Schedule: There isn’t one! We would try to at least update once a week, or if something happens, a whole bunch for one week~ But otherwise, updates are very random~

Locked Pages: They are teasers/unedited chapters. It depends on how long I had them locked, if I had it locked long enough, I will just post the whole unedited chapter instead of the teaser it was before… but I don’t announce it when I do! Password: [ Lalala ] or [ lol ].  But if the locked page can’t be unlocked by either of these passwords, it’s because they were locked for other reasons (usually to be fixed) so I’m not giving out that password.

PDF/EPUDs: I plan to make them myself eventually… the first volume that PrinceRevolution has of 1/2 Prince really fires me up >w< Even if I said you can’t make them, it’s not like anyone is going to listen~ So just don’t go selling them and stuff like that and we’re all OK,

Audio: Audio Books is on a list of things we want to do~ (I’m practicing really hard! Gotta spread the love \o/)

Empty/Single Lined Pages: Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your browser or my site, those chapters are not done, they are teaser pages. If there was an update and you still don’t see the chapters, then try clearing your cache.

Chapters With Raws: They are unedited.

Well, I’ll steadily add to this as I get more questions…

7 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. natzluv1291 says:

    I saw that the chapters that were missing for the I am not a mermaid were uploaded back but for chapters ch 80 to 98 are missing I guess it’s a teaser for it only one line then when I click the next button it says error

    • SnowTime says:

      Yeah, those are teasers, and error is because I haven’t made the page yet
      The Mermaid arc chapters weren’t uploaded back… I never finished them until today that’s all…

  2. natzluv1291 says:

    Okay I will try that btw I just want to say that. Really grateful that ur translating this novel I couldn’t bring my self to MLT the novel

    • SnowTime says:

      brain death 😂

  3. inaccuratetranslations says:

    Did the password for the locked chapters change?

    • SnowTime says:

      those locked ones aren’t meant to be unlocked so they’re different

  4. Lazy_overly_Lazy says:

    Why does some of the I am not a mermaid chapters locked?

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