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Chapter 18 — If you’re unconvinced, then bite me ah!

The more Wen Xiao thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong. “So what, although I am now your pet, I am still a human.”

“I know ah.” Ye Nuan responded in a proper and upright manner, “Therefore ne?”

“Therefore……” Wen Xiao sat in Ye Nuan’s palm and hugged his knees, closing himself off.

He originally wanted to say, “Don’t carry me around in your hand” as well as “Don’t tell me to ‘be good.’”

However, when he opened his mouth, his words ineffably changed into, “Before you carry me, tell me first ah……”

Ye Nuan eyed his closed-off appearance and could not help but laugh. She used her hand to carefully place him back down on the bed while saying, “Okay.”

Following that, Ye Nuan focused on fighting in the arena, fighting a hundred matches in one breath.

She quickly lost her ability to think as she fought, completely relying on muscle memory to battle.

Due to her challenging players of higher rank than her, as well as her still unbroken winning streak, she could earn 20 points per victory due to the added winning bonus.

Fighting 100 matches, and earning no less than 2000 points, her total points quickly approached 4000, reaching ranked 196 on the experts list —— breaking into the top 200!

Ye Nuan decided to rest for a while. The first thing she did was check her friends list to check on her fellow apprentices’ ranks.

Eldest apprentice brother, second apprentice brother, and third apprentice brother did not change in rank. Fifth apprentice brother Speaking with Demons had already fought to rank 358. Clearly, he had been fighting nonstop.

Ye Nuan saw that his success rate was 100% and had no choice but to admit he was very awesome.

After all, not even the awe-inspiring third apprentice brother could accomplish a 100% success rate.

For some unknown reason, Ye Nuan suddenly recalled her neighbor’s child, whose fighting skill was incomparable even in primary school — completely different from her, who became a self-made genius self in games after going through challenging experiences.

Speaking of which, she used to play virtual reality games with that neighbor’s child ne, but after she began going to work, she had truly become too busy and stopped playing games together. She had kept little contact……

If she did not remember incorrectly, that child was already in high school?

And that right now was summer vacation?

Before Ye Nuan could ponder some more, her family’s little apprentice brother sent her a voice message. “Can’t you slow down a bit ah!”

Ye Nuan did not understand what he meant. “Slow down what?”

“You’re rising in the ranks too fast!” Speaking with Demons complained, “Can’t you wait for me ah!”

Ye Nuan did not understand what he meant x2. “Why should I wait for you?”

Speaking with Demons: “I won’t go to sleep tonight!”

Ye Nuan did not understand what he meant x3. “Wait a minute, what does you not going to sleep have to do with me not waiting for you? Who said yesterday that there was still time until Level 60 and finishing the apprenticeship?”

Speaking with Demons clicked his tongue. Probably because he could not argue with Ye Nuan, he began to make trouble without reason. “Doesn’t matter! Anyway, you cannot keep fighting! Go rest!”

Tch, aren’t you making trouble without reason? As if anyone will listen.

Ye Nuan: “I won’t stray! If you’re unconvinced, then bite me ah! I will absolutely keep fighting, surpassing Master, surpassing third apprentice brother!”

“Shit!” Speaking with Demons could not help spitting this swear out. He then ordered, “Fine, just stay up all night to pk, stay up all night to pk! Let’s see who will die first!”

“Go offline and sleep, do as you’re told!” After Ye Nuan retorted this, she did not know whether to laugh or cry. She did not have the heart to tell him that she would not die first, as she was already dead……

But Ye Nuan did not need to be too anxious, because virtual reality games had strict playing limits controlled by the system. The duration for how long players could play was based on the player’s constitution. Exceeding the duration would cause the player to be forcibly disconnected.

Therefore, at two in the morning, Speaking with Demons was gorgeously kicked off the game by the system.

Ye Nuan was also kneeling. “Why must he compete with me……How come he doesn’t make second apprentice brother lose several matches to fall in the ranks and accompany him?”

