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Chapter 99: Compromise


“Miss Xuanyuan!” An Jiaona’s face reddened at once. She didn’t dare sit down again, not wanting to fall victim to the smell of the food and vomiting again.


“Xin’er, put the more fragrant dishes to our side and give the smelless ones to the second young miss!” Gu Yunlan had a rather serious expression, “Sit and eat! I cannot let you return hungry!”


“Thank you Big Sis!” An Jiaona’s eyes reddened.These days, aside from being loving on bed, Big Brother Yang was otherwise too cold. Never would she have thought that after acting like that to her big sister, her big sister would still be so caring.


“Eat!” Gu Yunlan glanced at her, instructing.


After sending off An Jiaona, Gu Yunlan let out a hidd. Just as she was about to turn to leave, she found that Xuanyuan Ying’s care was parked outside the front gates of the mansion. At the moment, he was carrying some items off the car, “What are you doing at the front gates?”


“I just sent away An Jiaona. I’m just waiting to watch and laugh at her and Yang Yin!” Gu Yunlan smiled at him, “Have you eaten?”


“No need! Here’s a military uniform for you!” Xuanyuan Ying walked over and handed the clothing to Gu Yunlan. He shook his head and headed directly to the study room, “Change into the uniform. Come with me later when you’re done!”


“Alright!” Gu Yunlan nodded her headed delightfully, huggin the military uniform in her arms before leaving the courtyard.


“Clank clank!” The sound of the door knocker sounded. Xuanyuan Ying picked up the prepared materials and walked out. Yet once he opened the door, the person outside surprised him.


The woman’s hair was tied up and buttoned inside the military hat. She had an exquisite face without any rogue or makeup, crystal clear eyes, and red lips below her tall and delicate nose. Following her clean, slim neck down one can see her tidy military uniform, looking beautiful, brae, and valiant. 


Xuanyuan Ying snapped back to consciousness, his brows furrowing. If she went over like this, wouldn’t she just be distracting those brats? Thinking of this, he immediately grabbed her and brought her in, the car door closing soundlessly.


“What are you doing? Xuanyuan Ying?” Gu Yunlan was directly pressed down on the seat. She looked at him puzzledly.


Xuanyuan Ying stayed silent and instead lifted her cap. Her dark hair immediately fell down like a black waterfall, he seemed to fall in a trance as he touched her hair. Then the image of a crowd drooling soldier and officers popped into his head. He heart tightened and he took ahold of her hair. Forming his hand into the knife hand, he immediately lined it up to her neck length and chopped down, cutting her hair in two.


Gu Yunlan dumbly touched at her hair, then realized that her long hair had been cut short by Xuanyuan Ying.


She stood up with a woosh and turned around to look at the bundle of hair in his hands. She pointed at him with shaking hands, “Xuanyuan Ying! You dare cut my hair without asking me beforehand! Don’t you know the hair is proof of filial piety?”


Xuanyuan Ying’s hand twitched. That large bunch of hair in his hand disappeared from his palms. His pupils held a smile as he looked at Gu Yunlan, “Why so angry? Such long hair will just hinder your training. Take a look at those female soldiers, don’t they all have short hair?”


“It’s so ugly, though!” Gu Yunlan glared at him fiercely. Bastard. Don’t he know growing her hair that long was really hard to do?


“It’s not ugly, it looks beautiful and valiant! Really handsome! You must believe in this senior’s skill!” Xuanyuan Ying lifted up the corners of his lips. It may not be ugly, but it certainly wasn’t as enchanting as before.


“Xuanyuan Ying! If I find out it looks ugy, then you’re dead!” Gu Yunlan huffed and directly sat down to trim her hair. What else could she do?


“Stupid! So what if it’s a bit uglier? You’re not going there for a beauty contest, unless you do want others to keep staring at you?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her grumpily. She looks so much more beautiful now that her neck is covered!


Gu Yunlan was speechless. What he said isn’t wrong; she isn’t attending a beauty contest. After pondering a bit she said, “Can you seal my Yu Force? I want to depend on my own body strength while training!”


“No way! Xuanyuan Ying refused without even giving it a thought.


“Why not?” Gu Yunlan looked at him with confusion.


“Do you know what Yu Force and Spirit Power things are used for?” Xuanyuan Ying asked as hen sat down before the table.


Gu Yunlan shook her head. She really didn’t know as nobody told her before!


“You should know that every army person has scars on their body right? The training each day will leave a person with red and purple bruises all over!” Xuanyuan Ying reminded her especially.


“But I’m not afraid of that!” Gu Yunlan expression said that she really didn’t care. She pointed at her back, “Don’t I have that scar from Bai Linlong’s claws on my back?”


Xuanyuan Ying gave her the side-eye, “Who told you that you have a scar on your back? It’s as smooth as jade!”


Gu Yunlan looked at him in disbelief. THen she closed her eyes and used her consciousness to explore her back. As expected; smooth as jade! She looked at him in astonishment, “How did you know?”


“Cough cough!” Xuanyuan Ying coughed lightly and looked over at Gu Yunlan cautiously, “I was in charge of giving you a bath in that period before you were cured of the corpse poison. I did all that by myself!”


“You thug!” Gu Yunlan immediately grabbed a book near her and threw it at him.


“That’s injustice! Yunlan!” Xuanyuan Ying caught the book, explaining, “At that time there were only the two of us around your Master. Nobody else was allowed to enter. It’s not like you don’t know your Master’s temper!”


