Like Love But Not


Author: Orange Rain

Status: 21 Chapters (Complete)


When it came to their feelings, he was always the cruel one.

Ten years, that person stood in front of him and told him that he loved him. However, he would not spare him a glance.

He originally believed that there was enough time between them. They had already wasted ten years. If they continued to waste it, then it would be almost a whole lifetime.

He knew that the other’s obsession with him was too deep. It would have been simply ridiculous for him to let go.

When that person finally let go of him, he had obtained the freedom that he had long since yearned for. However, it was not as sweet as he had imagined.

It was already too late for regrets when he finally understood the implications of that person letting him go.

A light slash, and the once fervent warmth turned into coldness that couldn’t be touched.

He wanted to let out a soft apology, but that wasn’t possible anymore.

He did not know that everything could be so cruel before.

Once upon a time, the longest distance of this world was when I stood right in front of you, but did not realize that I loved you.

Right now, the longest distance in the world is life and death.

By the time I realized that I love you, the damage was already irreversible.

If I had the chance to hug you again, would I repeat the same mistake of the past?

Tags: Danmei, Romance

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Table of Content

Chapter 1: The Grief of the One Who Loses Their Way
Chapter 2: The Forgotten Memory
Chapter 3: Midsummer Wind
Chapter 4: White Villa
Chapter 5: Silent Night
Chapter 6: Turning Point
Chapter 7: Wings of a Butterfly
Chapter 8: Flicker of Hope
Chapter 9: Xiao Xia’s Confession
Chapter 10: Tragedy’s End
Chapter 11: A New Start
Chapter 12: Stubbornly Tangled
Chapter 13: Spoof Outside
Chapter 14: Countdown
Chapter 15: Warm Finale (End)
Side Story 1: Luo Yuchen’s Diary (I)
Side Story 2: Luo Yuchen’s Diary (II)
Side Story 3: Luo Yuchen’s Diary (III)
Side Story 4: Luo Yuchen’s Diary (IV)
Side Story 5: Luo Yuchen’s Diary (V)
Side Story 6: Luo Yuchen’s Diary (VI)

19 thoughts on “Like Love But Not

  1. nekurafujoushi says:

    This looks interesting. I smell angst. I should probably prepare myself for worst. It’s not tragedy, right?

    • yuuen123 says:

      I am also really interested in this story but please don’t turn out to be a tragedy!! ?

      • doytchmagient says:

        There’s no tragedy tag. it’s safe guys.

    • nekurafujoushi says:

      Chapter one is up guys, and wow my instincts never failed me.


      Sure, there is no tragedy tag but I know instantly angst is going to be the harddrive for this novel.

      The first paragraph, I felt the twang on my heart strings.

      A quarter of it, filled me with grief of being ignored.

      Halfway through, I want the director (ghost) to be set free from being bounded with the singer (that ungrateful person in the synopsis) so he can finally go in peace.

      3/4 of chapter 1, please, oh please, make it stop. Stop hurting the director with both your previous sadistic act and ignorance! How dare you made the director turned into a numbed emphatic being!

      Second last paragraph hurts me really bad. Enough with the singer. I hate him now.
      FEEL THE PAIN OF LOSING WHAT YOU HAVE BUT DIDNT CHERISH WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Let him repent with guilt untill the day he died.

      Ps: comments are disabled on chapter 1 and the next chapter button reverts back to the same chapter.

      • SnowTime says:

        Ohhh, thanks for the heads up XD Fixed and updated the next chapter o3o

  2. Peony says:

    Oh lookie~
    Another one I’m going to set up camp for <3

  3. grassbloop says:

    I hope its tragedy (yes I know im messed up but theres more feels like that) but I’ll still read it~~~

  4. BlueMidnight says:

    Hmmm, did the suitor commit suicide? Kinda getting that vibe.

    • smarshum says:

      That would be funn- I mean… That would be tragic.

  5. chally298 says:

    Hmm, short enough that even if it’s a tragedy I can still read it! Hope it’s not though 🙂

  6. akumakawa says:


  7. rosyspell says:

    Links from chapter 3 and beyond is not working ? 🙁

    • SnowTime says:

      not updated yet

      • rosyspell says:


  8. Jinx says:

    Is this still being translated or cancelled?



  10. emiliers says:

    I checked the JJWXC raws randomly today because I wanted to reread some of the later parts, and I noticed that the author is upping the book edition of the story! I’m probably going to read it first myself, but I was just wondering if you were planning on continuing translating the old version or are you going to switch to this new one?

  11. Kat says:

    Is Luo Yuchen have intimate relationship with both Xiao Heng and Xia MingXiu for 10 years ? Or intimate relationship with MingXiu begin only after Xiao Heng move out ?

  12. Pout Si says:

    Could I translate these novel? From English to Burmese. I really love your translation. ❤

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