Nevermind Ye Nuan, Wen Xiao was also somewhat confused.

He originally thought Speaking with Demons was someone Ye Nuan knew in reality, so he thought the guy wanted to have a higher level than Ye Nuan in order to protect her. It now seemed that this was not the case at all ah? It felt like his competitive heart was causing mischief?

“But this temperament of his……” Ye Nuan said, stunned as if she suddenly realized something.

“What’s up?” Laying down and pretending to be a quilt, Wen Xiao raised his two small corners to ‘look’ at Ye Nuan.

Ye Nuan casually stroked him. “Oh, I seem to know who little apprentice brother is.”

—— It should probably be her neighbor’s brat, right?

When she used to play games with him, he also strived to be better than her at everything.

But he could only play during winter or summer vacation and never during the school year, so he could not surpass her in any case.

Ye Nuan remembered his name seemed to be……Yan Mingshi.

Yan Mingshi —— yms

Speaking with Demons —— yms[1]

“Ah, I solved the case!” Ye Nuan felt that she really was too clever. “Still really…… Xiao ah, I’ll tell you, little apprentice brother should be my neighbor. He has seen me, so he must have recognized this face of mine. He definitely knows something happened to be in reality.”

After she spoke, she subconsciously bowed her head to look at Wen Xiao and found her hand was still stroking his body……


She promptly withdrew her hand and coughed. “Sorry, ha. I like to rub things while thinking, and so……”

Being rubbed everywhere on his body, Wen Xiao only wanted to pretend to be dead.

Ultimately, however, he stayed alive and responded, “……It’s fine.”

Ye Nuan: “How come you are not resisting?”

Wen Xiao: ……Blaming me lo?

Wen Xiao did not make a sound. On one hand, he saw that Ye Nuan was thinking about something and did not want to disturb her. On the other hand, he did not seem to be disgusted by Ye Nuan’s rubbing……

In reality, Wen Xiao loathed touching people. He had slight mysophobia. If he did not wear gloves when shaking hands with others, once he was done shaking hands, he could not hold out for long before going to wash his hands.

However, he did not know if it had something to do with going into the game or turning into a quilt, but he unexpectedly did not feel disgusted by Ye Nuan’s touch. On the contrary, he felt that her fingers were quite slippery and very comfortable……

So, getting angry was impossible; he just felt a little uneasy. But the root of his uneasiness was not Ye Nuan’s touch, but rather how she didn’t seem to consider him to be a real person, a man.

Carrying him around in her hand, stuffing him into her belt, placing him in her palm, telling him to ‘be good,’ rubbing him —— completely treating him as a pet ah QAQ

Only, Wen Xiao had already hinted to Ye Nuan to not treat him like this, and he did not want to say the same thing twice. Therefore, he did not mention the recent matters and instead brought up something else. “Your fellow apprentices are all offline; you can rest for a while too ba?”

Ye Nuan did not respond and turned her head to glance out the window.

There was no night in the game. Even though it was quite late at night, the sun was still shining brightly down on the world outside the window.

Knowing that she did not need to sleep, Ye Nuan had no obsessions toward rest. Coming to the inn was merely because she had more of a sense of security in the private space.

But, not waiting for Ye Nuan to respond, Wen Xiao suddenly enlarged himself and then tried to use a corner to poke at her.

The soft corner, poking Ye Nuan’s shoulder, was like smashing a ball of cotton, very comfortable.

Ye Nuan blanked out for a moment before turning to face Wen Xiao. She blinked. “What are you doing?”

Wen Xiao: “If you want to rest, you would have me grow bigger. I feared that you found it embarrassing to say, so I actively grew bigger.”

Ye Nuan blurted out, “Why would I feel embarrassed?”

Wen Xiao: “……Why don’t you give feeling embarrassed a try ah!”

Wen Xiao also was reluctantly convinced. He felt Ye Nuan was still not treating him as a person……say, Ye Nuan originally had this type of character?

