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Chapter 28: Mo Qi Lost Power

What was the Emperor doing?!

The first thing Ling Xiao did was touch his clothes. Luckily, he was still wearing them…

Ling Xiao slightly sighed in relief as he and the Emperor had no choice but to look at each other.

He didn’t notice it before, but now that he was so close, he discovered that the Emperor unexpectedly had double pupils![1]

Since the two pupils overlapped each other and were dark in color, if someone didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t be able to make it out. They would only notice and be puzzled by this bizarre sight up close.

However, was he really supposed to be paying attention to his pupils right now?!

Ling Xiao quickly roused himself from his absent-minded state and swallowed, his lips trembling uneasily as he called out, “Your… Your Majesty…”

The Emperor heard him and smiled, “Awake?”

Ling Xiao gave a hollow laugh, his body stiff all over. In this position, no matter where he looked, his gaze would land somewhere on the Emperor’s body. Ling Xiao was at a complete loss when in this kind of face to face position. As time passed, Ling Xiao felt his body temperature rise and his heartbeat strangely accelerate.

The heat went to his head, making Ling Xiao certain that his face had turned red. He couldn’t help but bite his lips.

The Emperor’s eyes stared at him unblinkingly as his face slowly approached. This action narrowed the distance between them even more until they were close enough for the Emperor’s breath to puff onto his lips, causing the atmosphere of the surroundings to become ambiguous.

Ling Xiao’s ears began ringing, giving off the illusion that he was hearing the Emperor’s stomach growl.

The Emperor didn’t stop moving closer steadily even when Ling Xiao was embarrassed to the point he had tinnitus.

Widening his eyes, Ling Xiao eyed the Emperor’s approaching lips, and it finally dawned on him what the Emperor was trying to do… In his panic, he tried to push him away.

As the Emperor wasn’t expecting it, he was easily pushed aside. As Ling Xiao was foolishly startled, he saw the Emperor narrow his eyes in displeasure.

Hurriedly, Ling Xiao got off the bed and knelt, apologizing, “Your Majesty, your servant… your servant has not made any preparations.”

He thought up such an excuse.

The Emperor remained silent after he heard him, merely staring thoughtfully at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao’s cold sweat slowly dripped down. After a while, the Emperor said, “Rise.”

As Ling Xiao got up, trembling with fear, the Emperor suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed Ling Xiao’s chin. Caught off guard, the Emperor took advantage of this moment to lean over and kiss him once. This single action was enough to freeze Ling Xiao in place.

The corner of the Emperor’s mouth curved up. The little eunuch in front of him, with his small body and sluggish look in his eyes, really was adorable. He was standing there without the slightest movement to the extent that he hadn’t even taken a breath. It really was quite an interesting sight.

Entertained by Ling Xiao, his complexion slowly returned to normal, and he consoled him by saying, “Next time We come, We wish for you to have made your preparations.”

With that line finished, both of his hands went behind his back, and he unhurriedly left.

From here on, Ling Xiao was certain on one thing: the Emperor really was interested in him. That, or, to say it differently, his interest in him increased… He covered his lips, his mind not returning for quite a long time.

Wasn’t this forcing him to make a choice between his moral principles and life!

Fortunately, on the second day, the Emperor grew busy dealing with politics. As it seemed like this matter had been forgotten, Ling Xiao couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

On the third day, Ling Xiao received a set of black dance clothes, the eunuch having been bribed by Mo Qi to deliver it. There were two more days before the banquet started. These dance clothes were prepared for him so that he could help her get on stage and dance.

Ling Xiao sneered once, locking the dance clothes in a case.

On the fourth day, his injury was healed and he no longer needed a bandage, making Ling Xiao praised the effectiveness of the Emperor’s ointment in his mind.

On the fifth day, the envoys of the neighboring country arrived, and the entire palace, inside and out, was filled with noise and excitement.

The Imperial Garden was brightly lit by countless small lights in the winding corridor, the colored glass lamps reflecting the water of the pond. Additionally, the whitewashed walls were covered by curtains.

It was as if the master of the Ninth Heaven Palace himself was holding the banquet, the light reflecting off the wine glasses even more beautiful than imagined.

In the moment that the envoys were shocked, the Emperor appeared dressed in a nine-clawed dragon robe, the imposing aura of a sovereign emanating from him. By his side were the three imperial concubines who were lovely like jade, as if they were immortal fairies.

The hundreds of people present knelt and saluted, loudly shouting Long Live (Your Majesty). It truly was an extremely grand spectacle.

Wearing ordinary eunuch clothing, Ling Xiao followed closely behind the Emperor, stealthily raising his head then hurriedly glancing downwards, his mind shaken.

“Our beloved subjects, rise.”

