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Chapter 9: The Marshal has Come Home

Gu Yunlan didn’t say anything. She was very calm and quietly listened, watching Xin’er cry bitterly. Has she been stifling this for a long time? No wonder that as she was on the run, she found Uncle Zhong many times; it was this foolish girl who notified Uncle Zhong, no, the stupid one is her!

“But, who knew you had also escaped, and even asked him why he did such a thing to you. At that time, I hated not being able to hide you away. Yangjin shot at you, yet I couldn’t make it there!” Xin’er suddenly covered her face, crying bitterly.

“Because I had told them beforehand, the Marshal hid a bomb in the study room. I was responsible for detonating it; when they were to go into the study room to probe, I would trigger the bomb. The Marshal had actually already prepared himself for death! Unfortunately, only that vixen died, wu wu… Xin’er was useless!”

Xin’er paused, then continued, saying hatefully, “Yangjin and that vixen are greedy wolves, he killed Uncle Zhong and restrained the Marshal. This servant was hidden away in a secret place by Uncle Zhong at that time, helplessly watching as they killed the Marshal… wu wu…”

“No! You did great, Xin’er!” Gu Yunlan comforted, extending her arm to pat her.

“Therefore! Miss! This servant wants to protect you! To not let that greedy wolf harm you!” Xin’er lifted her head, her eyes shining with resolution.

“Alright! Let’s take vengeance in this life!” Gu Yunlan nodded, looking at her.

“Let us… in this life? Miss! You know Yangjin and the vixen?” Xin’er stood up abruptly, her face full of confidence, “Could it be Miss had also?”

“En! I remember! You mustn’t call yourself a servant again, else I’ll get angry!” Gu Yunlan nodded.

Receiving Gu Yunlan’s confirmation, she bounced around the room, wild with joy. Her Miss isn’t dead and has even come back. No wonder she thought Miss seemed more clever and not as naive as before. She had even thought that in those few years, she had forgotten the Miss’s temper!

Gu Yunlan suddenly felt relief and let out a sigh, looking at the overjoyed Xin’er. There’s also this life’s not-yet-met Father and Uncle Zhong. In this life, she will only protect those good to her…

For two or three days in a row, Gu Yunlan stayed within the residence. There aren’t many maids within the residence, just a few, it is guards that are many. Father had said it was for her protection.

With no women around it was really quiet, and Gu Yunlan knew her Father’s love for her Mother is really deep, but she hoped that her Father wouldn’t spend his remaining years alone.

What’s different from her past life is that now, every evening, she liked to go out to take a walk. She was fond of the moonlight, each time she would feel a closer connection, it was like the moonlight was overflowing with power. Xin’er said that she is like an owl…

“The Marshal has returned!” A shout rang through the skies. Following that first phrase, everyone ended up shouting. By the time the news had spread to Gu Yunlan’s ears, the household was bustling with noise and excitement.

“Miss! The Marshal has come back!” Xin’er rashly burst into Gu Yunlan’s room.

“Really?” Gu Yunlan put down her pen in happiness, immediately turning around to instruct, “Quick! Give me a change of clothes! Just give me that white Western styled dress.”

“Yes! See how happy Miss is!” Xin’er rushed to the wardrobe. Covering her mouth, she opened the wardrobe to see all different colors and styles of Western dresses and qipao; Just looking at it is enough to dazzle one’s eyes.

She hurriedly took out the one and only white Western dress from the wardrobe, its color simple yet elegant. Even though there are various precious pearls and gold pieces, because of its unique design, it wasn’t awkward at all.

Gu Yunlan extended her arm excitedly, letting Xin’er help her put it on.

It was on her 18th birthday when Father had it custom made for her. Adding on from the previous life, it would have been about half a year since she last saw Father. Thinking of this, she felt her body brimming with happiness; she can finally see father.

“Are you done yet? Hurry!” Seeing Xin’er struggling to button up the back, she felt a sliver of anxiety.

“It’s done, it’s done, Miss! Put on this fur coat and you’ll be good to go!” Xin’er promptly grabbed a white fur coat, draping it over Gu Yunlan’s shoulders. Dressed in all white, with slightly curly black hair, a pair of happy and lively eyes, she looked like a fairy who had gotten lost in the secular world.

“Where’s Father?” Gu Yunlan stared at Xin’er with wide eyes and patted her roughly.

“He should be almost at the gates!” Xin’er who was equally excited promptly answered, “The courier said that the Marshal is even driving back with an automobile!”

“Let’s go!” Gu Yunlan turned around and walked quickly to the door. Automobile? The car should be a Ford right? In the previous life, she remembers that it took Father half a year to buy it, so this time how come?

“Wait for me! Miss!” Xin’er rushed to catch up.

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