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Chapter 95: Wish


“Then, Brother and Sister, can you send me home?” Tian Leyao asked cautiously. She was terrified of Xuanyuan Yin’gs silence. Not sending her home is okay, what he wants to kill her too.


Xuanyuan Ying gave her a glance, then pulled Gu Yunlan away to continue their descent down the mountain.


As Gu Yunlan was pulled on so suddenly, she instantly snapped back to attention. She looked back at pitiable Tian Leyao sitting on the ground, looking at the two of them with teary eyes. Unable to resist, Gu Yunlan stopped Xuanyuan Ying, “Xuanyuan! Tonight is the New Years. Since she just wants to return home for a look, why don’t we send her back?”


“Annoying!” Xuanyuan Ying didn’t look back, directly pulling Gu Yunlan forward.


Gu Yunlan covered her mouth and giggled quietly. Then, she immediately turned to call out to the despairing Tian Leyao, “Hurry up, still not following along? We won’t wait for you!”


Tian Leyao brightened, looking the two people’s backs with disbelief. She immediately floated up to speedily catch up to them, “Thank you so much, Big Brother, Big Sister!”


“You stay in front of me as we leave the forest!” Gu Yunlan immediately halted her when she found her trying to stick behind her again, “You cannot be behind me! Otherwise I won’t bring you along!”


Gu Yunlan has some lingering feels, why does she like clinging to the back of her neck so much?


Tian Leyao immediately nodded her head, her white wispy body flew instantly in front.


“Being in front won’t scare anyone. I’ll feel nervous with her following behind us!” Gu Yunlan released a breath. All that just now scared her so much, that it felt like her heart escaped.


“You’re too soft-hearted!” Xuanyuan Ying shot her an unhappy look, “So you’re not scared now? We’re still in the forest!”


“Hey!” Those words of his caused Gu Yunlan to feel goosebumps rising on her skin. She immediately drew a few steps closer to Xuanyuan Ying.


“Don’t worry Big Sister! There is nothing here anymore!” Tian Leyao said, her free-floating body appeared before Gu Yunlan.


The already nervous Gu Yunlan started to cold sweat all over from fear when Tian Leyao suddenly appeared.


Seeing the innocent-looking Tian Leyao, she sucked in a large breath, “We can you hear you just fine from in front! If you try any more of these disappearing and reappearing, careful or I won’t bring you back!”


Tian Leyao immediately nodded cautiously, her body swiftly retreating away. Only when Gu Yunlan finally gave her a nod did she stop her retreat, staying the certain distance away from Gu Yunlan as demanded.


Gu Yunlan suddenly thought of something. She walked alongside Xuanyuan Ying and asked at the same time, “Right, just now you said there’s nothing now, so that means there was before?”


Tian Leyao nodded, “There was a lot!”


“Then how come there’s none now?” Humans were naturally like this: curiosity would somehow overcome their fear. Gu Yunlan immediately forgot where she was.


Xuanyuan Ying brought her along but kept silent. Since she’s already used her power to be attentive of her surroundings, all’s good as long as she’s no longer afraid. This forest path was very long. The two have been walking for so long yet still haven’t gone out. She was getting rather questioning at this point. She’s very clear about just how big the Gu Family’s back mountains are!


“Because!” Tian Leyao tilted her head in confusion, “In one of the nights from the last few days, I don’t know how but a large expanse of light floated down from the sky and covered the entire mountain. I was a bit scared so I hid in an old tree’s cave. When I came out, the entire forest changed. Everything inside disappeared!”


Xuanyuan Ying and Gu Yunlan looked at each other. Weren’t the past few days when she ascended? Did all the energy from the moon essence swallow up all the Yin creatures?


“After that, I was the only one left in the entire forest!” Tian Leyao looked at the two somewhat sadly.


Xuanyuan Ying understood something, he looked down at the woman beside him. So she was the one responsible for making the forrest so long.


Although the forest was long, it would end eventually. As they finally exited the forest and saw the moonlight shining on the ground, Gu Yunlan released a breath. Although she knew she was no longer in danger, her heart still had lingering fears, but now she could put down her worries for real.


“Let’s fly now! Walking would take too long!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at his pocket watch before looking at Gu Yunlan for approval.


Gu Yunlan nodded. Yet she still looked at Tian Leyao complicatedly, “Then what about you? You won’t get blown away from one touch of the wind, right?”


“Big Sister! I can lay around your shoulders!” Tian Leyao slowly drifted closer, asking cautiously.


Gu Yunlan took two steps back, waving her hands, “No! Find another place, just not the neck!”


Just imagining the feeling of a cold aura nestling around her back made goosebumps rise. Too terrifying!


“Stay in my hair!” Xuanyuan Ying looked coldly at the humans and ghost who somehow couldn’t think up an idea, and finally said something.


“Yes!” Tian Leyao immediately nodded excitedly. Her body instantly became a white light and flew towards Gu Yunlan’s hair.


“Xuanyuan! We’re ready!” Gu Yunlan lifted her head to look at him.


“Which direction?” Xuanyuan Ying easily lifted her by the waist, the corners of his mouth hooking up as she asked. If it were inside the city then he’d know every corner, but outside… 


Gu Yunlan shook her head dumbly, he doesn’t know? Well she doesn’t know either. Never mind in the last life all the times she’s gone out in the Gu City were in a car, but this life she rarely went out at all!


“Big Brother, Big Sister! The Tian Family village is about fifty miles East of Gu City!” Tian Leyao’s voice piped up.


