My Husband Is An Undead


Author: Ai Ai

Status: 229 (Complete)


In her previous life, she had trusted the wrong person with her heart. She had thrown everything away for that man, dooming her entire family to the point where even their bones had become ash in the wind. In this life, she caught his fancy. Upon starting her life over, she joined hands with her undead husband; punching white boned demons, fighting fox spirits…

In the midst of this chaotic world, she joins him in pursuit of a common goal…

*The Undead here is specifically a Zombie, but not the western zombie, but the Chinese Hopping Zombie which drinks blood instead of eating brains likes western zombies. So we didn’t use zombie because it would give the wrong image… or use Vampire which technically covers all blood-drinking creatures because it isn’t that either.

Tags: Supernatural

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Rebirth
Chapter 2: Hatred
Chapter 3: Asking a Tiger for Its Skin
Chapter 4: A Housekeeper’s Fate
Chapter 5: A Fairy-Like Miss
Chapter 6: The Forewarned ‘Smashed Porcelain’
Chapter 7: A Devious Xin’er
Chapter 8: Xin’er Had Also Reincarnated
Chapter 9: The Marshal has Come Home
Chapter 10: The Evildoer Has Come Out
Chapter 11: The Marshal Is Here, What Is There To Fear?
Chapter 12: Parting on Bad Terms
Chapter 13: Illegitimate Daughter?
Chapter 14: Qualifications to Collaborate
Chapter 15: Invitation Card
Chapter 16: Apologies, Little Sister!
Chapter 17: You Were Reborn for the Sake of Vengeance!
Chapter 18: Resting in the Gardens
Chapter 19: Banquet
Chapter 20: Being Pushed Into the Water
Chapter 21: That’s Right, I Did it on Purpose!
Chapter 22: Since You Came, Then Don’t Even Think About Leaving
Chapter 23: You Finally Know To Call For Me
Chapter 24: Placing Blames
Chapter 25: Contracted with Corpse Poison
Chapter 26: The Thousand Year Antique Shop Within an Alley
Chapter 27: Never Would Be Given an Inch, Want a Mile!
Chapter 28: The Last One to Arrive
Chapter 29: A Noob is Driving the Car, Have Courage
Chapter 30: A Break Within the Forest
Chapter 31: Midnight Fright!
Chapter 32: A Dream within a Dream?
Chapter 33: Being Threatened
Chapter 34: Mountain Hiking (One)
Chapter 35: Sleeping Outdoors
Chapter 36: Passed Out
Chapter 37: Powerless
Chapter 38: Grass Enchantress
Chapter 39: Medicinal Bath!
Chapter 40: Rid of the Corpse Poison
Chapter 41: Memory is Lost!
Chapter 42: I’m Willing
Chapter 43: Return to the City A Year Later!
Chapter 44: Unexpected Factors
Chapter 45: This Miss does not agree!
Chapter 46: One Must Be Cruel When They Act
Chapter 47: Bring a Bit More Money
Chapter 48: What Kind of Situation is This!
Chapter 49: Auntie An is dead?
Chapter 50: A Bit Vague
Chapter 51: Panic at Shing Wong Temple
Chapter 52: Taken Away
Chapter 53: The Maze-Like Tunnel
Chapter 54: The Captured Physique
Chapter 55: Jiang Chen?
Chapter 56: The Missing Girls
Chapter 57: So it was like this!
Chapter 58: Trouble Escalates
Chapter 59: Wedding
Chapter 60: Something Happened to Miss An
Chapter 61: Trouble Has Come to the Door!!!
Chapter 62: Be Fierce! Only Then Can Victory be Achieved
Chapter 63: Is She a Virgin?
Chapter 64: Like a Mouse Who Met a Cat
Chapter 65: You Raise Corpse Gu?
Chapter 66: Seven Colors Immortal Fish
Chapter 67: So Something Did Go Wrong
Chapter 68: Autopsy says it was an expert’s doing?
Chapter 69: No one can even think of leaving!
Chapter 70: Saved by Her
Chapter 71: Yet Again Provoked a Big BOO
Chapter 72: The Gu Family Doesn’t Raise Useless People!
Chapter 73: Just a Bit
Chapter 74: Fine Example of a Noble Lady
Chapter 75: We Brought Big Trouble
Chapter 76: Are You Scared of Me?
Chapter 77: Marry Her
Chapter 78: How Long Do You Plan on Staying Here?
Chapter 79: Won’t Pay no Matter What
Chapter 80: True to One’s Heart
Chapter 81: So it was Like That
Chapter 82: Eavesdropping
Chapter 83: Causing Trouble
Chapter 84: The Critic Has Arrived
Chapter 85: Losses are not Acceptable
Chapter 86: Light Mood
Chapter 87: So it Was Your Own House
Chapter 88: Generous Spendings
Chapter 89: A Day on the Mountains is a Thousand Years on Earth
Chapter 90: Qi Deviation
Chapter 91: Benefiting from Disaster
Chapter 92: Better to Not Button it Up
Chapter 93: As Long as You Like it
Chapter 94: Homesick Ghost Girl
Chapter 95: Wish
Chapter 96: Discord
Chapter 97: Murder the Husband
Chapter 98: Return to the Maiden Home
Chapter 99: Compromise

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