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Chapter 73: Just a Bit

Halt? Gu Yunlan looked blankly at the two people wielding the guns. To be threatened with guns as she enters her own study room, what? Now that Xuanyuan Ying is home, must he be so excessive? Or could he be the person assigned as the next Marshal?

Thinking of this, Gu Yunlan lifted her brows and started feeling angrier. However, she shot a glance back at those soldiers and forcefully restrained herself from whipping out.

She used her hands to push away the gun on her forehead, and gently caressed it saying, “M1 Garand rifle counts as a sort of automatic rifle, with 7.63 millimeter caliber, M1906 Springfield ammunition. 30-06 Springfield bullets (7.62×63 millimeter bullets). The 8-shot gun is an air-guided, revolving and locked gun with a total length of 1.1 meters, a barrel length: 610 mm, the weight when empty: 4.37 kg, and firing range: 730 meters. Imported from Germany!”

“Smack smack smack!” “Aiya!” The door of the study room was opened as a green-uniformed man walked out. He looked at Gu Yunlan with appreciation, “Not bad!  As expected of Marshal Gu’s daughter; very familiar with gun weaponry! 

He turned his head to the two gun wielding guards and instructed, “What are you doing? You mustn’t point guns at Marshal Gu’s daughter!  Treat her better!”

Gu Yunlan hooked up the corners of her mouth. As Marshal Gu’s daughter, she actually didn’t know much about guns. Her knowledge was only gained through the last few day’s boredom. She had Li Yiteng find a few books for her to read.

“Do you know how to take apart a gun?” The man’s eyes were red as a phoenix, his thin lips hooked up as he asked her with interest.

Gu Yunlan shook her head, her pupils a bit impatient.

As if hearing the unrest outside, Xuanyuan Meng, who was in the study room, ran out. She pushed aside the man and snarled at him, “Take apart what? Zhang Qiyang! You need some spanking? I’ll call your brother to take you apart! Can’t you tell we’re all waiting for her?”

Zhang Qiyang rubbed his nose and winked at Gu YUunlan. Without a single shred of embarrassment, he reached out his hand, “My name is Zhang Qiyang, nice to meet you!”

“You only know to talk! You think she’s in your league?” Xuanyuan Meng said while gnashing her teeth.. She still hadn’t finished her words: ‘Careful or my brother will skin you!’ But she didn’t have the guts, she didn’t want Yunlan to get mad at her and ignore her…

Gu Yunlan watched the show of arrogance between the two, then expressionlessly walked past the two of them.

“I’ll deal with you later!” Xuanyuan Meng spat and glared at him with hate before following Gu Yunlan in.

Gu Yunlan didn’t move too quickly, she quietly went around the study room’s table and walked towards the screen in the back. Father had always worked overtime, but then An Shufen couldn’t stand it any longer and put up a screen between the bed and the study room. Truthfully, despite An Shufen often looking for benefits, she was quite good towards Father.

Passing by the screen, the area within wasn’t large. Other than a bed there were a few people standing by. Bai Yiran sat by the bedside while Zhang Yu stayed standing. Some other ladies in military uniform stood to the side looking rather panicked.

Hearing footsteps, Bai Yiran turned his head to see Gu Yunlan. His face lit up, “Yunlan! Quick! Take a look!”

“Aren’t you a high priest? If even you can’t cure the Marshal, how can this girl?” The military lady said coldly.

“Zhang Ziyan! Shut up!” Zhang Yu yelled softly. This girl doesn’t understand the situation. Normally she’s a good guard, but today she’s like a hedgehog; biting all she meets!

Being berated by Zhang Yu, Zhang Ziyan’s face darkened, but she shut her mouth and silently returned to her original position.

Gu Yunlan didn’t say anything. She took off her coat and set it down on the clothes hanger, slowly walking over. Bai Yiran immediately stood up and moved to the side.

Only when Gu Yunlan reached the bedside did she find that Xuanyuan Ying lay real straight on the bed, uniform on. Gu Yunlan creased her brows, how are these people taking care of him? How come even the uniform wasn’t changed? How can laying like this be comfortable?

Following the uniform she looked further up; his face was very red, and between his brows was a dark red line. She couldn’t help but use her hands to touch, hot! Very hot!

Zhang Qiyang entered the room behind Xuanyuan Meng. When seeing Gu Yunlan sitting by the bed, his pupils flashed as he remained silent.

She set her gaze towards everyone, before finally settling it on Zhang Qiyang and Zhang Ziyan. She asked quietly, “How can the temperature be so high? When did the fever start?”

Zhang Qiyan thought for a moment and said gently, “It’s probably been half a month already. We wanted him to rest back then, but he disagreed and insisted on waiting until the war is over!”

Gu Yunlan creased her brows again and asked, “Then what were his living conditions in the past month? Were there any unusual activities?”

Zhang Ziyan muttered to herself, and said with a straight face, “Marshal didn’t even do anything, he just went into the war to fight personally!”

“Pfft!” Bai Yiran laughed out loud. Zhang Ziyan looked at him, face icy. Her words really are interesting, only once he saw everyone was gazing at him questioningly did he say gently, “Cough cough! Just continue!”

Gu Yunlan creased her brows, and reached out her hand to rest it on Xuanyuan Ying’s arteries. His hands are very hot, his veins bounced about in a churning sort of way. She immediately shut her eyes and reached out her spirit power. Even before entering, she could feel a scorching heat, accompanied by a fierce wind.

