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Chapter 70: Saved by Her

Bai Linlong was angry. Her fingers became claws, fingernails growing longer. She ferociously clawed towards Gu Yunlan.

“How do you think I know? Someone told me!” Gu Yunlan leaned backwards, dodging her attack. She definitely wouldn’t say that this method was learnt by flipping through books in the Thousand Year Antique Shop.

“You’re a martial artist?” Bai Linlong halted her hand in surprise. She brought back claws and  said furiously, “A three-legged cat of a martial artist! Far too lacking!”

Zi Luolan standing to the side was shocked, Yunlan knows martial arts? She glanced over, Gu Yunlan fell silent.

“Aiya!” The gates were opened as the crowd noisily ran out. Bai Yiran pushed a door open as he led the way out.

“What is it? Why don’t you go stop them?” Gu Yunlan jeered at Bai Linlong.

Bai Linlong glanced at the opened door and at the confused crowd running out. She hooked up the corners of her mouth in disdain, “I am only interested in you!”

“Humph! You don’t even dare reveal your face, are you so ashamed to meet people?” Xuanyuan Meng humphed coldly from the side, “We are also interested in your appearance!”

Zi Meiguang, who ran out just now, turned back to find his daughter had yet to leave, but was rather still standing there dazed. He immediately paused to yell out: “Luolan, leave quickly!”

“I can’t! I can’t just leave Yunlan! It was all my fault that Yunlan came here!” Zi Luolan shook her head, gritting her teeth, stubbornly willing to stay behind.

“You idiot!” Zi Meiguang stamped his feet in anger, but could only turn around and leave helplessly.

When everyone else was gone, only Gu Yunlan, Xuanyuan Meng, Zhangyu, and Zi Luolan remained. The courtyard door creaked and then closed again.

“Since you stayed behind, then don’t even think about leaving!” Bai Linlong’s voice held a hint of mockery, yet she still didn’t come close to Gu Yunlan. Vaguely, she felt the urgency to not get close.

“Yunlan! What do we do now?” Zi Luolan went closer to Gu Yunlan.

“The sky is dark now, we are no match for her. What can we do?” Gu Yunlan shook her head, she didn’t know either! What now?

“Fight then! Fight until she cannot fight any longer!” Xuanyuan Meng said from behind her, “Where did this rebellious demon come from? Let’s take care of it!”

“Hmph! How foolish!” Bai Linlong humphed coldly, her sharp claws lunged directly towards Xuanyuan Meng. Xuanyuan Meng didn’t dodge, but when the sharp claws were right before her, she reached out a hand to chop ruthlessly.

“Snap!” A sound of breaking bones sounded, it seemed as if Bai Linlong’s hand bones had been snapped. She quickly took back her hands, shouting in question, “What kind of people are you? No wonder this girl is so unrestrained!”

“What do you think? Of course it’s people here to take care of you!” Xuanyuan Meng raised her brows, made a fighting pose, and looked at her provokingly.

“You overestimate yourself!” Bai Linlong’s disdainful voice said, she then tried to put some distance between them..

But Xuanyuan Meng was very swift, as Bai Linlong turned her body, she appeared beside Bai Linlong and used her hands to swipe the white hood on Bai Linlong’s head off,  revealing a shiny head of bones.

Bai Linlong, her hood swiped off, turned around abruptly. The shiny gemlike skull had empty sockets for eyes and nose, two rows of uneven snow-white teeth, “You’re seeking death! I shall murder you!”

Xuanyuan Meng was so frightened that she immediately backed up, Zhngyu quickly pulled her to safety. Xuanyuan Meng had no idea; the hands were the same as that of a human, then how come the head has no flesh at all? That really scared her!

Bai Linlong’s hand reached out. It was no longer claws, but rather snow-white bone. That enormous hand directly clawed towards Xuanyuan Meng and Zhangyu. With a flash, Zhangyu brought her to dodge away.

The huge bone claws pierced the courtyard walls, clawing several long scratches. Almost instantly, black liquid oozed out.

Gu Yunlan’s heart trembled and she retreated two steps in Zi Luolan’s direction. No one paid attention to a strip of some pink bug crawling out from her hair and flying towards where Bai Linlong clawed.

Xuanyuan Meng grinned provokingly, “No wonder you only dared to reveal your hands, your body hasn’t fully grown yet!”

“Die for me!” Bai Linlong opened her mouth in fury, pure white teeth roaring and chattering as she attacked the two people.

Zhangyu grabbed at the air, a grey long-sword appeared in his hand. He slashed down at the white teeth powerfully, “Rip!” An ear piercing sound of collision echoed in the air.

The struck white teeth twirled around in the air, swiftly returning into Bai Linlong’s mouth, “Humph! So there’s a Daoist priest here!”

She cracked open a smile with her mouth of white teeth towards Gu Yunlan and Zi Luolan, “So what if he’s a Daoist priest?  Little priest, I will take care of you just the same! Next up are you two!”

Gu Yunlan raised her brows, pulling  Zi Luolan to back up far away.

Seeing Bai Linlong reaching her razor sharp claws towards them, Gu Yunlan forcefully pulled Zi Luolan to dodge. Xuanyuan Meng’s side has already started fighting.

Because her attention was split and Xuanyan Meng’s side’s attack power was high, most of Bai Linlong’s attention was over there.

Bai Linlong’s claws grasped again, directly at Gu Yunlan’s back, who was bringing Zi Luolan along. Her agility wasn’t enough to avoid it, and she could only keep Zi Luolan in front of her, while she protected from behind.