The Emperor’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was very firm and echoed throughout the Imperial Garden imposingly.

Everyone rose at this order, their movements was very practiced and orderly, causing Ling Xiao’s heart to surge at the sight.

“Our beloved subjects, sit.” The Emperor took the lead and sat at the very top, with the three concubines sitting below him based on their titles.

It was only now that the officials slowly took their seats.

Seeing this, Ling Xiao slightly retreated two steps and waited behind the Emperor with Xiao Lizi. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he sneakily sized up the present officials and envoys.

On the Emperor’s right sat the officials from Mu Country, with the Prime Minister in the lead. They were sitting based on their official post and behind them were their family members who had yet to obtain an official position.

Ling Xiao swept them a glance, feeling that there was someone staring fixedly at him.

Ling Xiao glanced around in suspicion and found the wan, sallow face of Lan Wei.

Lan Wei’s gaze was vicious, anger plain on his face.

Ling Xiao widen his eyes in astonishment, he didn’t expect that Lan Wei would also come. The Prime Minister still dared to bring him to the Emperor’s palace?

However, it also wasn’t hard to imagine here, a banquet where all the officials of the country had gathered. This was a good opportunity to meet some good teachers and make helpful friends.

As he was the Prime Minister’s only son, the Prime Minister definitely wanted him to become a person worthy of respect, but he didn’t know if Lan Wei would only disappoint him again.

Thinking this, Ling Xiao shot a glance to the left.

On the left sat the envoys from Shao Country.

The foreign envoy that sat closest to the Emperor was graceful and confident, his face was handsome and his nose was especially straight. His eyes were an exotic and elegant light brown, his hair was light, and his skin was very white. He wore foreign-styled white clothes, the collar and belt both sewn with gold pieces. When he walked, the gold pieces would collide and make a clinking sound, it was rather interesting.

Ling Xiao remembered him, he was the leader of the foreign envoys, the Shao Country’s prince—Fu Yujun.

In his past life, this guy had been one of the men that pursued Mo Qi…

Below him were some of his officials and several beautiful women.

The banquet began when these beautiful foreign women danced.

The foreign women were passionate and bold. Not only was their clothing were revealing, but their dance was also rather enticing. Fu Yujun looked on with interest, while quietly observing the Mu Country’s Emperor’s expression on the side. However, he could only see that the Mu County’s Emperor expression was indifferent, his eyes merciless. It was clear that he was not interested, making Fu Yujun slightly disappointed.

These women were the most remarkable women from his country. Besides scouting out the strength of the Mu Country, the most important reason he had come this time was to leave one of the woman who caught the Emperor’s fancy behind. This way, the two country would be more friendly and greatly benefit from each other.

However, looking at the Emperor’s appearance, Fu Yujun felt that there wasn’t any chance of that happening this time.

“The Shao Country’s dance really is unique, We rather like it.” The Emperor said, commenting on the dance once it had ended.

Hearing what he had said, Fu Yujun quickly covered up his disappointment, leaving no trace of it in his smile as he replied, “To be able to obtain the Emperor’s appreciation, is our honor.”

The Prime Minister in the back said, “Although Shao Country’s dance has a special grace, our assembly isn’t lacking. Since the Prince came from so far, why not let him take this chance and enjoy our dynasty’s songs and dance.

Various entertainers entered once the Prime Minister said that.

The women of the Mu court were delicate and beautiful like jade. Each of them was beautiful in their own way and none of them were identical. Their dancing posture and movements were youthful, their voices lingering, and the qin and the se wavered gently. All of the women were gifted in many different ways.

Compared to Shao Country’s passionate and boldness, Mu Country’s singing and dancing contained a mellowness that became a feast for Fu Yujun’s eyes.

At this moment, sitting in the courtyard a beautiful woman dressed in yellow was displaying her skills. As she played her chinese lute, her voice was melodious, and it was very pleasant to listen to.

Although her appearance wasn’t glamorous, she also had her own special flavor. Fu Yujun weakly smiled as he watched, silently sighing as the women of Mu Country were as beautiful as they said.

Ling Xiao also saw her. In fact, after looking for so long, she was the only one he had recognized.

She was the one who had a conflict with Mo Qi, He Baolin.

Ling Xiao remembered that after her, the next one should be Mo Qi.

When he thought of Mo Qi, Ling Xiao couldn’t help but lower his head and secretly smile. This Mo Qi really did ask him for help, and he truly had promised to help. However, this time, not only had he agreed to help, he had even requested exquisite dance clothes and dancing setting. Mo Qi had not even suspected him and had gone to find someone to do it.

However, if Ling Xiao backed out on the deal as the time drew near, then wouldn’t it be quite fun?

If the dancer ceased to exist and he was by the Emperor’s side, then what could Mo Qi, who he had played with, do?