Xuanyuan Ying glanced at Gu Yunlan in amusement. Then he speedily brought her into the air, and like a shooting, directly flew East!


“Here?” Xuanyuan Ying stopped before a village lit up by lanterns, releasing Gu Yunlan.


Tian Leyao’s body slowly slowly materialized in front of them, gazing at the village before them. Her body unconsciously floated closer.


Gu Yunlan immediately followed up, it’s really here?


Tian Leyao flew quickly, appearing besides the village in a blink of the eye. She was very familiar with this village. She brought the two people into the village, turning here and walking there before passing through a farmfield building and finally stopping before a house.


The rooms were still lit. From the stray lights, one can see the thing within the courtyard. It was very humble; a well, a leafless peach tree, a few farm tools were piled in a corner of the courtyard. The courtyard was very silent, but occasionally the sound of voices and breathing could be heard.


Tian Leyao’s body once again floated towards the courtyard. She went through the fencing and kept going until stopping in the middle of the courtyard.


Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Ying watched quietly from outside the courtyard. For a long while she didn’ move.


Xuanyuan Ying wrinkled his brows. Pulling on Gu Yunlan’s hand, he said in a low voice, “Let’s go! We’ve sent her back already!”


But Gu Yunlan pressed down on his hand, “Xuanyuan! Let’s watch a while longer! I can’t stop worrying. What if her family gets frightened!”


Although the two didn’t talk loudly, the people inside the room could hear something off. A course man’s voice yelled out, “Who’s there?”


“Go out and see! Is some weasel stealing chickens again?” A woman’s gentle voice urged.


“Aiya!” At the sound of the door opening, a man and woman walked out. Their ages were rather, and the pair looked like kind people.


The man looked forth at the person before him with disbelief, “Yaoyao!”


He was shocked. He immediately whipped around his head to look at his wife behind him, “Your child Yaoyao has come home!”


Seeing people come out, Xuanyuan covered themselves with black fog with a wave of his hands, only leaving out two pairs of eyes. Their figures immediately disappeared from sight.


“Yaoyao?” Mother Tian pushed aside her husband and ran outside towards the courtyard. She halted her steps right before Tian Leyao, her face full of disbelief, “You are Yaoyao? Yaoyao? Yaoyao, you’ve come home? You’re okay?”


“It is Yaoyao! It is Yaoyao!” Father Tian ran over in elation.


Seeing Father and Mother Tian running over, Tian Leyao was happy. Yet she still kept retreating, “Papa! Mother! I am Yaoyao!”


“It really is Yaoyao!” Father and Mother Tian looked at one another, crying from joy as they eyed the other. They then hugged, “Yaoyao is home! Yaoyao is okay!”


“Pa, Ma! Yaoyao is home!” Tian Leyao sucked in a breath, nodding her head with a smile. “Yaoyao has come home for a visit!”


“Come! Come closer! Let me have a closer look!” As if realizing her family’s daughter had a scary expression, she looked at her daughter with a tremble. Reaching out her hand, she wanted to touch her daughter, “Are you cold? How are you so pale! Let’s go! Come home with Mother to warm up!”


“Yes yes,” We’ll talk more inside! “Father Tian was worried, there seemed to be something wrong with his daughter.


The smile on Tian Leyao’s face stiffened as she stared at her mother’s stretched out hand. She wanted to hide away at first, but found herself unwilling to do so.


She slowly closed her eyes. Mother Tian’s hand went directly through her body.


“Yaoyao! What’s going on?” Mother Tian watched in shock as her hand passed through her daughter.


Father Tian was even more hard to believe, how is this possible? His daughter must have been in trouble! Otherwise how can she only come back now after disappearing for half a year?


“Papa! Mother! I’m sorry!” Tian Leyao’s body knelt down towards the couple, choking out, “Your daughter is no longer in this world!”


“What?” Father and Mother Tian bent down, finding it hard to believe as they looked at their baby daughter.


“Yaoyao! You explain to Mother clearly, how can you come back?” The rims of Mother Tian’s eyes reddened. She sat on the ground as if paralyzed, tears flowing down. Just now her eyes must have gone back, and she must have heard wrong as well. Her trembling han pointed at Tian Leyao, saying angrily, “Exactly what creature are you? You dare take my daughter’s appearance? Quickly return my daughter to me, give her back to me!”


“Wife!” Father Tian hugged Mother Tian, crying bitterly and with despair, “She is our daughter, she is our Yaoyao. She really is!”


“Pa! Ma! I’m sorry! Your daughter is unfilial, allowing the white-haired to send off the black haired!” Tian Leyao supported herself up, crying out loud.


The three cried even harder. Only after a while did Tian Leyao slowly lift her head to look towards her parents and kowtow to them, “Pa, ma. Daughter does not have much time left and must leave soon. Please don’t ask how your daughter died, being able to return home is already a miracle!”


Leave? Father and Mother Tian lifted their head in surprise, their daughter leaving?


Tian Leyao smiled at them sweetly. She then turned around to kneel towards the hidden Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Ying, kowtowing a few times, “Many thanks to the two benefactors for saving me. The terrible room I stayed in those days has a lotus pond. Us sister’s bodies were thrown in there!”


Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Ying looked at each other, it’s confirmed! In the Zi Family’s lotus pond, they’ve discovered fishes feeding on corpses there!


Tian Leyao stood up slowly, giving Father and Mother Tian a captivating smile, “Pa, Ma, your daughter is content to be able to see you once more. Make sure to…”


Just as she said a few phrases, her entire body started to slowly disappear into nothingness.


“Yaoyao!” “Yaoyao! Come back!”

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