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Chapter 28

Xie Chengyan called out with exceptional sincerity, “Uncle!”

Xie Chengyan had come to his maternal grandfather’s house due to complete happenstance.

He knew today was the death anniversary for his maternal grandmother, and he had also known that his mom and maternal grandfather had gone to offer sacrifices.

He had never met his maternal grandmother even when he was a child. Separated by a generation, there was no way for him to foster any sentiment, but every time he happened to have the chance, he would ask whether he needed to come along.

Jiang Shilan said, “No need, it’s fine if I just go.”

She glanced at the person sitting at the dining table, still dazed from sleep, and stated, “I won’t be back at noon. Auntie is coming back today, have her prepare you a meal.”

Xie Chengyan replied, “I’m going out with Jingxing to eat.”

Jiang Shilan nodded and opened the door to leave.

Xie Chengyan seemed to be sleepwalking through breakfast before returning back to his room to sleep some more. When he woke up, auntie had just entered the door.

This auntie had basically looked after him as he grew up. The sentiment between them was very deep. He asked a few sentences of concern and found out auntie’s mother had fallen ill recently, in addition to the ailment of leg pain. He recalled that his big uncle had prescribed his grandfather an ointment which had been very effective and told auntie that he would get some for her.

He was not sure whether his mom would eat at his maternal grandfather’s home, but he could confirm that his maternal grandfather would definitely return home to eat lunch after offering sacrifices to his maternal grandmother.

If he hadn’t made an appointment with Fang Jingxing, he would have directly contacted his mom and asked if she was there. If yes, he would have asked his mom to help grab some. In any case, he was already heading out today, so he simply came in person to stop by while he was at it.

Midway, he thought about taking a picture of his little uncle’s trophies to show his “little brother”. Who would have thought he would actually encounter this scene.

Even though he had never seen his little uncle, when Fang Jingxing went professional, he became aware that his own family also had an esports god. Curious, he had looked up information. Secondly, this nephew resembled his uncle; his face looked like big uncle Jiang Hui’s and not at all like little uncle Jiang Chen’s. This caused him to feel a bit broody whenever he saw Jiang Chen’s pictures when visiting his maternal grandfather’s house. He thought it would be nice if he had Jiang Chen’s attractiveness.

In particular, Jiang Chen had a mole at the corner of his eye in the shape of a tear, making him highly recognizable.

With just a glance, he could recognize that this was his little uncle.

The drawing room remained silent.

Even though Jiang Hui was a dean, he played along and acted a little off-balanced. He looked around, at a loss, and asked, “Ah? Where?”

Additionally, Jiang Chen inquired with a slightly cold tone, “Oh, you can see me?”

Fwoosh — Xie Chengyan’s complexion paled instantly. 

He stared at Jiang Chen and trilled, “Little uncle, you……do you have something you want? I’ll tell them.”

Jiang Chen stated, “I want to hear you call me Uncle.”

Immediately after Xie Chengyan heard this, he called out with exceptional sincerity, “Uncle!”

Jiang Chen was very satisfied. “How obedient.”

Xie Chengyan hesitated, still feeling that this ghost was too realistic.

His initial reaction was fright, but his rationality had returned once more. He looked at the three elders again, eyes narrowing in concentration and inquiry.

Jiang Shilan actually couldn’t bear it any longer and tilted her head, laughing.

Xie Chengyan then knew they really had been pranking him.

With large strides, he advanced toward the sofa and touched a warm hand. Startled, he asked, “Who are you?”

Jiang Chen said, “Your uncle.”

Xie Chengyan turned to Jiang Shilan. “Mom?”

Jiang Shilan replied, “Give Jingxing a call, cancel lunch.”

With this situation, she absolutely could not let him go to Jingxing.

Fang Jingxing was an intelligent one. If Xie Chengyan had not finished digesting this matter and revealed a few words to Jingxing, she was afraid that he could guess the truth.

