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Side Story 1: Luo Yuchen’s Diary

TL: Resonance


Celebrity Luo Yuchen has a cold personality. Nobody would think that he would write something like a diary, but reality was the opposite.


He was an expressive person before he degraded to having a “cold heart”, and he continued keeping this little hobby even after his change.


Xiao Heng always knew that Luo Yuchen kept three thick books on the bookshelf. Those were the things Luo Yuchen had written ever since middle school.


Xiao Heng often laughed off saying his philosophy was to live every day well, while Luo Yuchen’s life goal was to record every day well.


Whenever Luo Yuchen hears this, he will smile and say, “Every day is a wonderful day with you. Of course I have to record everything down.”


Xiao Heng didn’t believe it. He replied with a smile, “You and your sweet talk.”


“It’s true.” Luo Yuchen thought seriously and said, “I started writing a diary since the first year of middle school, ever since I knew you until now. If you take a look, you might find the two words ‘Xiao Heng’ on every page.”


“Really?” Xiao Heng asked as the corner of his lips lifted unconsciously.


“How about it, do you want to take a look?” Luo Yuchen found it rare to see Xiao Heng acting so cute, so he continued asking him temptingly.


“Can I?” Xiao Heng felt flattered.


“It should be okay to look at the middle school diary. Our relationship was still innocent then.” Luo Yuchen smiled and took out the thickest book.


“Wait, the thickest one is the middle school one?” Xiao Heng said with knitted brows.


“Yes.” Luo Yuchen smiled and identified one by one, “The thickest is the middle school one, followed by highschool and the thinnest one for what happens after.”


What happens after… Xiao Heng became totally depressed. Isn’t what happens afterwards our ten years together? We are always together during the ten years. Even if there is nothing to write about, there should still be many complaints to make. The diary is actually less than one third the thickness of the three year middle school diary, an age where our brain has not greatly developed.


Just what were the days we spent together!


Feeling Xiao Heng’s dissatisfaction, Luo Yuchen said with an awkward smile, “I can’t help it, I was so free in middle school. During highschool, I had soccer and college entrance examinations, so I had no time to write my diary. I started singing during university days and was even busier after university, resulting in no time to write.”


Excuses, all excuses! Xiao Heng wasn’t buying it. It may be busy during highschool, but Luo Yuchen wasn’t someone who liked studying. Other than soccer, Luo Yuchen was always free. When he became a celebrity afterwards, he would sleep till noon whenever he had nothing to do. Busy my ass!


Luo Yuchen is an asshole and a liar. Xiao Heng thought in his heart.


But on second thought, Xiao Heng felt that the thin diary probably recorded about Xia Mingxiu instead of himself and felt better.


If the content is about Xia Mingxiu, it is still forgivable for it to be short.


“Hey, do you want to read it or not?” Luo Yuchen’s arm felt tired holding up the book.


“Of course.” Xiao Heng received the diary unabashedly and flipped to the first page.


The first page was filled with one red sentence. 


Award: S city, East district, XX elementary school, first place in basketball awarded to student Luo Yuchen.


“This… this is…” Xiao Heng burst out laughing unreservedly.


“Can you not look at these unimportant things?” Luo Yuchen felt awkward and forcefully flipped over to the next page.


“You still kept it and didn’t bear to tear it off…” Xiao Heng flipped the page back and his body trembled as he stared at the “award” word imprinted with red seal.


“It was a good memory!” Luo Yuchen stared at Xiao Heng, depressed about the fact that Xiao Heng couldn’t empathise with him.


“Why did they not award you with a basketball instead of a book when you got first in basketball?” Xiao Heng continued sarcastically, “How did they know that you will make use of it?”


Luo Yuchen knew that Xiao Heng was laughing at his terrible grades in middle school. He thought in his heart, “If I didn’t get used to copying your work everyday due to sitting next to you, my grades wouldn’t have been so bad.” However, it wasn’t good to bring up old scores, so Luo Yuchen asked gloomily, “Do you want to read it or not!”


“Yes yes. Of course!”


After all the hustle and bustle, Xiao Heng finally flipped to the real first page.

  九月一日 阴霾密布万里无云

1st September: Dense clouds darken the sky, cloudless miles.


“Uh… If dense clouds darken the sky, shouldn’t there be miles of clouds?” Xiao Heng asked.


