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Chapter 71: Yet Again Provoked a Big BOO

Shortly after the group ran out from the courtyard, the blazing red light in the skies disappeared over the horizon. They could faintly hear Bai Linlong’s raging screams, “Gu Yunlan! You just wait! You and I cannot coexist in this world!”

They ran until they reached the main gate where they released a sigh of relief. Gu Yunlan sat paralyzed on the ground. They provoked another big shot, this pattern is going to lead to their death!

“Where’s Luolan?” Zi Meiguang greeted them anxiously. When he saw Xuanyuan Meng supporting Zi Luolan, he released a relieved breath, before immediately instructing the servants behind him, “Quick! Help the Young Miss! Why is she unconscious?”

“Eh…” Gu Yunlan, who sat dumbly the ground, lifted her face. She was hesitant; should she say that it was due to blocking a blow for her? Zi Meiguang would probably flay her skin, she blurted out, “She fainted from fear! That thing was too terrifying…”

Zi Meiguang glanced at her hesitatingly, asking, “Is that thing dead? How is something like that in our Zi Household?”

Gu Yunlan watched the resting Xuanyuan Meng and Zhangyu at the side, released a breath, and sighed, “Look at the returning sunlight. Her vitality must have been injured, as for why your Zi household would have this, I don’t know either…”

Her feelings were rather complicated. The Zi Family home resides Bai Linlong, yet Zi Luolan saved her. Maybe she truly didn’t know about Bai Linlong, or perhaps it was all an act. Perhaps, she saved her, so it means even in danger, Zi Luolan is willing to give a helping hand. 

Zi Meiguang sat down  and mocked himself dejectedly, “Little girl! This was uncle’s most disastrous birthday. Two daughters died, a concubine died, my eldest daughter lays there unconscious, and a ghost is in my home. I guess the entire city would know of this Zi Family’s ghost then! Ai!”

“Uncle Zi!” Gu Yunlan turned her head to look at him. She doesn’t know how to comfort someone, but she thought from a more positive perspective, “Try thinking of this a different way. Today was actually a fortunate day. At least you and Luolan are safe, and most of the household is peaceful as well!”

“You say you don’t know how to console someone! Because you said that, my mood is much better!” Zi Meiguang smiled. The injury on his face had long formed a scab. He felt his face before saying, “Only, I don’t know whether this household can still be lived in. With this event, even selling this place would probably not even get much. And the things inside might not even be possible to take out, ai!”

“Uncle, I cannot clearly tell you about the situation in the household. It’s better to wait for Luolan to wake up first. Her ideas are always plentiful.” Gu Yunlan immediately said, “There’s no rush to move the things in the household. That thing doesn’t dare come out in daylight. Plus, that courtyard it’s staying in probably has a restriction on it, meaning it can’t leave. Otherwise, how else do we dare stay here? Thus, uncle should restrict entry to that courtyard!”

“Much thanks to you, girl! If it weren’t for you and your friends, our Zi Household would probably be… ai!” Zi Meiguang slowly stood up, “I’ll go see Luolan. Why isn’t that girl awake yet.”

Gu Yunlan nodded her head, staying silent. She really was tired, however, Diandian can evolve now, since it has earned enough. Diandian probably absorbed more than half of Bai Linlong’s strength. It has already turned a dark purple, so quick to evolve!

“Yunlan!” Bai Yiran sat by her side.

“Have Nightspring and Yanzhi Kuan been sent back yet? Is everyone alright? They haven’t gotten traumatized?” Gu Yunlan asked when she snapped back to consciousness.

”Everything’s okay! They all returned safely!” Bai Yiran shook his head, attentively examining her. He slowly reached out his hand to carefully wipe off the dust on her forehead, “As for you, look at how dirty you are. You should be more careful since we provoked another one. If they were to attack all together, we may not be able to withstand it!”

Gu Yunlan stared blankly, Yiran is wiping off dust for her now? She remembered Yiran as one who acted very indifferent towards her. Since when did he change? To be so gentle now.

Bai Yiran put away his handkerchief and smiled bitterly, “If Nightspring and the others weren’t there, I would’ve been able to go help too. If you were to get hurt, I would be deeply troubled!”

“It’s okay! It’s not your fault; didn’t we agree already that you’re in charge of saving those two? If something were to happen to Yan Zhikuan, we’d be in deep trouble!” Gu Yunlan smiled wanly, her smile very natural.

“Cough cough!” Xuanyuan Meng squatted by the two and poked out her head, an evil smile on her face, “What are you doing?”

She had to stop them. She can’t just wait for big bro to get back, if sister-in-law got snatched away, won’t he cry himself to death?

“Care a bit more will you? See how pale her face is? Go grab some good food for her!” Bai Yiran glanced at her coldly. Everyone could tell what this girl was thinking, but the problem is, Yunlan’s own thoughts weren’t clear!

“Go ahead! I can take care of these things, otherwise other people will misunderstand too easily!” Xuanyuan Meng raised her brows, and squeezed between the two before settling down.

Bai Yiran rubbed his nose, yet could only leave helplessly.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Yunlan looked at her. Normally, she and Yiran are relatively good to each other! What happened here?

“Nothing! I’m just wondering when you’re gonna go home? We hurt her seriously this time, so she’ll probably hold a grudge against us!” Xuanyuan Meng sat down, and poked teasingly at her, “Fortunately there was Diandian! Otherwise…”

“We’ll go when Luolan wakes up then.” Gu Yunlan shook her head, smiling gently, “If we didn’t hurt her bad, she would injure us instead. We’d still end up as enemies…”

Xuanyuan Meng nodded her head. What she said wasn’t wrong, Bai Linlong has been greedy for Yunlan’s Pure Yin Physique since the beginning. They would end up as enemies no matter what.

