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Chapter 72: The Gu Family Doesn’t Raise Useless People!

Gu Yunlan was dumbfounded, they’re still going to stay in the Zi Household? Do they not realize how dangerous it is? She thought for a moment, then asked,”All those people last night got sick? Were any safety measures even put up?”

“I heard all the medicine that was sent over was dumped outside by the family head.” Xin’er buttoned the last button then continued, “However, when waking up this morning, I heard that Miss Bai and Second Young Master Yan have also fallen ill. Mister Bai has already gone over to look. He says it’s caused by evil energy entering their body!”

Gu Yunlan stood up, then sat down in front of the dressing table. That’s true, it’d be odd not to dump them. Those who can be invited by Zi Luolan are all very very rich people. The medicine they sent over would definitely be looked down upon. She looked at herself in the mirror, “Evil energy entered their body?”

“En!” Xin’er took a comb and started combing her hair, “However, Mister Bai said to wait for the Miss to wake up before giving them some medicine to drink!”

Gu Yunlan nodded her head and asked, “It’s Saturday today?”

“En!” Xin’er nodded her head, tying a simple ponytail, “The Lord has been over there about a month already!”

One month… she felt as if it were such a long time. She stood up with no hurry, “Let’s go! After washing up, we’ll go take a look!”

By the time she finished, and hurried over to Bai Nightspring’s courtyard, it was already in the afternoon.

She headed inside first. The room’s layout and her own were the same. Bai Yiran sat at a table nearby writing something, Bai Nightspring was laying down with her eyes shut, her face color a morbid pale shade.

Gu Yunlan sized up the situation closely. The face was only deathly pale, probably terrifying her since last night. After a while, she turned around to sit at the table, asking with a confused look, “Since this is normal evil energy, using some traditional medicine should be enough! Isn’t this something you know?”

“It’s not her I want you to look at. It’s the other one.” Bai Yiran put down the brush in his hands, then gently blew on the paper lathered in ink. Afterwards, he handed it over to Xin’er, “Take this to buy some medicine. Don’t dump the herb medicine you boiled the first time, just let her drink that.”

Xin’er nodded her head and took the list with her out the door.

Bai Yiran stood up, smiling towards Gu Yunlan he said, “Let’s go! Second Young Master Yan isn’t as fortunate.”

Gu Yunlan also stood up and followed him as he walked. She asked puzzledly, “What’s wrong with him?”

“At the Shing Wong temple, back then didn’t he take a blow for Nightspring? He hasn’t fully recovered before getting struck again, ai!” Bai Yiran slowed his footsteps, letting Gu Yunlan catch up.

Gu Yunlan nodded, one can only say this youngster has bad luck. After coming to Gu City, he keeps getting into accidents, yet she could only keep provoking enemies.

Yan Zhikuan and Bai Yiran’s sister are in one courtyard. As the two of them entered the room they could smell a dense scent of medicinal herbs.

“Open up the window, it’s better to let some air in.” Gu Yunlan looked at the tightly shut windows all around the room, and instructed the caretaking Xiao Si, “It’s already in the afternoon, it should be fine.”

Xiao Si glanced at the sleeping Yan Zhikuan, bowed her head and slid open the room’s two windows.

Seeing Bai Yiran sit down at a table, Gu Yunlan looked towards the bed where Yan Zhikuan lay with both eyes shut. His face wasn’t pale white, but rather exceptionally scarlet, looking rather similar to a boiled duck. His glabella had a blackened hue.

Gu Yunlan sat down by the bedside, reaching out her hand over to find his temperature was very high. She furrowed her brows, and instructed, “Get a bowl of cold water over here!”

Seeing Xiao Si turning around to leave, she then said, “Yiran, prick a few needles first! Having such a high fever, won’t he get burnt dumb?”

Bai Yiran took out a needle from somewhere in the folds of his clothes and walked to the side of the bed. With a wave of his hand, Yan Zhikuan’s body had already been poked a few times. Not much later, the flushed red face returned to normal.

Only after instructing Xiao Si to wipe him with a wet cloth did the two of them leave. Gu Yunlan asked, somewhat not understanding, “His forehead is looking blackish, this isn’t something I know how to fix. What did you call me over for?”

Bai Yiran was silent for a long while, then slowly took out a letter, handing it over to her, “It was sent from the Miao Territory. It arrived when I sent them back yesterday. Only now do I give it to you, my apologies.”

“Is there something wrong?” Gu Yunlan received the letter and looked at him puzzledly. It was merely a letter, must there be so much hesitation, or has Father met with an accident? Thinking of this, she immediately tore open the letter.

‘Yun’er, forgive Father for hiding things. I originally planned on telling you before leaving, yet feared you would be upset. Now, I suppose the papers have already been sent out. Truthfully, as I left, I sent a telegram to the higher ups, announcing my resignation as the marshal, but it was blocked by Xuanyuan Ying. Thinking about it now, I still wish to resign as the Marshal. By the time this gets to you, the appointment letter from the higher ups would have probably already reached you!

Father is getting old and can’t take up the Marshal’s position any longer. As for you, Father knows you were never a madly power hungry person. Father has wronged you! Auntie An has gone, right? Father also knows that I have wronged you with her situation. You are not to blame. Father is old now and helpless to do anything, ai! As for Nana, no matter what we say we are now her only family left. Other than that, I will not be home for New Years…’

Before Gu Yunlan finished reading the letter, she slowly folded it up and put it in her pocket. She smiled wanly at Bi Yiran and turned to leave.

