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Chapter 94: Homesick Ghost Girl


Gradually, the spots of lights piercing through the leaves and branches became more visible. It made the forest look extremely odd, Gu Yunlan couldn’t help but twist around her head for a look. The forest was filled with lazily drifting fog. It was silent except for the occasional call of an owl, giving a person an eerie feeling.


The wind seemed to be sitting upon the tall treetops, causing loud bouts of rustling sounds. To their surprise and fright, the endless sea of trees and its moonlight speckled upon the ground were all moving along with the wind.


Gu Yunlan felt goosebumps rise on her skin as a cold wind blew past. It felt as if there’s something blowing cold wind at her ears. She slowly turned her head for a look, but only saw darkness. Aside from the rustling of swaying leaves, there was nothing else!


But once she turned her head back around, she once again felt as if something was at her back. The icy cold feeling made her scalp feel numb. She reached her hand back to wave about, but felt nothing but empty air.


Seeing Xuanyuan Ying’s back, she could tell his body was full of yang energy. Even if there was some Yin creature, it wouldn’t dare touch him let alone appear before him. As if feeling Gu Yunlan’s strangeness, he asked lightly, “What is it?”


Gu Yunlan’s heart trembled slightly. She immediately used her two arms to hug Xuanyuan Ying’s neck. She said uneasily, “Xuanyuan, do you feel like there’s something not right?”


“There is something not right, you’re afraid?” Xuanyuan Ying’s gentle voice asked through the mind.


“Afraid!” Gu Yunlan’s voice held a slight tremor. She constantly felt as if someone was behind her, but saw nothing when she turned to look.


Xuanyuan Ying let her down gently. In one move he held her waist and brought her into his embrace. He said helplessly, “I said I’d fly you back, yet you insisted on walking! Walking is unsteady for you on my back, and you’re afraid as well. You won’t be able to see that thing like this!”


“I…” Gu Yunlan didn’t know what to say. Really, she’s too good at making trouble. She chose to walk back of all things, and not even mentioning the cold, she was scared half to death.


“Idiot, I’m here! With me here, the most a demonic creature can do is get close otherwise this Senior will erase them!” Xuanyuan Ying strengthened his grip, bringing her closer into him. It felt as if enjoying the scent in his arms.


“Xuanyuan, do those things really exist?” Gu Yunlan asked gloomily, her head buried at his chest.

    “怕什么?” 轩辕应手一挥,一团黑雾围绕在两人周身,他嘴角轻轻勾起,带着顾云兰往前走,“走吧!这就不怕了吧?我们要回去赶着守夜!快午夜了!”

“What is there to be afraid of?” A cloud of black fog surrounded the two with a wave of Xuanyuan Ying’s hand. The corners of his mouth hooked up slightly as he led Gu Yunlan forward, “Let’s go now! You won’t be afraid now, right? We need to hurry back for the vigil! Hurry up, it’s late!”


Gu Yunlan’s vision blackened as it was completely blocked out by the black fog. Although she couldn’t see anything, she did feel a lot more at peace. The cold feeling behind her neck had disappeared. She lifted her head from before his chest and patted her own chest. She’s not afraid of jiangshi and white bone spirits, what’s there to fear about ghosts? No, it was the presence she feared.

    见她情绪恢复平静,轩辕应停住脚,手一挥,黑雾瞬间散去,他瞅了眼面前顾云兰,嘱咐道, “把羽力调到眼睛上,你就可以看到那些东西了!”

Seeing her calm down again, Xuanyuan Ying stopped to wave his hands, dispersing the black fog instantly. He glanced at Gu Yunlan in front of him, instructing, “Cover your eyes with Yu Force and you’d be able to see that thing!”


Gu Yunlan took in a sharp breath. She went a few steps away from Xuanyuan and covered her eyes with Yu Force. Immediately she found something different from before as she looked about her surroundings. In the dark of the night, she could see a green glow coming from the tree leaves. She guessed it may be the tree’s essence.