Xie Chengyan was not stupid and knew this must be a big deal.

He hastily walked to the side and called Jingxing’s number. He said something came up at the last moment, so he could not go.

After he hung up, he turned around and came back, looking at them.

Jiang Hui said, “Wash your hands first. We’ll eat while we chat.”

Xie Chengyan then ran off to wash his hands. After returning, he sat down next to his mom and glanced at a certain someone, who he thought looked too much like Jiang Chen. They were basically twins.

Jiang Chen raised his eyes and looked at him, asking, “Do you still want me to call you brother?”

Xie Chengyan’s chopsticks fell with a clatter.

Jiang Hui was curious. “How did that come about?”

Jiang Chen said, “I met him in the game, and he insisted on recognizing me as a younger brother.”

Jiang Hui was suddenly overwhelmed with glee. He felt that his nephew was too amusing. Laughing, he said, “You’re really picky.”

Xie Chengyan collapsed slightly. “What is actually going on?!”

Jiang Shilan picked up the chopsticks that were rolling on the ground and handed him a new set. Afterward, she simply gave a run-down of the cryostasis project from back then and the non-disclosure agreements.

Xie Chengyan’s expression turned blank once again. He felt the need to slow down.

The other members of the Jiang family ate two mouthfuls before glancing at him. With a wooden face, he had also begun to pick up food. They reckoned he must not be far from snapping out of it.

Jiang Hui jokingly asked, “Say, what did you think; you actually thought there was a ghost in broad daylight?”

“……” Xie Chengyan said, “I cannot be blamed for this.”

If he hadn’t known they had gone to the cemetery and suddenly returned with someone looking highly similar to Jiang Chen, he might not have thought in that direction.

But he had unfortunately known they had just returned from the cemetery, and he suddenly saw his little uncle sitting in his maternal grandfather’s house when he came to visit. How could his thoughts not go crooked?

Besides, who would normally guess that someone could really come back to life? Clones were a more reasonable theory than this.

Moreover, it was impossible for this to be an illegitimate relative. His little uncle had died thirty years ago. If it were really an illegitimate child, he would be at least thirty years old.

He looked to the side at the first generation legend of Wandering Dream and asked, “Little uncle, what do you say?”

Jiang Chen pampered him quite a bit. “En, not your fault.”

Xie Chengyan felt at ease and ignored the fact that Jiang Chen had just scared him moments ago.

The meal continued amiably.

After eating, Jiang Chen accompanied his family and chatted for a while before getting up to see his own bedroom.

The room’s arrangement had not changed much, just tidied up a bit. It was faintly saturated with a hint of distinct coldness.

The furniture was old, but the walls were very new. His old man had probably gotten it newly painted during the months after he had woken up. His gaze fell upon the trophies and the group photo taken during the championship victory back then. He picked it up and stroked it, thinking that it had somewhat faded.

He treated these thirty years as if he had simply gone to sleep, but the traces left behind by time were too profound.

The house had aged. The trophy had tarnished. Those teammates within the picture, who he had bravely fought alongside, were now all at faraway places, their footprints untraceable. The club he had dedicated his life to had also been sold. The club had gone through four bosses during these years; for a long time, the traces from back then had been lost.

Xie Chengyan had followed him up, still a bit erratic.

He had once been very curious about this first generation god from his family and had looked up a lot of information.

For example, the competition videos, post-match interviews, as well as news about the retirement announcement and death notice and so on. But when all was said and done, he was separated by a screen and was still unfamiliar. He didn’t expect that during this lifetime, he would be able to personally see and interact with him.

Truthfully speaking, even though he already knew his little uncle was attractive, the real person was even more stunning.

Jiang Chen and Fang Jingxing were not alike.

Fang Jingxing appeared cultured and refined, his smiling face easily causing others to become dizzy or be deceived and unable to find the four cardinal directions. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen’s features carried a sharp aura — breathtaking, unforgettable.

