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Chapter 29: An Alluring Dance

With the day coming to an end, the palace was brightly lit with decorated lanterns. Within the palace filled with guests, the atmosphere was very concentrated. What should have been a merry time now turned especially quiet.

Everyone’s attention was being attracted to one place.

This place was a three-sided beaded cotton screen. The screen was secluded, the three sides all showed a silhouette.

The silhouette was enchanting, as the gentle light swayed it unexpectedly matched the dancer’s movement.

The dancer’s movements were graceful, the light projected on the screen like a part of the cotton screen. The dancer fluttered, and the figure within the screen seemed to have jumped. It was vivid and lively.

Fu Yujun had merely pay attention to the cotton screen for the Emperor of the Mu Country, but seeing this passionate scene, his attention was completely sucked in.

Someone who was able to dance like this, he was really curious on this peerless talent.

He imaged that the person would have an exceptional appearance, an impressive figure, and a sweet, soft voice with a docile and clever temper.

Thinking this and that, Fu Yujun was full of expectation for the person behind the cotton screen.

The silhouette was sometimes graceful like an immortal beauty and other times, enchanting and charming.

The person behind the cotton screen would flip their sleeves from time to time, causing ripples, while other times swaying their waist, a pretty and flirtatious image appearing.

Under the light and shadow, they were unable to tell if the dancer was more graceful or enticing, they were also unable to imagine just how lovely the person behind this cotton screen was or how much they were like an immortal.

Surprise kept flashing through Fu Yujun’s eyes, and he suddenly understood why the Emperor did not look favorably upon his three beauties.

He already has a woman of unmatched beauty, anyone could tell who the better one was.

While thinking that, Fu Yujun saw the figure in the cotton screen do one last maneuver and then kneel on the ground, looking docile and clever.

The dance was already over.

Then, that person would now walk out from behind the cotton screen!

Seeing this, Fu Yujin couldn’t help but stand up, impatient to see the beauty leave the screen and eager to immediately witness the person’s peerless charm.

However, the beauty directly left the banquet after her salutations.

What was left to Fu Yujun was just a daydream of her figure.

“This…” Fu Yujun was full of doubt, according to Mu Country’s usual practice, after the woman displayed her skills, she would come out and pay her respects to the Emperor before leaving. So why did this beauty directly leave?

Was she not putting the Mu Country’s Emperor in her eyes? Could the Emperor of Mu Country bear this?

Fu Yujun couldn’t help but look at the seated high Emperor, only to see his general expression. His face was gentle, and satisfaction shone in his eyes, there wasn’t any scorn or anger.

Fu Yujun’s eyes flashed, a faint understanding in his heart. It looks like the departing of the beauty was approved by the Emperor, or that she was warned to. The Mu Country’s Emperor was unwilling to let this woman of unmatched beauty go out into the public and wanted to hide and support her himself…

Within Fu Yujun’s eyes was regret as he thought that, as well as unwillingness.

Perhaps because Fu Yujun’s gaze was too eager, the Emperor also turned his head to look at him, their gazes locking. The Emperor was displeased by Fu Yujun’s rudeness and glanced away to the Prime Minister, hinting at him. The Prime Minister understood and stepped forward to approach Fu Yujun with wine in his hands.

“Your Highness, what do you think of our country’s silhouette dance? This was supposed to be shown to Your Highness to clear away your weariness from traveling, yet it was wrecked by a rude and impetuous woman. Today, we were finally able to show the complete version in front of Your Highness.”

Fu Yujun heard him and returned to his senses, controlling his gaze. It looks like today’s dance was the one that was supposed to be shown yesterday, however, this dance was very successful. Fu Yujun was not stingy with his praise, smiling and replying, “The singing and dancing of Mu Country is really wonderful!”

It’s just that compared to the wonderful singing and dancing, he wanted to know who the figure behind that cotton screen was, what their true identity was…

Fu Yujun pensively twirled the wine cup in his hand, then raised it and drank it in one gulp. An idea already forming in his mind.

