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Chapter 74: Fine Example of a Noble Lady

Gu Yunlan slept very soundly for an unknown amount of time. By the time she opened her eyes, she could see a pair of shining pupils flashing about. Gu Yunlan blinked her eyes, then snarled, “Xuanyuan Meng! You’re looking to scare me to death!”

“Tche! Why so angry?” Xuanyuan Meng leaned away and sat up properly, teasing, “You didn’t think it was my brother did you? Then when you saw it was me, you flew into a rage?”

Gu Yunlan sat up, saying angrily, “Shame on you, big-headed fool! I forgot to tell you, but I woke up angry! Xuanyuan Meng!”

“You never told me this!” Xuanyuan Meng shrugged, looking at her innocently.

“Xuanyuan Meng! I’ll bite you to death!” Gu Yunlan glared at her furiously, “I’ll spank you!”

“Bleehh!” Xuanyuan Meng pulled a face before bouncing away, “Come then! I’m so scared of you!”

Gu Yunlan took a deep breath, this girl is a madman. With this shout, even she felt more awake.

She looked around; this is her own room. Didn’t she fall asleep helping Xuanyuan Ying with the blood exchange? Who carried her here? She looked down to see her clothes, which were the normal clothes that she wore at home.

“What’s wrong?” Xuanyuan Meng came closer, smiling slyly, “You can’t think it was my brother who changed your clothing?”

Gu Yunlan glanced at her sideways before getting up from the bed. Walking to the windows, she said, “What time is it now? I should be up. Help me shut the door, and exit too while you’re at it.”

“Ze ze ze! Destroying the bridge after crossing! No matter how you say it, it was I who spent so much effort helping you change. It’s ten in the morning right now!” Although Xuanyuan Meng talked like this, she still left in the end. At the doorway, just as she was about to close the door, a hand unexpectedly stopped her. She jumped in fright, turned her head to look, then immediately yelled, “Brother?”

“Why ask so suspiciously?” Xuanyuan Ying shot her a glance, this girl never does anything decent!

“I…” Xuanyuan Meng rolled her eyes, “I was checking to see if Yunlan had woken up yet!”

“Is she up?” Xuanyuan Ying raised his brows in question.

“Yea!” Xuanyuan Meng nodded her head, looking at him.

“Zhang Yu is looking for you.” Xuanyuan Ying said as he walked inside, easily closing the door behind him.

“Brother…” Xuanyuan Meng was stunned. Yunlan is changing her clothes… the words were at the tip of her tongue yet Big Brother had directly gone in already? Oh no! She was so frightened by his appearance, she forgot to tell him Yunlan is changing clothes. Better to run now!

Gu Yunlan walked behind the screen and began removing her clothing. She then realized she forgot to get fresh ones. Xin’er served too well before, making her quite reliant on others now. It was rather cold despite being morning. She took up an article of clothing and dressed herself. Hearing the sound of the door shutting, she was about to walk out.

Who knew that hearing the footsteps, she would assume it was Xin’er. She retreated back again, calling out, “Xin’er! Help me grab a white undergarment from the cabinets, also middle and outerwear! The kind with blue-white flowers!”

Xuanyuan Ying froze. She should be changing behind the screen, he was prepared to turn around and leave. However, the day was cold, and unexpectedly, he directly walked over to the wardrobe. He took out white clothing without looking at all, walked over to the screen and handed it over.

“Wrong one! This is the middle one! The color isn’t even right either! How do you get by like this? So absent-minded!” Gu Yunlan scolded as she handed it back. When fetching a cloth, the color isn’t even right, white is the most comfortable.

Xuanyuan Ying looked at the spottlesly white arm reaching out. He felt an odd flutter in his chest as he stretched out his hand to retrieve it. Then he once again walked to the wardrobe. This time he searched carefully; undergarments, middle-wear, pants, including the white she wanted, was handed over.

“This girl, normally there’d be a lot of chatter. How come you’re so quiet today? Is your throat hoarse?” Gu Yunlan puzzled as she changed.

Xuanyuan Ying released a breath and sat down at the table. He poured a cup of tea and was just about to drink when he heard what Gu Yunlan said and choked, ”Cough cough!”

Hearing the coughing sound, Gu Yunlan, already finished dressing, came out, “How come you’re so muddled lately when doing things…”

Her voice trailed off, Xuanyuan Ying? How come it’s him? Was he the one handing clothes to her just now? She had even criticized him for bringing undergarments and things. All is doomed, Gu Yunlan’s mind completely shut down…

Xuanyuan Ying coughed twice before stopping. He lifted his head to see Gu Yunlan clothed only in undergarments, struck dumb. Wearing only white undergarments, with snow-white skin, a tall slender poise, aside from her slightly dumbfounded eyes, it was the first time he discovered her to be a beautiful person, “Thud!” The cup fell onto the table.

He snapped back to consciousness. Averting his eyes, he noticed Gu Yunlan was still frozen in shock, so he immediately stood up, took a fur cape from a nearby closet and covered her. He creased his brows, “Why’re you still standing there? Hurry up and get dressed!”

“Ah? Ah!” Gu Yunlan jolted back to reality, and immediately ran behind the screen. If one were to look closely, they’d find a bit of red blush appearing behind her ears.

How she got her clothes on in the end, she had no idea. Only one thought occupied her mind; how did he get in? How did he get in?

Xuanyuan Ying looked helplessly at Gu Yunlan staring blankly behind the screen. The buttons on her outer clothes were buttoned entirely wrong. He sighed, then stood up defeatedly and starting from the collar, gently removed the buttons one by one.

