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Chapter 42: I’m Willing

At midnight, two people silently stood next to the bed Gu Yunlan slept on.

“Big Brother! I’m in! I’ll start!” Xuanyuan Meng glanced at her big brother.

“En!” Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head, laid down besides Gu Yunlan, and shut his eyes.

“Hold up! Big Brother, you must remember that if you don’t have to shatter the restriction, then don’t. Otherwise, she’ll become detached and cold!”

After saying so, Xuanyuan Meng waved her hands. A streak of shapeless light covered the shadows of the two people laying on the bed.

In a flash, Xuanyuan Ying found himself within a huge space. Everything around him was empty. Aside from a painting, there was nothing else. As he shut his eyes, his surroundings began to change. He appeared in a white restricted area.

As he reached out his hand, the barrier sunk in deeply. Once again, he reached out his hand hesitantly and pressed down on it. The barrier once again sunk in. This wouldn’t work, so he yelled out, “Yunlan! Yunlan! Are you in here?”

“Yunlan! Yunlan! Are you in here?” There’s was no reply from within He hesitantly held out his hand, wanting to strike the barrier, but he put down his hand in the end. He continued to yell out, “Yunlan! Yunlan!”

“Yunlan! Yunlan!“ The repetitive shouts reached the ears of the lady laying on the ground.

Her long and thin eyelashes flickered as she slowly opened her eyes. Her pupils were cool and serene as she slowly sat up. She massaged her temples. Ow! It’s Xuanyuan Ying! It’s his voice!

“Yunlan! Are you in there?” The voice once again reached her ears. She immediately stood up and looked around at all four sides. The space in here wasn’t very big, and there was no one here. Could he be outside?

“Yunlan! Yunlan!”

Hearing his voice, Gu Yunlan turned around. She heard it coming from behind her. She hurriedly ran over to the edge of the barrier and reached out her hand. Yet, the barrier retreated away from her hands. Gu Yunlan was surprised, what’s going on?

“Yunlan!” Hearing the voice outside, Gu Yunlan immediately replied, “Xuanyuan! I’m in here. What kind of place is this? I want to come out! Who shut me in here?”

“Yunlan! You’re in there?” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice sounded very happy; his throat had become hoarse from yelling. She finally heard him. He hurried to explain, “This is your memory field. How are you here without realing?”

Memory field? She doesn’t know what’s going on! She hadn’t woke up since the time her head had started aching. By the time she woke up, she found herself here!!

“Yi? It’s you! Why are you here?” Gu Yunlan’s surprised voice sounded from beside him.

“Come out….” Xuanyuan Ying immediately turned around as his words halted. That smile isn’t hers!

“Yi? Xuanyuan Ying! How come you’re in my dream?” Gu Yunlan looked at him in puzzlement.

Yi? The Gu Yunlan within the memory field stared numbly, there’s another voice that sounds like hers outside? What’s going on?

“Can you open this?” Xuanyuan Ying asked.

“No! I finally shut her in there! Of course I won’t let her out!” Gu Yunlan shook her head, firmly refusing.

“Why is that?” Xuanyuan Ying asked with creased brows.

“Humph! If she were to come out, then I would disappear! I definitely don’t want that!” Gu Yunlan lifted her head, firmly refusing.

“But if this isn’t opened, then she won’t be happy. She is still a part of you! Unless you want to shut away half of yourself?” Xuanyuan Ying explained slowly.

“Humph!” Gu Yunlan shook her head, not saying any more.

The Gu Yunlan within the memory field sat down on the ground! She pretty much understood what was going on now. It was actually because she was afraid to let herself out, so she became trapped. But that was still her! They shared the same body! This wasn’t right! She couldn’t stay here. She couldn’t stay here!

Gu Yunlan immediately stood up. She remembered that when that black fog and her fought for the paintings, she had used spirit power. She couldn’t just stay here doing nothing! She had to try it out! The memory field also belonged to her! If the other her could control it, then she could as well!

Gu Yunlan shut her eyes. Open! After a short while, the memory field started to tremble. She felt joy in her heart. It was working! Sliding out a palm, she suddenly grabbed at the barrier. It was suddenly held in place by her. Sure enough, using spirit power worked!

Although the younger Gu Yunlan’s words were pitiful, she couldn’t let the tragedy repeat itself. She must not let anything happen to Father! Her heart was filled with hate. Her spirit power concentrated and pulled. Riippp!

A crack appeared in the memory field, and she was instantly sucked out. Outside, two people looked at her with wide, dumbfounded eyes.

She got out? She celebrated in her heart and hurried towards the two people. She hugged onto Xuanyuan Ying. “Xuanyuan! I got out! How wonderful!”

“You, how did you get out? Don’t capture and shut me away!” As soon as she saw Gu Yunlan coming over, Little Gu Yunlan was so scared that she backed away.

Gu Yunlan turned around, her pupils flashing, and said, “Yun’er! I don’t want to, either. But you need to know that I come from the future. Father, Uncle Zhong, and our entire family were killed by others. I must go seek revenge!”

