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Chapter 30: Making Another Plan

Ling Xiao’s body went rigid as the sword that was sticking to his neck emitted a blood-thirsty cold light. Ling Xiao knew that this sword was very sharp. With just a light stroke, it could cut open his skin and veins, leaving him to die right here.

He could not help the fright in his heart, and was somewhat flustered.

However, Ling Xiao was clear that in order for him to have a discussion with Lan Wei, he needed to overcome this fright. He swallowed his saliva and took deep breaths to calm himself. He knew that Lan Wei still did not dare to harm him. With his currently position in the Emperor’s eyes, he did not dare to do anything.

While thinking of that, Ling Xiao’s heart calmed slightly.

“What, so scared you don’t dare to move?” Seeing Ling Xiao’s back that did not move at all, Lan Wei sneered and ridiculed him.

Ling Xiao heard that and turned around, but his expression had already let go of the confusion and fear, returning to calm.

“Young Master Lan Wei.” He serenely called him.

Lan Wei was surprised by his calm state and frowned.

“You don’t look alarmed at all?” He raised the sword in his hand and pointed back at him.

Ling Xiao lightly smiled at his words, his face didn’t change color as he stated, “Young Master Lan Wei is well-versed in martial arts, I would be sensed eventually, so why would I still need to be alarmed?”

“Since you know that this Young Master is well-versed in martial arts, then why did you follow?” Lan Wei sneered.

Ling Xiao dipped his head, playing with his palm and looked thoughtful.

Mo Qi had already been beaten into the Cold Palace and the chance she would be able to free herself was extremely low. However, if Lan Wei helped, then her probability would rise immensely. He couldn’t let it happen at all cost.

With those thoughts, Ling Xiao said, “I came, to give Young Master Lan Wei a reminder.”

Lan Wei frowned doubtfully at Ling Xiao, tightening his lips and asking, “What?”

Ling Xiao raised his head and smiled, “Do not be exploited by Mo Qi again.”

Lan Wei being exploited by Mo Qi was something Ling Xiao once loved to hear about. However, this time was different. Lan Wei doing something was a crucial point, directly related to whether Mo Qi was able to leave the Cold Palace or not. Ling Xiao did so much to finally get Mo Qi in, so how could he let someone let her out?

Lan Wei narrowed his eyes dangerously at his words. He listed his sword and pressed it close to Ling Xiao’s artery, “Why are you trying to drive a wedge between this Young Master and Qi Qi’s feelings?”

“Is it a wedge? Young Master Lan Wei should be well aware of the situation.” Ling Xiao sensed the threat behind the sword, but he seamlessly walked a step away from it so he could be far from the sword.

Lan Wei heard his question and recalled in disappointment everything Mo Qi had done since she entered the palace. His heart was disturbed, and he flew into rage from the humiliation. He lifted the sword and advanced toward Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao dodged all the strikes as best as he could and stiffly asked, “Lan Wei, you aren’t this stupid, right? Sneaking into the imperial palace at night is a large crime, you even dared to injure the one who is by the Emperor’s side and receiving favor from him? You don’t care about the fate of the Prime Minister’s household?!”

These words were effective as Lan Wei stopped his actions, and Ling Xiao silently heaved a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that Lan Wei would be impulsive and that he would lose his life.

Lan Wei gasped for breath. Because he was angry, his face was red and he glared at Ling Xiao. unconsciously, his gaze sweeping past Ling Xiao’s lower body, and he slightly widened his eyes. He seemed to have thought up of something and became clear-headed in an instant. He had a good idea in his mind to handle Ling Xiao.

His complexion slowly returned to normal and he stared at Ling Xiao with evil intentions, and an alarm sounded in Ling Xiao’s mind.

Then he heard Lan Wei said, “Ling Xiao, you are now favored person by the Emperor’s side. The Emperor loves you quite a bit and even wants to have you ascend as a male concubine. These are all good however… getting the Emperor’s love, you would need to attend the Emperor with your body sooner or later. But, with your secret, how can you attend to the Emperor? You have always been a eunuch in front of the Emperor.”

