Recruiting~! We’re always recruiting~!

If it’s for Translating, the speed doesn’t matter XD If you’re uncertain and new, we’re very willing to check the translation after you’re done~ (We do this for each other all the time anyway)

If you’re just practicing Chinese, that’s also ok~

If it’s for editing, you still need to pass a test XD

Having good grammar and restructuring sentences! (I have bad tenses >_>)

\o/ Everything is very laxed~

Just Contact me if you have any interest~


16 thoughts on “Recruitment

  1. Oceanskyice says:

    I can edit….. I dunno if you accept 8th grade English tho, but I swear I’ve always gotten As~~~
    I’m free like all the time, legit

  2. Bianca Bonnelame says:

    Hi! I want to help translate the strongest Game God (I don’t mind helping out on others?). Unfortunately I’m new but I can read raws (ahem with Pleco) but I’m generally around HSK 4 and I’ve done English first language so you don’t have to worry about my grammar. I wasn’t too sure about other groups but since you said you can double check for mistakes~~^_^~~

  3. 银狐仙女 says:

    Ello~ I want to help speed up the uploading rate (sorry if I sound impatient for more uploads :ULTeehee:
    I can more or less read the raws (*cough with Pleco & Hanping’s help, regret not paying attention in Chinese class); and English is my first language so I should be okay with grammar(?).

    My new semester is starting very soon and is going to be a long semester, so maybe can do about 1-2 times per week depending on the difficulty of the chapter
    :ULSoul: (want for holidays)


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