Within Ning Xuan Palace

Ling Xiao took off the dancing clothes and returned to his eunuch clothes, then left Ning Xuan Palace. Although the Emperor told him he didn’t need to go back after the display, Ling Xiao felt that if he were to wait for him at the palace, then, after the banquet, what awaited him was certainly the Emperor’s arrival.

And the Emperor’s arrival, was what he least hoped would happen.

The Emperor’s interest in him was too strong right now.

He had to find a way to somewhat lessen the Emperor’s interest in him.

Ling Xiao sighed, his mind full of worries.

Suddenly, a blue figure flashed by his eyes causing him to jump in fright, but when he looked around clearly, he couldn’t see any shadow of it.

Ling Xiao blinked a bit. He thought his sight was just blurred for a moment, but when he thought about it, something was fishy.

The palace was always guarded strictly, so how could a blue figure appear?

Perhaps it’s an assassin? Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed and he thought back to the direction the shadow went.

It was leading to…

Ling Xiao tilted his head to take a look, it was the Cold Ning Palace!

Ling Xiao suddenly realized when one person flashed through his mind, and that person just so happened to like wearing blue. His martial arts were also excellent so he could come and go in the palace unobstructed. Now that he knew who it was, he sneered and went to the Cold Ning Palace.

He was about to say, now that Mo Qi had met misfortune, how could that flower protector not do anything!

Cold Ning Palace was abandoned in the corner of the imperial palace, dark and gloomy.

When Ling Xiao hurried there, he could only see the shabby lanterns by the two boards of the Cold Ning Palace doorway. The candle light were weakly flickering, while the boards that had large golden words painted on them were already peeling, it looked bleak and isolated.

Cold wind blew from all direction, and the sound of bugs were brought with the night wind. It made people tremble with fear.

Ling Xiao swallowed his saliva, and peeked inside to look around a bit. The serenity and darkness did not look like there was anyone.

He collected his courage and walked in, groping about in the dark as he stepped into the palace.

Within the palace was only one light, and faint voices transmitted through the place. Ling Xiao slowly moved closer in response.

“Brother Lan Wei, why did you not help me yesterday?” Once he approached, he could hear Mo Qi’s sobbing sound.

Ling Xiao curled his lip out of distaste and looked inside through the window at the situation.

Lan Wei used his clothes to tenderly wipe Mo Qi’s tears, from Ling Xiao’s angle, Mo Qi’s face looked very haggard.

“Lan Wei is powerless.” Lan Wei blamed himself.

Mo Qi cried even more deeply when she heard that, “So you’ll just let me be put here by those people.”

“There’s nothing to eat here, nowhere to live. There aren’t any people here, and at night it’s so dark that even a small lamp takes forever to find.”

As Mo Qi complained, Lan Wei felt as if his heart was in pain and couldn’t help but pull her into his shoulder, emotionally telling her, “Leave with me, Qi Qi. I will take you out of the imperial palace, and you can change your identity. We can live another life. Although I am not the Emperor and cannot give you what you want, at least I can keep you fed and warm. You wouldn’t be here receiving this kind of bitterness.”

Mo Qi’s gaze swiftly moved about hearing that, and her weeping stopping as she slightly pushed him away, struggling to push him with both her hands as she refused, “I don’t want to, I… I like the Emperor.”

“You like him? Which part of him do you like? You’ve only seen him twice.” within Lan Wei’s jealousy was puzzlement.

Mo Qi answered, “He’s smart and strong, tall and handsome. With one wave of his hand, hundreds will kneel. Once he’s angry, whoever he wants dead, he can make them dead! As long as I’m liked by him, I can obtain all the best things in the world…”

Lan Wei blanked, staring somewhat astonishingly at Mo Qi, “This… isn’t affection.”

He muttered that, but Mo Qi did not hear him as she sank within her imagination.

She seemed to have thought of some beautiful life, and raised her head with a smile, but once she remembered her current situation, she once again becomes depressed. This wouldn’t do, she absolutely couldn’t stay here no matter what.