Only when Xuanyuan Ying walked closer did Gu Yunlan finally snap back to consciousness. She took one look at Xuanyuan Ying, then realized he was undoing the buttons on her clothing. She immediately grabbed his hands and yelled loudly, “Xuanyuan Ying! What are you doing?”

“You buttoned up wrong! I was helping you redo them!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her hands helplessly; he was not a crook, alright? How can this woman become so violent after one short month?

Gu Yunlan looked down at her clothes to find it was indeed buttoned wrong. Her face immediately flushed red. Her thoughts were wandering. She hurriedly let go of his hands, turned around, yet couldn’t button it no matter how much she fumbled.

The previous life, she’d never buttoned a button. It was always Xin’er who waited upon her. Even less so in this life, she must act cautious now! She turned around to face Xuanyuan Ying, face helplessly red.

“You!” Xuanyuan Ying exclaimed. He reached out his hands in defeat to help her, doing it right this time, “How can you be this dumb?”

“You’re dumb!” Gu Yunlan shot him a glare. Watching him, she raised her brows and asked, “How come you came back without telling a soul? Can’t be on purpose right?”

“I did ask! Mengmeng said you were awake! She didn’t even block me from entering!” Xuanyuan Ying said with an innocent look. He didn’t realize just how daring that girl is, to not tell him the situation.

“Xuanyuan Meng is such a fox!” Gu Yunlan was gnashing her teeth.

The two stood very close to one another, Gu Yunlan could even feel the warmth from his body as she watched him button up for her. Her face was still unnaturally red.

“Only a bit!” Xuanyuan Ying did the last button, then looked at her to think out loud, “How about, let’s ditch her at the army barracks! Have Zhang Ziyan discipline her! Huh? Why’s your face red again?”

“Is it a fever?” Xuanyuan Ying reached out his hands to touch her face. Temperature was normal. He started to tease her, “You can’t be shy now, right?”

“What do you think? You must be honored to be the first man to help me button!” Gu Yunlan glared at him, the charming figure in her mind immediately vanished into thin air. How can she even think of him as… pooh! pooh!

“Very honored!” Xuanyuan Ying turned around to sit down at the table, feeling less interested. He thought this woman could be bashful! But of course she had to lash out saying, it’s an honor!

Gu Yunlan went behind the screen, asking as she washed her face, “Why did you come here so hurriedly?”

“I was seeing whether you were awake.” Xuanyuan Ying reached to pick up and pour a cup of tea, savoring it slowly.

Gu Yunlan spat out some rinsing water. Even though this mouthwash tastes weird, it leaves a fresh taste. Being able to think up something like this, Zi Luolan has such an interesting mind! She took up a towel and carefully wiped her face.

Finishing her shower, she walked out unhurriedly and sat down before her dressing table. She took out a comb and started combing her hair, “That’s enough! Let’s get down to business!”

Xuanyuan Ying looked at her somewhat helplessly. To even brush her hair in front of him so casually, she really doesn’t think of him as a stranger at all, not even as a man!

“What are you thinking about?” Gu Yunlan had her hands on her hair, turning around to look at him curiously when he didn’t reply.

“You are combing your hair in front of me, is this how noble girls act? Don’t forget, I’m an outsider and a man!” Xuanyuan Ying rubbed his chin as he judged her.

“Eh, I don’t think you are an outsider!” Gu Yunlan turned her head and continued to comb, whispering, “What century do you think it is, yet you’d still preach like the ancient times? Then what about when you helped me change and button? Does this mean my reputation is destroyed?”

Xuanyuan Ying lifted the corners of his mouth. Sure enough, he sighed out helplessly, “You do know about your father resigning?”

Gu Yunlan nodded as she tidied her hair. Of course she knew, but she was probably the last to know.

Xuanyuan Ying smiled bitterly, “I’ve gotten in Marshal Gu’s way before…”

Gu Yunlan bound her hair quickly before standing up and joining him. She lifted up the cup Xuanyuan Ying prepared and gulped all down asking, “Who’s the new marshal? The appointment letter should be here right?!”

Her expression fell. Gu Yunlan looked around before sighing lightly,”Ai! You may even have to move out tomorrow!”

“There’s no need to move!” Xuanyuan Ying took out an envelope and put it in her hands. He smiled wanly, “I’m the marshal now. There’s even less of a need for you to move.”

Gu Yunlan stared at him with a lost look, “Then that’s even more of a reason for me to move out. This is inappropriate between a man and woman! If I stayed here, my reputation would be ruined, how would I get married in the future?”

Xuanyuan Ying was startled. He felt extremely uncomfortable about the sudden change in Gu Yunlan’s attitude.Didn’t she just say to not preach like the ancient times? Yet now she’s still talking about reputation. It should be expected; women are so fickle. He depressedly pushed the envelope in front of Gu Yunlan, “Eldest Miss Gu! At least take a look at my appointment letter before deciding on whether or not to move out!”

Gu Yunlan reached out to take the letter on the tabletop, and slowly took it out for a look. She scanned over the contents, but the last few lines caused her to jolt in surprise, “Yangjin is the second in command? Who assigned this?”

“Marshal Yu. Yangjin established some merit, and the higher ups directly issued this order. If it wasn’t for you, I would have crippled him already!” Xuanyuan Ying watched Gu Yunlan’s expressions attentively. If she didn’t wish for it, he’d be too lazy to take action anyway.

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