“It was so rare for me to learn a few idioms back then. Can you stop being so picky?” Luo Yuchen said a little annoyed, “If you want to read then stop interrupting the reading!”


“Yes lord.” Xiao Heng replied in dissatisfaction.


I didn’t know how I got to attend this middle school. Maybe because it was closer to home. In any case, it wasn’t me who chose this school but my parents. Since it was chosen by my parents, then I should be obedient. I feel that there wasn’t a need for me to be so obedient, but who asked me to be such a sensible youth? Anyway, I feel that there are still five more reasons why my parents chose this school for me. First… 


“You sure have a lot of nonsense to say.” Xiao Heng said.


“If you want to read then stop complaining!” Luo Yuchen was almost going crazy. Of course a twelve years old’s diary would be very childish. Why does Xiao Heng keep using this to laugh at him!


… After entering the classroom, I swept my gaze across every classmate and realised that all of them are very ugly. Maybe my aesthetic sense has risen, because I felt that my elementary school mates weren’t so ugly. But it may also be because I got used to it after looking at them for six years. In any case, even if they are ugly, I cannot discreemenate[1] against them. I still talk to them nicely when they come and speak to me.


“Xiao Heng, don’t you laugh.” Luo Yuchen tapped Xiao Heng’s head when he saw Xiao Heng trembling by the side.


“Your inner mind was so cute back then…” Xiao Heng laughed greatly. He looked up at the cool Luo Yuchen now and thought, “You looked pretty cool back then, who knew you had so many random thoughts in your mind.”


“Continue reading seriously, you’re about to debut!” Luo Yuchen tapped him one more time and pointed at the next part of the text.


Then, another person came in. I was very happy. Finally there was someone pleasing to the eye. His skin was a little dark. However, it looked like it was tanned rather than his natural skin colour. He looked quite thin, but his disposition wasn’t bad. He’s quite tall too. I think that this person should be worth associating with. However, he went and sat at the front. I don’t want to go there, so I decided to wait for school to end before inviting him to play.


“Oh, looks like I was able to enter your holy eyes.” Xiao Heng mocked.


Luo Yuchen felt awkward letting Xiao Heng know his true thoughts now since he often scorned Xiao Heng saying he looked average. He didn’t dare say anything about Xiao Heng’s mockery either.


… The teacher arrived. She looked pretty good. She asked me to sit at the front. Why? Don’t tell me she has a secret crush on me? But if she wanted to be my girlfriend, she still has to make a trip to Korea.


Anyway, I became deskmates with the person who was pleasing to the eyes. Not bad. It seems like his grade is pretty good. If our relationship gets better, I can copy his work in the future. Not bad.


He’s called Xiao Heng. I seem to have heard this name somewhere before. Maybe it’s just my imagination.


… We really went to play after school. Xiao Heng and I were against two other year three guys. In the end, we won them overwhelmingly. As usual, I was as handsome as Kaede Rukawa every day. Although Xiao Heng wasn’t very fast or good at stealing the ball, he was very good at shooting three pointers. If I pass the ball to him, there’s a 80% chance he will score. The year three guys were so angered by him they almost cried. I felt very happy seeing this, so I made an exception and treated Xiao Heng to a popsicle.


“Why was treating me to a popsicle making an exception?” Xiao Heng asked.


“Because I didn’t have much pocket money back then. Hey! Stop laughing… If you continue laughing then I won’t let you read anymore!” Luo Yuchen couldn’t take Xiao Heng’s brazen behaviour any longer. He stretched his hand over wanting to take back his diary.


“Alright alright alright I will stop laughing!” Xiao Heng snatched back the book and continued reading.


… I feel that Xiao Heng and I are a perfect match. He can help me and make me stand out. Won’t we become an overpowering pair in school in the future? Speaking of which, there was a pretty girl staring at us when we were on our way home. I think she’s from class three? I will ask for her name next time. She looks pretty good. Why isn’t she in our class?


“Class three… Ah, it’s An Qi right?” Xiao Heng thought and spoke nostalgically, “Man, we went to the same middle school and highschool. I’ve almost forgotten about her if not for your mentioning… Speaking of which, isn’t she your… “


Luo Yuchen closed the diary and spoke with an unfriendly face, “You’ve so much nonsense to say. Let’s not read anymore.”


“Hey, Luo Yuchen, don’t be so petty.” Xiao Heng pulled Luo Yuchen back with a smile.