The only thing that Mo Qi could take out to threaten him was his fake eunuch identity, but this banquet was set up for the Shao Country’s envoys. Their appearance was only to display their skills and retreat afterwards. They did not have the qualifications to speak.

If Mo Qi was that idiotic and criticized him at the banquet, then her shouting and quarreling would be breaking decorum, which was the same as losing the Emperor’s face in front of the foreign envoys. He believed that, by that point, even if the Emperor wanted to leave her as she was, he would be unable to tolerate her.

Ling Xiao was betting, betting on the possibility that she would start to shout and quarrel when she saw him. As long as she was noisy, then she would be doomed.

He Baolin finally left the stage, and the banquet suddenly darkened.

Everyone’s sight was attracted, causing the curious officials to lean forward only to see a beaded cotton screen. The lighting within the screen was obscure and charming, with candles spread all over the ground, making them all think of how stunning the beauty’s silhouette must be.

This kind of arrangement was exactly what Ling Xiao had asked for.

In his previous life, he had relied on the candle light and beaded cotton screen to help Mo Qi dance a silhouette dance. From then on, the Emperor had treated her favorably, allowing her to rise up steadily.

And now, since it was already set up, this silhouette dance could only be danced by Mo Qi herself.

The candles on the ground were lit, yet there still wasn’t even a hint of someone’s shadow behind the screen. Everyone who was hoping for it, raised their heads and looked around before sighing and chattering among themselves. The Emperor frowned and turned around to look at Xiao Lizi.

Xiao Lizi understood without being told and set about to flip through the booklet in his hand, before approaching the Emperor and replying, “Your Majesty, this one should be Mo Qi’s display.”

The Emperor listened and his brows locked up, with his pursed lips he said in displeasure, “Skip it.”

“Yes.” Xiao Lizi accepted the order and was just about to yell out the order, when a figure finally appeared behind that beaded cotton screen.

Just from the silhouette, they could see that she was a seductive woman. The posture the woman had was rather artistic when shone on the screen.

Everyone relaxed and quieted down. This arrangement was somewhat new and odd, and they couldn’t help but be somewhat curious about this dance.

However, what really disappointed everyone was that when the person behind that cotton screen started to dance, the whole aesthetics of it could not be seen. The dancer’s posture and movements really did not meet people’s expectations.

Everyone who was watching shook their heads.

When Fu Yujun saw this, he couldn’t help but find it humorous. Was this person trying to hide their clumsy dancing skills by deliberately using the cotton screen as a cover?

Ling Xiao saw that Fu Yujun was roaring with laughter and felt pleased with himself. No matter the results today, not only was Mo Qi’s reputation destroyed, she had also let down the Emperor. Her future life wasn’t going to be good.

However, if he could directly get rid of her in this banquet, that would be the best result.

Ling Xiao really hoped for this. However, he didn’t know that he had an assistant, as right when he had just made this wish, he heard Mo Qi’s large shout from behind the screen, and the surroundings immediately became frigid.

After that, they all saw the person behind the cotton screen jumping around and screaming endlessly. Not long after that, the person behind the cotton screen pushed the screen aside and rushed out.

Because she used too much strength, the cotton screen fell with a thump and even caused the surrounding candles to topple over. As they rolled a bit, the fire spread to the carpet.

In a flash, everything became noisy. Xiao Lizi, in turn, tried to find some eunuchs and maids to come to the banquet and put out the fire that was still some distance away from him.

Meanwhile, Mo Qi’s clothes were being burned and she was currently running around, screaming.

Upon seeing this, Ling Xiao was slightly surprised, but immediately understood what had happened. The dance he was going to dance relied on the dim light from the candles to cast a silhouette. As a result, the candles were everywhere, and the dance steps needed to be done very carefully. Mo Qi clearly did not understand the dance steps and so had set herself on fire.

“Save me! Fire, fire!” Mo Qi keeps running towards people, thinking that they would be able to save her, but since she was a portable fire right now, who would dare to approach her? Pretty much everyone was avoiding her to the best of their abilities.

Even the Imperial Soldiers that rushed in and surrounded up the Emperor, his concubines, and the foreign envoys did not do anything about the fire. Rather, they were on guard on her, as she was on fire and charging around violently.

At this time, shouldn’t the flower protector be doing something?

As Ling Xiao thought that, he looked around the crowd for Lan Wei’s figure, but didn’t see him and was somewhat flabbergasted.

At this time, a person in the distance rushed over quickly, carrying a water bucket. After he was not too far from Mo Qi, he dumped the water on her, and the fire was extinguished with a splash, wetting Mo Qi from head to toe.

