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Chapter 8: What I’m Looking At Is My Own Body, So There Is No Problem

Ruan Yesheng wouldn’t even dare to try it. .

There wasn’t a single actress within the entertainment circle that didn’t watch their appearance and figure. If they accidently tripped on something during filming, then their initial response was to protect their face. It had already become an instinct by now. Although Ruan Yesheng was under the skin of Xi Mo, her talk was nothing but useless words. Within her core, she knew that her stringent requirements towards the face and body still remained.

Thus, Ruan Yesheng only ate what she thought of as the right amount for Xi Mo.

Xi Mo waited until Ruan Yesheng was finished before telling her, “Clean this all up.”

Ruan Yesheng didn’t say much and quickly disposed of all the things when she noticed how Xi Mo was acting like a commanding queen. Xi Mo took the filled plastic bags and took it outside of the room to dump it.

“I’ll be back shortly. Make sure to open the door for me when I come back.” Xi Mo walked out without once turning around.

“This ‘’lowly’ servant respectfully escorts the Empress out. Not only will this servant open the door for you, this servant will also kneel down to greet the Empress upon your return.” Ruan Yesheng coyly smiled from behind Xi Mo.

Xi Mo really wanted to slam the door onto Ruan Yesheng’s face. However, they had to keep quiet since this was a hospital. She carefully closed the door. Once the door was shut, her hand twitched three times on top the door handle.

Once she came back, Ruan Yesheng opened the door for her. “Empress has arrived. Empress had to dump the rubbish by herself. Empress must have been inconvenienced by this.”

Xi Mo rolled her eyes at Ruan Yesheng. “There’s no need to kneel anymore. Retreat to the dining table and wait there. I have something that I need to say.”

Ruan Yesheng obediently sat next to the table. Xi Mo sat down at the table as well. She spread out the pens and the piece of paper that she had brought with her.

“From this point on, every single word that I say is of extreme importance. Please remember them well.” Xi Mo said.

Ruan Yesheng rested her hand onto her cheek and alluringly said, “Go on.”

Xi Mo started to scribble on the paper. “Before the sun comes up tomorrow, Lu Qingming will come pick you up to transfer hospitals. It’s a private hospital that reporters can’t access. Lu Qingming is a trustworthy person. If you follow Lu Qingming’s arrangements, then everything will work out. Don’t let it slip. If anything happens by chance, then contact me by SMS and I will direct you from there. Delete the message after you send it. Don’t leave any traces behind for anyone to find.”

Ruan Yesheng appeared to be listening attentively, without uttering a word.

Xi Mo looked at her and was satisfied with how serious she was being. “After you are discharged from the hospital, find a reason to temporarily stay at the company. Absolutely do not go to my place. Even if you try to, you won’t be able to get in.”

“You’re saying all of this as if I actually want to go to your place,” Ruan Yesheng said.

Xi Mo: “……”

It won’t kill you if you listen to me without interrupting!

Xi Mo paused for a moment before she sketched out an annotated map. “The room that’s exclusive to me is located on the twenty fourth floor of the company. Occasionally, I rest up in that place. However, I don’t use it that much. These are the locations where some items are placed. Once you’re familiar with everything, don’t mess anything up. Make sure to put things back where you found it. Don’t just put them in random spots. If you are ever in need of something, just have Lu Qingming arrange for someone to buy it. Inside the safe, there are some cards that hold spare cash.”

Once she heard this, Ruan Yesheng could only guess how many hundreds of thousands of dollars the “spare cash” amounted to.

Xi Mo continued to speak. “You are allowed to use two of the cards. I’ll give you the passwords for the room, safe, and the two cards. You had better remember them well, and make sure not to mix them up.”

In actuality, Ruan Yesheng was an extremely prideful person down to her core. “You don’t need to tell me the passwords for the cards. I never use the money of others. Go find some type of an excuse for Tangtang to grab some things from my place and bring it here.”

If it’s hers, then it’s hers.

If it’s not hers, then it’s not hers.

Xi Mo spoke with an indifferent tone. “You think that I’m willingly giving you money to spend. I’m giving it so that my body can use it. Let me tell you right now since you’re the one using my body, don’t abuse even a single hair on it. If you need something, then buy it. Later, I’ll give you a list detailing everyday care treatments and the things that you should take note of. You can follow that.”

Due to Xi Mo’s status within this circle, her pay was frighteningly high. Similarly, the amount that she spent was also just as high, especially since she was picky and had high demands. Ruan Yesheng was clear that she could never compete with her. She was just too far below her. Her own wealth was not enough to sustain the spendings of Xi Mo, who was at the status of a queen. After a moment of silence, she nodded her head.  