Xiao Heng thought Luo Yuchen was acting angry as a joke. However, reality showed that lord Luo Yuchen was truly unhappy. No matter how much Xiao Heng pestered for it, Luo Yuchen was unwilling to take out the diaries again.


During dinner time, Xiao Heng who has been deep in thought ever since earlier suddenly said, “I think I remembered something.”


“What?” Luo Yuchen was calm on the surface but was actually feeling very guilty.


“That person called An Qi seemed to have confessed to me before during year two.”


After saying this sentence, Xiao Heng noticed that Luo Yuchen’s body has turned stiff.


I knew there’s something. 


Xiao Heng wasn’t so slow to the point that he only realised that he has been confessed to by a girl before now. It was just that he has always been lazy to be concerned about things unrelated to Luo Yuchen. However, he was always willing to ponder about things related to Luo Yuchen. Therefore, when he saw Luo Yuchen’s abnormality after he mentioned “An Qi”, it made Xiao Heng think seriously about what happened in middle school.


Then, he started searching for An Qi in his memory. He remembered that she was one of Luo Yuchen’s many girlfriends in his middle school days.


When Luo Yuchen first started dating girls, Xiao Heng had been nervous and unhappy. However, after he realised Luo Yuchen’s idea of “Brother like limbs, wife like clothes”, he no longer concerned himself with the ever changing girls around Luo Yuchen. An Qi was a presence outside of Xiao Heng’s concern.


However, when he was trying to think of An Qi’s appearance, an image of a pretty girl running towards him with a red face suddenly popped into his mind.


Wasn’t it her? She stopped me on the soccer field and asked nervously, “School mate Xiao Heng, I have noticed you for a very long time. If you do not have a girlfriend now, could you consider dating me?”


Xiao Heng felt terrible hurting such a cute girl, but he couldn’t help it as he already had a person in his heart. Therefore, he could only reject politely.


This memory was quickly forgotten by Xiao Heng. That An Qi person seemed to have cried very sadly. However, when she became Luo Yuchen’s girlfriend and appeared by their side, Xiao Heng ignored her. Despite the fact that she has confessed to him before, Xiao Heng didn’t even remember enough to find her familiar.


These were the things Xiao Heng remembered after eating lunch. During mid afternoon, even more shocking memories started surfacing in his mind.


Not just An Qi, there were other girls too. They all started becoming Luo Yuchen’s girlfriend after confessing to him(Xiao Heng).


What’s going on?


Although Xiao Heng wasn’t as handsome as Luo Yuchen, he could still be considered handsome. During middle school, he was tall and knew how to play basketball. His grades were good and he was kind. His popularity was comparable to Luo Yuchen. There were often girls who ask him out or call his home. Because Xiao Heng’s heart was all on Luo Yuchen, he didn’t pay much attention to this. Now that he thought back, he realised that these girls’ actions have been a little strange.


In fact, quite a few of them were little beauties which later became Luo Yuchen’s girlfriend. Since they had this strength, they probably didn’t need to depend on following me to attract Luo Yuchen’s attention to “reach the goal” right?


Hence, the only answer to this is that Luo Yuchen has somehow gathered most of the girls that have confessed to me. Not sure if it is a coincidence or not.


But a normal person probably wouldn’t be so bored to do that right? Not to mention this is the arrogant Luo Yuchen we are talking about.


Therefore, Xiao Heng decided to ask Luo Yuchen directly, “Why did you date those girls that like me?”


“When I was dating, I only picked the pretty ones. Since they were willing to date me, I took them in.” Luo Yuchen felt challenged and said unhappily, “Who knew that they were thinking about you in their hearts!”


Xiao Heng wasn’t going to be dismissed so easily. He retorted immediately, “Hey hey, you should at least know An Qi right? You were right beside me when she confessed to me on the soccer field!”


Luo Yuchen shifted his gaze away and didn’t reply.


“Don’t tell me you really liked that girl then?” Xiao Heng asked hesitantly as he remembered Luo Yuchen praising An Qi’s appearance on the very first page of the diary.


But I don’t remember Luo Yuchen treating any girlfriend especially well….


“I don’t.” Luo Yuchen humphed.


“Then why did you let her be your girlfriend?” Based on Luo Yuchen’s personality, he definitely wasn’t the type to pick up what others don’t want, even if it was a peerless beauty.


“I refuse to answer this question.” Luo Yuchen started turning cold and angry.


The next day, Luo Yuchen went to work and Xiao Heng was still thinking about this question.