“Say, why do you think that Bai Linlong’s last blow didn’t work?” Xuanyuan Meng asked curiously.

“When that claw of hers was chopped off by Zhangyu, wasn’t some of my hair pulled out? Diandian used that chance to follow the arm back, while Bai Linlong was absorbing the black mist, all of it probably ended up in Diandian’s tummy!” Gu Yunlan laughed in a low voice.

“Diandian is so clever! If I knew earlier, I would’ve asked it from master directly!” Xuanyuan Meng was a bit vexed, who knew that tiny little maggot would actually cause Bai Linlong to lose half of her power.

“When we go back this time, Diandian would probably evolve…” Gu Yunlan smiled as she spoke. When she saw it crawling out from Bai Linlong’s eye socket, with that human-like expression, Gu Yunlan knew the evolution was near.

By the time Zi Luolan woke up, and the four returned to the Gu Household, it was already midnight. After taking a shower, she sat before a table, carefully examining Diandian. At this point calling it a maggot would no longer work.

While taking a shower, as sheremoved Diandian, Diandian had already formed a purple cocoon. It ended up with Xin’er having to slowly and carefully remove the cocoon from her hair.

“Young Miss! Is this purple silkworm cocoon the one that saved you guys from that bigshot?” After finishing up with the task, Xin’er leaned in.

“En!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head, a smile on her face, “If it wasn’t for it, we would be either dead or injured! It’s truly quick-witted and resourceful!”

“It’s becoming more human-like? Could it be one of those legendary demon beasts?” Xin’er’s eyes opened very wide as she leaned forward on the table.

“It’s not impossible! Xuanyuan is a drought demon, there’s also Jiang Chen the jiangshi and that white bones demon. We never believed in these things in the last life, yet they all appeared this time. Thus, if Diandian is some mythological animal, I wouldn’t be surprised! This world is so fantastical and mysterious…” If all these were told to herself in the past, she probably wouldn’t believe it even if beaten to death.

“Young Miss! I find that when I’m with you, I’d feel so much braver!” Xin’er poked at her, looking at Gu Yunlan fixedly.

“How can being gutless be good? Don’t forget that you still have to do your part as a housekeeper!” Gu Yunlan booped her forehead lightly, “Oh right! Did you take care of the families of the missing girls?”

Xin’er immediately nodded her head, “We’ve taken care of all of it. I’m so glad Xiao Ying was here, otherwise it’d really be too difficult!”

“Oh?!” Gu Yunlan became interested, “What do you mean?”

“He is very familiar with the families of the missing girls, and his mind is so much quicker. Much of the consolation money was spared, saving quite a portion of the budget.” Xin’er had a face full of admiration.

“Watch him a bit, see whether or not he’s loyal. If so, directly promote him to be your assistant!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head. Suddenly thinking of something, she asked, “I’ve forgotten to ask this recently, but has there been any more girls going missing in the city?”

Xin’er shook her head, “No! However…“

”Tell me!” Gu Yunlan creased her brows, Jiang Chen and Bai Linlong were all harmed by her somehow, how can things just stop here? They require fresh blood to heal, so they’d probably need even more this time. This wasn’t too surprising, even if she didn’t understand the way of the world in her last life, she did frequently hear of disappearing girls anyway.

Thinking of this, she suddenly thought that comparing Xuanyuan and them, he’s much more good-hearted. Warring in these chaotic times was normal, and all Xuanyuan needs is the qi from slaughtering. Even though to her, he chose to merely exchange blood.

“Young Miss!” Xin’er called lightly, then said, “It didn’t happen here, however from villages and cities near the Gu City, they’ve gone missing!”

Gu Yunlan was dumbstruck; as expected, she guessed as much. She rubbed her forehead, and instructed, “Xin’er! We’ll ignore those problems for now, get some clean cotton wads for me for now.”

“Wait a bit Young Miss! I’ll go get them now!” Xin’er immediately stood up and strided out of the room. She returned immediately holding a basket half filled with cotton wads.

Gu Yunlan hooked up the corners of her mouth, yet didn’t say anything, good enough! If the cocoons form in winter, then it’ll emerge by spring right? It’s better to put it in some cotton wads. It’d be terrible if it gets frostbite.

Thinking of this, she placed the cocoon cautiously into the basket. With a wave of her hand, the basket was stored into her storage pouch.

“Young Miss, sleep early alright! Look at your face color, it’s better not to get up too early tomorrow!” None of  Xin’er’s interactions with Gu Yunlan were odd at all.

Seeing Gu Yunlan walk to the bedside, she immediately approached to help remove the heavy outer clothes. Waiting for Gu Yunlan to climb in bed, she left only after tucking her in.

Gu Yunlan was certainly tired. The entire night was dreamless as it was already noon when she opened her eyes.

The October lights were warm and comfortable. It shined through the windows as Gu Yunlan leaned on the end bed’s headboard, quietly staring blankly.

“Young Miss! You’re awake?” Xin’er’s voice sounded from outside the room.

Gu Yunlan snapped back to consciousness, “Come in!”

“Young Miss!” Xin’er walked to her bedside, and grabbed the clothes prepared on the chair, “The Zi Household came just now.”

“What did they say?” Gu Yunlan sat up and asked while putting on shoes.

“The Zi Family’s Young Miss says they are temporarily unhindered, and will stay in the household like before. However, rumors of the Zi Household being haunted from last night is going around everywhere in the streets now. All those who were there last night returned home and blabbed. This morning, those in the Zi Family’s shops are pathetically little!” Xin’er  helped her put on the outer clothings as she spoke.

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