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Chapter 14: Qualifications to Collaborate

“Should be? You don’t even know for sure?” Gu Yunlan looked at him disbelievingly with a pair of red eyes, “Who’s helping her?

To help An Jiaona get into the Gu Family by any possible means, could it be Yanjin? She remembers that in the previous life they were targeting the Gu Family’s secret treasure map. That Yanjin, could he be a fox-spirit?

Gu Yunlan covered her mouth in surprise. She was scared stiff, scared by her own reasoning. If Yanjin is a fox-spirit, then this world would be a mysterious fantasy. She looked at that person next to her, then looked at herself; this world is really weird…

“Haven’t you guessed it already?” Xuanyuan Ying took a sip of tea, interacting with humans…

“How about we work together?” Gu Yunlan looked at him with red eyes. Even if she doesn’t look for vengeance, those people have already come to her doorstep. Fox-spirits, and other devil-like creatures, she can’t beat nor struggle against them. If she wants to survive, she must first have the qualifications to survive.

“What benefits are there from cooperating with me? You want to protect your father?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her curiously.

“I must protect him, Yangjin’s target is that map in his possession. How should I say this, he’s my Father, the one he loves dearest is me. He died for me in the previous life, what right do I have to blame him?” Gu Yunlan mocked herself; she found that she doesn’t hate Father. She thought of how Father died that night in the previous life; he had told her her to run as far away as she could, making her hate herself.

“This senior dislikes soft-hearted people the most!” Xuanyuan Ying furrowed his brows, he doesn’t need to work with irresolute people. What he needs is the might to slaughter a path. Even if she has a Pure Yin Physique, after they merge their blood together, she would still have to…

“I also don’t want to do anything too cruel! I’ll repay kindness when I owe a favor and take vengeance when there’s hatred!” Gu Yunlan explained stubbornly.

“Hmph, hmph!” Xuanyuan Ying sneered, “Don’t forget that this is a time of chaos!”

“I didn’t forget…” Gu Yunlan smiled helplessly, before her death in the previous life, she had been pure and simple. She doesn’t want to harm the innocent, and she especially couldn’t hate the Father she loved so dearly.

“What this senior wants isn’t only your blood, but more importantly bloodlust. I know you won’t do, so I scouted your father!” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice suddenly softened, even he doesn’t know why he’s telling her this.

“I…” Although Gu Yunlan had stopped herself from saying those words, isn’t her lack of strength going to be a burden? She’s not suitable for the battlefield.

Right! Someone had said that about her before, her pupils suddenly lit up, “There’s a person who can…”

“This senior will only work with you!” Xuanyuan Ying interrupted her coldly, and stood up distractedly, “It is getting late, go to sleep early!”

“Eh…” Gu Yunlan looked at him in confusion, is this a failed negotiation?

“Oh right!” Xuanyuan Ying seemed to have thought of something and sat down again. He stared at her unmoving for a moment, then said, “Have you been cultivating lately?”

“Cultivating?” Gu Yulan looked at him in puzzlement.

Xuanyuan Ying watched her for a moment longer, then pulled her by the hand, opening the door and leading her to the courtyard.

It’s wasn’t dark within the courtyard, the moon is big and round, yet a dark mist spiraled in the center.

Immediately after going out, Gu Yunlan could only feel refreshed in the crisp air. She couldn’t help but close her eyes, yearning to bathe in the moonlight.

“No hurry!” Xuanyuan Ying let go of her hands, and sat beside the stone table in the courtyard. He gazed at the moonlight saying, “Do you see that black mist in the air? That is Yin Qi, when there is slaughter within the mortal world, that black mist will get stronger!”

“Sit!” Xuanyuan Ying gestured for her to sit down. Only when he saw her take a seat, did he say softly, “You have a Pure Yin Physique, and since the moon counts as Yin, it is for fitting for night cultivation. Only if you cultivate continuously, will you be able to neutralize my blood, then you would have the qualifications to work with me!”

“Then, how am I supposed to cultivate? I haven’t cultivated before, why do you say that I have cultivated?” Gu Yunlan felt as if she had been confused by him.

“Relying on instincts!” Xuanyuan Ying was unclear, he leaned in near her ear and smiled lightly, saying, “Open your window when sleeping at night, just letting the moonlight shine upon your body is fine. It will automatically be absorbed, hehe!”

“You!” Gu Yunlan’s face was completely red. She thought about what he had said before; watching her every day…

“You’re thinking too much…” Xuanyuan Ying straightened his posture, taking ahold of her hand. Straight away, he bit down on her hand without holding back.

“It hurts!” Gu Yunlan only had enough time gasp in surprise as she felt her blood being rapidly drawn out from her body. Just as she couldn’t hold out anymore, a warm fluid flowed into her body.

Only after a long time did she recover, glowering at him, “At least warn me before you bite me, this is murder!”

“Oh?” Xuanyuan Ying lifted his brow, smiling, “Then this senior will leave. You should sleep earlier, and remember to open your window!”

He stood up as he finished talking, and with a simple wave of his hand, his silhouette left the courtyard in a flash.

Gu Yunlan suddenly covered her face, she had actually been alarmed by him…

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