Ling Xiao saw with a look that the person that splashed water on Mo Qi was Lan Wei, and he calmed himself as he thought, Of course, when Mo Qi encounters a problem, Lan Wei will be at the very front to block it for her.

Lan Wei was currently taking off his outer clothing and draping it over Mo Qi. Mo Qi had opened her eyes full of tears, looking like she wanted to say something to him, but Lan Wei shook his head at her.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister was clenching his teeth, and he walked forward to pull Lan Wei back, giving him a vicious glare.

Mo Qi followed him for two steps, but seeing that everyone was staring at her, she couldn’t help but draw back her neck timidly, looking all around her.

With a turn of her head, Mo Qi’s appearance was seen by Fu Yujun, and he was slightly surprised. The person before his eyes was quite stunning. Although this woman’s dancing wasn’t too good, her appearance really was beautiful. However, this woman seemed to have something going on with that man just now.

Fu Yujun looked at Lan Wei within the crowd.

Finally, Mo Qi found who she had been looking for in the crowd: Ling Xiao, who had been staying by the Emperor’s side. Her eyes widened and her anger spiked, regardless of everything else around her, she pointed a finger at him and cursed at him in rage, “Ling Xiao! You’re unexpectedly here! You swindler, shameless despicable….”

“Shut your mouth!” Xiao Lizi angrily rebuked, and Mo Qi was frightened into cowering.

Xiao Lizi expelled a breath, “Seeing the Emperor, yet not kneeling. You even dare to point a finger to shout and quarrel!”

Mo Qi went blank, her sight going to the man sitting up high, and she promptly knelt, “Your lady (chenqie) didn’t mean to…”

“Who are you, to dare use your lady before the Emperor?!” Concubine Xian, who was in the front, heard her way of referring herself and stepped forward in annoyance. Only the Emperor’s concubines were able to use your lady to refer to themselves in front of the Emperor, who was this woman?!

Ling Xiao laughed mockingly and shook his head behind the Emperor’s back. This Mo Qi exceeded his expectations, and even addressed herself incorrectly…

The Emperor seemed to have heard Ling Xiao’s ridicule and turned his head to glance at him. Startled, he hurriedly hid his smile, and stood beside the Emperor obediently.

The Emperor looked away and examined the banquet. There were burn marks all over the place, and the cups and plates had all fallen. Additionally, there were wet footprints everywhere.

His face went cold, and he did not have even a hint of patience left for Mo Qi. Walking past his imperial guards, he stopped in front of Mo Qi. Upon seeing this, from her face that was twisted in resentment towards Concubine Xian she hurriedly feigned bashfulness and threw flirtatious glances at the Emperor. The Emperor frowned and asked, “Mo Qi, do you know your mistakes?”

Mo Qi frowned at that and miserably said, “Your Majesty, it wasn’t on purpose…”

Seeing that Mo Qi’s eyes did not hold any remorse and was only faking it, the Emperor felt that it was a waste of time to continue talking to her and directly walked away.

“Palace Woman Mo Qi, has been in the palace for several months yet does not understand palace etiquette, We are in sorrow. Today, she even caused a fire and alarm the honored guest, which is an additional crime. We order her to be sent away to the Cold Ning Palace and hope she behaves.”

Cold Ning Palace was simply the Cold Palace… forcing Mo Qi into the Cold Palace… even if it’s like this, the Emperor still didn’t kill Mo Qi?!

Ling Xiao frowned.

“Your Majesty…” Mo Qi still wanted to say something, but the Emperor seemed fed up with her and with a lift of his hand, one of his Imperial Bodyguards covered her mouth.

“Hm hm…” Mo Qi struggled.

Lan Wei wanted to go up and plead for leniency when he saw that, but his hand was held in a death grip by his father.


Gazing at his son’s eyes that pleaded with him, the Prime Minister turned his head away, resentful that his expectations were failed again and pretended he didn’t see anything!

While he was disputing with the Prime Minister, the Emperor gave an order, “Drag her down.”

Lan Wei turned his head and, seeing Mo Qi’s fragile and beautiful body being dragged away without pity by the sword wielding Imperial guard, he frowned in discomfort, as if someone was ruthlessly slicing him open with a sword.

The Emperor walked to where the Prime Minister and Lan Wei were when he saw Mo Qi was dragged way and coldly stared at them, before finally saying to the Prime Minister, “Prime Minister, was this the unique and unmatched beauty you wanted to offer to Us? We think that your eyes needs to be cleaned properly.”

The Prime Minister was startled and he wanted to immediately kneel and beg for forgiveness, but the Emperor had already turned and walked away.

Upon seeing this, Fu Yujun took the lead for his country’s envoys and walked forward a step, “You Majesty, we are somewhat tired, so we will retire first.”