The nephew resembled his uncle.

The nephew resembled his uncle!

How come his face contrarily favored his wicked big uncle. Could it be because his big uncle and his mother were dragon and phoenix twins?

Film Emperor Xie did not know how many times he had brooded over this matter. He looked at his younger-looking little uncle and moved a bit closer. He could not find his words. “While celebrating the previous Lunar New Year, I slept in your room.”

Jiang Chen eyed him. “Not worried I would come during the night to find you?”

Xie Chengyan replied, “……Can you not bring that up?”

Jiang Chen laughed softly and put the picture back in its place.

Xie Chengyan was stunned for a moment, feeling that the impact of his laugh was far greater; inwardly, he thought, he truly must return to the competition stage and seize the championship. Fang Jingxing had stably taken the position of Alliance Male God for several years, but he was afraid this could not be maintained now.

He asked, “Do you want to return to the competitive scene in the future?”

Jiang Chen replied, “Yes.”

Xie Chengyan said, “Jingxing has been wanting to recruit you from the start.”

Jiang Chen commented, “I know. I’ve already spoken with him about it.”

Xie Chengyan imagined this scene in the future, becoming very excited. “If he knew it was you, he would be very surprised.”

No, when the moment came, the entire esports circle would experience an earthquake.

Jiang Chen said, “Remember to not call me uncle in the game.”

Xie Chengyan said, “I know.”

He recalled his recent behavior of recognizing the other as his younger brother. A bit of concealed anguish was visible in his face. He at last discovered how he had been courting death. He also realized at last why the boss was always so especially indulgent to him.

As it turned out, it was his little uncle.

As it turned out, it was a relative he had never met before.

He couldn’t help but ask, “When will you be discharged from the hospital?”

Jiang Chen stated, “Don’t know, depends on the situation.”

He couldn’t stay. He wandered the bedroom again before talking to his family for a bit. Afterward, he went to sit in his older sister’s car once more.

Xie Chengyan was somewhat reluctant to part, but after hearing the other say they could chat in the game, he waved them off with a smile and followed their departing car with his eyes.

Jiang Shilan delivered her younger brother to the research institute and then looked for the Dean to explain the situation.

Chengyan had come over suddenly, and they were caught off guard at that time. They didn’t even have the chance to hide. Since it was an accident, they didn’t want to continue keeping him in the dark. Therefore, they had to tell the Dean  and see whether Chengyan could also sign the non-disclosure agreement.

Jiang Chen and the others had just discussed this matter at home, and he knew his older sister would handle the matter well. He thus returned to his room.

He had already formed a habit of taking a lunchtime nap. Even if it was already past his usual time, he still rested for a while, his eyes opening at three o’clock. There were two unread messages on his phone, both sent by Fang Jingxing.

He simply read them over and then replied that he had just woken up. Afterward, he put on his eyeglasses and went online.

At this moment, Fang Jingxing was already in the game. Seeing a notification saying the Seal Master had gone online, he came over and asked, “You slept late today?”

Jiang Chen replied, “En, had a small matter.”

Fang Jingxing said with a smile, “So coincidental. Chengyan also had a small matter.”

Jiang Chen’s tone did not waver the slightest. “Is he still going on today?”

Fang Jingxing said, “He said in the evening.”

Xie Chengyan originally wanted to come online in the afternoon, but Jiang Shilan and Jiang Hui both believed he had best take it easy.

Besides, he told Jingxing he had something come up. It was better if he didn’t come online so quickly. This led to him refraining until the evening to play.

Jiang Chen naturally had a thorough understanding about this matter, but he couldn’t reveal a flaw. He nodded casually upon learning this and switched topics. “You’re not broadcasting today?”

Fang Jingxing said, “Broadcasting tomorrow.”

He might have become accustomed to playing the game together with this kid recently. Yesterday, he had broadcasted from afternoon till evening and felt extremely bored. Today, he didn’t want to broadcast again, and after discussing with the broadcasting platform, a decision had been reached. He would broadcast every other day to finish this year’s broadcasting quota as soon as possible. Once the contract expired, it would not be renewed.

