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Chapter 8: Xin’er Had Also Reincarnated

“Hahahaha!” Laughter came from inside the carriage, even the coachman outside the carriage had a face full of smiles.

“Xin’er, you…” Gu Yunlan laughed to the point where her stomach hurt. She didn’t think that Xin’er actually had the same intention as her. Xin’er had acted so rich and overbearing back then, so she had succeeded in tempting those two people.

“Miss, since the beginning I was saying to give them money on purpose, because while I was off the carriage, I spotted that Yangjin. Humph!”

“Pft! Our Xin’er is so cunning! Haha…” Gu Yunlan laughed out loud again. She vaguely saw Yangjin being chased through the window just now, looking so pathetic. Her mood suddenly felt refreshed.

“That person had clearly been setting us up. We were riding a Zi Family carriage, how could pedestrians know it was us? That is, unless there was a person conspiring against us, observing us since a while ago.” Xin’er shook her head as she analyzed, “He didn’t appear too early nor too late, only when we were about to hand over the money did he appear…”

“En!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head in approval to the analysis, “These kinds of people think too simply. The price Xin’er had initially named was high, this way, it would definitely be higher than their employer’s price, so they were tempted.”

“Also, that guy Yangjin, had obviously forgotten that a person’s heart is naturally greedy. As soon as he got in their way, it would be provoking the two men. It would be odd if he doesn’t get a beating!” Xin’er said oddly, raising her brow.

“Right! You really are clever!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head vigorously. This girl did not have the same inflexible mind as before, if she tried to get her to marry, she will definitely protest against her!

“When there are those types of masters, there would be servants of the same type!” Xin’er wrinkled her nose, her Miss really liked to nod her head.

“No! You’re not my servant!” Gu Yunlan suddenly looked solemn, saying, “Wait until Papa gets back, I’ll have him recognize you as a good daughter!”

“No! Miss!” Xin’er wasn’t happy, she anxiously grabbed Gu Yuner’s arm, yelling, “You’ve said before, that Xin’er is going to be the housekeeper. Xin’er doesn’t want to be a little sister!”

“En?” Gu Yunlan was a bit puzzled, what’s with Xin’er? This is a good thing!

“Miss! We’ve arrived!” The coachman’s voice came from outside the carriage.

“I’ll take care of you when we get off the carriage!” Gu Yunlan said as she gave her a stern glance and took the lead out.

“Thank you Mister! Here’s some silver yuan from our family’s Young Miss, take it! You’re not allowed to decline!” Xin’er pursed her lips and followed to jump out of the carriage, then hurriedly took out some silver yuan.

“No! This humble one doesn’t want it!” The coachman waved his hands hurriedly. This is the Family’s Young Miss, how can he accept money?

“We’re giving it to you, so take it! Return quickly, else you won’t be able to see the road at night if you wait!” With no room for doubt, Xin’er directly pulled out his hands and stuffed in a handful of silver.

“This…” The coachman watched as Gu Yunlan nodded her head, smiling slightly. He accepted it after brief consideration, with a cupped fist salute he said, “Eldest Miss Gu, then this humble one will accept it. Farewell!”

Seeing Gu Yunlan nod her head, he raised his whip, “Giddyup!” The carriage left the Gu Family’s residence gates.

“Miss!” Xin’er sat on a small chair and called out in a quiet voice. She bowed her head, looking at the floor. She is afraid, afraid…

“The meal has been eaten, the bath has been taken. Tell me, why do you want to be the housekeeper and not the Family’s Youngest Miss? Perhaps you plan to stick with me forever?” Gu Yunlan leaned against the bedside. It’s still a comfortable bed that’s best!

“I… Xin’er… I’m afraid Miss will be scared!” Xin’er eluded for a long time, then sneaked a glance at Gu Yunlan.

“Spare the nonsense! If you don’t speak, I won’t want you anymore!” Gu Yunlan knitted her brows, thinking there was something fishy about that little girl. There must be something she’s hiding from her.

“Miss!” Suddenly, Xin’er fell down on her knees, crying bitterly, “This servant doesn’t want to leave Miss. I’ll have to marry if I become your younger sister, as a housekeeper I can be by Miss’s side forever. Even a maid is fine, this servant has actually died once already! Wu wu…”

Died once already? Gu Yunlan was startled, then focused her gaze on Xin’er who was kneeling on the floor with pitch-black eyes, not knowing what to say.

“Miss! Please don’t be scared! This servant… This servant won’t harm Miss, this servant… This servant will leave!” Xin’er sobbed, not daring to lift her head. Since she didn’t hear Gu Yunlan’s voice, she continuously stepped backwards, assuming that she was frightened.

“How did you die?” Gu Yunlan asked softly. No wonder she felt as if Xin’er had changed a lot, that her worries were heavier.

Xin’er stared blankly, then hurriedly crawled next to the bed saying happily, “Miss! You’re not scared? Then this servant will speak!”

“Scared? Get up! Sit and talk.” Gu Yunlan wrinkled her brows, smiling coldly.

“Miss, in the previous life, you married this servant off to Yangjin’s distant relative. He was nice to this servant in the beginning, but- but later, he would beat this servant every day. This servant wanted to run away, yet couldn’t run away. Until one day, this servant overheard that his older male cousin, Yangjin, is scheming against Miss and the Marshal. This servant ran away with a broken arm and found Uncle Zhong. Unfortunately, it was too late by then. Miss, you had already run away. The housekeeper had searched everywhere in the city for you, but still didn’t find you…”

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