Male Lead is a Quilt [Virtual Reality]Male Lead is a Quilt [Virtual Reality]

Raws: (JJWXC) 男主是条被子[全息] *

Author: Hú Shēng Yǒu Mèng | 狐生有梦

Status: Completed at 35 Chapters (Main Text: 33 Chapters, Side Story: 2 Chapters)

Character Count: 100,000

Novel Tags: Original, Romance, Futuristic Fantasy, Gaming

POV: Female Lead

Writing Style: Lighthearted


Former Gaming God Ye Nuan, after resurrecting in the virtual reality game called 《 Second World 》, hatched a magic pet whose ID read 「 Quilt  」 and also looked like a quilt.

Quilt was very soft. Hugging felt very comfortable. Every day, Ye Nuan would hug it while sleeping.

She absolutely didn’t expect that this Quilt, which she believed to be an NPC, was actually controlled by a real person! Nor for it to have a human form!

Quilt: Sorry, this is an accident……

Ye Nuan: Forget about it, it’s fine, the same as hugging someone.

Quilt: ???

PS: Opening may appear to be about vengeance, but fundamentally, the writing is not about vengeance but a healing, sweet story. In the early stage, a pseudo-otome; in the later stage, pure scattered sugar.

Anyways, sweetness at the end~

Short Summary: Hugging felt very comfortable.

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Table of Content

Chapter 1: Jī!
Chapter 2: What the hell!
Chapter 3: Not allowed to back out!
Chapter 4: Scare you to death!
Chapter 5: The outcome was determined!
Chapter 6: Not seeking love, don’t tease!
Chapter 7: Really could change!
Chapter 8: Too comfortable ba!
Chapter 9: You’ll take me to level?
Chapter 10: Caressing Quilt.
Chapter 11: Take up duty as senior apprentice sister.
Chapter 12: Senior apprentice sister will avenge you.
Chapter 13: Attempting to protect his senior apprentice sister in vain!
Chapter 14: Don’t rub.
Chapter 15: Do you want to sleep with me?
Chapter 16: Everyone must go fight in the arena!
Chapter 17: Happy?
Chapter 18: If you’re unconvinced, then bite me ah!
Chapter 19: Quick, look at the experts list!
Chapter 20: You’re really courting death.
Chapter 21: Shameless person! 
Chapter 22: What about clothes?
Chapter 23: These clothes were so revealing!
Chapter 24: I am her boyfriend.
Chapter 25: Take you as a wife ah!
Chapter 26: You’re really special.
Chapter 27: You fought well.
Chapter 28: Want to French Kiss?
Chapter 29: Donkey and fish?
Chapter 30: Three Major Events
Chapter 31: When are we getting married?
Chapter 32: Put clothes on!
Chapter 33: Have a child?
Extra: Children 1 — Do you need a spanking?!
Extra: Children 2 — Having you in this life, that is enough.

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