He asked, “Will you still come and see?”

Jiang Chen said, “No.”

Fang Jingxing smiled helplessly.

The magnificent alliance male god.

The one with an unshakeable position within the esports circle — when faced with this youth, it was as if his charm had been sealed by the other’s Seal Master skill. Not only was it ineffective, it was even disdained.

He sighed. “Okay, hit an instance?”

Jiang Chen nodded and formed a party with him. They then went to the gang and called a few people over, heading over together.

Players were still hitting the hidden plot. Experiences were being exchanged on the world channel constantly. From time to time, there would be bubbles consisting of bawling, especially despair.

As for the gang’s business……probably because the veteran players had popularized As One Wishes’ style of conduct, they were afraid Scholar Origin would really increase the price after going online, so they took the opportunity to receive the mission — making this a very prosperous venture. Just yesterday alone yielded ten thousand gold.

The seven gangs were all standing by the doorway of As One Wishes, watching from the sidelines, as a steady flow of players came in and out. Once again, they beat their chests and stamped their feet. Even thoughts of changing servers were swirling around.

But immediately after these thoughts came, they realized it would be useless.

Hearing about As One Wishes’ devious scheme, the bosses of the other nine servers felt it was extremely cunning and rushed to hire the NPC as well. In the end, he was no longer in the recruiting lineup. 

The officials had explained that since this NPC gave out a mission, he couldn’t be hired, so as to avoid players manipulating the loophole to make money or deliberately prevent others from completing the mission. As for As One Wishes, they truly had not known the NPC’s status and had hired him beforehand. There was nothing that could be done. The officials had no choice but to say that they had good luck.

Gossip spread very quickly, saying that when the plot was designed, they thought no local tyrant would be foolish enough with their money to coincidentally hire him. When the hidden plot was triggered, it had been an unexpected yet pleasant surprise, but they thought this possibility had still been too low and dismissed it with a laugh. Who would have thought the NPC had really been hired?

Dawnstar Reflecting Fate players wanted to curse them out loudly.

The money of local tyrants was real, but it absolutely wasn’t foolish, okay?!

Look at how they had to pay 5 gold more than players of other servers, do you understand?!

On the platform, players from other servers did not agree with this point.

“How about we switch? I would rather spend 5 gold instead of searching the entire main city.”

“Precisely, you live in plenty without appreciating it. Go to other servers and experience how difficult it is to look for this NPC.”

“You guys haven’t seen how big the main city is. I’ve looked all day long and haven’t found him.”

“Spending 5 gold coins can save so much time. You guys are making a profit!”

“I heard because of this matter, the officials intentionally posted two announcements yesterday. When they open a new server in the future, this flawed setting will most likely be changed, so that no hiring will be allowed whatsoever.”

“Speaking of which, Dawnstar Reflecting Fate is a bit extraordinary. Those trending headlines, how many have there been?”

“In addition to the server launch and the self-directed foul wind and bloody rain, I remember Fang Jingxing originally starting in the server as well?”

“Fuck, that’s true. That server is so lively. He might secretly go back.”

Dawnstar Reflecting Fate players read through it all and unexpectedly received a trace of comfort. They thought, As One Wishes weren’t that vile after all.

They no longer uttered a word and silently hit the plot.

The seven big gangs strived for a long time. That afternoon, they were finally able to buy the strategy second-hand from the bosses in the other servers.

They earnestly read it through and deeply felt that those two bosses were abnormal. Thoughts of making friends with them arose in all their minds. Moreover, they began suspecting that the Master of Darkness was Fang Jingxing. After all, to be able to pull the Lion King to the river bank, the player’s technique must reach a certain standard. They were all familiar with King Flying Bird and co; none of them had this level of skill.

“Is it really Captain Fang? I’m his fan!”