She didn’t understand what she was thinking back then, about how Father’s resignation would impact her within these warring times; It would definitely make it harder to defend. It wasn’t because her iron authority is lacking. However she still couldn’t understand why Father chose to resign even after giving her the insignia. Neither did she want a new person to be Marshal after Father steps down. When the time comes, would she have to move out from her home?

She walked out of the courtyard slowly, heading towards An Jiaona’s courtyard unwittingly. She had woken up long ago and is currently sitting in the room under the sunshine. Seeing Gu Yunlan approaching, she immediately jolted up, “Big Sister!”

“You can stay sitting. I’m just walking around aimlessly.” Gu Yunlan sat down on a stone stool off to the right, and said gently, “Father has accepted responsibility and resigned.”

Just as she sat down, An Jiaona was shocked dumb; resign? She immediately asked, “Then who’s the Marshal now?”

“The formal document hasn’t arrived yet. It’d probably come with the newly appointed Marshal!” Gu Yunlan shook her head, looking at her fixedly.

Father said An Jiaona only has them left, then what about her? She became a good sister in the previous life, and what was the result then? The Gu Family was destroyed. This was something she’d always wanted to do, but now, Gu Yunlan really doesn’t want to protect her a second time. As her father’s daughter, protecting her once was already good enough!

“Then… we can’t…we need to move out?” An Jioana asked hesitatingly.

“Then you’ll get married off already?” Gu Yunlan shot back, her head looking straight at her as she asked, “Is your injury healed? If it’s healed, return home! It’s not good for a married woman to live in her mother’s home!”

“I…” An Jiaona looked at Gu Yunlan carefully, and said with a small voice, “But, I don’t dare go back! I want to stay here until Big Brother Jin comes back!”

Gu Yunlan stood up and said coldly, “The Gu Family is no longer the Marshal’s household. There aren’t enough resources to raise a useless person. It’s better for Little Sister to consider this!”

“But! Big Sister! I…” An Jiaona looked miserably towards Gu Yunlan; she was still scared, “I can work here! If you let me stay, I can do anything!”

“Alright! Report to Xin’er tomorrow!” Gu Yunlan stood up and ignored An Jiaona’s blank stares as she exited the courtyard.

An Jiaona bit her lips, she would actually send her to do bitter work? However, it’s pretty good that she can stay here now. After all, this place is so much safer than that Yang Family’s empty house!

Gu Yunlan was a bit unsettled. Even if her family was completely wiped out by An Jiaona in the previous life, Gu Yunlan clearly hates her. But after seeing her miserable appearance, she couldn’t help but want to help her a bit. Perhaps it was the doing of Little Yunlan’s kindheartedness hidden deep down in her heart. People are naturally good creatures. Seeing the Gu Family’s peaceful state this life, she couldn’t hate An Jiaona too much.

All she can do is protect; If people don’t cross me then I won’t cross then. If An Jiaona were to not know her place, she wouldn’t mind sending her back.

It’d almost be winter it seems? She looked up to see the leaves falling down one by one. She has been back for a year, yet had already provoked two big shots. No, three! Since when did she start attracting so much trouble?

With Father not home, this year’s New Year’s celebration would probably be very cheerless. What if she went to the Miao territory? Thinking of this, even with the gloominess in her heart, Gu Yunlan started to cheer up.

Due to Gu Zhengyu’s resignation, there is a lot to organize. For a few days straight, she was busy in and out of the household. Everything must be arranged, cleaned up. That way, it’d be easier to move out when the time comes.

Time passed very quickly. In the blink of an eye, New Years was only half a month away. Gu Yunlan sat under the sunshine on a deck chair, during a rare chance to relax, the afternoon sunshine really is warm. She squinted as she gazed up at the blue sky; it’s winter already yet it still hasn’t snowed yet, rather different than the usual!

“Young Miss! Mister Xuanyuan has returned!” Xin’er’s voice sounded from across the courtyard, sounding a bit anxious.

With a creak, the courtyard door was pushed open to reveal Xin’er running over in a panic, “Young Miss! Mister Xuanyuan has returned! You hurry up and come see!”

“What?” Gu Yunlan slowly sat down. He returned just like that? The war ended?

“He came back with Yanjin! However, he fainted as soon as he entered, Mister Bai wants you to get over there quickly!” Xin’er hurriedly helped her tidy up her wrinkled clothes.

Gu Yunlan creased her brows, and stood up to walk outside. She suddenly halted her steps as she remembered Xuanyuan Ying had lived with her before leaving, she immediately asked, “Where are they right now?”

“In the study room!” Xin’er immediately followed.

Passing through the front yard, she just managed to catch An Jiaona and Yanjin tugging at each other. An Jiaona asked, smiling, “Big Brother Yangjin! Shall we return home now?”

Yangjin peeled off her hands, saying coldly, “I’ll stay here for a night, then leave tomorrow!”

After he finished talking, he left without a second glance.

Gu Yunlan stared blankly. She stopped in front of An Jiaona to ask, “Wasn’t that Captain Yan just now? Why didn’t he stay behind to eat a meal? Yi? Aren’t you going back with him?”

“I…” An Jiaona snapped back to consciousness. Her pupils flashed with a hint of disappointment as she lifted her head, “Big Brother Yang said he’ll get me tomorrow!”

Gu Yunlan nodded her head and walked towards the study room. It wasn’t far, though guards stood at both sides on the way there, standing unwaveringly straight.

By the time Gu Yunlan got to the study room, as she was about to push open the door, two gun muzzles were pointed at her head.


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