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Chapter 2: Hatred

“No need, I’ll be fine after a nap. Prepare some hot water; I’ll be fine soaking in it after I wake up. No need to worry!” Gu Yunlan instructed, shaking her head. Her thoughts were in a mess; she wanted some time alone to calm down.

“Yes! Miss, then Xin’er will leave first and prepare the hot water!” Xin’er nodded her head reluctantly. Although the Miss was kind to the servants, she could be pretty stubborn. There was no way to persuade her, complying was the only way.

Seeing Xin’er closing and leaving the room, she leaned feebly on the head of the bed. This is her princess bed. Papa had once said that she was his princess, and would only give her the best.

But that man had killed her precious papa and Uncle Zhong, is this a dream? If it’s true, then she would want to stay in this dream where papa and Uncle Zhong are, and just be a simple minded little princess.

She gently reached out her hand and caressed the blanket underneath her, it was her favorite goose down blanket. In the past, papa had said that as long as she was happy, even if he killed all the geese in the world, he would still give her a goose down blanket. It’s so soft, has she really come back?

Suddenly, she remembered something. In her consciousness during her last moments before death, someone had saved her and even let her return. She’d been rebirth, she had returned to a time before she had met him, returning to eighteen years old…

Regret being born… that person allowed her to return to deliver vengeance… regret being born… hahaha…

Tears suddenly started flowing from her eyes. Two years, she had used two years of time. In spite of her Father’s obstruction, she still tried to help him, undaunted by the dangers and became her father’s capable assistant. But who knew it was like luring a wolf into the house, letting Father die under his hands…

He said she was his younger cousin, so in order to win his favor, she had become the girl’s best friend. They had warned her that Zi Luolan was no good, and to stay away from her.

He had said that without military power, he would not be worthy of her. In order to make him worthy of her, she stole her Father’s seal, imitated his writing…

Hahaha… Why was it that she suddenly thought those incidents were funny? Had it always been them asking things from her, with her always happily complying? Without even a shred of doubt or hesitation, she had always thought that as long as she complied, he would be happy.

Uncle Zhong had laid there in the end, his blood all over the floor. Father had bit open the poison sack, and even with his last breath, he was thinking of her, “Yun’er! Leave quickly! Go as far away as you can!”

She could not forget how Uncle Zhong passed away discontentedly, and how Father had died so despairingly. The hollow sound of a gunshot was also unforgettable. At that time, she felt her heart shatter. She didn’t even have the time to ask ‘why?’.

She wants vengeance. Right! She wants them to regret being born, she wants them to live like weak and powerless ants!

She lifted her head abruptly, her pupils the color of blood. The place she had died was the Ancestral Hall’s west courtyard, even if she fell to hell, she would want to make them regret being born…

The Ancestral Hall was located at the household’s back mountains, an average sized mountain range. Some people have said that it looked like a gravestone. Even the great master Father invited had said that this place was the Gu Family’s prosperous Feng Shui grounds, and to move the Ancestral Hall and the spirit tablets to the ravines within the back mountains…

Gu Yunlan rolled up the fur coat she was wearing. It was early autumn; even though the sunlight was comforting, the chill in the air could still be felt.

This was her second time entering the mountains, the first time was on the day of the coming-of-age ceremony, which was just yesterday. It was lively making offerings yesterday, but today it was quiet to the point of being eerie.

There was a shred of hesitation as she stepped forward. The Ancestral Hall doorway didn’t have a handle, so she reached out her hand and pushed open the door.

The Ancestral Hall was made up of a lobby and a back hall. All of the Gu Family spirit tablets were displayed in the back hall. She bowed deeply in the direction of the back hall, then exited through the side door on the left, heading directly to the rear garden’s west courtyard.

Although it was early Autumn, the leaves in the West gardens are all dried up, unlike the green scenery outside the garden. But on this same night in her previous life, the vegetation was flourishing! Could it be?

She sped up her steps and went around a large plot of cattails. Even though the ground was evidently cleaned yesterday, it looked messy now. The vegetation had died just this morning…

“Crack!” The dry leaves crackled under her footsteps as she walked towards where she had died in her previous life. Everything that had happened before yesterday was going to be called her previous life!

Even though she had experienced death, upon being faced with the site of her passing and that unknown thing, she would still be afraid.

Only when she got closer did she find out that next to her mother’s cottage, within the West garden, there was a well. That’s right. In her previous life, Father brought Uncle Zhong to the back mountains to commemorate Mother. While she was fleeing away, she found out by coincidence that her Father was there. By the time she had hurried over, by him, Father and Uncle Zhong had been…

She couldn’t help but reveal herself and ask why. Who knew that man would then mercilessly point his gun at her. Her chest didn’t hurt when the bullet shot her. What hurt was her heart. Because of her, Father and Uncle Zhong had…

Thinking of this, her pupils darkened. Taking a deep breath, she walked towards the well. On that day, was this well the one responsible for tripping her? The one who saved her is in the well? That day, she had bled so much that some of the blood must have gotten into the well.

“Hello? What should I be doing?” She cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled. Even if she had experienced death, she was still an ignorant daughter of a rich family.

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