The Emperor heard him and said to Fu Yujun, “We have alarmed our many envoys today. Tomorrow, We will hold another feast due to the alarm from today. Please return and have a good rest.”

The foreign envoys retired for the night, and the Emperor turned around to pass by Ling Xiao, pausing for a moment and giving him a glance, “You best think of a good explanation to Us about this matter.”

Startled, Ling Xiao lowered his head in guilt.

He didn’t expect this Emperor to be this keen, immediately placing the matter on his head.

Was it because Mo Qi’s words were targeted at him?

Ling Xiao followed behind the Emperor, mulling over how he should explain himself to the Emperor.

The Emperor liked the truth, so if it was unnecessary, it was best not to lie.

Thinking this and that, Ling Xiao came up with a plan.

Within Ning Xuan Palace.

Ling Xiao cautiously offered the Emperor tea. This was the second time the Emperor had been in Ning Xuan Palace and, after last time, whenever he thought of that experience, Ling Xiao felt somewhat panicky. However, when he remembered that the Emperor was here to listen to his explanation, his heart somewhat eased.

The Emperor reached out a hand and indifferently took a drink from the tea on the desk, “Speak, what was going on today between you and Mo Qi?”

Ling Xiao didn’t think that the Emperor was that frank and couldn’t help but be surprised. Immediately, he softly said, “This matter, was indeed this servant’s carelessness.”

Saying this, Ling Xiao collected himself and asked, “Your Majesty, for this matter to have a clear explanation, you need to personally see something… could you… please, wait here for this servant?”

The little eunuch’s eyes were sincerely begging him, his expression unselfish. Seeing him like this, the Emperor placed his faith in him before he had even heard the explanation and waved his hand, agreeing to his request.

The little eunuch bowed and saluted, with his head low, walking into his room.

Not long after, the voice of the little eunuch floated out from within, yelling, “Your Majesty, can you come in?”

“……” The Emperor raised an eyebrow, this little eunuch really had guts! To yell at him as he wished and call him inside.

Although he thought that, the Emperor rose and walked in with his hands behind his back.

Crossing behind the beaded curtain was a unique scenery…

Small lamps of candles swayed gently on the ground, and within the many small fires was that man, barefoot and waiting. His body was dressed in all black silk clothing, and his hair was styled in a woman’s style, his face partly masked with a gauze. His posture was also extremely charming.

Seeing that the Emperor had come in, Ling Xiao’s feet began to move lightly, nimbly traveling through the candle flames. His body and limbs began to nimbly turn, becoming like flight as his clothing fluttered. It was obviously a very devilish dance, as confidence, grace, and a bit of dust rose during it.

The Emperor was unable to take his eyes off of him as he lifted his foot and stepped over the candles towards the man who was dancing with his clothes sweeping across the flames. The candle fire swayed, some extinguishing while others continued to burn.

The Emperor walked very slowly, but he still reached Ling Xiao in just a few footsteps. Ling Xiao also happened to have finished his dance and he knelt in front of the Emperor, taking off the veil.

“Your Majesty.”

The Emperor stretched out his hand towards Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao glanced at it and took the offered hand. Suddenly the Emperor pulled, and Ling Xiao fell into his embrace.

Ling Xiao made a short cry of alarm, his face knocking against the Emperor’s sturdy chest, and he went slightly rigid as he listened to the Emperor’s muffled voice, “Are you enticing me?”

The Emperor lightly stroke Ling Xiao’s hair and seized Ling Xiao’s waist, his fingers moving.

Ling Xiao went stiff and reached out a hand to the Emperor’s tampering hand, feeling rather hurried as he held his hand and said, “Your Majesty, don’t you feel that this setting looks familiar? If I added a cotton screen…”

The Emperor stopped at his words, allowing Ling Xiao to pull away from him a little, and he let loose a sigh of relief.

Then he heard the Emperor smoothly say, “Mo Qi’s arrangement tonight.”

Ling Xiao nodded at what he said, seeing that the Emperor did not have any intention of letting him go, he turned and knelt to beg for forgiveness, using the opportunity to seamlessly leave the Emperor’s embrace, “Forgive me Your Majesty, your servant is guilty. The cotton screen and candle flame for Mo Qi were actually requested by this servant.”

The Emperor raised an eyebrow at his words and Ling Xiao bowed his head, “Two days ago, this servant obtained these dancer clothes from Palace Woman Mo Qi. This servant was once her servant, so she knew I could dance, and wanted to use this servant to take her place and display a skill. Then we would switch again at the end.”

The Emperor’s face went cold at those words, that Mo Qi really was brazen!

