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Chapter 93: As Long as You Like it


“Yunlan! It’s actually white rice! Could this vegetarian food be this?” Xuanyuan Meng covered her mouth and giggled.


“What do you understand?” Gu Yunlan glanced at Xuanyuan Ying. She held up the rice dish in front of her and sniffed it gently, “This rice was made using the finest rice. Eaten with chopped carrots, soybean curd bits, corn kernels, then heated with water from the back mountains, then fried with peanut oil over a large flame… utterly delicious!”


“What’s so good about white rice? It was fried so ugly too!” Zhan Ziyan snorted. A bowl of white rice, what’s there to brag about?


Gu Yunlan didn’t pay attention to her, her face was full of smiles as she looked a Xuanyuan Ying, “Many thanks to Big Brother Xuanyuan. This was personally made by Big Brother Xuanyuan! Smells so fragrant!”


Hearing this, Zhang Ziyan’s expression changed. To think it was him who fried it, how come she remembers he is always cold towards everyone, nevermind rolling up his sleeves to cook for anyone. Could the news from the past few days be real?


“Young Miss! The Marshal spent half an hour in the kitchen. He specially ordered me to only give you, Young Miss, and no one else!” Xin’er and A’Mu sat the furthest. She heard what Gu Yunlan said, but even if she didn’t understand what she wanted to do, Xin’er knew the Young Miss wanted her to say that.


“As long as you like it!” Xuanyuan Ying drank a cup of tea, watching Gu Yunlan with a small smile.


Xuanyuan Meng stared blankly: Big Brother drank the wrong cup of tea. Then she immediately felt delighted. They have hope!


Zhangyu was still drinking his tea as indifferent as ever. Zhang Qiyang was watching the two intently for gossip.


Xuanyuan Ying didn’t care at all, said coldly, “Why don’t you hurry up and eat? There’s no wine today, so after you finish, scram!”


Everyone snapped back from their daze and immediately lifted their chopsticks. Then they all realized all the dishes on the table were vegetarian!


“A’Mu! How come there aren’t any meat in the dishes?” Xuanyuan Meng looked at A’Mu in shock, did they forget to bring them up?


“Apologies, Young Miss Xuanyuan! Our Young Miss cannot eat non-vegetarian foods, so the New Years dinner today will be all vegetarian! This was also the Marshal’s order.” Xin’er stood up somewhat apologetically.


“A vegetarian New Years dinner? No way could everyone eat vegetarian just because of her?” Zhang Ziyan set down her chopsticks and said coldly, unwilling.


“If you don’t want to eat, you can starve!” Xuanyuan Ying shot her a cold glance, then lifted his gaze to Xin’er saying, “Sit down! No need to wait on them!”


Zhang Ziyan’s face turned white. Leaving is bad not leaving is also bad. She could only lower her head embarrassedly.


Xin’er sat down guiltlessly. She blinked mischievously towards her family’s Young Miss.


Gu Yunlan’s pupils flashed, smiling, “If you can’t eat this, tonight you can go to Clouds Arrive As Guests to eat dinner. Mengmeng has a discount card with her!”


“What do you mean tastes bad?” Zhang Qiyang lifted his chopsticks to pick up the kimchi in front of him, taking a light bite. Then turned to say to Xin’er praising, “pretty good! 


“Really?” Xuanyuan Meng reached out her chopsticks doubtfully, took a vegetarian crab ball in front of her, put it in her mouth and chewed it. The flavor is not bad, she could taste crab in there. After swallowing, the delicious smell of crab still wafted from her mouth. She stuck out her thumb, “Xin’er! Your cooking skills are pretty good!”


“Young Miss Xuanyuan, this isn’t Xin’er’s accomplishment, this is the kitchen maid’s accomplishment!” Xin’er said embarrassedly.


“Is that true? Keep that kitchen maid, and give her a raise in the future!” Xuanyuan Meng instructed in satisfaction.


Seeing the two eating with relish, Gu Yunlan thought it was rather funny. In the foodie’s eyes, aside from eating there was only eating as expected!


In this meal, aside from Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Meng these four people, it seems only Zhan Ziyan couldn’t enjoy the meal amongst the remaining three.


