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Chapter 68: Autopsy says it was an expert’s doing?

Zi Luolan’s face became deathly pale. She tightened her fists and said with a cold voice, “Explain clearly! Who dares do such a thing? To dare cause such a disturbance at the Zi Household!”

“This lowly servant isn’t sure either young miss. You should go take a look.” Little Cui abruptly kneeled down.

The crowd immediately started to buzz. For there to be someone to kill the second young miss during the Zi Lord’s birthday celebration was unexpected. One must know that the second young miss is the Zi Family’s treasure, the poor miss.

“Where? I heard the Zi Family’s eldest miss is in charge of making all the decisions.. Where was it any of the second young miss’ business? She’s one of the family lord’s people…” 

“I heard that the second young miss and the eldest miss don’t get along well. Now that she’s dead, all the criticism is pointed at the eldest miss.”

“However, we can’t just suspect the Eldest Miss either! She was with us the entire afternoon when looking at the ceramics!”

“Has the site been sealed off?” Zi Luolan asked quietly.

“Yes! This servant had other servants surround the west wing. Nobody is allowed to enter.” 

Little Cui immediately nodded her head.

Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Meng looked at each other. It seems like she doesn’t know of Bai Linlong. Gu Yunlan thought for a second, and prepared to tell her about Bai Linlong. Yet, Xuanyuan Meng held her back, quietly whispering, “No rush!”

“Let’s go! Bring me there to take a look!” Zi Luolan’s expression fell even more as she instructed Little Cui. After saying so, she strided quickly towards the west wing, the young men and women behind her all hurried to follow along.

As the sun set on the western side, Xuanyuan Meng glanced at the horizon. Seeing the crowd loitering behind, she asked, “Are we going? This was clearly a ruse to attract your attention, Yunlan!”

“Let’s go then!” Gu Yunlan glanced at the setting sun, and sighed softly. She lifted her feet to go, “I do want to see whether Diandian can swallow her up.”

“But, this is too dangerous.” Xuanyuan Meng gripped onto Gu Yunlan firmly, looking at her with great concern.

“Mengmeng, we’re here too!” Zhangyu’s voice sounded from behind her, “Let her go, I also want to go take a look at this thousand-year white bones demon.”

Hearing Zhangyu, Xuanyuan Meng could only agree. The group hurried to catch up.

When they were close to the place, Gu Yunlan stayed in the very back and carefully took out the jug. She dumped out its contents and carried them in her hands before placing them on her head. That little pink thing was squirming around before quickly burrowing into her hair. She hooked up the corners of her mouth then walked into the courtyard.

“Zi Luolan! It must have been you!” A weeping voice cried out in rage.

Past the crowd they could see a slender woman sitting on the ground, crying in despair. By her side, a white cloth covered the face of another laying on the ground. Clearly, that was the Zi Family’s second young miss.

Zi Luolan wrinkled her brows, and her face slightly ashened, “Second auntie! No need for such venomous slander all right. Besides, Second Sister and I have no grievances. Plus, I was busy the entire afternoon taking care of friends. I wouldn’t have any time to commit a crime. Furthermore, what good is there for me to kill her? The first one you thought of was me, but I wouldn’t make things difficult for myself on purpose!! You shouldn’t blame me so stubbornly!”

“Of course I’d blame you! Who else but you?” Second Auntie’s tears flowed down like a waterfall, having already washed away all her makeup.

Seeing all the people surrounding them, Zi Luolan was a bit impatient. She pointed at the people on the ground, evidently with some disdain, “Kill Zi Luonan? Don’t you dare try and dirty this Young Miss’ hands!”

“Nanan! Such a horrid death! What kind of criminal would kill you like this? This is out of fear of you snatching away the family lord’s property!” second auntie collapsed on Zi Luonan’s corpse, crying out painfully.

“ Du Meijuan! Shut up will you? Try and curse some more. Are you a pig? The entire Zi Family eats and drinks what is mine, the Zi Family that little thing is completely unworthy of me!” Zi Luolan sat down promptly on the stone chair in the courtyard. Really, unhelpful piggy allies are the worst.

Being shouted at by Zi Luolan like this, second auntie Du Meijuan shut up completely. Who else if not her? Besides Zi Luolan, no one else but Zi Luonan gets any of the family lord’s affection! Could it be one of the little crooks?

Seeing that Du Meijuan looked over with her icy glare, the Zi Family’s other little daughters were all frightened into inching backwards.

“What is the meaning of this? Why are there so many people? A fat figure squeezed onto the scene. It was Zi Meiguang. He looked smilingly at where Zi Luolan sat, then moved his gaze upon Du Meijuan  on the ground, “What’s going on?”

“My lord! Wu wu… Nannan was killed! Wu wu” Seeing Zi Meiguang arrive, the waterworks that just managed to stop suddenly started up again in a tearful wail.

“Nannan?” Zi Meiguang walked over uncomprehendingly. He squatted down and slowly stretched out his hand to lift up the white cloth covering Zi Luonan. One glance at her face, and he was immediately so scared his hands shook. The white cloth dropped back down as he fell on his butt in fear, face pale with shock.

“My lord!” Du Meijuan’s crying resumed.

“Who is it? Who did such a horrible thing?” Zi Meiguang felt as if he was tied in a knot. He reached out his trembling hands, pointing at Zi Luonan white cloth covered face..

“It was…”  Du Meijuan hesitatingly set her gaze on Zi Luolan, yet still took back no words.

“What’s with all the nonsense?” Zi Meiguang creased his brows, if it were really Luolan…

Zi Luolan wrinkled her brows  and said softly, ”Father! The situation before us is still unclear, we must carefully observe the corpse to see what fatal wound caused her death.”