A gust of cold wind once again blew at the back of her neck. Her heart trembled again, no way! She’s got to see what damn creature is scaring her so much!


The cold wind was still there. Gu Yunlan was shivering in her heart, her eyes staring widely. She counted silently, one, two, three. She turned around in one move.


“Ah!” A sharp scream ripped through the forest, filling the open skies. The sound of a flock of birds soaring away followed.


“What is it?” Xuanyuan Ying turned to look at Gu Yunlan in surprise. She had run into his arms. He followed her gaze to look over, his eyebrows deeply creased.


Something white sat on the ground paralyzed, as if it was frightened by Gu Yunlan and curled up into a ball.


Gu Yunlan stared with fright at the thing sitting paralyzed on the ground. Her trembling hands pointed at the white ball asking, “What are you? A person or ghost? It’s not right to scare people during New Years!”


The white thing shivered a bit but still didn’t dare move. Xuanyuan Ying’s brows creased deeply, saying coldy, “Not saying is fine too. Since you’re a demonic creature, this Senior doesn’t mind erasing you!”


“Don’t!” That white thing immediately blurted out, lifting it’s head to look at the two.


Human? Gu Yunlan covered her mouth in astonishment. She squatted down to look at him curiously. In the dim lighting, its face was too pale. She couldn’t tell how it looked, yet it still had some beautiful features. Its pupils flashed as it looked at the two of them with fear, “You are human?” 


That person shook its head.


“Not human?” Gu Yunlan was stumped. But seeing the fear in his eyes, she turned to pull on Xuanyuan Ying, “You’re scared of him?”


That person pursed its lips, and nodded its head stiffly,


“Then tell me, what are you? Why did you try to scare me?” The corners of Gu Yunlan’s mouth twitched, stretching out her arms in a scare gesture with an evil smile, “Otherwise, I will let him eat you!”


“I… I, am, a ghost…” It stammered. Its voice was very small, as if it hadn’t talked in a long time.


“Tsk!” Gu Yunlan promptly rose to her feet, ghost? No way! No way can they meet ghosts just by walking by! She had an increasing feeling that her physique is a huge problem.


“A single ghost can scare you this much! If you want, I’ll erase it!” Xuanyuan Ying supported her with a hand, feeling like he’s hating iron for not becoming steel. She’s cultivated yet is still afraid of this thing. A single, small move can destroy it.


The ghost was already frightened by Gu Yunlan, but after hearing what Xuanyuan Ying said, it shrunk back into a ball.


Gu Yunlan smiled embarrassedly. She pushed him aside and squatted down to say gently, “Don’t be scared. As long as you tell me why you were following me, I won’t kill you!”


It seemed to have picked up on her bad intention, as it slowly lifted its head at her words, “I… I’m afraid of him, but touching you is so comfortable. I want to follow you home!”


Gu Yunlan raised her brows, yi? Didn’t she hide away her cultivation and her physique? Yet she can still attract Yin creatures.


As if understanding Gu Yunlan’s thoughts, Xuanyuan Ying slowly squatted down, “Perhaps it’s your disposition!”


Seeing Xuanyuan Ying coming closer, it took a few steps back in fear then instantly froze and nodded fervently when it heard Xuanyuan Ying.


Gu Yunlan asked curiously, “Then, what are you called? Return home? Return home how? Do ghosts have a home?”


From the ghost’s stammers, the two somewhat understood the ghist. This ghost is a female called Tian Leyao. Its home was in the Tian Family’s village at the outskirts of the Gu City, and often liked to go to the farm fields to harvest hogweed. Somehow she got kidnapped into an evil room where many other girls were trapped.


She got her blood sucked dry by a skeleton but even after death the skeleton didn’t let go of their soul. It gathered them up saying it wanted to refine their souls. She was frightened and found the chance to escape to a mountain in Gu City. The Yin energy on the mountain was very abundant, suitable for her suitable to stay.