With those words, Lan Wei lifted his sword and somewhat aimed at Ling Xiao’s lower body. Ling Xiao’s smile was sluggish and slightly pulled together his legs.

Seeing his small movement, Lan Wei darkly smiled. This smile made Ling Xiao’s scalp go numb.

Lan Wei said, “You are certain that the Prime Minister’s Household would not tell your secret to the Emperor, that is because the Prime Minister’s Household is related to your entrance into the palace. If the Prime Minister’s Household exposes your secret, then it would be hard to avoid the Emperor’s suspicions. If the Emperor was really suspicious, then the Prime Minister’s Household would be involved and it would be hard to escape the crime.”

Saying to this point, Lan Wei coldly shot Ling Xiao a glance. Ling Xiao was a smart man, it was because he knew this that he was so secure of himself knowing that he had backing.

“Therefore, the Prime Minister’s Household can only deny to death that you do not have anything to do with us. Like this, we can wait for your secret to be exposed and then you will no longer have the Emperor’s trust and by that point, the people who know of the inside story will have all disappeared. Thus the Prime Minister’s Household could also pass this event safely. However, apart from this, there is another good way.”

Hearing to this point, Ling Xiao had a bad premonition.

Lan Wei suddenly lifted his sword and with a glee, the sword stopped at Ling Xiao’s crotch, separated only by the soft fabric between it and Ling Xiao’s life root.

Ling Xiao went stiff, those words and this sword were the highest threat to him, and he retreated several steps, his heart still fearful.

Lan Wei raised the sword and approached Ling Xiao step by step, “Making you into a real eunuch would be more safe… you should also thank this Young Master. As long as you turn into a real eunuch, you will not need to worry about your secret being exposed anymore.”

Lan Wei cheerfully smiled. It was this. Ling Xiao did not have any of the Emperor’s protection, not only does he not have the Emperor’s protection, he also cannot let the Emperor know about this. In other words, even if Ling Xiao was castrated right now, Ling Xiao cannot speak of it at all in front of the Emperor.

Ling Xiao gritted his teeth and his expression turned ugly. This Lan Wei had gotten smarter.

Lan Wei felt very refreshed seeing Ling Xiao’s change of complexion. After eating defeat from Ling Xiao so many times, he finally had this servant fall into his hands.

He followed Ling Xiao in a good mood. Ling Xiao retreated and he followed, step by step, slowly looking at Ling Xiao with a calm expression. Thinking back to the pain Mo Qi received in that place, his heart was greatly refreshed and his face couldn’t help but carry a smile.

Ling Xiao clenched his teeth, he didn’t expect that things would reverse like this.

When this Lan Wei was facing Mo Qi, he simply did not have any brains. It’s like his brain was set on Mo Qi and could not hear anything against Mo Qi.

Handling him yet he suddenly gotten smarter.

Ling Xiao pursed his lip. He wanted to get Lan Wei to give up on Mo Qi yet failed and even got himself in danger. Ling Xiao continue to retreat, his mind working quickly to break away from this danger zone.

He suddenly stepped on something warm and Ling Xiao jumped, looking down at what he stepped on.

At the same time, Lan Wei who was facing him suddenly shot forward with the sword in his hand. Ling Xiao hastily evaded the danger, which also separated him from the warm object.

After his one move, Lan Wei stopped in front of the object and ingeniously covered it from his line of sight.

But Ling Xiao had already clearly seen what was behind Lan Wei, it was two imperial soldiers that have lost consciousness.

He was stunned, this Cold Ning Palace is the Cold Palace, there was only in and never out. The people within it were for the most part people who have lost favor and were unable to free themselves, as such, there were guards in the palace. So these two people were…

Thinking to this point, Ling Xiao started and took back his gaze in a hurry. On one hand he was on guard against Lan Wei while on the other hand he looked all around him.

Behind the Cold Palace was a high wall with nowhere to go. Ahead of it was a side palace hall of the imperial palace, and it was only a small road. Those who entered and left the Cold Palace must all pass this small road. Ling Xiao remembered that, although the Cold Palace was unmanned and unguarded, this small road was properly patrolled by the guards, yet he hadn’t seen even a shadow of them when he came in.