“This servant naturally couldn’t do this kind of thing to fool Your Majesty, but…”

Ling Xiao slightly raised his eyes, wanting to take a look at the Emperor’s expression after he spoke. But when he did, he found that the Emperor’s sights were on him from who knows when. Now that he raised his eyes, his gaze met the Emperor’s head on. Ling Xiao’s heart jumped and he looked back down, not daring to look at him again, “But she was once this servant’s master, so this servant was at loss on how to refuse her and thought of a way that wasn’t a way.

“You pretended to agree to her?” The Emperor gazed at Ling Xiao and continued, his face cold, “Why do you only tell Us this now?”

Pursing his lips, he answered, “This servant did not have any concrete evidence, only the dancer clothing. If Palace Woman Mo Qi denied it, then it would turn into this servant’s one man speech. This servant thought that since this servant was following the Emperor all day long, Palace Woman Mo would not offend Your Majesty just to seek this one because the agreement this time was not followed up and would probably put a stop to the thoughts she shouldn’t have had. Your Majesty has many things to do every day, so this servant also did not want Your Majesty to be too tired. If Palace Woman Mo put to rest her idea, then Your Majesty wouldn’t needed to be bothered either.”

The Emperor went into thought after hearing that, his expression was unclear and impenetrable, so Ling Xiao hurriedly begged for forgiveness, “Your servant knows his crime. This servant did not guess that Palace Woman Mo would go on stage in spite of it and also did not foresee that she could cause the candle fire to light herself on fire to ruin the banquet. What this one did not anticipate even more was that she would see this servant and cause a scene in spite of where we were to the extent that we even lost some face in front of the foreign envoys.”

Ling Xiao felt wronged as he said it, keeping his head low and not daring to look at the Emperor in the eye.

He really didn’t guess that Mo Qi would set herself on fire and run around, and he also didn’t predict that she would cause a havoc in the banquet in the end.

Although, he loved seeing it and hearing it all happen.

“Why do We feel that Palace Woman Mo’s misfortune makes you very happy?” The Emperor eyed Ling Xiao and suddenly meaningfully stated.

He went stiff, his mind stunned, but he didn’t show any of this on his face and stiffly saluted, “Your Majesty, there is no need to make fun of this servant.”

The Emperor looked thoughtfully at Ling Xiao after his words, his gaze understanding.

Ling Xiao waited for a while but the Emperor did not do anything. Cold sweat flowed from his forehead as he thought about the Emperor’s mind and threw caution to the wind by saying, “Your Majesty, this servant is guilty and untalented, but this one could dance since childhood and hopes that this one can help our country redeem our face in the next banquet.”

The Emperor raised an eyebrow at his words and his complexion was somewhat relaxed as he asked, “How do you want to redeem it?”

Ling Xiao kept his head low and respectfully answered, “Your Majesty, since that Palace Woman failed the silhouette dance, then his servant would use a silhouette dance to erase the bad memory the foreign envoys have of it tomorrow night.”

Raising an eyebrow, the Emperor thought about the dancing he saw just now and relaxed, unable to help but acknowledge it, “Feasible.”

Ling Xiao prostrated himself on the ground, “This servant only wishes to share Your Majesty’s worries and difficulties.”

A smile tugged at the end of the Emperor’s mouth and his face grew gentle as he reached out a hand to pull Ling Xiao up, “If there is a matter next time, tell Us, We will believe you.”

At first Ling Xiao was surprised, but then his heart warm, and he answered, softly, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

As the candle flames swayed gently in the room, the delicate and pretty face of the little eunuch in front of him suddenly seemed flirtatious under the flickering flame and darkness. His eyes seemed to possess a rippling light and, combined with the small smile on his face, he looked especially attractive. The Emperor couldn’t help but give him an order, “After displaying your skills tomorrow evening, you do not need to come out to salute and ask to be excused, directly withdrawing is enough.”

This order was somewhat strange, but Ling Xiao still cleverly (cutely) agreed.

The Emperor narrowed his eyes in satisfaction, his expression was very gentle and it seemed that his mood was pretty good. He corrected the path of his pull so he could embrace Ling Xiao. With his hand once more around Ling Xiao’s waist, and half holding him in his arms, the Emperor walked out of the room full of candle flames and walked into the bedroom with him…

The Emperor’s large palm on his waist seemed to be somewhat infectious, as the temperature of his palm passed to his body and immediately spread. He felt hot all over and when the Emperor’s finger slightly moved, an itchiness developed in that spot, causing his whole body to shiver. Ling Xiao was somewhat despondent, his body softening and leaning into the Emperor’s embrace. Seeing this, the Emperor took him to the bed, but once Ling Xiao saw the bed in the bedroom, it was like cold water was suddenly dumped on him, and an alarm sounded in his mind at that moment.

His hurriedly straightened his body, but the Emperor had already brought him to the bed.

