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Chapter 15: Warm Finale (End)

“I’m here again Xiao Heng~” Xiao Lu’s cheerful voice sounded from outside the door. Luo Yuchen’s face darkened, full of dissatisfaction upon hearing Xiao Lu’s voice.

Here again… 

“I’ve made a special meal again today!” The voice approached with Xiao Lu’s awkward french-accented chinese.

I sighed. Why is he here again?

No doubt, the food Xiao Lu makes is very delicious and filled with love. However, he makes up to four to five meals a day. Each meal is nutritious and lavish like the Manchu Han Imperial Feast. I can feel myself gradually becoming fatter after each fulfilling meal.

It’s okay to be a little fatter. It’s more comfortable when hugging.” Xiao Lu would say that every time I complained.

Then, Luo Yuchen would shout ungentlemanly, “You’re not the one doing the hugging. Why do you care so much?” Afterwards, he would forcefully send the guest out.

“It’s fresh abalone porridge. I secretly learned it from a five star restaurant just now… Hey. Luo Yuchen. What are you doing? Open the door!”

Luo Yuchen locked the door from the inside with squinted eyes. He then flung his hands, feeling happy and relaxed as if he had finished a great task.

He disregarded Xiao Lu, who was criticizing him for his pettiness and ungratefulness outside the door.

I acquiesced Luo Yuchen’s current mischief.

The sound proofing effect was great after closing the door. In the room, only the two of us were left. Adding the fact that Luo Yuchen was smiling at me slyly, the atmosphere suddenly turned ambiguous. It felt like something should happen.

Actually, Luo Yuchen had smiled slyly due to the fact that he had locked Xiao Lu outside the door. However, he seemed to be enlightened after noticing that I was staring at him dazedly. Immediately, his sly smile turned into an evil smile.

My heart started pounding faster.

Don’t tell me…

But it doesn’t seem impossible either… 

He walked unhurriedly towards me from the door. On his way here, he unbuttoned two buttons of his shirt. Thus, the looming radiance of ‘spring’ started becoming brighter, causing me to gulp down my saliva.

He sat sideways on my bed in a typical photo pose. Luo Yuchen knew too well which angle of him looked the best from my direction. Hence, he struck me mercilessly with a thunderbolt. Immediately, I felt numb from head to toe.

Calm down, calm down. I thought in my heart, but it was futile.

Next time, I should really search online and memorise some meditative incantations. Otherwise, won’t everything be over? I have no resistance against this.

Back when Luo Yuchen didn’t try to seduce me deliberately, his every move was enough to overload my pitiful heart.

I thought I could escape from Luo Yuchen’s evil grasp after experiencing so much. I thought that it would be his turn to be bewitched by me from now on, and I could do whatever I want. But now, I’m bowing down to him as I sigh about the bright future I have once imagined.

However, I quickly perked myself up. Since it’s already beyond redemption, I should take the chance to take advantage of him. 

Hence, I stretched out my hand and started touching that wonderful layer of skin.

It feels so nice to touch. How intoxicating.

While I was pretending to be intoxicated, I unbuttoned a few more buttons of his shirt. Now, the great brilliance of spring was waiting for me to pounce on it.

Humph humph.

Click. The door opened.

Fang Xieyi was holding the key with Xiao Lu following behind him.

Xiao Lu’s mouth turned into an O shape. He looked at us, then at Fang Xieyi.

“I told you that you will regret trying to force yourself in. What do you say…” Fang Xieyi was indifferent as usual as he spoke coldly to Xiao Lu, his face carrying ridicule.

Xiao Lu continued looking at Fang Xieyi in confusion before looking at us again.

I was enraged. It wasn’t Xiao Lu’s fault for being slow in this aspect. However, Fang Xieyi clearly knew what would happen and still came in to interrupt!

Furthermore, he walked in ostentatiously and sat on the chair with a “I will be sitting here for awhile, go on with what you were doing” pose.

“Why don’t you guys continue?” He poured himself a cup of tea and took a sip. Seeing all of us frozen in our original position, he spoke with an uncertain expression, “You can ignore me guys, go on with what you’re doing.”

Then, he slowly drank his tea as he saw the three of us stone still.

