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Chapter 11: The Marshal Is Here, What Is There To Fear?

“Oh, right! Right right right!” Gu Zhengyu snapped back to reality and hurriedly pulled Gu Yunlan around, “Yun’er, this is Aunt An, and your little sister!”

Gu Yunlan followed Gu Zhengyu as he turned around. The smile that had hung on her face suddenly turning startled.

That pair of identical seductive eyes, with the look of a fox’s charm, and a beautiful dress; despite how the appearance has changed, she could still clearly sense that it’s her! It’s her! That pair of eyes revealed a look of desire, it’s exactly the same as that woman!

“Are you the Eldest Miss? Just call me Aunt An!” An Shufen stood next to Gu Zhengyu, smiling with a face full of sincerity. Then she immediately turned her head to a girl next to her saying, “Nana! Greet your sister!”

“Sister!” An Jiaona bowed in Gu Yunlan’s direction, then looked towards Xuanyuan Ying again.

Sister? Gu Yunlan snapped back to reality, and looked coldly at the girl in front of her. It’s her! Even if her appearance has changed, that unmistakable fox’s charm temperament is very clear, it’s her!

“Yun’er!” Seeing his daughter silently staring intently at that girl, Gu Zhenyu sternly said, “Go greet her!”

“Papa! Who are they? Why are they coming to our home?” Gu Yunlan snapped back to reality and asked as if looking for confirmation. After seeing her Papa again, that was the first time Papa has ever talked so sternly to her. She started to feel as if it were an ominous premonition.

“In the future, she will be your maternal aunt, Jiaona will be your little sister!” Gu Zhengyu, hearing the sharpness in his daughter’s voice, started to feel displeased and directly turned around, heading towards the dining hall.

“Marshal!” An Shufen saw Gu Zhengyu walking away unhappily, she hurriedly said to Gu Yunlan, “Yun’er! There’s nothing wrong! I’ll go soothe your Papa! Marshal! Marshal!”

Aunt An? Little sister? What about Mother? Where does Papa place Mother? Also, how can that woman be her little sister? Why does she have an aunt? Wasn’t she her Papa’s only daughter in the previous life?

Gu Yunlan didn’t expect that the first time meeting her Papa after the rebirth, would actually be in this kind of situation. It was as if her heart has been cut apart, aunt… Her previous life’s enemy is actually her sister? Hehe…

“Sister! Since Mother is comforting Papa, it’s alright! Our home is so big, so pretty…” An Jiaona promptly said after seeing her own Mother turn her back.

“Go away!” Gu Yunlan glanced coldly at her, cutting off her sentence, “Who’s your sister? This place is my home! Guards!”

Just as Gu Yunlan’s voice sounded, a jade-like hand clasped on her shoulder, an almost inaudible voice sounded next to her ears, “Shh! Don’t yell for the guards. She came in, so why not take this chance to play them to death?”

Gu Yunlan stared blankly, she wrinkled her brows and looked at him in astonishment, then looked at An Jiaona again. The other person obviously did not hear his voice. What is going on.

“With the Marshal here, what is there to be afraid of? Who cares who she is, play them to death!” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice sounded in her ears again, and she lowered her head while staying silent.

“Eldest Miss Gu! Since you don’t have an appetite, isn’t it better to show this General around?” Xuanyuan Ying curled the corners of his mouth, saying unhurriedly.

“No!” Gu Yunlan was quiet for a moment, then smiled coldly, saying, “How can this Miss leave the Guest hungry, it’s best to take a walk after eating.”

After speaking, she gently brushed off that hand on her shoulder, and walked towards the dining hall without looking back.

Xuanyuan Ying shrugged his shoulders, and hurried to catch up.

Nobody really cared about An Jiaona who was flushed red in anger behind them, that she was actually ignored.

…That’s crossing the line…

Entering the dining hall, they heard An Shufen’s flirting voice, “Lord… Marshal! Yun’er was merely surprised about us, after you left, she still yelled at us. I didn’t even get angry, why don’t you…”

“Father!” Gu Yunlan’s voice was loud, interrupting what An Shufen was saying.

Despite having lived again, the feeling that something is wrong didn’t change. Her way of addressing Gu Zhengyu has changed, Father, right! She didn’t dare to believe, that the Father who had loved her and Mother to death would be this way! Could it be that this is the real him?

“Yun’er came? Quickly come sit down!” An Shufen saw Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Ying walk in, hurriedly greeting them, “Sit down, General!”

She sucked in a breath, and with an unhurried smile she said, “Since Aunt An is a newcomer, it’s better not to greet the guests. Yun’er will come!”

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