After lunch, Gu Yunlan carefully brought Xin’er with her on the road to add more dirt to grandfather, grandmother, and mother’s grave.


“Young Miss! The madam must be at peace knowing you’re passing this life so well!” Xin’er sprinkled another handful of dirt. After An Jiaona was chased out, Yangjin will never be able to trick the Young Miss again.


“Living in these times, who can guarantee a good life?” GU Yunlan didn’t even lift her head as she sprinkled more dirt handful by handful. The days following the end of New Years will be exceedingly hard. She really didn’t want to Xin’er to be besides her through the danger, she pondered a while before saying, “Xin’er! Father is getting old, and so is Uncle Zhong. I want you to go to the Miao Territory to take care of them!”


“Young Miss! You don’t want Xin’er anymore?” Xin’er froze, the dirt in her hands fell to the ground. She stared blankly at Gu Yunlan, “Do you hate how clumsy Xin’er is?”


“Idiot!” Gu Yunlan stared at her, “The fights in the future aren’t something you can participate in. Your little body can’t stand a single blow, I would only have an extra worry with you there. The Miao territory is peaceful, so I can be rest assured with you there. Your Young Miss’s greatest wish is for you, Father, and Uncle Zhong to be able to live your entire lives peacefully!”


“But…” Xin’er’s tears flowed out. If she’s not by Young Miss’s side, who will ensure she eats and drinks well? Who will keep Young Miss warm with clothes and blankets?


“There no ‘but’! This is my order!” Gu Yunlan’s words grew harsher, with a bit more sternness added in.


“Young Miss!’ Xin’er knelt down suddenly. She was frightened by Gu Yunlan’s imposing aura. This was her first time her Young Miss rebuked her so harshly.


“You will go no matter what! If you don’t go, I will ignore you forever!” Gu Yunlan shifted away her gaze, her voice trembling slightly.


“Alright! When do I leave?” Xin’er choked out. She wiped away her tears and bit on her lips.


“Around the fifteenth!” Gu Yunlan pulled up Xin’er, “Stop crying now, it’s not like anyone’s going to die! I’ll go visit my father occasionally when there’s time!”


“Then, Young Miss, you must come visit. Otherwise Xin’er will never every marry!” Xin’er sniffled and cried out.


“Wow! Rushing to go get married, ah! Rest assured, on the fifteenth I’ll go with you and directly marry you off!” Gu Yunlan held a smiled in her eyes as she looked at her. Then she turned around to leave the mountains.


“Young Miss!” Xin’er stomped her feet and hurried to catch up.


When night fell, Xuanyuan Ying brought Gu Yunlan out for a walk.


“No need to go to the ancestral hall?” Gu Yunlan followed by his side, asking in surprise. This path isn’t to the ancestral hall, it’s going to the marketplace!


“It’s the perfect place to relax from work. Besides, tonight is the New Years. Don’t tell me you want to spend your night in that veranda?” Xuanyuan Ying slowed his steps, letting her catch up.


Gu Yunlan shook her head. That’s true, cultivating for so long made her feel the entire world felt out of place. A relaxing activity is a must. She lifted her head to ask, “Then I’d like to ask Uncle Xuanyuan, where are you taking me?” 


“Just follow me!” Xuanyuan Ying smiled towards her mysteriously, then simply pulled her in the direction of the marketplace!


Being New Years night, the streets were extremely lively, full of people and all decorated with colorful lights. Xuanyuan Ying led her around the bustle, his speed swift as they soon arrived at the top of the city walls.


Because it was New Years night, there weren’t many guards ontop the city walls. Only after a few tens of meters did they see a few scattered people.


“Why did we come here?” Gu Yunlan asked him questioningly, watch the night sky?


“I wanted to bring you on top of the mountains to set fireworks, but it’s cold tonight. Didn’t want you getting sick!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her hesitatingly.


“Don’t I have you?” Gu Yunlan’s half-lidded eyes watched him, the natural heater. Only… she surveyed him, “Where are the fireworks? Don’t tell me you want me to use spirit power again?”