Finally, Xiao Lu was the first to yell, “Luo Yuchen you beast–”

I looked at myself , tightly wrapped up in my clothes. Then, I looked at the disheveled beast before me who left people imagining. I kindly helped him button his shirt.

With his body trembling, Xiao Lu turned to look at Fang Xieyi and said, “Fang Xieyi. You… you… Why didn’t you tell me…”

Fang Xieyi couldn’t take it anymore, spurting out his mouthful of tea as he choked.

He got what he deserved, death is not enough to cancel out his crime.

I can’t guess what is in this esteemed person’s heart, but I believe he felt great seeing us messing with each other like Super Dollfie.

People with great power do not have many close friends. We normal people cannot comprehend his high level taste.

Although I’m probably fine, I still have to stay in the hospital under observation for a few days. Fang Xieyi was so wasteful. He actually spent money to let me stay in the greatest VIP ward in the hospital. Most daily necessities can be found in such a ward. There’s even a kitchen where one can cook on their own.

However, this is an example of how a good intention has turned into misdeed. Though, thinking about Fang Xieyi’s character made me wonder if he really did it out of good intention.

Kitchen… This place was definitely a punishment ground.

“How is it? How is it?” Just when I thought about it, Luo Yuchen carried out a plate of food that had been ruined in the cooking process and looked at me with wide eyes.

“Uh…” Although I do enjoy looking at him, I still quickly regained my senses. Though, a cold celebrity acting cute surely makes one drool… 

I looked down at the plate which was holding the corpses of animals and plants that were no longer recognizable.

I wish to tell Luo Yuchen, No matter how wide you open your eyes, my immunity is no longer so low. Something, you can’t act innocent just by fluttering your eyes. I’m not always smitten by you whenever you flutter your eyes.

If you don’t want to wear the title “Murdered my husband”, you should at least try your own cooking before letting someone else try it.

I have never seen someone so stupid in the 28 years of my life.

You said you wished to learn how to cook. Yet, it has already been a few days and you can’t even cook scrambled eggs with tomato well.

Under the celebrity’s expectant gaze, I bravely picked up the chopstick and brought the unrecognizable thing into my mouth.

I gave it a few chews before swallowing it.

“It’s delicious isn’t it?” Luo Yuchen smiled brightly.

I’m speechless. I wondered why I even swallowed it. Why am I kind enough to give this hopeless person some dignity?

“Luo Yuchen, I will ask you one last time…” Feeling fed up, I held the chopsticks with a trembling hand as I shouted, “Which box is the MSG and which box is the sugar!”

Looking at the two boxes of seasoning I placed before him, Luo Yuchen hesitated for a long while before he looked up and said innocently, “They are both crystalline…”

Yes, I taught you that. Salt is powdered. Sugar and MSG are crystalline. However, the shape is very different… 

Xia Mingxiu mixing up salt and sugar wasn’t that bad. At most, the food tasted weird. Luo Yuchen, do you know that consuming too much sodium glutamate is poisonous–

No one is talented at everything. People are usually talented at certain fields and stupid at other fields.

This is why there are terms called “absolute advantage” and “comparative advantage” in economics.

Luo Yuchen’s culinary skills have no absolute or comparative advantage at all.

Based on the disasters that have been happening in the past few days, I have concluded that numerous vegetables that has been painstakingly grown by farmers will be ruined, numerous transgenic or wild animals will be wasted, our house kitchen will be burnt down and I will suffer from food poisoning a few times before Luo Yuchen will be able to cook.

In the end, reality proved that Xiao Heng’s life was like a cockroach’s. Not only was I not poisoned to death, I was successfully discharged.

Fang Xieyi came again on the day of discharge.

Luo Yuchen had a bad feeling upon seeing Fang Xieyi’s elegant sly smile. He stood before me and asked, “What are you trying to do?”

Fang Xieyi replied arrogantly, “I’m here to pick up my brother. What is an outsider like you trying to do?”

Luo Yuchen immediately jumped to my side like a cat whose tail had been stepped on and pulled me intimately, saying, “Xiao Heng is not going with you. He’s going home with me.”

Ah? I’m surprised. I never heard Luo Yuchen mentioning this before.