“Step aside.”

“Cough……I am also his fan.”

“If it’s really Fang Jingxing……well, his temperament is good, as long as he’s not provoked. If he has been, it might not be easy to make friends.”

“Alas, World Annihilation also has an unapproachable temperament.”

“How about we put together a gang brotherhood? Would As One Wishes agree?”

“Try it, try it. You know, in ancient times, the best way to build relationships was through marriage alliances. If it truly doesn’t work, gang leader, you can sell your body.”

“Fuck off!”

At the moment, the ones currently being thought about had just finished challenging a five-player instance.

Leveling up was the most important task, so they switched to another instance without pause. Midway to their destination, they realized they were being followed and glanced around.

If they hadn’t announced the conditions to trigger the hidden plot, they could understand being followed.

But they had already announced it. The vast majority were hitting the plot; who still had the intentions of following them? Did they want to ask for the strategy?

They didn’t pay it any attention and continued walking.

Behind them, the five players were in the middle of a fierce discussion.

“Impossible. We’re five levels lower than them!”

“Captain’s intention is to test this Seal Master; it doesn’t mean we need to win.”

“The difference is 5 levels. What can you test with this level suppression?”

“Why can’t we test him? Even if he has some talent that caught Captain Fang’s eye, you’re overlooking our regular training; we are on a different level than an amateur expert.”

“Precisely. What’s the worth of 5 levels? We can rely on our positioning to oppress him.”

“You all run over and say PK; can he tidy you all up?”

“What if he can?”

Two players did not want to waste any more time, and after stating this, they ran toward the group up ahead.

All of them were newcomers sent by their club’s captain the same day the Lion King First Kill happened. They had vigorously trained, leveling up crazily regardless of day or night; at last, they cut down the level difference between them and the Seal Master to 5 levels. They could now just barely beat him.

The reason why they were so anxious was because the new transfer window was about to open. They wanted to brush their faces in front of Captain Fang. Captain Fang’s club was the elite of the rich elites. They all dreamt of joining his club. Moreover, in their current club, there might not be an opportunity to compete in a match. If they could catch Captain Fang’s fancy, that would be great.

For example, fighting with a five level difference was going against the wind; and if they could even beat the Seal Master — that kind of spotlight moment was exciting to think about.

The two players sped up and blocked the Seal Master.

The remaining three could not stand aside and watch, so they followed closely behind.

King Flying Bird asked, “Do you guys have a problem?”

The two newcomers furthest ahead were a Divine Warrior and an Assassin.

The former said, “World Annihilation, PK?”

Jiang Chen looked at his level and lacked interest. “Coming to deliver veggies?”

The Divine Warrior inwardly rolled his eyes and asked, “Fight?”

Jiang Chen refused, “No.”

The Divine Warrior asked, “You don’t dare?”

Although Captain Jiang was the type of person who did not give in to verbal attacks, he was also impatient in regards to extreme idiocy.

On the other hand, he had shared a meal with his family today and had recognized his nephew. His mood was relatively cheerful, so he did not feel inclined to bicker with them. He pointed at Fang Jingxing’s person beside him. “Go, fight him. If you can take him down to half-blood, I will fight you.”

The Divine Warrior and Assassin were dumbfounded.

How could he be so shameless?! To go as far as to make them fight Captain Fang?!

If they had the skill to take down half of Captain Fang’s blood, would there still be a point in standing here?

At the end of their patience, the Divine Warrior opened vendetta and directly released a large skill, only for it to miss its target.

Jiang Chen did not even dodge. He pulled Fang Jingxing’s arm and dragged the other over, using his body to block the attack.

Fang Jingxing did not know whether to laugh or cry. Understanding that the other was really unwilling to engage, he also opened vendetta, with the intention of quickly killing off this Divine Warrior. At this moment, however, the other party stumbled back.