As if sensing the attack, Zi Luolan froze and lifted her head to look up. Those white claws were headed directly toward Gu Yunlan’s back. She pulled on Gu Yunlan with all her strength and staggered, throwing herself in the way and taking the hit for Gu Yunlan.

“Luolan!” Gu Yunlan’s heart was dumbstruck as she embraced Zi Luolan. The two sat on the floor. She had no idea Zi Luolan would use herself to block the attack.

On the other side, Zhangyu heard Gu Yunlan’s shout. His heart jumped, no! He forgot Yunlan had another girl with her! His body immediately flashed over to block Bai Linlong’s attack. The three stood together.

“Yunlan,Are you okay?” Zi Luolan smiled at her weakly, but just as she said that, she fainted.

“Luolan!” Gu Yunlan looked at her anxiously. Her heart moved as a long pink bug with speed unseeable to the naked eye crawled over, immediately burrowing into her back.

It was good that the wound was shallow, but at that moment, Zi Luolan’s pale face started to turn redder.

Gu Yunlan was relieved. Reaching out her hand, the pink bug swiftly floated onto her palm, before she hurriedly put it by her hair. Quickly, the pink bug burrowed into her hair.

She set Zi Luolan down gently and stood up, watching quietly as the three fought. She had no idea Zi Luolan would take the blow for her, but, not a shred of feeling appeared in her heart…

While Gu Yunlan was in shock, one of Bai Linlong’s claws took the opportunity to attack, but Zhangyu was very fast. Just as the white boned claws were about to arrive before her, he sliced down with his blade.

“You’re seeking death!” Bai Linlong’s voice changed, severed claws continuing their path towards Gu Yunlan.

Gu Yunlan snapped back to consciousness at the sound of her roar. Her body flashed out of the way, however, a few strands of her hair was hooked by the severed claws and directly pulled out. Gu Yunlan furrowed her brows in pain.

After Gu Yunlan evaded, Zhangyu stood before her protectively. While Bai Linlong’s arm retreated, another claw grew out. 

Gu Yunlan and Zhangyu looked at each other in shock. Zhangyu looked at her with a deep meaning, and Gu Yunlan nodded back. Only then did he turn around to fight with Bai Linlong again.

“Humph! I won’t play with you anymore! I shall have a satisfying meal today!” Bai Linlong suddenly sheathed her claws, her white gown dancing in the wind.

Xuanyuan Meng and Zhangyu were very swift! While Bai Linlong sheathed her claws, the two immediately appeared next to Gu Yunlan’s side.

“Ready?” Xuanyuan Meng asked with concern.

Gu Yunlan nodded her head slightly, watching Bai Linlong nervously.

Bai Linlong brandished her hands, instantly a large mass of black fog appeared in her hands. She split open her snow-white teeth, revealing her empty mouth. The black fog was quickly sucked in.

Gu Yunlan stared blankly, she’s not going to evolve now is she? Thinking this, she immediately tugged on the unconscious Zi Luolan, slowly backing up towards the courtyard gates.

Bai Linlong’s eyes sockets suddenly shined out a green light. A green fire slowly started to burn from her eye sockets. She opened her mouth, spitting out a fast stream of green fire towards the three people.

The green fire rushed forward in a torrent. The three had no way of dodging, and could only face it head on.

What would astonish others would be that the fire would extinguish just as it hit the three…

Xuanyuan Meng and Zhangyu who stood in front, looked at each other, then looked in astonishment at Bai Linlong before them.

Gu Yunlan hid a smile, ready! Tucked away in her hair, Diandian had been hidden away. In that moment, Diandian had crawled in.

Bai Linlong started in shock. She opened her mouth again but no green fire spewed out. She waved her hands disbelievingly, yet still not a spark appeared.

“What’s going on?” Bai Linlong looked at her white bones in panic, just to see her clothes rotting into pieces. The flesh on her body started to drop down quickly. After a short amount of time, nothing but white bones remained!

Gu Yunlan and the three looked at her dumbly. It was too terrifying. Her bones were changing in color, no longer sparkling like gems but rather, white! It became pure white!

“Ah!” An ear-piercing shriek tore at their ear drums! Bai Linlong clutched her skull with her  claws, shrieking loudly. After a while, a dark purple maggot crawled out from her eye socket.

From the dim lights in the surroundings, the three could clearly make out that it was Diandian! Diandian peered out from the eye socket and looked around. When it found Gu Yunlan, the three could feel it brighten up happily.

Bai Linlong continued shrieking, she could feel the thing in her eye socket. She grabbed out with her claws ruthlessly.

Gu Yunlan’s heart tightened, idiot! Run! Just as Bai Linlong’s claws were about to reach the eye socket, Diandian’s dark purple body lifted up swiftly, swimming towards Gu Yunlan’s position. Almost going unnoticed, it directly burrowed into her hair!

Gu Yunlan let out a loud sigh of relief. She was delighted; Diandian’s body turned dark purple, meaning it wasn’t far from evolving!

“Ah!” Bai Linlong clawed deep into her own eye socket, extracting her claws mercilessly as she hissed to the skies, “Gu Yunlan! You seek death!”

Gu Yunlan hooked up the corners of her lips, backing up repeatedly. What does the sky have to do with her?

“Aiya!” The courtyard door behind them swung open. Bai Yiran poked out his head, and yelled furiously, “Don’t just stand there! Run now!”

Just as he spoke, he tossed something towards the insides before breaking into a sprint. Xuanyuan Meng immediately reacted as she carried Zi Luolan to run out. At the same time, Zhangyu pulled Gu Yunlan swiftly out the courtyard gate.

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