most fertile Omega chicken.

Tags: Comedy, Drama, BL, Don’t take this seriously at all

Table of Content

Chapter 1: A Little Rooster
Chapter 2: A Fat and Blind Rooster
Chapter 3: Dashing Brother A
Chapter 4: Feathers
Chapter 5: Owner
Side Story

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    Faith will be soooooo happy.

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    An i dreaming. Is this the story i think it is. HAHAHAH THANK YOU FOR TRANSLATING IT

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      Did you find this before? Looooool

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    Hi, i want to ask permission to translating into Indonesian. May I?

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    This was a most random story. 😂. Thank you

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