“Why do you look so surprised to be going home with me?” Luo Yuchen was a little unhappy as he continued, “Your name is still on the housing property certificate.”

It isn’t the property rights issue.

“But, it’s so sudden…” I forced out a sentence after being dazed for awhile.

“That’s right, that’s right.” Fang Xieyi pulled me over with a smile and said to Luo Yuchen ostentasiously, “Did you hear what Xiao Heng said? It’s too sudden. You should wait for a while. Xiao Heng, you can stay at my place for around 10 to 15 days first…”

“In your dreams, fox.” Luo Yuchen pulled me back again before I could reply. He glared at Fang Xieyi looking like he was ready to fight for his life.

“Xiao Heng, go home with me.”

He hugged me very closely and I was fully trapped in his embrace. It was very warm and comfortable. Coupled with his low voice, I felt like I was about to be hypnotised by him.

Xiao Heng, you can’t be so yielding. Are you following him just like that?

You can’t let it go just like this. You can’t forgive him so easily. You should at least let him suffer first before going back with him. Or else, he might just go back to his old ways.

This was what Fang Xieyi and Xiao Lu had tried to desperately instill in me when Luo Yuchen wasn’t around.

But… Luo Yuchen has suffered a lot too. I had replied so back then.

Xiao Lu and Fang Xieyi couldn’t do anything about me.

Then they asked me, What will you do if Luo Yuchen does something wrong to you again?

I gave a perfunctory reply, If that happens, I will definitely dump him.

What came after was their disdainful and unbelieving eyes.

“Xiao Heng…” Luo Yuchen felt wronged not receiving my reply.

Seeing Luo Yuchen’s pitiful look, I felt lucky that I won’t ever have kids. Or else, I won’t be able to educate them well. If I’m always indulgent with kids that act pitiful like Luo Yuchen, the kid will grow up spoiled no matter how good his character was.

“Go home with me. I promise I will treat you well.” He continued tempting me.

“Uh… Then…”

Thus, I was coaxed home just like that.

I have seen this place for that few months I have been with Luo Yuchen, but it still felt different when I stepped in for real.

Only half a year has passed but it felt strange.

Perhaps I wasn’t used to seeing the wall I used to hang Luo Yuchen’s posters empty. I will cover it up with life sized posters tomorrow.

I will use this year’s valentine poster showing Luo Yuchen’s extremely bright smile. I’m not going to care about Luo Yuchen’s opinion this time. I have been coveting it for so long.

All the furniture is still at their original position. The large white sofa makes people want to lay on it just like before.

Luo Yuchen had certainly been tempted by it and liked sleeping on the sofa instead of the bed. I wonder if this habit will change now that I have returned.

Just what was different?

I feel that the house suddenly seemed smaller.

It’s clearly the same house. In the past, I always felt that it was large and empty. Now, it felt small and warm.

It may be due to me no longer feeling sad, insignificant and lonely with Luo Yuchen pulling me along. 

The house being smaller isn’t a bad thing.

He pulled me to the outside of my original room. He elegantly helped me open the door to my room like a gentleman helping a lady open the luxurious glass door of a restaurant. 

Sometimes, I feel that I shouldn’t be so worthless and so easily moved.

I have put in so much effort, I shouldn’t be so easily moved by such little kindness.

But I just can’t help it. I almost cried just by looking at my room.

All my things were sitting quietly in their original position. Nothing was missing or messy, as if I never left this room before.

He brought back everything I had dumped at Fang Xieyi’s white villa. He didn’t ask for my consent. What a bandit.

I can’t understand how Luo Yuchen remembered where I placed my items. He always threw his things around. He probably doesn’t remember where he placed his own items.

Despite that, he still did it. There’s no way I’ve sleepwalked and placed these items myself. Luo Yuchen is really special sometimes, able to create wonders I can’t make sense of.

Don’t tell me he loves me so much he can remember these at a subconscious level? I felt pleased and my self-esteem rose exponentially. However, I didn’t dare look back at him. I’m worried that I will really cry if I see his face.

I tried my best to push away the sourness at the tip of my nose. I act like nothing has happened and walked over to check my precious babies that I haven’t seen for half a year.

