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Chapter 69: No one can even think of leaving!

“How can you be so sure the internal organs have been crushed?” Zi Meiguang asked with hesitation. Could he be so certain just from those pushes and slashes?

Bai Yiran nodded his head. He washed his hands in a bowl and wiped them clean before saying, “The belly is very soft and flexible, collapsable through mere pressure. Look again at the liquid flowing out of her; there are dregs of internal organs, as for why it’s black, I’m not too sure.”

Bai Yiran’s words alarmed the watching people. Crushing the internal organs would require a huge amount of force. With the physical abilities of Zi Luolan’s body, how can she crush internal organs?

Gu Yunlan stayed silent. She knew why it was black: it was corpse poison! The purest of corpse poison. Diandian started to sluggishly move in her hair in hunger.

“Also! I looked very carefully. Aside from claw marks, there were no other scars, so the fatal wound cannot be the cause of crushed internal organs!” Xuanyuan Meng also stood up, took off her gloves, washed her hands, and hinted at the servants to take away the medical instruments.

“It’s not this, it’s not that! Then how did my daughter die? If it wasn’t done by Zi Luolan, then who else is there? Who is this devil?” Du Meijuan suddenly cried out, snarling as she pointed at Zi Luolan in fury, “It’s definitely her! Besides her, who else in the Zi Family dares to make a move against Nannan? It must be her!”

“Shut up!” “Bang!” Two sounds echoed at the same time. Zi Meiguang ruthlessly brought down his palm, he waved his hands indignantly, “It seems you are just fine, why don’t you retire?”

“Ah! My lord! Zi Meiguagn! To dare hit me! You dare hit me?” Before the crowd had time to turn around, Du Meijuan’s shrieks sounded out. Zi Meiguang was pushed down from his stool, his fat body landed heavily on the ground.

The crowd stared in disbelief, what are they doing? Why are they fighting all of a sudden?

“I’ll kill you! My daughter died, yet you don’t punish her murderer! You dared to hit me! You bastard!” Du Meijuan was very fast, immediately jumping on Zi Meiguang’s stomach, her sharp fingernails slashed at his fat belly, suddenly mutilating it.

“Get this mad woman off of me!” Zi Meiguang was pushed back onto the ground, the impact causing him to crease his brows. Who knew Du Meijuan would ferociously jump on his stomach. Even his even-tempered self couldn’t help but roar in rage.

From this roar, only then did the crowd snap back into action. Too much of everything had happened just now, the crowd couldn’t keep up. The female servants immediately pulled on the crazed Du Meijuan.

“Father! Are you okay?” Zi Luolan and some other daughters of the Zi Family rushed over. They gently supported him, using handkerchiefs to wipe his wound clean.

Zi Meiguang snarled in pain, he shuddered as he pointed at Du Meijuan, “Expel this woman from the Zi Household! No! Send her to the army to be an army prostitute! Mad woman!”

“Zi Meiguang! You bastard! You dare wrong a benefactor?” Du Meiguang struggled vehemently, wanting to throw off the captors. Yet she didn’t have enough strength to break free from the grip of the strong women.

“Rubbish! What are you dozing off for? Bring her away now!”  His voice was furious. Zi Meiguang covered his injured stomach. Turning around to look at the corpse on the ground, his anger rose even more. “That’s right! Throw her into a grave! What a disgrace!”

The old nurses immediately bowed their heads obediently, pulling the struggling Du Meijuan out the door.

“Creak!” The courtyard door was closed shut violently.The crowd inside looked at each other, who had closed the door?

Suddenly a wind blew past, causing the crowd to shiver. Gu Yunlan couldn’t help but break out into a cold sweat. A vague premonition enveloped her, she could feel a pair of eyes lock onto her.

“Are you all dead people? Hurry up, open the door and get out!” Zi Meiguang’s entire body trembled as he roared angrily. He could feel a slight terror.

“He he…” Bell-like laughter sounded from all around the courtyard.

Everyone was frightened, too scared to immediately look around. Under the light of the setting sun, the medium-sized courtyard looked rather frightening.

It’s coming! Gu Yunlan took two steps back into the crowd of people, standing side by side with Xuanyuan Meng and Zhangyu. Even Bai Yiran brought Bai Nightspring and Yan Zhikuan a bit further off.

“Who is it? Come out!” Zi Meiguang screamed. If one were to look carefully, they would see his body was trembling.

Zi Luolan creased her brows, and walking forward a few steps she asked loudly, “May I ask who you are? Why act so mysteriously? Is there anything we can help you with?”

“He he he…. You want to leave? No one can even think of leaving!” The bell-like laughter echoed throughout, sometimes far sometimes near.

Gu Yunlan creased her brows and looked up, glancing at the sky’s color, not good! The sun had set already, only half is still in the sky! Damnit!

“What now?” Xuanyuan Meng leaned near her ear to ask.

“Wait! First see what Zi Luolan is doing.” Zhangyu suggested in a low voice.

“Sire! If we have offended you, please say something!” Zi Luolan said.

“How interesting!” A silvery voice sounded, “Aren’t you guys curious as to who killed her? I shall show you!”

The struggling Du Meijuan was abruptly lifted into the air. She stayed in shock until she reacted, screaming continuously.

“Crack!” Just as that sound echoed, Du Meijuan’s voice immediately muted.

The crowd covered their mouths in fear, all of them rushing towards the courtyard door.

Zi Luolan kept backing away. Zi Meiguang struggled even more to crawl on the ground towards the gates. Gu Yunlan was pulled by Xuanyuan Meng to follow the crowd as they retreated.