“Cough cough!” Xuanyuan Ying lightly coughed a few times. He pulled on her arms, then with a wave of his hands, a black fog appeared next to the two of them. The two’s figures disappeared in a moment.


When Gu Yunlan opened her eyes again, they’ve already arrived at the peak of the mountain. She admired the scenery before her in astonishment. This was the peak of her family’s back mountains. Even if it’s not the tallest mountain in the city, one could see the scenery of the entire city from here.


“Your power is back?” Gu Yunlan asked in surprise.


“I’m at 70% of my best!” Xuanyuan Ying’s pupils deepened. If they cross paths with Jiang Chen, he doesn’t know what his chances of beating him are.


“No problem! We’ll just exchange blood a few more times and you’ll be recovered!” Gu Yunlan immediately cheered him on.


“I forgot to mention, we can’t exchange blood anymore after you condensed your qi. My blood would only make you fall into qi deviation!” Xuanyuan Ying said, “Unless…”


“Why didn’t you say so earlier? Then I wouldn’t have gone and cultivated!” Gu Yunlan grabbed onto his hand in shock. His power is recovering too slowly. Their chances of winning against Jiang Chen would only plummet if they meet, “Unless what?”


“Unless we use a supplement! I’m talking about that method called dual cultivation!” Xuanyuan Ying smiled helplessly. With her being so down those past few days, how could he just let her erupt and die instead of improving her cultivation? He certainly can’t!


“Supplement? Dual cultivation…” Gu Yunlan first blanked out, not understanding those words. Then, her face turned red. Pei pei! Isn’t that just the deeds of a bridal night? Saying it so fancily, she almost replied saying ‘then just supplement! Whatever you need just take.’


“Enough! Let’s release some fireworks!” Xuanyuan Ying tugged her hand, guiding her upwards. The pathway wasn’t smooth so he led her to go find a flat piece of land.


Gu Yunlan tried to pull back her hand, but found her hand being held onto tightly. Helpless, she could only follow his footprints.


Gu Yunlan was still shocked silent until Xuanyuan Ying pulled out a large pile of fireworks and placed it on the ground. She squatted down, astonished, “Xuanyuan! You couldn’t bought out all of the Zi Family’s fireworks store?”


“I probably did!” Xuanyuan Ying finished arranging all the fireworks. Judging by that shopkeeper’s expression, he probably ended up buying everything.


Gu Yunlan stood up to quietly watch the lantern lights at the foot of the mountain, everything was clear to see. Suddenly, lanterns began to float up from all over the city. Gu Yunlan said excitedly, “Xuanyuan! Kongming lanterns!”


“You want to set some?” Xuanyuan Ying stood by her said, asking quietly.


“You also bought Kongming lanterns?” Gu Yunlan turned around to ask as soon as she heard the words by his ears.


Unbeknownst to her, Xuanyuan Ying stood too close to her. A turn of her head just barely caused her lips to brush past his. The two froze, staring at the other’s eyes. Only after a while did they snap out of it.


Gu Yunlan’s cheeks were flushed red, shifting her eyes away awkwardly. She tried her hardest to ignore the trembling in her heart, asking, “You… didn’t you say something about setting Kongming lanterns?”


Xuanyuan Ying gave her a deep look. Taking two steps back, a pile of white material appeared at his feet with a wave of his hand.


Gu Yunlan bent down with excitement, immediately taking a piece into her hand, “What do we do with this?”


“Pull it apart like this!” Xuanyuan Ying took the item in her hand and pulled hard. The Kongming lantern took shape. With a simple punch, a flame appeared in his hand and was used to easily light the Kongming lantern.


Under Gu Yunlan’s curious case, each Kongming lantern was set adrift.


The two people’s fireworks was even flashier as it lit up half of the Gu City’s air space, not letting up for a long while.


The two took a path down the mountain, scarcely chatting as they went. The path was unsteady even with the help of the moonlight. In the end Xuanyuan Ying was helpless as he could only carry her down the path.


The two unknowingly fell into silence, enjoying the momentary peace. As they walked, the moonlight got covered by the trees. In the end not a single ray of moonlight could be seen. The two were already deep within the forest, so silent that it was a bit frightening.

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