The Emperor’s face came closer, making Ling Xiao’s heart to jump, and his head slowly drew back. In response to this, the Emperor stopped and frowned at him.

“Your Majesty, this servant… actually… this servant… still… still…”

Ling Xiao wanted to come up with an excuse, but he was so nervous he began stuttering.

“Don’t tell Us you are going to say you still haven’t prepared yourself, right?” the Emperor’s gaze was burning into Ling Xiao.

There was already displeasure on the Emperor’s face, and his tone held a hint of anger, so Ling Xiao did not dare to reply. He could only clench his teeth and stay silent.

Even so, he did not give up his struggle, his brain working overtime to come up with a reason. Finally, his eyes brightened as he thought of an idea. He reached out and slightly pushed the Emperor’s chest, stopping him from approaching and quickly said before the Emperor got angry, “Your Majesty, this servant really wishes to serve Your Majesty, but today is inconvenient for this one.”

The Emperor’s gaze seem to last for ages, waiting for Ling Xiao to explain.

Ling Xiao pursed his lips and said: “Your Majesty, this servant heard that after sex between men, the… the lower body would be in pain and it wouldn’t be possible to get up the next day. This servant is naturally fearless against pain. No matter what, this one wishes to be with Your Majesty, but this servant stills needs to display a skill tomorrow night. This servant is afraid of making a mistake, as if there is a mistake, this servant will be unable to escape punishment…”

The Emperor expressionlessly rose after those words and leaned against the bed.

Ling Xiao was very anxious as he waited for the Emperor’s decision, his nerves reaching the peak.

The Emperor finally made a movement, facing Ling Xiao and spreading out his hands, as he ordered, “Take off Our clothes.”


Ling Xiao was stunned, so the Emperor still decided to…

He went into panic, recalling his little brother down his groin. His eyes were moving around, but he did not dare to refuse to do as he was ordered and could only reach out a hand while trembling, very slowly taking off the Emperor’s clothing. His brain was working, trying to find some other excuse; he had to hide this matter!

Seeing the little eunuch’s face so flustered, the Emperor couldn’t help but think it was somewhat humorous, and his moodiness cleared up a lot as a result. Extending a hand, he lifted the little eunuch’s chin and leaned over him, saying, “Relax, We will only sleep tonight. We will not touch you.”

Ling Xiao was startled stupid, but his heart eased. The Emperor always meant what he said. Since he said he won’t touch him, then Ling Xiao could relax.

Sharing a bed with the Emperor, Ling Xiao was very nervous and his body was extremely stiff. As they were sharing the same bed covers, Ling Xiao had also clamped his legs in case he let his secret leak while he slept.

Compared to him, the Emperor was very relaxed. He had even turned over, propping up his head and sizing up Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao gave a hollow laugh, not daring to look at the Emperor in the face, “Your Majesty, it’s already so late. You…. are you not going to sleep?”

The Emperor turned back after hearing that, but he reached out and took Ling Xiao into his arms. Startled, Ling Xiao clamped his legs, so frightened he did not dare to breath. The Emperor laughed in spite of himself and gently patted Ling Xiao on the back, “You don’t need to be so nervous, We say we will not touch you, so We will not touch you.”

Ling Xiao awkwardly laughed and slowly relaxed his mind, obediently nesting within the Emperor’s embrace.

The Emperor gently patted Ling Xiao’s back to appease him once he saw that, his eyes gradually closing, “Alright, let’s sleep.”

The Emperor fell asleep quickly, but Ling Xiao couldn’t sleep at all.

Only when it was very early in the morning that he fell asleep.

In the morning, Ling Xiao slowly opened his eyes with the sound of birdsongs and insects.

He looked around and discovered that the sky had been bright for a long time, and that the other side of the bed had been empty for a long time. Feeling it with his hand, he couldn’t feel any warmth from it.

He suddenly jolted in surprise and raised the covers to check his pants. Seeing that they were still properly on, Ling Xiao finally relaxed.

He made a bitter face, being frightened around like this really was a great test on his heart.

“Steward, you’re awake?” a greeting came from the doorway.

Ling Xiao glanced out a bit and saw that it was Xiao Lizi. Clearing his throat, he said, “I’m awake, come in.”

Xiao Lizi with his bent waist, entered with a face full of smiles. Ling Xiao glanced at him, asking out of curiousity, “What’s causing you to be so happy?”

“It’s nothing. This servant is happy that you and the Emperor finally find each other compatible.”

Ling Xiao frowned, what ‘find each other compatible’.

Xiao Lizi continued, “Steward, the Emperor already went to court, but he wanted this servant to give this to you.”

Ling Xiao only now saw that there was a tray in Xiao Lizi’s hands after he spoke. On the tray was a book and a small box.