She bravely let out her spirit power to placate it, trying to brush away the violence. After a while, she looked upwards to ask, “Did he kill on the battlefield?”

Zhang Ziyan and Zhang Qiyang both nodded their heads, of course he’d kill. Even his soldiers do; otherwise how can they return so easily?

Seeing the two nod their heads, Gu Yunlan looked towards Xuanyuan Ying. She knew the problem now. Due to absorbing all the murderous energy from the battlefield, the energies in his body became unbalanced. Adding to the fact it was rising daily, of course there’d be difficulty controlling it. Without being able to suppress it, just being able to return was a feat.

Gu Yunlan pulled back her hand and was about to stand up. Who knew Xuanyuan Ying’s hand would grab ahold of her’s, causing her to nearly fall on him. She looked across in surprise, but his eyes were closed as always. It may have merely been a reaction to take her ice cold hands to relieve some of the heat, for his brows relaxed a bit.

The actions between the two caused the people around to open their eyes wide, especially Xuanyuan Meng, who was so excited, she had the urge to dance in joy. Big bro has done well, even if he’s unconscious, he can defeat a few rivals in love!

Bai Yiran’s pupils became a bit gloomy, as he felt a bit wronged. She didn’t even reject this, didn’t shrug Xuanyuan Ying off. If it was himself doing so, wouldn’t she have already sent over a slap?

Gu Yunlan could’t shrug him off and could only helplessly say to the witnesses, “You guys should leave. I have an idea how to heal him. Meng Meng and Zhang Yu help me take the guard outside. Without our permission, not even heavenly matters may disturb us!”

Gu Yunlan’s words made the group feel a bit astonished, however, some people liked seeing others worry. Xuanyuan Meng laughed secretly behind her sleeves, and pulled a helpless Zhang Yun outside. She exclaimed as she went, “Hurry up! What are you waiting for? Can you guys save my brother? Oh you can’t? Then get out!”

Bai Yiran’s pupils flashed as he left the room with a lowered head. Behind him, two similarly depressed sisters followed.

Waiting until she could hear the sound of the door shutting, Gu Yunlan released a sigh. He was overheated from top to bottom, and she must use her blood to create a balance. Thinking this, she took out a small dagger, preparing her right hand for a wound.

Just before making her move, Xuanyuan Ying grasped onto her tightly. With her hand gripping the dagger, it slipped and landed on his body. In order to avoid hurting him with the knife, she was practically laying on top of him.

“At least cool me down, I’m dying from the heat.” A gentle voice sounded from beside Gu Yunlan’s ear.

Gu Yunlan froze, then struggled up to snarl at him quietly, “Xuanyuan Ying! You were faking unconscious!”

“Don’t move!” Xuanyuan Ying hugged her with one hand as he smiled bitterly, “I really did faint, it was your spirit power that alerted me, waking me up.” 

“Then let me up, I’ll give you some blood!” Gu Yunlan’s face was turning rather red; this was her first time in the previous and current life that she’s laying on top of a man. She could even feel the burning fever from his breath.

She didn’t know how embarrassing her current position was, but it was definitely unsightly. With one hand gripping the dagger and another grasped tightly by him, she had absolutely way to get up. Her entire body was on top of his.

“Just a bit!” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice was somewhat weak, and sounded a bit like a spoiled child, “Don’t you know how uncomfortable I’d feel everyday? I want to bite and suck people’s blood, but I still resisted it. I was afraid of losing all of my progress, so I could only go back to you, where everything would be fine…:”

Xuanyuan Ying’s voice was small, and his movements weak. Gu Yunlan’s heart skipped a beat because she could tell he had fainted all over again. She immediately secured her spirit power and sat back up. Using a knife, she cut into the forefinger on her right hand, releasing a single bead of blood. She immediately tossed away the knife and used her left hand to open his mouth and offer the blood to him. The blood slowly flowed into his mouth.

Gu Yunlan released a breath as she slowly lay down next to him. She didn’t dare wait while sitting because if she were to fall asleep, the one to fall over would still be her. In fact he had just mentioned; she has gone to the Thousand Year Antique Shop before. The drought demon was one of the oldest types of jiangshi emperors, especially those female drought demons. Perhaps she has already become one?

A jiangshi would become addicted after only a single bite for human blood. Human blood is nasty, classifying as one the worst substances with foul energy. If one were to be infected, then they’d become a monster, unaging and never dying.

Her own blood is an exception, blood of the Pure Yin Physique is very special. As for Xuanyuan Ying, this drought demon, he is of the yang, thus the two’s blood are very suitable, like the hallways made for priests.

Gu Yunlan smiled to herself bitterly. With someone of that rank, she didn’t want to think about it, but she suddenly wondered why it has never rained since the day she was reborn. The only time was when they were exchanging blood. The reason is because of a drought demon, with it present, no rain shall fall for a thousand miles!

Even now the reason there’s no snow is because the yang and slaughter qi withinare mixed muddily all throughout his body!

Dazedly, Gu Yunlan’s line of thinking wandered with no restraint. She could only feel her body becoming colder and colder. Sleep sounds alluring, but within moments, a warm current entered her body.

Scalding hot blood mixed with ice cold blood. They met endlessly, mixing, like two people tangling together.

Gu Yunlan could feel herself being pulled into a warm space. A person appeared by her side, but it was impossible to tell who it was. However, the person felt familiar, someone she knows the best. He stretched out his hand and slowly rested it on her shoulder. He led her to dance around gracefully. The figures of two people dancing in the golden yellow space resembled that of celestials…

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