Recalling for a moment, there truly was no sense of distance due to gender between Ye Nuan and her fellow apprentice brothers.

While he was depressed, Ye Nuan stroked his corner.

Wen Xiao: “……”

Ye Nuan stroked his corner twice and felt that it was very soft and comfortable. She could not help but pinch it twice. Ultimately, she straightforwardly hugged a corner to her chest and laid down on Quilt.

—— Quilt delivered himself to her door, so why wouldn’t she go to sleep?

Like this, the originally not planning to rest Ye Nuan ended up hugging Quilt to rest for a while.

After resting, she crawled out of bed, went to fight in the arena, and found that no one was online……Ye Nuan looked at her list of people. All those within fifty ranks, she was not sure what level these people actually were.

Although she could effortlessly defeat the currently ranked 47 second apprentice brother, it might simply be due to her playstyle happening to restrain second apprentice brother.

Ye Nuan knew that the reason why she could maintain her 100% winning streak was not that she was so strong that she had no equal, but rather because her opponents were too weak. If she kept fighting up the ranks, she would sooner or later taste defeat.

And if her winning streak snapped, the bonus points would restart at, which meant she would also lose a lot of possible points.

Therefore, prior to breaking the top 50 ranks, Ye Nuan decided to take it easy and be a bit more conservative.

Since fighting in the arena was a no go……

How about going to level?

Thinking like this, Ye Nuan stretched out her hand in front of Wen Xiao. “Come, we’re going out for a stroll.”

Wen Xiao stared at her hand for a while and felt a bit ridiculous, but ultimately used his four corners to climb up onto Ye Nuan’s palm.

Ye Nuan watched him crawl up and could not help spluttering into laughter. “What is this posture of yours……”

Wen Xiao replied in a righteous and self-confident manner, “Actually, I recently studied how to run relatively fast. Don’t you think my speed has become somewhat faster?”

“……Nope,” Ye Nuan said in between bursts of laughter.

Wen Xiao: “Eh, that is because I have not changed size yet. Once I grow bigger, crawling like this……”

Ye Nuan imagined that scene and began laughing hard enough she became breathless. “Enough, you……don’t speak! That scene is so beautiful that I do not dare to imagine!”

Wen Xiao helplessly fell silent for a moment and waited for Ye Nuan to stop laughing. Who knew if he was speaking deliberately or seriously, he unyieldingly added, “Really, I’ll grow bigger and crawl for you to see.”

Ye Nuan: “Hahahahaha!”

In the end, Ye Nuan did not give Wen Xiao the chance to grow bigger and demonstrate. She took him downstairs and left the inn.

She did not expect that just as she left the inn, she would run headfirst into someone.”

Ye Nuan did not care. She wanted to go around that person and continue on her way. She did not expect that person to turn around and grab her wrist.

Ai?” Ye Nuan subconsciously turned her head, meeting that person’s gaze.

A considerably elegant face, and looking at the skin color and decorative marks on his face, of the Demon race.

From the looks of his equipment, a swordsman.

Looking at his ID: One Tree Remaining

Ye Nuan froze for a moment. She felt that this ID looked a bit familiar.

Still unable to recall who this ID belonged to, she heard that man speak with a very deep voice, “It’s you ba. The woman in the top 200 of the experts list.”

“Eh…yes?” Ye Nuan did not understand how the other person knew this. “Oh, I’m so famous?”

“No.” The other party mercilessly broke Ye Nuan’s delusion and then said, “I had simply been idly flipping through the experts list due to boredom and saw there was a woman. I thought it quite interesting.”

“Therefore ne?” Ye Nuan frowned slightly, not quite liking this handsome, domineering type of tone the other person was using.

She didn’t expect the other person to truly reply in a very handsome, high-powered businessmen type of way. “Woman, you succeeded in attracting my attention. Would you like to try dating me?”

Ye Nuan: “No, get lost.”


[1] Yān Míngshí 燕明时 | Yǔ Mó Shuō 与魔说 —— same initials (yms)

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