As he passed by the study room, Luo Yuchen’s three diaries on the bookshelf started tempting him like a demon.


Hmm… Those diaries have already been there for ten years without lock. Respecting Luo Yuchen’s privacy, I have never tried to look through it before. 


But Luo Yuchen already said that the middle school one was okay… 


Should I look at it? I will just look at that one, just a little bit. I only want to know why Luo Yuchen dated those girls.


But I still can’t. Xiao Heng shook his head. Isn’t that invading someone’s privacy? I never liked doing this and Lu Yuchen might also be angry.


But… It should be fine right? In any case, didn’t Luo Yuchen say that I could look at that book?


See, or not to see? Xiao Heng’s inner mind was having a fight.


In the end, Xiao Heng decided to take a look. Or else, he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it.


I don’t care anymore. I will just look at this one book and just one small part of this book.


He took out the thick book from the bookshelf into his hands.


Year two should be around the middle part of the diary… Hence, Xiao Heng opened the diary right in the middle.

  十二月二十三号 雪

23rd December, snow


Today, I was pulled out to be confessed to thrice. It’s such a cold day, I’m unhappy!


One of them was actually Song Jia. Please, wasn’t she An Qi’s good friend? She clearly knew we are dating, how could she do this behind her friend’s back?


If it was Xiao Heng, he definitely wouldn’t do this kind of thing.


And I remember An Qi telling me that Song Jia likes Xiao Heng.


Oh right, I think she already got rejected by Xiao Heng.


It’s better to reject this kind of girl.


That’s why Xiao Heng is good, he knows how to judge people and wouldn’t just go with a random person. He looks good, has good grades and is kind. It would be great if Xiao Heng was a girl. Hehe… 


But speaking of which, I have long thought that this Song Jia looks prettier than An Qi. If I bring her out, it will definitely look good. Although she’s fickle, she is still worth considering for a change.


She’s already so pretty, yet Xiao Heng doesn’t want her. I wonder just what kind of fairy girl it takes to enter his eyes.


Xiao Heng already has no recollection on whoever this Song Jia is. Seeing this diary entry, Xiao Heng was sweating in embarrassment. 


‘He looks good, has good grades and is kind’… Luo Yuchen actually had such a high evaluation on me. He even imagined what it would be like if I was a girl. Although this might just be a casual statement written by Luo Yuchen, Xiao Heng still felt happy for some reason.


At least this shows that Luo Yuchen has always found him decent. At least it wasn’t like how he had imagined, that Luo Yuchen fell in love with him reluctantly after his persistent pestering. 


If that’s the case, it seems like the contents related to An Qi is at the front. But let’s go back later. Currently, Xiao Heng couldn’t wait to know what happened between Luo Yuchen and Song Jia.

  十二月二十四号 继续雪

24th December, still snowing


After dumping An Qi today, she cried like mad.


“Why are you crying?” I asked her, “Isn’t it just losing the chance to get close to Xiao Heng from now on?”


Everytime we go to KTV, she always finds the chance to sit beside Xiao Heng. Everytime she makes bento, she will make two. Everytime Xiao Heng is around, she starts doing these silly things. Don’t think that I didn’t see it.


But Song Jia that I changed to this time probably isn’t anyway better.


How unlucky, why do all these beauties like Xiao Heng?


He doesn’t know how to treat girls at all. Although he’s handsome he’s still far below me based on looks.


Tch, everything is different when you have good grades.


Although it’s annoying, it’s also sometimes great.


Although Xiao Heng doesn’t care about these beauties, he’s very loyal to me. These girls get so jealous whenever they see it. When they are jealous, I am happy.


This is how a good brother should be.


Tomorrow is my birthday. Xiao Heng bought me alcohol. There’s alcohol to drink. Haha.


He was already feeling possessive of me then! Xiao Heng smiled as he read the diary and felt a little shock in his heart.


Am I just imagining it? No. I also have other good brothers like Fang Xieyi and Xiao Lu. If their girlfriend or boyfriend was jealous of me, I will immediately think of ways to clear the misunderstandings to have a peace of mind. I wouldn’t be secretly happy on one side!


Looks like this diary reading has allowed me to find out about many things I never knew.

[1] Discreemenate – Luo Yuchen wrote a wrong word that sounds the same as ‘discriminate’ in chinese. I couldn’t find a suitable replacement so I translated it as a spelling error.

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