Mo Qi’s calculating gaze landed on Lan Wei as she thought of that and, with a spoiled face, she used her body to softly lean into Lan Wei’s embrace.

Lan Wei was startled and his heart was moved, as he was somewhat overwhelmed by her favor. He couldn’t help but fondly ask her, “Qi Qi, what are you…”

“Brother Lan Wei, help me. Help me leave here. Help plead leniency for me. Get the Emperor to let me out, tell the Prime Minister—ask the Prime Minister to plead for leniency for me. As long as the Emperor can give me an opportunity and see me, I will definitely be able to get the Emperor to fall in love with me.”

As he heard that, Lan Wei felt his heart turn bitter and fill with complications. After a long while, he sighed and heard Mo Qi use a coquettish tone with him, “Brother Lan Wei, promise me? Promise me, okay?”

Saying this, Mo Qi once again started to sob, and Lan Wei’s heart softened in the end, “Alright, I promise you. I will definitely get you out.”

Mo Qi gave a proud smile in his embrace when she heard that, immediately she stressed, “Then Brother Lan Wei, go help me plea for leniency tomorrow. I don’t want to stay even a quarter in this stupid place.”

Saying this, Mo Qi looked around her surrounding and frowned out of dislike, “No, I can’t stay here even for half a quarter. Brother Lan Wei, go right now, go right now and plea for leniency. Ask the Emperor to let me out!”

Mo Qi got up from Lan Wei’s embrace and shoved him. Lan Wei was motionless. He looked at her lovingly, “Qi Qi, listen to me, this matter isn’t as simple as you think. Forget about me, even my father, because of you, is in a difficult spot. If we were to mention you in front of the Emperor, I’m afraid that not only would we not help you, we would only make the matter more difficult.”

Mo Qi stared blankly after his words, then immediately frowned as she looked at Lan Wei, “What do you mean?!”

“Are you saying I implicated the Prime Minister? Do you mean you don’t want to help me anymore?!”

“That’s not it, what I mean is that now isn’t the right time, you have to patiently wait for a good opportunity.” Lan Wei explained.

But Mo Qi could not take it in at all. When she thought of how long she would still need to stay in this god forsaken place, it was like ten million ants were gnawing at her heart. It was simply intolerable. She was driven mad and suddenly pushed aside Lan Wei with all her strength, “You just don’t want to deal with me! As long as you have the Prime Minister in your heart, you don’t have me! So what the Prime Minister says is what you have to do? Why do you listen to him so much! Isn’t he just an old man that has half a foot in the coffin, already!”

Once she was aware that she said something she wasn’t supposed to, Mo Qi hurried covered her mouth, but Lan Wei had already heard all of it and could only stare at her in astonishment. He couldn’t believe it as he asked, “What are you saying? Qi Qi, he’s my father.”

Mo Qi went silent, clenching her teeth for a while before finally giving in, “I’m sorry, Brother Lan Wei. I am just anxious, it’s not that I don’t respect your father, I…”

Lan Wei held himself back, his eyes carrying grief, “Qi Qi, ever since you entered the palace, you have changed…”

“I did not change, Brother Lan Wei, I am just worried…” Mo Qi hurriedly explained.

Lan Wei shook his head, expressing that he did not want to hear anymore. He reached out a hand and rubbed Mo Qi’s hair, dejectedly saying, “Qi Qi, I will save you. Even if I am stripped of this life I will save you, but you really need to take the time and calm down. Don’t let yourself become crazy like this… take a good rest. I will go first.”

“…I…” Mo Qi wanted to say something else, but Lan Wei had already gone out the window.

Ling Xiao stared at the annoyed Mo Qi that was stamping her foot in the room, thought a bit, then turned to follow Lan Wei out.

Following a few steps, the figure ahead of him suddenly disappeared. Ling Xiao looked ahead of him in astonishment, but a cold sword sudden thrust by with the wind, landing on his neck.

“Ling Xiao! We’re enemies on a narrow road[1]!”


[1]They will clash inevitably

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