Gu Yunlan was speechless; what he said doesn’t seem to be wrong. Master’s temper is truly odd so it’s very possible what he recounted really did happen. Thinking of this, she still glared at him, “Continue talking. Don’t change the topic otherwise we won’t get to arrive before noon!”


“How about we’ll talk more in the car!” Xuanyuan Ying asked, sounding her out.


“En!” Gu Yunlan nodded, stood up and walked away first.


“Your hat!” Xuanyuan Ying grabbed the hat and documents one in each hand before chasing her outside.


After boarding the car, Xuanyuan Ying put the cap on her head. He was very satisfied looking at her current appearance. He continued, “Our cultivation is very different than that of those common people. What we fear most is injury. If any meridian on my body is injured and not healed in time, it’d definitely cause the meridian to be blocked! You should know about meridian blockage right!”


Gu Yunlan nodded her head. She knows this, aside from affecting cultivation, the more severe cases of meridian blockage caused some people to enter the demonic path.


“Your Yu Power can be used to fix your damaged organs and veins.” Xuanyuan Ying paused for a moment before continuing, “As long as you get injured, it will automatically starting the healing process!”


“But if I don’t block my Yu Power, the training results would definitely not be good!” Gu Yunlan countered.


“It own’t affect your training at all as long as you don’t use Yu Power!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her with a smile. With a step of his foot, the car started up heading away from the city.


“That’s all I need to do?” Gu yunlan creased her brows, considering it carefully.


“Which camp do you want to go to?” Xuanyuan Ying drove around the pedestrians skillfully, the car going quite fast.


Gu Yunlan ame back to attention, go where? She followed up, “Go to the most strict, most useful camp!”


“Special Operations Camp?” Xuanyuan Ying furrowed his brows, “A woman training with a bunch of men?”


“Is that not okay?” Gu Yunlan didn’t quite understand, “Could it be that there’s not a single woman there?”


“There is, you can go! It’s fine as long as you’re not afraid of hardship!” Xuanyuan Ying felt peace come over his heart again. It’s really nothing much, it’d be fine as long as he’s there to protect her. Besides, she can’t be trained too hard. It’s not that he looks down on her but rather she’s just too weak right now!


“I’m not afraid of hardship! Everything else is irreverent!” Gu Yunlan immediately promised. She’s not afraid of anything; she’s only afraid of not being strong enough. She suddenly thought of something and took out a folded piece of paper from her storage pouch, “Right! Here, I don’t know if it’s any use to you!”


Xuanyuan Ying looked at her, then stopped the car. Since there’s so many people in this part of the city, it’s best to stop and look. He reached out to receive that paper in her hand.


He glanced at her before slowly opening the paper in her hand. Seeing the content on the paper, his pupils seemed to deepen. His amusedly glanced at her again, saying happily, “Useful! Your art skills are pretty good, why don’t you draw some portraits for me sometime! I’ll save this for later so that when I’m old, I’ll take out it for a look. Wait no! We won’t see…”


Gu Yunlan watched his monologue in some confusion. His expression feels off. A gun diagram shouldn’t make him so excited like this, unless… damnit! She immediately took out another piece of paper. 


Unfolding it and looking, as she thought! She took the wrong one! Immediately, her face turned red and she handed over the paper in her hand, “Give that back to me! I’ll give this to you!”


Xuanyuan Ying took the paper from her hand and put away the first. He looked at the drawing in his hand and praised, “Pretty good! Useful! I’ll take this too!”


“Xuanyuan Ying! You scoundrel!” Gu Yunlan looked at him with a red face.


“Where am I a scoundrel?” Xuanyuan Ying put away the paper and started up the car. He looked at her innocently, “Clearly, you’re the one being unreasonable. You’d even sneakily draw me! If you have a crush on me then just say it! I won’t mind, so I’ll be taking tihs drawing. If you want, I’ll sit and pose for you properly when we get back and you can draw as you like!”


“Xuanyuan Ying! I see you’re getting more and more unscrupulous!” Gu Yunlan reached out her hand to punch his waist, whispering, “That composed, strict man from before now turns this unscrupulous! Who nows from where you got corrupted!”


“Cough cough!” Xuanyuan Ying lightly coughed twice. His composed appearance form before was when he took her just as a partner. Now that they’re less restricted by partnership, of course he’d treat her differently.


“Aren’t jiansi supposed to be dull and uninteresting?” Gu Yunlan shot him a side eye, judging him up and down. He looked nothing like a jiangshi at all.


“I already said countless times! I’m not a jiangshi.” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her helplessly. Seeing her two eyes locked on him so tightly, his heart seems to skip a beat. He immediately conceded a bit, “Even if I were a jiangshi, I’d be better than that Jian Chen person by a hundred times over!”


Gu Yunlan rolled her eyes at him. This coward, how come he didn’t even stick to the story of not being a jiangshi?


Xuanyuan Ying’s pupils deepened. He is a coward. If she would looked at him a few more times, he’s be willing to even change to surname!


“Right! Did you bring any clothing?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her leisurely, “You can’t go home during the training period, you’d have to eat and sleep with everyone!”


“I brought some! My storage pouch is filled with clothes!” Gu Yunlan patted at her chest. In order to avoid losing it while training, she used a string to tie the storage pouch so she can wear it on her neck like a necklace.


“Idiot! Didn’t it recognize you as its master?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her rather helplessly, “After giving it a drop of blood, you can simply hide the storage pouch away!”


Xuanyuan Ying held out his right hand and with a single move, a storage pouch appeared in his palm. With another move, it disappeared from sight again, “Like this!”

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