“Then afterwards, you came across us?” Gu Yunlan asked with raised brows.


Tian Leyao hurriedly nodded her head, still looking at the two of them with fear, “I thought you felt very comfortable so I wanted to follow you home for a look.”


“Why didn’t you go reincarnate? Why go back home?” Gu Yunlan didn’t quite understand.


“She can’t reincarnate because she still has regrets. Only after resolving those regrets can she reincarnate!” Xuanyuan Ying said coldly.


“I…  wu wu…” Tian Leyao suddenly cried out in despair, her tears dripping, ”I came out to harvest hogweed. Mother and them don’t know what happened to me! I want to go back to let them know I’m ok before reincarnating, but I’m scared of meeting that skeleton again. It’s such a long time, too. I’m afraid they will worry!”


“It’s fate that you met us. You’re scared of him?” Gu Yunlan pointed at the man next to her asking.


“Yes! He has a really strong burning aura to him!” Tian Leyao nodded her head anxiously.


Gu Yunlan nodded. Xuanyuan is a drought demon. Drought demons are those drought gods from the tales, definitely full of fire energy! Of course ghostly creatures don’t dare come close. Thinking about what she said just now, Gu Yunlan immediately asked, “You said that skeleton sucked your blood?”


Gu City only has one skeleton, and that is Bai Linlong. Is she still hidden within Gu City.


“Then do you still remember where you escaped from?” Xuanyuan Ying wrinkled his brows deeply, asking.


Tian Leyao looked at him fearfully, shaking her head, “I don’t remember. I was so scared back then. With a few other sisters who had also been eaten, I took the chance when she had her back turned to close the door to run. But they were all captured again. Only I….”


Her voice became very low with a few sobs.


“Right!’ Tian Leyao lifted her head after a period of silence, saying, “I didn’ run too far, merely floating through ten-some alleyways before running here.”


Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Ying looked at on another. The two knew for sure now; Bai Linlong is still in Gu City! Perhaps she’s hiding away in some alleyway to heal her wounds. They only need to find and exterminate her now. By eliminating this huge pain, they can face Jiang Chen with more certainty!


Tian Leyao still sat on the ground, looking fearfully at the two. Will they erase her now that they got the information they wanted? She’s not afraid of death, but she wanted to tell her mother and them, she… 


Xuanyuan Ying then slowly stood up, looking down at Gu Yunlan, “Let’s go then! It’s getting late!”


“Can you send me back?” Although Tian Leyao was glad to be alive, she still looked towards Gu Yunlan hopefully. She really wanted to go home.


Gu Yunlan’s pupils flitted about, then pointed at the somewhat irritated Xuanyuan Ying, “To be honest! Sending you home isn’t impossible. But he may not agree…”


Tian Leyao froze, her gaze dimmed slightly. She suddenly yelled, “I remember when I escaped it was midnight when I escaped. There was a crying sound from next door. The lanterns that day were really plentiful and bright!”


Gu Yunlan stopped. Mifnight, crying sound from next door, lanterns were very bright, very plentiful! How come she suddenly thought of An Jiaona? She lifted her head to look towards Xuanyuan Ying.


“Near the Yang Family?” Xuanyuan Ying asked. Clearly he too suspected that. 


Gu Yunlan nodded yet shook her head, “The second day of the lantern festival, we met Luolan near the Yang Family home. At that time Luolan said her home’s back courtyard was right there. Could it be…?”


“Bai Linlong is still hiding in the Zi Household!” Xuanyuan Ying finished her sentence. He gave her a deep look, one that is not entirely decipherable.


Gu Yunlan felt rather complicated. She knew what Xuanyuan Ying meant, but Bai Linlong being at Zi Household? Perhaps she didn’t know at all that Bai Linlong was hiding there. She found herself being able to see through Zi Luolan less and less now, she had a feeling that perhaps Luolan knows something… 

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