“He he…” The laugh sounded again, “No fun! Why are you running? Weren’t you all very curious as to who the murderer is? You don’t even want to see the demonstration I had for you?”

The crowd was terrified as they lifted their heads unconsciously, fearfully looking at the sky.

As before, the empty air only had Du Meijuan alone. Under the light of the setting sun, her body was still trembling like before. Suddenly a flash of white light shined down.

“Ah! Save me!” Du Meijuan finally shouted out, so frightened that she yelled, “Zi Meiguang! Luolan! Save me please!”

“Haha!” That laughter sounded again. Although it sounded pleasant, it caused goosebumps to raise.

Her voice was once again muted as a shapeless hand could be seen pinching her neck, crushing it.

Her body was slowly laid flat, mouth open, a thread of blood sluggishly flowing out from her mouth onto the house.

Everyone in the crowd gaped at the skies. Gu Yunlan and her group’s pupils shrunk.

After a long time, the thread of blood in the air thinned, slowly disappearing from sight. They could vaguely see Du Meijuan’s face color paling, her chest no longer moving as it ran out of breath.

When the last strand of blood fell to the floor, Gu Yunlan and Bai Yiran looked at each other, right! It’s her! It’s her, the one who killed An Shufen! She used the same methods to kill An Shufen, but now they must ask whether that had anything to do with Zi Luolan?

Another shred of suspicion towards Zi Luolan sprouted in Gu Yunlan’s heart.

“Humph! The blood of old women doesn’t taste good!” That voice seemed to be smacking her lips.

“Meijuan…” Zi Meiguang shuddered at the sight of the woman floating in midair. This was a woman who was shouting for help minutes ago, yet now rid of all breath. He staggered backwards and was once again on the ground.

“Father!” Zi Luolan immediately crouched down, all the other Zi Family’s other daughters having already fainted upon the sight of Du Meijuan’s blood being sucked away.

Gu Yunlan’s pupils deepened. Bai Linlong still hasn’t come out! She remembers that last time when she first appeared it was as white bones, but this time it was an empty void that was grabbing people! It seems like she has sucked the blood of countless people already!

“What now Luolan? Father doesn’t want to die! You must think of something!” Zi Meiguang grabbed onto Zi Luolan’s hand, pleading with her.

As he spoke, the void suddenly reached out a hand, wielding sharp fingernails and ferociously clawed at Du Meijuan’s corpse. With another swipe, Du Meijuan’s corpse dropped down from midair, hitting the ground heavily.

The crowd closed their eyes in fear, as another laughter sounded from beside their ears.

“Aiya!” The room door was opened. A white figure floated out. She wore a pure white gown, her entire person was hidden under the shadows on her garment.

At this moment, Gu Yunlan found that the sky’s color had been entirely suppressed. The sky was very dark, as if not a single beam of moonlight could come through. Yet they could see her clothing colors, as if her entire body was emitting white light.

“Bubble!” There was a sudden sound of water as the courtyard lit up, looking like the white sky and piercing at the eyes!

Gu Yunlan wrinkled her eyebrows. She glanced at Du Meijuan on the ground. As expected, a black liquid was flowing from the corners of her mouth, the wound on her face was exactly the same as Zi Luonan’s!

“Hehe! I’m so happy! So many people came to keep me company, having been alone for so long, having so many people should be enough to amuse me for quite a while!” Bai Linlong’s voice sounded very excited. She slowly walked to the side of Du Meijuan’s corpse, crouched down and gently caressed her face saying, “Tche tche! My skills not bad, to be able to give the mother and daughter matching wounds!”

“Senior!” Zi Luolan stood up and suddenly approached, cupping her fist in a salute as she said, “What is it that you want to do? Is it possible for you to let go of these innocent people?”

“Innocent? Who’s innocent?” Bai Linlong abruptly lifted her head, the face under the hood was impossible to see. But she could feel the burning gaze on her, and couldn’t help but back away.

Seeing Zi Luolan’s expression, she laughed out loud. Suddenly the laughter retracted as she said, “I can let go of them! But you must stay, and her as well!”

Bai Linlong pointed at Gu Yunlan, leaving the crowd at a loss.

Gu Yunlan hooked up the corners of her mouth in a smile, revealing her snow-white teeth and slowly walked out of the crowd, “Bai Linlong, long time no see!”

“Long time no see! To think you are still alive!” Bai Linlong’s voice changed again, sounding sharper.

“Yunlan! You know her?” Zi Luolan looked at Gu Yunlan in astonishment, clearly not willing to believe this.

“I don’t know her!“ Gu Yunlan smiled slightly. She looked towards Bai Linlong, “Why do you want me to stay? What do their lives have to do with mine? Don’t forget this is the Zi Family’s house! Unless…”

“Unless what?”

Gu Yunlan smiled even wider, “Unless you take off your hood, then I’ll agree. You must be too ashamed for people to see you, so you hide right?”

“Haha!” Bai Linlong laughed out loud, “How laughable, you lot are like trapped insects! Yet you dare set conditions? No one can even think of leaving!”

“So you didn’t come out for me? Okay then! We’ll leave if we want to.” Gu Yunlan nodded her head mockingly, then turned to say to the crowd, “Isn’t it blood she likes? If you put blood on the gates, then it is guaranteed to open!”

“How did you know that?” Bai Linlong’s voice changed again, sounding extremely shocked.

The crowd’s hopes lifted and immediately they bit open their thumbs, heading towards the gates.

Bai Linlong’s body flashed, attempting to blockade the way, yet she was held back by Gu Yunlan, Xuanyuan Meng, and Bai Yiran!

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