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Chapter 15: Invitation Card

Just as Xuanyuan Ying had said, the moonlight really was beneficial. Bathing in the moonlight, she closed her eyes. She could clearly see every nook and corner of the courtyard, even the ants crawling on the ground.

She started to keenly avoid contact with Xin’er. For one month, she didn’t take a single step outside. Other than Xin’er, the nighttime blood-seeking Xuanyuan Ying was the only person she saw, and also her Father who had recently come to see her.

It was during this period of time that An Shufen married into the Gu Family with great fanfare, she became the second wife, while An Jiaona became the Gu Family’s second daughter. By now, the entire city knew.

It seems as if Gu Yunlan had absolutely nothing to do with it, she never came out of her home’s courtyard. She didn’t even show her face when An Shufen came in. Because of this, Gu Zhengyu really had a headache.

In that month Gu Yunlan refused to leave, An Jiaona lingered as the family’s precious daughter.

Xin’er was panicked into stamping her feet by this, but Gu Yunlan had still smiled wanly; what can she do? How can she just go follow her example? To go build a good relationship with every precious daughter out there?

Forget it! What she needs to do right now is remember everything that had happened in the previous life, then record it all down and compare it with the present, finding out what differs.

“Miss! The Zi Family has sent an invitation!” Xin’er called out softly from outside the room.

“Come in! What invitation?” Gu Yunlan did not stop the writing brush in her hand, continuing to write. The structure in the North and South must have been changed by her rebirth and Xuanyuan Ying’s awakening, it should be altered in the present soon. She doesn’t want to be the world’s savior, neither does she want to unify everything under heaven; she just wants to survive the times of chaos ahead.

From Xuanyuan Ying’s mouth, she knows of Xuanyuan Ying’s objective. What he wants is a massacre. Making the war get more brutal is beneficial for his recovery. As for her, she unexpectedly thinks that just being able to defend herself during the chaos is a great feat.

“Creak!” Xin’er pushed open the door and walked in. She held up the invitation in her hand, saying in puzzlement, “Miss, this is odd; what is a ‘party’?”[1]

Gu Yunlan put down the writing brush in her hand, remembering that pens had only come out a year later in her previous life. Ford cars, she actually misses seeing it right now, and doesn’t know if Father can get ahold of it. She lifted her head asking, “Let me see, what is this?”

She reached out her hand to take the invitation, the invitation was made delicately; the front has four large characters, written elegantly and scholarly. She gently flipped over the card to see a row of characters written on the pure white paper. She read out softly, “The Lady Zi Luolan invites Martial Gu’s honorable daughter Gu Yunlan to come on the fifth of October to attend a private ‘party’ within the household. Invitation from the great Zi Family. October fourth.”

“Miss, isn’t that tomorrow?” Xin’er hurriedly held the invitation, isn’t this too rushed? Who sends an invitation at night? “Miss, what will you be wearing there tomorrow, Xin’er will go prepare it!”

“It doesn’t need to be too fancy, I also don’t want a simple Western dress. Choose a white qipao! I also don’t want high-heel shoes, just as long as it’s comfortable!” Gu Yunlan blurted out. She had always dressed fancily when going out in her previous life, always dressed in a gorgeous dress, and always wearing luxurious jewelry. It could have also been why the Gu Family attracted disaster, right?

“Then how about jewelry?” Xin’er asked, her Miss has changed, she had always dressed herself fancily when meeting with friends in the previous life, but now? Even the pearl jewelry had lessened.

“What are you thinking about? Hurry up and get them ready. I don’t have any of that clothing, there’s a need to visit the tailor!” Gu Yunlan glanced at her, then picked up her writing brush to continue writing.

“Yes! Then Miss should sleep earlier! Don’t stay up writing too late!” Xin’er immediately nodded her head, seeing her Miss concentrating on writing, she could only withdraw.

Gu Yunlan watched her leave, then lowered her head to continue her writing. Suddenly, she put down her brush; forget it, it’s better to rest up early!


[1]Over here, the word ‘party’ was written in English in the raws. Poor Xin’er doesn’t know English 😛

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