the-path-of-the-cannon-fodders-counterattackThe Path of the Cannon Fodder’s Counterattack


Author: Mao Niao

Status: 71 Chapters (Complete)


Ling Xiao was secretly in love with a girl named Mo Qi; because of an accident, they both crossed into the ancient times.

Mo Qi who was preinstalled with the Mary Sue halo, in these ancient times, walked to the summit with a golden finger.

However, Ling Xiao continued to be exploited by Mo Qi.

After he no longer had any values to exploit, he soon became a pitiful cannon fodder.

The heavens decided to take pity on Ling Xiao.

And gave Ling Xiao an opportunity for rebirth.

After rebirth, he vowed that all his enemies would repay him with a debt of blood!

However, why have all these enemies of his, fallen into the mode of cutting their heads open?

“Hey, are you really that unremarkable person who used to follow behind Mo Qi?”

“So this dance was originally danced by you, sigh…”

“You are obviously a man, yet you move me so much.”

“Enough! Since you have taken the initiative to provoke me, then you must concentrate on me!”

Ling Xiao expressed: If you want to counterattack, then counterattack. As long as your golden finger is bigger than Mo Qi’s.

But how did Mo Qi’s Mary Sue halo end up in his body! He is still a straight man who likes beauties! He definitely, definitely doesn’t want to turn bent!

Tags: Danmei, Historical, Revenge, Transmigration

Translations into other languages: 


Bahasa Indo



Table of Content

Chapter 1: Rebirth in a Dangerous Place
Chapter 2: To Start Afresh
Chapter 3: Beginning the Counterattack
Chapter 4: Rejection to Being the Cannon Fodder
Chapter 5: Face Smacking Mo Qi (I)
Chapter 6: Face Smacking Mo Qi (II)
Chapter 7: Face Smacking the Prime Minister’s House
Chapter 8: Unfolding a Plan (I)
Chapter 9: Unfolding a Plan (II)
Chapter 10: Hugging a Golden Thigh
Chapter 11: There’s a Plan in My Mind
Chapter 12: Honey Making Sugar [Plus One More]
Chapter 13: Unexpected Counterattack
Chapter 14: To Reach The Top of The Small Summit
Chapter 15: The Revenge Begins
Chapter 16: A Small Punishment To Show Might
Chapter 17: Good Luck Struck
Chapter 18: Face Smacking Lan Wei
Chapter 19: Beginning to Retaliate
Chapter 20: A Need to See the Emperor
Chapter 21: Unexpectedly Fond of Him
Chapter 22: Warning Warning
Chapter 23: On the Small Peak [Extra Long]
Chapter 24: Retaliation Plan
Chapter 25: Defiant Letter
Chapter 26: The First Consort
Chapter 27: The Eve of the Wind and Rain
Chapter 28: Mo Qi Lost Power
Chapter 29: An Alluring Dance
Chapter 30: Making Another Plan
Chapter 31: When Being Favored
Chapter 32: The Prime Minister Lost Power
Chapter 33: To Take Revenge and Wipe Out a Grudge
Chapter 34: Strength Bursting Explosively
Chapter 35: Motherfúcker
Chapter 36: Needing a Godly Assistant
Chapter 37: Scheming Again
Chapter 38: Mo Qi’s Demise
Chapter 39: Secret Exposed
Chapter 40: Inviting the Emperor
Chapter 41: Crisis Moment
Chapter 42: A Cup of Wine
Chapter 43: Seeing Through the Ruse
Chapter 44: To Be Honest and Open
Chapter 45: Leaving the Palace (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Chapter 46: Carriage
Chapter 47: First King Consort
Chapter 48: The Soul of the Deceased Has Not Yet Dispersed
Chapter 49: Face Smacking Mo Qi
Chapter 50: Starting to Learn Martial Arts
Chapter 51: Unceasing Demon
Chapter 52: Face Smacking Fu Shangjun (I)
Chapter 53: Face Smacking Fu Shangjun (II)
Chapter 54: A Section With a Lot of Words  (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Chapter 55: Crisis After Crisis
Chapter 56: Highly Intelligent
Chapter 57: The One Pulling the Strings
Chapter 58: The Emperor Had Turned Bent
Chapter 59: Forgiveness and Tolerance
Chapter 60: Goodbye, Lan Wei
Chapter 61: The Strongest Country
Chapter 62: Frankly Dealing With It
Chapter 63: The King Consort Returns to the Palace
Chapter 64: Swiftly Rising to Fame
Chapter 65: Hatred Reaped (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Chapter 66: Being Filled With Love (I)
Chapter 67: Being Filled With Love (II) (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Chapter 68: Being Filled With Love (III) (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Chapter 69: Being Filled With Love (IV)
Chapter 70: Face Smacking the High Official of the Ministry of Appointments (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Chapter 71: Dispersing the Harem (End) (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Omakes (By Snowy, has nothing to do with the main series or author)
1: Flies
2: The Ling Xiao System
3. Falling From Heavens (Dynamic Entry)

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    Uhh? Or maybe… Uhmm. H-he died then got revived time travel back where he was supposed to be castrated?

    Well. It was confusing due to lack of info lol. Maybe, it is like that ah?

    • SnowTime says:

      Yep, he died, traveled back in time and revived from when he was first entering the palace ?

      • malyphom says:

        Hi there. I just came across this novel and read chapter 1. Wondering if there is a prequel to this that I need to read first?

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          Nah, there isn’t a prequel. The setting is just that XD

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      It all unedited chapters.

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      21-35 are complete while 36-49 with one line teasers are place holders until I finish it.

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      There’s a lot of people copying other people’s novel and posting on wattpad… I’m too tired to report anymore

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