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Chapter 1: Rebirth

“Big Brother Jin, this one! I also want this one!”

“Hmph! My papa has plenty of wealth and power, whoever dares to bully An Jiaona, is just looking for death!”

“Big Brother Jin! Big Brother Jin! I didn’t kill anyone! I didn’t! Why won’t you believe me?”

“Gu Yunlan! You have killed people, the Prince and countless plebeians share the same crime! Your Big Brother Jin can’t save you, your mighty papa can’t protect you! Yunlan, you’ve killed people!”

Run, she must run, run away from it all. She didn’t kill anyone, she didn’t! Papa, where are you? Yun’er wants to go home…

“What? Feeling regret? Haha! Big Brother Jin and I are clearly a couple, it’s all your own fault! So what if you have wealth and power? You good-for-nothing-daughter! On what basis are you worthy of my Big Brother Jin?”

“You’ve raised a good daughter! She actually thought Big Brother Jin loved her? If it weren’t for you, dead geezer, Big Brother Jin and I would have already…”

“Right! Who would ever like that pampered rich girl? It is Jiaona that I have always loved!”

“Yun’er, go! Hurry up and leave! Run as far away as you can!!”

“Gu Yunlan! Go die!”

“W… why?“

“What I wanted has always been the Gu Family’s secret treasure map…”

Am I going to die? So much blood has been lost already, why am I still alive? Is it so I could see how ruthless the world really is?

Gu Yunlan laid there peacefully; her blood flowing across the ground, eyes open wide, her pupils bright red with blood. Her stomach was riddled with bullet holes, the wounds soaking her red qipao. The sight seemed incomparably beautiful, increasing the sheer horror of the situation.

Uncle Zhong was dead, Father was also dead. It’s him, it’s them who murdered them! Haha! Her loved ones have all been murdered, what’s the point of living?

The man she loved the most and her best friend had killed her father right in front of her! Now they’re also going to kill her? Haha! The third wheel, in reality, she was really the third wheel, she was really the third wheel…

Then what was she considered as? Did they think of her as a toy?

It started to snow, large snowflakes settled on her face. She could only feel the cold all over her body, the snowflakes covering her face. Oddly, the blood flowing on the ground gave off warmth, showing no sign of being frozen.

As she got closer to death, she felt her consciousness start to waver. It’s snowing? Frost during June? Hahaha…

Are even the heavens feeling angry for her? She’d never harmed anyone, she’d been kind to the servants and had never put on airs in front of them before, placing them importantly in her heart. She’d been benevolent to them, yet they still turned the knife on her. Hahaha… if there’s a next life…

“A next life?” The words sounded faintly next to her ears, “Why wait for the next life? It’d be better to just go back there and kill them. No, make them regret being born. For them to regret being born, how’s that?”

Regret being born, regret being born… as her consciousness faded, those three words filled her mind. Good…

“Remember, being kind towards others is being cruel to yourself. If you help this senior, then this senior will also help you. Discipline them properly… After you return, come back here…”

“Miss, Miss!”

A girl’s familiar voice sounded next to her ear, Gu Yunlan abruptly opened her eyes. This is…? Didn’t she die? She wrinkled her brows, her head hurt.

“Xin’er?” As she slowly sat up, she felt surprised at seeing who supported her back with pillows. Didn’t she get married off two years ago? Why would she come back to serve her?

“Miss? Does your head still hurt?” Xin’er looked worriedly at her. She hurriedly turned around to pour a cup of tea, then handed it to her. “Miss, Xin’er doesn’t wish to scold you. You are the family’s mistress, part of a prestigious family. You can drink wine, but you mustn’t get completely drunk! That was Western wine, it has a high alcohol content!”

Gu Yunlan dipped her head to drink the tea, her pupils flickering. She drank Western wine? Completely drunk?

“Of all things you can learn, why learn from Zi family’s young miss? Look at her not doing proper things, and learning to do men’s business.”

Hearing Xin’er’s whispers, her head ached again; she remembered. It was on her 18th birthday, her coming-of-age ceremony. That day was unusual; Gu Yunlan met him for the first time and also became acquainted with her, a poor citizen at that time.

At that time, Gu Yunlan was very happy. She went to find Zi Luolan to drink wine, resulting in her being completely drunk. It was just afterward, because of the their relationship, that she kept away from Zi Luolan.

“Miss?” Xin’er had chatted on and on, and just now realized that her Young Miss was troubled.

“Nothing’s wrong. My head just hurts a little…” Gu Yunlan smiled slightly and handed over the tea cup.

“Then should Xin’er tell the guards to call over that famous Belgian doctor?” Xin’er asked and offered a blanket.

TLN: The first 12 or so lines are fragments of the past, so when reading, keep in mind that there are different speakers, too.

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