There was one thing that was different. I can see it.

Yet, Luo Yuchen thought that my awareness was so terrible he specially ran forward and sat on it to attract my attention.

He sure was willing to spend and buy a king-size bed. Fortunately, my room was large enough and the bed didn’t make it too cramped.

I pressed on it. Quite elastic, perhaps it will be more comfortable than the sofa.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

“Not bad.” I said, while thinking in my heart that such a good bed should be able to tempt you to sleep on it everyday.

“Bed use items[1] were included when I bought the bed.” Luo Yuchen smiled very cleanly to the point I wasn’t thinking in the dirty direction.

“What is it?” I became interested after looking at him and foolishly took the bait.

Thus, beauty Lu smiled brightly and laid down heavily on the bed.

“Quite substantial.” I nodded my head in approval after seeing the colourful “bed use items”. Then, I turned around and prepared to leave the room.

“Xiao Heng?” Beauty Lu clearly didn’t expect that his honey trap would fail. He sat up from the bed in shock and said, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to make a call.” I looked at Luo Yuchen innocently while speaking those words..

“Why are you making a call?” Luo Yuchen also started acting silly as he couldn’t catch up with my train of thought.

“I like the bed use items very much, so I intend to buy one more bed and see if they will still send them.” I continued acting silly as I admired the sight of Luo Yuchen’s expression changing from uncertainty to understanding to wild.

I quickly ran. Unfortunately, the house was too small and everywhere was a dead end. Very quickly, I ended up back in my room and couldn’t escape from Luo Yuchen.

Then, he lightly pushed me and I got pressed down by him on the bed obediently.

“Their bed use item is too weighty.” I complained, “I want to return the goods… wu…”

I was kissed. Wu… My mind blanked out. Luo Yuchen’s technique is so good… 

“You really want to return the goods?” He teased as he patiently looked at me panting.

“Of course!” I said stubbornly, “I want to return… wu!”

The consequence of being stubborn was another kiss.

It should have been a very comfortable and happy thing.

Perhaps I had too much grievance as I have never been kissed so seriously before, perhaps I finally feel rest assured that I’m back here hugging this person, or perhaps I’m just unreasonable. I am currently treated gently and intimately by him, yet I couldn’t control myself and cried.

I’m so pathetic… Remembering the bitter memories is for me to think about the sweet moments. Yet, my bitter memories have pained me to tears.

“Xiao Heng, Xiao Heng…” He hugged me and gently called my name while letting me selfishly feel aggrieved.

I know that he is definitely distressed for me.

He clearly experienced and remembered as much as me.

Yet, I could be sly and unreasonable because I put in effort first. He didn’t dare show any grievance and weakness before me and still had to take care of my feelings while carrying his guilt.

I don’t want to make Luo Yuchen feel that he owes me. Therefore, I feel that I should be stronger.

My rosy and bright future is right before me. Why am I feeling aggrieved and crying?

I wiped away my tears. I looked at Luo Yuchen’s collar which had been crumpled and spread open by me. It was very sexy. Coupled with his innocent, worried and pitiful expression. Hmph hmph. He’s tempting someone to commit a crime.

“Beauty, do you know the function of the bed use item?” I asked shamelessly, despite feeling that I probably looked very ugly after crying.

“Nightly activities[2]?” He was finally at ease. He pulled down his tie dashingly and said charmingly, “In that case your majesty, how many times do you want it today?”

“The more the better.” I smiled evilly, then kissed his finger and said, “Until I beg for mercy.”

“That’s what I was going to say.” Luo Yuchen wasn’t provoked by me, feeling certain that I will be defeated by him.

Then, he smiled and unbuttoned a few buttons. He turned the giddy me around and slowly pressed down on me.

Hmm. As for what happened afterwards… It’s not suitable for children and not suitable to be seen or heard.

In conclusion, my home is great, the new bed is very elastic and the bed use item is very satisfactory.

That’s all.


[1]Bed use item – 床上用品 has two meanings, one being bedclothes and the other being items used on bed.

[2]Nightly activities – Luo Yuchen used the term 侍寝(shì qǐn) which is used to refer to how the emperor would choose a concubine to come to his room at night for sexual activity.

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