after-exchanging-shadowsAfter Exchanging Shadows


Author: Lord Sola (君sola)

Status: 185+ (Ongoing)


Ruan Yesheng was an out-of-date star; while Xi Mo, who had risen to fame within the same period, was now like the Goddess of the people.

That was the case, until a horrifying attack which happened without warning, occurred at the conference.

You who have admired that one person so greatly, until one day, you became her.

– After a time spent being shocked, Ruan Yesheng was secretly happy for the next three days.

You who would hate that one person so severely, until one day, in which you became her.

– Xi Mo only felt the urge to kill.

Tags: Yuri, Modern, Comedy

Table of Content

Chapter 1: This Elite, Cold Goddess Look Is Still There
Chapter 2: Take a Look and See if She’s Disfigured
Chapter 3: Skill is Excellent, But The Heart is Feverish
Chapter 4: Ruan Yesheng Has Successfully Entered And Reached The Apex Of Xi Mo’s Blacklist
Chapter 5: Do You Want To Come Over?
Chapter 6: The Things You Shouldn’t Look At, You Should Just Not Look
Chapter 7: I Think You’re Pretty Thin
Chapter 8: What I’m Looking At Is My Own Body, So There Is No Problem
Chapter 9: Terrified Servant
Chapter 10: Since She’s Not That Ruan Yesheng
Chapter 11: Xi Mo’s Thoughts
Chapter 12: Even If It Was A Performance
Chapter 13: My Heart Is With You
Chapter 14: Youth Is The Hardest To Keep
Chapter 15: I Don’t Believe In Anyone
Chapter 16: I Really Am Very Surprised
Chapter 17: Don’t Let Her Find Out
Chapter 18: And From This Point On, She Was Has Completely Turned Into Another Person
Chapter 19: Physically Present In The Excitement But Also Not
Chapter 20: Congratulations, Then I Will See You Soon With The Crew
Chapter 21: She Wanted To Give Her a Good Start
Chapter 22: Human Relations Were So, It’s All Acting
Chapter 23: As If It Never Existed
Chapter 24: Maybe She Was Born An Actress
Chapter 25: How Do You Plan To Force Me?
Chapter 26:
Chapter 27:
Chapter 28:
Chapter 29:
Chapter 30:



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  1. dTYME says:

    From the cover page which one/Who is Ruan Yesheng and Xi Mo?

    • SnowTime says:

      I’m a summing the one with black hair is Xi Mo ?

      • dTYME says:

        Let say the one in Black is Xi Mo… does that mean that it’s actually is Ruan Yesheng Body…

        I can’t stop laughing… at the idea (based on the Cover Page):

        Xi Mo (actually Ruan Yesheng) who like to mess around Ruan Yesheng
        Ruan Yesheng (actually Xi Mo) try to reject Xi Mo

        wonder what the headline will be?

        The nation’s goddess, Xi Mo, is … … … … … … with Ruan Yesheng…

        • SnowTime says:

          Oh, I mean black is Xi Mo’s body xD
          But that is a funny image

          • Ku ma says:

            Good luck translating and thank you! Still waiting 😭❤

            • SnowTime says:

              I’m waiting on Kidyeon to edit too X.x

  2. lurkerslair says:

    Is this dropped?

    • SnowTime says:

      Still slowly working @.@ I’m surprised someone remembers this lel

  3. 3_3 :3 says:

    I hope they continue it

  4. Reyreyrey says:

    Can’t wait for the next chapter T♥T
    Always check this everyday.
    Thank you for translating this Snow ❤ Love you ;*
    More power!

    • SnowTime says:

      Oh? This novel? I’m very surprised XD
      I’ll work more on it…. I’ll try to >.>

      • Reyreyrey says:

        Please ><

  5. Calliter says:

    I’m really enjoying this novel! Are you going to keep translating it?

    • SnowTime says:

      Not dropped… if it is, I’ll take it off the menu bar… orz I’m sorry for being slow

      • Calliter says:

        Nah, no problem. In fact, thanks for translating it 🙂

    • axlr8 says:

      is this dropped? ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽ ruan ruan and xi mo are so cute (。ノω\。)

  6. MaD says:

    pretty interesting form what ive seen so far.

  7. Vannie says:

    *wondering if I should dive in the world of Yuri*
    Nah, I’ll come back when I have enough courage

    • SnowTime says:


    • vy.s says: should go for it, this novel was great!

  8. L says:

    Delicious (*♡∀♡)

  9. Cc says:

    I’m in love with the novel and have been following it for a long time. It isn’t updated regularly, may I have the permission to pick this up? Unless you still wanna translate it of course ^^

    • SnowTime says:

      Not willing to join us? o3o
      (I am forever reluctant to abandon anything, yes I’m a selfish hog 😒)

    • Shreya Gin says:

      why not pick another to novel from picked up thread by Melina Red. she make many picked up thread of GL novel. some were einternment circle, heartwarming, body swap gl

  10. XIA says:

    is this novel still being translated or did it stop?

  11. Lol says:

    Please keep translating this novel its so good
    Funny fact im trying to learn chinese but checking the raws and its chinese simple but im learning traditional chinese

    • SnowTime says:

      o7 editor is editing~ 😂

  12. Ramen says:

    Please don’t forget this story please
    I like it because i feel is almost the same as reborn as my rival’s wife and soon i wont have anymore su jian

  13. Mamamoo Stan~ says:

    Please don’t forget this story²

  14. vy.s says:

    Please continued this work!i really love it.

  15. Arin K says:

    After how many months and few years, finally, there’s a few updates! Thanks for this SnowyC ❤❤❤

  16. Big Saber Bro says:


  17. smarshum says:

    Why is this novel never updated? Is it dropped? I’ve been checking every week – month or so since early 2017😭😭😭 Yet there are still only 17 chapters translated. That is less than 6 chapters a year 😭😭😭 Please can you translate this more often as it is a great novel.

  18. jes says:

    Are you continuing this series?? It is really good…

  19. Artem says:

    The raws are over 170 chs, please update this or pass it on to a group with less projects so its translation can see the light of day; I really want to read it T0T

  20. akira says:

    is this dropped pls update its been months since the last update I really want to continue reading this novel

  21. Guest says:

    Your translations are really good, made the story feel closer to the reader. I tried reading the raw translation and couldn’t get through past the mispronouncing of the characters. Hoping someone picks this up if you’re not available but thank you so much for translating this, great read.

  22. C says:

    Is this still continued? I can provide the raws if you need them.

  23. santuynity05 says:

    hello there,
    you might be too busy too notice but it’ll greatly help to update the link for newly updated chapters on this page speciifically. tbh i used to always check on this page for new update but stuck on ch.25 where the link stop
    for a long time i thought the translation was discontinued but thankfully i manage to figure out to just use the next chapter to check for new ch, though it also came with the down side which is i didn’t know when will the new ch will be updated

    i’m trying to say that there might not be many readers that manage to figure it out the way i do and simply wait and eventually forgot about this which is a shame coz it’s such a great novel and your translations are perfect. it sadden me that there not much reader here (i’m guessing based on the likes and comments) if we compare it to other sites with other great novels.
    hopefully you can consider my request
    thank you

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