The Divine Warrior hadn’t expected this Seal Master could be so callous. He stumbled back in fright and hastily cancelled the skill midway. He was afraid that he would accidentally hit Fang Jingxing. As a result, he became flustered, and due to the cancelled move’s inertia, he fell right in front of them with a bang.

Divine Warrior: “……”

Assassin: “……”

The other three newcomers: “……”

Jiang Chen glanced down at him. “Truly veggie.”

The Divine Warrior’s nose was crooked. He thought to himself, I’ll fucking kill you at all costs!

He rapidly got up and said to the Seal Master, who Fang Jingxing was still defending, “If you have what it takes, fight me! Look and see how veggie I am!”

Jiang Chen replied, “No need to fight, just from seeing what happened a moment ago, I know you’re veggie.”

The Divine Warrior blew his top. “I didn’t want to harm the innocent!”

He raged, “Besides, even if I am veggie, I am still stronger than you. At least I dare to fight. You don’t dare; are you still a man?!”

Jiang Chen said, unperturbed, “Replace the word ‘fight’. You dare to ‘fall down’.”

Divine Warrior: “……”

Various spectators: “……”

Fang Jingxing immediately chuckled.

This kid was really sarcastic; recruiting someone like him was too rare an opportunity.

The Divine Warrior went crazy. He opened vendetta once again and bypassed Fang Jingxing to abuse him. 

Jiang Chen did not use Fang Jingxing to block the gun this time and welcomed the other party’s charging skill. He avoided the attack while simultaneously shooting out two seal talismans — one to seal the skill, one to seal the player. The Divine Warrior immediately froze.

The newcomers only saw them brush past each other, and then their partymate was disabled. From the start, they couldn’t clearly see when his hand moved, shocking all of them.

Jiang Chen did not look back and kept walking. He said, “Veggies should train seriously.”

He swept a glance over the remaining few.

The newcomers uniformly took a large step back, getting out of the way.

Whether it was because of his personality or the current situation, they didn’t want to provoke him further.

Fang Jingxing slowed down his steps, allowing some distance to be pulled open between him and the rest of the party. He glanced at the Assassin standing to the side and inquired in a low voice, “Which club?”

The Assassin instantly became alarmed. “No……none.”

Fang Jingxing said, “No, coming to PK, who wouldn’t dare to come fight me?”

The Assassin was left speechless.

The Divine Warrior’s actions just now were also too blatant — 300 silver taels were truly not hidden here, not at all.

Fang Jingxing said, “Train seriously, don’t come over and provoke him again.”

The Assassin and three spectating newcomers were as quiet as chickens, not daring to say a single sentence.

Fang Jingxing said no more and quickened his steps to catch up to his party. Inwardly, he reflected the definite impossibility of only one club changing servers; there should be more coming.

But his luck was pretty good. They played the entire afternoon and did not encounter any other clubs.

Fang Jingxing accompanied the Seal Master back to the pond at the gang’s headquarters to go idle. Just as he thought about asking in the group chat, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in the courtyard —— Xie Chengyan had come online.

He smiled and asked, “Weren’t you coming at night?”

Xie Chengyan replied, “Came to leave the game running before going to eat.”

He looked at the Seal Master to the side, “What about him?”

Fang Jingxing said, “Just went offline.”

Xie Chengyan voiced an “Oh.” He walked over to his friend’s side and couldn’t help but pat his shoulder. “Jingxing ah.”

Fang Jingxing raised a brow. “En?”

Xie Chengyan said, “Nothing, I just feel that after not seeing you for a day, I strangely miss you.”

Fang Jingxing laughed. “Is that so.”

Xie Chengyan nodded. He patted the other’s shoulder again. In his heart, he sighed deeply, endlessly.

How can you say that your life is good?

What talented newcomer; that is my little uncle himself!

The first generation god of Wandering Dream, who seized a championship before you! Your retirement speech was passed down from his own speech! He played Wandering Dream before you were even born, before you were even a fertilized egg!

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