“In conclusion, you will use it for now. Lu Qingming has my cards as well for any daily expenses. I will try to find a way to transfer money to you.” Xi Mo felt frustrated by this as well.

After the body swap, there were many things that became inconvenient.

Although she knew what keys to use and the various passwords for her house, she did not have a justified reason to return home. Not to mention even entering the house. She would probably be reported to the police for even stepping in the courtyard. She also had to guard herself from the reporters that would be present from time to time just to capture a sneaky shot of her. If she sneaked into her house with Ruan Yesheng’s face, being seen by the reporters would cause everything to become chaotic.

Naturally, everything that was at home was important. The money inside various account books at home could not be used at the moment. It was even more of the case for the new account books that came in everyday with new sets of money. Ruan Yesheng was not the real her, so she couldn’t touch it. Although she knew all the details about those account books, the person that was in Ruan Yesheng’s body could not use them so freely.

In this type of society, it would be hard to move around if one lost their identity. It would even be hard for one to enter his own house.

“What about you?” Ruan Yesheng asked. Ruan Yesheng could already see the unpleasant expression inside Xi Mo’s eyes.

“You will take the two cards first. As for anything else, you can find a way to pass them to Feng Tangtang and then have her pass them to me.” Xi Mo continued. “I believe that you know what you should do. We will settle anything that’s in front of us first. We can think about the rest later.”

As she talked, she took out a list of various foods that she should avoid and handed it to Ruan Yesheng. “I’m allergic to seafood. The food that I eat must not have even a single trace of seafood. As for the other ones, you can take a look at them carefully.”

Ruan Yesheng already knew about her allergy. Picking up the list, she read it without any concern while holding her chin in her hand.

After glancing through the notes, Ruan Yesheng learned that the impress was very picky indeed.

“Is there anything I should watch out for with your body? For example, any type of allergies?” Xi Mo lightly said, “Tell me and I will watch out for you.”

“No.” Ruan Yesheng sounded hateful in her speech. “How could this servant’s body be as delicate and precious as the Empress? Even if you drag this servant’s body to sleep in the streets, this servant would have no complaints. Of course, this servant knows that the Empress would never sleep on the streets.”

Xi Mo: “……”

I really want to grant you your death!

Ruan Yesheng looked up at Xi Mo once she finished reading. “I don’t have much to ask from you. All you have to do is maintain my figure and rest. That’s enough for me. After all, I still have a job. Additionally, you aren’t allowed to live in my house.”

“I will find some other place to stay in.”

“When I went out that day, besides my phone, my keys and identity card were also in my bag. They should all be taken care of by Tangtang right now. Has she give them to you?”

“She gave them to me and they are in my room. I have to use your identity card, but I will return your keys to you later.”

Ruan Yesheng lowered her head. She considered for a moment before she said, “Hold onto the keys for a few days. Go to my house and take some necessities, documents, my work schedules, and anything else that’s important. You can return the key to me afterwards. Take only what you need. Please don’t look around at any other items.”

Xi Mo sneered at her. “I’m not interested.”

Ruan Yesheng didn’t say anything more.

Xi Mo said, “If there’s anything that you need, then you can just find Lu Qingming. He will arrange everything for you.”

The two of them sat across from each other and exchanged all sorts of information. As their bodies have already swapped, their identities would naturally swap places as well. If the two of them did not discuss everything beforehand, then it would become troublesome afterwords.

Xi Mo burned the paper that she had written on. It was already past ten at night.

Ruan Yesheng said, “It’s already night time. Is Empress not going back to your place? This servant has to wake up early tomorrow. Wasn’t this plan created by Eunuch Lu?”

Xi Mo coldly looked at her, “When will you take a bath?”

“I’m going now.” Ruan Yesheng stood up, but suddenly turned around to look at Xi Mo. “Wait, what is it that you want?”

‘I’m waiting for you to take a bath.”

Ruan Yesheng looked bashful. “Care to share a bath together?”

Xi Mo felt like slapping her until she died. However, when she noticed her own face, she didn’t dare to move.

Ruan Yesheng brought over a change of clothes. As Xi Mo watched her enter the bathroom, she emphasized her words when she said, “Make sure to close your eyes when you bathe. If you look any more than you should, then I will gouge your eyes out. If you touch more than you should, then I will chop your hands off. I will give you a time limit that I’m counting outside. Don’t lock the door from the inside. I will come in and check up on you.”