Ling Xiao blinked in doubt. He first took the box and opened it up to look at it, inside was some kind of gelatinous colorless matter, it had a faint sweet smell to it and was somewhat like an ointment. Ling Xiao did not understand what this was and place it aside. He then picked up the book and randomly flipped through it twice…

Inside was unexpectedly all sorts of male to male sex posture drawings!

Ling Xiao violently closed the book! His face full of black lines.

Xiao Lizi was smiling for some unknown reason by the side, and Ling Xiao glared at him in distaste, chasing him away, “Alright alright, I received it, so you can go.”

“Yes.” Xiao Lizi retreated.

He frowned and held his cheeks while looking at these two distinct things. He felt as if his eyes were being pricked by needles, holding these two things as if he was holding a hot potato.

Turning it over his head for half a day, Ling Xiao placed these two things on the farthest spot of his desk. Feeling that it wasn’t far enough, he walked to another room and placed them on the bookshelf there. Feeling that it wasn’t hidden enough, he took them out and put them into a cupboard.

Not only did the Emperor consider him his King Consort, he even had ideas toward him as he went so far as to send him something like this as a model.

Bestowing a palace, bestowing servants, bestowing treasures!

Although he always said he was a Eunuch Steward; in fact, the Eunuch Steward duties were practically all done by Xiao Lizi. This Xiao Lizi was still like before, coming to him and reporting everything that happened, but ever since the Emperor showed that he had some interest in him, Xiao Lizi no longer came to report to him.

Ling Xiao felt gloomy and knew that Xiao Lizi was a clever one. Seeing that the Emperor intended for him to become the King Consort, he no longer let him do his Steward duties and also did not dare to come report to him.

He, himself, also had no choice over this matter.

However, Mo Qi fell, so whether or not he was the Steward also didn’t matter.

At night, there was another banquet.

The banquet was brightly lit with wine cups clinking and leaving shadows within the light.

The Emperor sat in the top seat wearing his nine-clawed dragon robe, and the three concubines were also present. Behind them was a eunuch, one on either side.

Meanwhile, Ling Xiao stood by the Emperor’s right.

The foreign envoys had Fu Yujun take the lead, sitting on the Emperor’s left while the Prime Minister took the lead and sat on the right.

Ling Xiao quietly surveyed the scene and searched around the banquet. This time, the Prime Minister didn’t bring Lan Wei.

Rare beautiful items, good wine, and fine food were spread over the feast table, and the Prime Minister brought forth a few beauties.

They were for the neighboring country’s prince.

The Prime Minister knew that he had made the Emperor unhappy yesterday night and was especially active tonight, repeatedly toasting the neighboring country’s prince.

Furthermore, he kept introducing every women that displayed their skills to Fu Yujun. In his heart, Fu Yujun knew that the Mu Country wanted him to marry someone from their country, and that these women were for him to choose.

However, Fu Yujun drank a sip of wine and smiled. If the Emperor of Mu Country did not like the beauties from his country, wouldn’t he be too disrespectful of his own country if he were to choose a girl from Mu Country so fast?

Thinking like this, Fu Yujun wasn’t hurried either and slowly enjoyed the singing and dancing, drinking the wine offered by the Prime Minister.

Suddenly, the lamps in an area of the banquet was extinguished and a three sided beaded curtained cotton screen could be seen there. Shadow and lights flickered on the screen and candles were spread all over the ground. The candle’s intricate layout extended to the end of the cotton screen.

Taking another look at the screen, a figure showed up on the screen.

The figure’s posture was rather enticing on the screen, showing the fine waist that was hidden behind the screen.

Not only that, but Ling Xiao had disappeared from behind the Emperor without a trace.

Everyone sighed, wasn’t this the farce that that Palace Woman Mo did last night? Why was it here again today? Was someone coming here to cause trouble again? Everyone whispered among themselves.

Fu Yujun wrinkled his eyebrows, he was unclear on the meaning behind the Mu Country Emperor’s action. This farce had already made them a laughing stock in front of another country, why were they trying to do it a second time?

He couldn’t help but look upwards at the young Emperor of Mu Country, yet what he saw was a gentle gaze and a serious expression. He stared unblinkingly at the figure on the screen, his mouth unexpectedly raised up. He… was smiling? Fu Yujun raised an eyebrow, this Emperor of Mu Country was someone that didn’t even glance at the beauties from his country, so what was so good about this silhouette dance?

If it was the same as last night, then the Emperor of Mu Country really did have a unique taste!

Fu Yujun lightly smiled and shook his head, but a piece of his mind still lingered on the figure behind that screen.


[1]It looks something like that in the link most likely. The mythical Emperor Shun and Duke Wen of Jin had it and people were seen as an extraordinary person if they had the unique double pupil which was a mark of a king or sage in Chinese tradition.

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