She swept her gaze around the surroundings and asked, “Does anyone here know how to perform an autopsy, someone proficient in the art of medicine?”

In the back of the crowd, Gu Yunlan, Xuanyuan Meng, and Bai Yiran all looked at each other at the same time. All three of them had the expertise, only, Bai Yiran glanced at the other two and nodded. He raised his voice to announce, “I can!”

Just as his voice sounded, the crowd automatically stepped back to form a path. He slowly walked to the front, Gu Yunlan’s group immediately followed along.

“Mister Bai!” Zi Luolan stood up, slightly bowing towards him, “Please!”

Bai Yiran scanned the covered corpse and said, “I hear the deceased isn’t wearing any clothes, could someone please help her dress? Others should help prepare some medical instruments!”

“Little Cui!” Zi Luolan instructed the servant girl by her side.

Little Cui immediately turned round to leave. A short time later, she returned with a sheet, followed by several aunts.

Seeing the approaching people, Du Meijuan immediately crawled up with the assistance of servants. Almost immediately, she and Zi Meiguang sat back down on chairs prepared for them.

Bai Yiran took the case offered by Little Cui. Opening it, he could see everything he needed was here, neatly arranged. 

Gu Yunlan glanced over at Zi Luolan in surprise, but then set her gaze upon the situation before her. She remembered that Zi Luolan didn’t practice medicine, yet this set of instruments was something that had only appeared two years later in the previous life. Could this be another thing obtained from one of her bored actions?

The delicate hand gun, a completed set of medical instruments, those ceramics, as well as that business-geared mind of hers. Suddenly Gu Yunlan felt as if she couldn’t see through Zi Luolan at all, her entire being was so mysterious. 

With a hint from Zi Luolan, Little Cui and another servant girl pulled away the cover on the body. The group of aunts immediately went to work. A short while later they stepped away and left respectfully.

“Mister Bai, please!” Zi Luolan sat down on her chair.

Bai Yiran put the case of instruments in Xuanyuan Meng’s hands. He received the white gloves from  Xuanyuan Meng and put them on. Walking over to the corpse’s side, he lifted up the white sheets.

Zi Luonan was dressed in a short-sleeved white garment. Her face was damaged all over with wounds both large and small. The worst was a wound that slashed down from the top of her head all the way to the side of her face.

It went from the top of her head through her eye, nose bridge, and the corner of her mouth. It was so deep that bones could be seen. Her eyeballs were cut open, the bridge of her nose was slit open from the side, and the corner of her mouth still had black liquid flowing out.

The girls on-scene were so frightened that they shrieked out loud. It’s no wonder that Zi Meiguang was so scared his hands trembled.

Gu Yunlan creased her brows. She focused her spirit power on the eyes as she once again looked towards the corpse. Upon that wound, a dark energy bled out. She felt a shiver in her heart.

Bai Yiran and Xuanyuan Meng slowly crouched down. He took the tweezers from Xuanyuan Meng and carefully looked over the wound and hair. It seemed like a long while before he said, “The wounds on the face were caused by a sharp weapon. Looking closely on the wound, there are hints of being slashed by fingernails.” 

“How can it be? No matter how you slash with fingernails, it cannot make a wound this deep.” Yan Zhikuan who stood by the side immediately asked.

“Right! How can it slash open her eyeballs?” Zi Luolan also asked in bewilderment.

“Would Mengmeng like to explain?” As he continued to observe, Bai Yiran hinted that Xuanyuan Meng should speak next. 

“It really is slashed by fingernails!” Xuanyuan Meng nodded her head, taking out a pair of tweezers t. “Look here, when you flip open the wound, you can see it is curved. This was a mark left by fingernails. If it were a sharp weapon, the wound would be completely straight and neat.”

She gestured towards the wound, “In addition, the murder’s strength is off the charts, and the fingernails very sturdy. Otherwise, the fingernail would simply break off under the force of gravity!”

Xuanyuan Meng words left the surrounding people nodding their heads.

“Knife!” Bai Yiran received the small knife from  Xuanyuan Meng, and carefully made a cut on the corpse. Unexpectedly, not a single drop of blood flowed out, “Not a drop of blood left!”

At these words, the crowd couldn’t help but look at the area around the corpse. The surroundings were very clean, not touched by blood at all, aside from the black liquid flowing from the corners of the corpse’s mouth.

Gu Yunlan’s pupils deepend, how can this be? She remembers that some black liquid was flowing from the corners of the corpse’s mouth just now, could it be that it wasn’t blood? Thinking of this, her heart shifted as she realized how similar it was to An Shufen’s death. She immediately let go of her spirit power leaving her in shock…

“What’s going on?” Zhangyu asked quietly.

“Her internal organs have been destroyed.” Gu Yunlan moved her lips slightly, saying in a very soft voice, yet it was loud enough for the other three to hear.

Bai Yiran creased his brows, and put down the knife on the white cloth. He reached out his hands towards the corpse’s abdomen.

“What are you doing?” Seeing Bai Yiran reach towards her own daughter’s belly,  Du Meijuan shrieked out. Her daughter is dead, yet he still has such vulgar thoughts?

“Shut up!” Zi Meiguang shouted in rage, “If you don’t want to be here you can leave!

Being shouted at by Zi Meiguang, Du Meijuan immediately pursed her lips. Tears threatened to roll out, yet she managed to hold back in the end.

Bai Yiran’s hand pressed down gently on the corpse’s belly. His hands pressed down very far, yet pressed upwards occasionally as well. The black liquid from the corpse mouth flowed out even more.

Bai Yiran puckered his eyebrows, and used the tweezers to move around the dark liquid. After that he put the tweezers on the white cloth, hinting that Xuanyuan Meng can stand up again. He took off his gloves, “The internal organs have all been crushed.”

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