Ruan Yesheng hugged the clothes. The corner of her eyes were slightly raised. “I have to close my eyes? If I ended up dropping the bottle of body wash by accident, it would be very inconvenient to pick it up with my eyes closed.”

The expression on Xi Mo’s entire face was chilly.

This person is sick!

Why is she thinking about picking up body wash? Don’t tell me that you intend to drag my body to pick up a bar of soap if it drops?!

Ruan Yesheng was still acting concerned over there. “If I slip when I go to pick up the body wash and I end up injuring your precious body, what should I do?”

“Just go inside,” Xi Mo spat out.

Ruan Yesheng chuckled as she went into the bathroom.

“You’re not allowed to lock the door.” Xi Mo sternly held onto the door. She made it obvious that her previous words weren’t meant to be taken as a joke.

Ruan Yesheng gave in to Xi Mo’s demands. Since it was Xi Mo, she wouldn’t barge into the bathroom anyway.

Underneath the white lighting of the bathroom, Ruan Yesheng tilted her head as she silently assessed her reflection in the mirror. No, it was actually the face that originally belonged to Xi Mo.

The slender fingers slowly undid the top two buttons of the patient gown. Beneath the gown, a butterfly collar was revealed tightly wrapped beneath the clothes. It was so slender and it looked splendid. Ruan Yesheng couldn’t help herself but to stare at it. She felt an itch in her fingers and felt a nervous yet inexplicable joy as she slid her fingers down the skin.

In the past, the only thing that she could do was look at Xi Mo from afar. Even if they met, she would only see the cold expression of Xi Mo. Xi Mo always had a cold expression on her face, with a strong sense of abstinence. Now that her clothes were slowly being taken off, the seductive and beautiful body was slowly revealed. It was like a flower bud blooming with its petals opening up and winning the hearts of every person who saw it.  

She could finally touch her.

Who knew that her wish would be granted this way? As she looked at herself in the mirror, she felt as if she were using another method to peek at the most private part of Xi Mo’s life.  

Although the fingers were under her mental control, and the body also belonged to her as well, she felt the fleeting feelings of joy gradually dampen her mood as she touched the body in this way. An inexplicable feeling of shame coursed through her. The heat made her flush red.

Ruan Yesheng closed her eyes and started to take a shower.

Her heart felt like it was in a mess. The feelings from before felt like blasphemy to the original owner of the body. With a determined mindset, she closed her eyes and didn’t dare to think much into it.

Since when did a normal bath turn into such a big burden?

Meanwhile, Xi Mo could feel herself becoming flustered outside of the bathroom.

The fear of losing control over her body as well the fear of her body disappearing from her field of vision made its way into Xi Mo’s heart. She was already bearing everything with a strong will before. Now that she was sitting outside waiting and thinking about the fact that Ruan Yesheng was bathing her body inside, she felt that she was going to turn crazy at any moment.

Ten minutes later, Xi Mo suddenly stood up and rushed into the bathroom.

When she felt someone rushing into the bathroom, Ruan Yesheng instinctively hunched low with her arms across her chest. The bottle of body wash fell to the floor. In the short moments that transpired, Xi Mo could see that Ruan Yesheng’s eyes were still closed.

Xi Mo: “….” Xi Mo had been feeling uneasy which was the reason why she came into the bathroom to check on Ruan Yesheng. She did not expect that Ruan Yesheng was actually trustworthy and really bathed with her eyes closed.

Ruan Yesheng noticed Xi Mo and her face reddened. At that instant, the sense of shame that women felt from being seen naked subconsciously made an appearance and was seen clearly on her face.

“What are you doing?! You actually dared to come in!” Ruan Yesheng panicked.

It was at this point in time that her instincts kicked into action. She completely forgot that she was in another person’s body. She thought that she herself had been seen naked. Even after she realized that she was in another person’s body, she still felt shameful about it as if she had been exposed. That sense of shame didn’t seem to come from the body being exposed. It was more so from her soul.

Xi Mo’s ears and cheeks burned a red color. She closed the door in the speed of lightning which led to the ear-piercing sound of a slam.

Xi Mo stood outside the door with the skin on her face stretched tautly. “What I’m looking at is my own body, so there is no problem.”

Ruan Yesheng: “…..”

After Ruan Yesheng regained her composure, she drily laughed. “I’ll give you a hand when you take a shower later. Since it’s my own body, there shouldn’t be a problem with that.”

“Why don’t you pick up your own soap first?” Xi Mo responded back.

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