It’s My Turn to Take the Stage to Fly [Virtual Reality]

Alt. Title: It’s My Turn to Dominate

Raws: (JJWXC) 该我上场带飞了[全息]

Published Novel: Purchasable on TMall (Taobao Mall), Dangdang, and other stores as of April 9th, 2021.

Author: Yī Shì Huá Shang | 一世华裳

Status: Complete at 120 Chapters (Main Text: 113 Chapters, Side Story: 7 Chapters)

Character Count: 499,064

Novel Type: Original | Danmei/BL/Boys Love | Modern | Romance

Content Tags: Strong x Strong | A Match Made in Heaven | Online Game | Futuristic Setting

Perspective: Jiang Chen (姜辰) | Shou/Receiver/Bottom

Work Style: Lighthearted

Novel Tag: FLY | FLY-VR



Jiang Chen, a young gaming genius, took his team to seize first place in the Wandering Dream Professional League Tournament, and became the consecutive champion for both the first and second season.

He should have had boundless prospects, but his body, to no avail, suffered from a terminal illness, forcing him to retire at the pinnacle of his career.

Unreconciled, smashing a cracked pot, at an impasse…… Jiang Chen decided to take a gamble on his life, choosing to freeze himself.

Thirty years later, Evergreen Alliance’s 《 Wandering Dream 》 brazenly took the first step and became the first virtual reality game in the entire world.

Numerous players flared with passion — those withdrawn into holes, those retired, new fans, old fans, one after another, they came pouring into the game.

Jiang Chen awakened from his freezing, his hot blood having not yet cooled down, and stepped forward as well.


Fang Jingxing, a popular captain of the Wandering Dream Professional League, fully loaded with honor and glory, retired with success, starting a beautiful life of retirement.

On the day the servers opened, their Captain Fang started the broadcast those fans who were crying piteously for food had long been waiting for and crazily brushed gifts.

Fang Jingxing cooperatively drew lots and won the role ‘newbie acting cute.’

Under thousands of staring eyes, he walked up to a player.

Fang Jingxing: “Boss, it’s my first time playing. Can you take me along?”

Jiang Chen glanced at him. “Are you over 10 years old?”

Fang Jingxing: “Over.”

Jiang Chen: “Okay, daddy will take you to fly.”

Fans standing in a circle and watching the live broadcast: Ah, see in a while who is taking who!

Ten minutes later, Captain Fang and fans collectively witness him rub the instance boss against the ground single-handedly.

Fang Jingxing raised a brow: Oh hoh.

Fans: ……Daddy!


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This novel is also known as 《 Waking up from being frozen 》 《 After waking up, becoming a boss again 》 《 Accidentally caught the attention of the boss by taking him to fly》 《 I truly am a god, trust me to take you to fly 》 《 Two retired captains’ gaming days》 《 The Unknown Years of Wandering Dream [Virtual Reality] 》 


Keywords: Protagonist – Jiang Chen (姜辰) | Supporting Character: Fang Jingxing (方景行) | Others: Virtual Reality, Strong x Strong, Futuristic

Short Summary: Genius youth awakens from being frozen

Concept: Striving towards one’s dream, large strides forward

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