I Have A Special Communication Skill

Raws: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=2364872

Author: Qing Qing Green Radish Skirt

Status: 286 Chapters (Complete)


The little friends that Yang Mianmian meets every day are these types of guys….

Television: The weather is cold today. If you don’t wear more layers, you may catch a cold! (The Grandmother Type)

Direction Sign: “Aima, did you know? The husband of the woman in the family next door is having an affair! (The Gossiping Type)

Plastic Bag: Once you’re done using me, you have to throw me away. You can’t randomly throw me away somewhere!  (The Mission Type)

Explosive: My entire life is not within my own control, and I can only be used by others…. (The Sad Type)

Little Umbrella: After covering people my entire life, I must see the sun someday. I will seek it my entire lifetime.. (The Romantic Type)

Bed Sheets: Within my heart, fly freely in the sky ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿ (…The Divine Comedy Type)

Many things cannot speak. However, they see everything. If you could hear them, then there wouldn’t be any more secrets in the world.

Tags: Comedy, Mystery, Romance

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Yang Mianmian
Chapter 2: Part-time Job
Chapter 3: Hair Clip
Chapter 4: Terrible Case
Chapter 5: Development
Chapter 6: The Deceased
Chapter 7: Criminal Suspect
Chapter 8: Looking For Proof
Chapter 9: Tracking
Chapter 10: Wall Brick
Chapter 11: Starting School
Chapter 12: Attending Class
Chapter 13: Past History
Chapter 14: Dismembered Body
Chapter 15:


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