As such, these were the imperial soldiers that Lan Wei had knocked unconscious?

The imperial soldiers would make a round trip patrolling the area ever quarter. From the time they had entered the Cold Palace to now… Ling Xiao conservatively estimated it was almost a quarter.

Thinking of that, Ling Xiao’s eyes brighten and a plan floated up in his mind.

Even if Mo Qi was shut into the Cold Palace, she would still not know her place. Plus, she even had Lan Wei’s help now, so as long as she wasn’t dead he wouldn’t be at ease. He needs to stay behind in the palace to wait for when Mo Qi was genuinely dead before he can leave. However, the Emperor was very interested in him right now, so his identity couldn’t be exposed. This caused him to have his hands be bound and be unable to do anything…

However, right now, Ling Xiao thought of a way. One that would kill two birds with a single stone…

Ling Xiao raised a smile thinking up to that point, causing Lan Wei to be suspicious when he saw him. With his sword pointing at him, he asked, “What are you smiling about?”

Ling Xiao shifted his position, maneuvering Lan Wei to the small road and let his back face the side palace wall, but there was a way for him to run.

Seeing Ling Xiao not replying, Lan Wei only felt moody and repeatedly pressed onwards.

Ling Xiao turned around to see a weak flame flash in the distance. Knowing that the fortunate time was finally here, he said, “Then, Lan Wei, I want to tell you one last thing.”

Lan Wei frowned with his eyes narrowed, he was suspicious of Ling Xiao’s “final” words.

He listened to Ling Xiao, “Don’t always concern yourself with my lower part, if you really dare to castrate me, Ling Xiao, then you better prepare yourself to get your own part cut off by me.”

“You…” Lan Wei was really angered and lifted his sword heading straight for Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao also did not dodge, letting that sword pierce his shoulder.

With a “puchi”, the point already entered his flesh. Lan Wei was stunned, he had only thrusted slowly, it was a speed that Ling Xiao could avoid.

After all, he knew in his heart that he really cannot hurt this person, but now this person…

In his puzzlement, he then heard Ling Xiao’s light laugh. Lan Wei frowned looking at him, only to see Ling Xiao hold an expression of victory.

He was startled, a bad feeling in his heart as he then heard Ling Xiao shout, “Someone come! There’s an assassin!”

Lan Wei hurried pulled the sword out with Ling Xiao crying out once at the pain. Holding his shoulder he turned around and ran to the side palace hall.

Lan Wei chased for two steps then saw the direction Ling Xiao was running to. There was a torch flicker and the sound of people, an imperial soldier!

He was made a fool of! This Ling Xiao played him well!

Lan Wei glared at Ling Xiao’s staggering back with hatred and knew in his mind that he had provoked misfortune this time, but had no way to deal with it. So he could only grit his teeth and leave.

Ling Xiao bumped into an imperial soldier, weak with pain from his injury, he fell to the ground while holding his shoulder, “There’s an assassin…”

“Steward Ling?” The imperial soldier he bumped into recognized Ling Xiao. Seeing Ling Xiao’s pale face and sweating face, he couldn’t help but be surprised, “Steward Ling, you’re injured?!”

“I’m fine…”

In a glance, he saw a small eunuch in the corner and he waved a hand to call him over. Leaning and supporting himself on him, he said, “Go notify the Emperor, don’t worry about me!”

The imperial soldier did not dare to disobey the order, he simply bowed his head and accepted the order, “Yes.”

Pained, Ling Xiao fell to the ground softly. The other eunuch was thin and weak, so he also couldn’t keep him up and followed him to the ground. He was only helplessly trembling in fear before Ling Xiao, not knowing what he should do.

Ling Xiao held his shoulder, powerlessly giving him a glance and secretly scolding Lan Wei. That sword hadn’t taken his life, but it still really, really hurt.

It was so painful that Ling Xiao’s face was deathly pale.

Not long after, the Emperor brought Xiao Lizi and a ground of the imperial army as he rushed over.

Ling Xiao sighed in relief and weakly called out to the Emperor.

“Your Majesty…”

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