“What? Father was killed by someone, who did it?” Little Gu Yunlan stepped back with a face filled with disbelief. She looked at the two people and thought, How could this be?  Isn’t Papa a grand marshal? How could he die. She’s tricking me! “No! You’re lying to me! It can’t be!”

“Yun’er! How could I lie to you?” Gu Yunlan squatted on the ground weakly, tears streaming down her face. “It was them, that pair of b*stards! In order to get their hands on our Gu Family’s treasures, they killed Uncle Zhong, Father, and even me!”

She suddenly roared at her, “Do you know how much I hate myself! I hate myself for being too simple, hate myself for being so ignorant, for leading the wolf into the house! I hate it!”

“Really… Could this really be true?” Little Gu Yunlan sat down with a pale face and mumbled to herself.

“Yunlan! Yunlan! What happened to you?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at Gu Yunlan with a face full of panic. He immediately crouched down to support her. How could it be like this? Why was Yunlan slowly turning transparent? Why was this happening?

“Big Brother, hurry! Yangjin is here to stir up trouble! I can’t hold on any longer!” Xuanyuan Meng’s panicked voice sounded within the space.

“Damn it!” Xuanyuan Ying said gloomily. If he had known earlier, then he wouldn’t have let him come! This was really bringing trouble for himself!

“Xuanyuan… Xuanyuan… Thank you for helping me this much. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help you…” Gu Yunlan’s voice was feeble as she smiled at him with some difficulty, “Yun’er will be going ahead…”

“No! You can’t die! For the sake of Papa and Uncle Zhong, I will merge with you!” Little Gu Yunlan lifted her head up abruptly. There was a firm look in her eye. Just as her words sounded, just before Gu Yunlan disappeared, she flew towards her and fused with her.

Gu Yunlan’s body shivered. The body that was on the verge of disappearing slowly solidified. A single tear dripped down her cheek! Yun’er, don’t you worry! I won’t let our enemies get away. She lifted her head to look at Xuanyuan Ying, “Xuanyuan, what you said was right! Kindness towards foes is merely being cruel to oneself! Let’s get out of here!”

Xuanyuan Ying looked at her numbly. Why is it that his heart ached to see her change as he had wanted?

“Let’s go! I don’t know how to get out!” Gu Yunlan coldly said as she slowly stood up. That Yangjin really plays a lot of tricks. Wanting to slight her is the same as entering his grave, humph!

“Let’s go!” Xuanyuan Ying stood up and pulled her hand. Their bodies flashed and disappeared from the place.

“Big Sister! In the future, Yun’er will protect this space!” A clear body appeared in the middle of the air, then once again disappeared out of sight.

Gu Yunlan slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes flashed as she suddenly sat up.

“You guys are awake?” Xuanyuan Meng sat on the ground with her face dripping with sweat. She didn’t even turn her head as she rapidly said an incantation and made hand gestures. “***!”

Xuanyuan Ying sat up. With a wave of his hand, a shapeless barrier was sent out through the window. Seeing a faint red streak appearing, Xuanyuan Ying coldly smirked. The tiger didn’t reveal his power, yet was actually treated like  a sick kitten. He held up his hand, wanting to directly engage in a fight.

A jade hand pushed down his down. Gu Yunlan smiled coldly at him and said, “You said before that he was mine! I want to play him to death!”

“Yi?” Xuanyuan Meng immediately stood up and looked at the two people in bewilderment. She asked in confusion, “Big Brother, Yunlan, what’s going on?”

“Nothing! Her memory has returned! You should go back to rest!” Xuanyuan Ying creased his brows as he instructed.

“Big Bro! You’re destroying the bridge after crossing the river!” Xuanyuan Meng pouted. This was to much! Paying more attention to a lover than a friend!

“If you still don’t leave, you can return to grandfather’s place tomorrow. Otherwise, don’t even think about going to Gu City with me!” Xuanyuan Ying shot a glance at her, then shifted his gaze to Gu Yunlan. She sat silently next to him, not uttering a single sound. His heart once again thumped like before.

“Ya! Big Brother! You agreed to let me go? That’s great! I’ll leave right now! First, I gotta go find that girl! Humph humph!” Xuanyuan Meng hesitated a moment before immediately going wild with joy. She hurried to stand up and ran out. The atmosphere was too suffocating!

“Yunlan…” Xuanyuan Ying creased his brows and muttered to himself for a moment, “The corpse poison has been resolved already. Old Dame Zhu asks whether you are willing to become her disciple? If you aren’t willing, then we shall return tomorrow!”

“No! I’m willing!” Gu Yunlan stood up and walked in front of the window. After wallowing an entire night, the sky started to brighten. Day was arriving, right? “You go back first! After finishing my studies, I’ll return. Wait for me to fulfill my revenge. When that happens, I shall lend you a helping hand!”

Xuanyuan Ying hesitated. Waving away the doubt in his heart, he stood up and walked to her side. Walking beside her, he said, “It’s fine as long as you have thought it through. You really want to stay behind?”

“Right! My strength is really too weak. He’s a fox spirit, I must be strong in order to match against him! I don’t want to rely on you forever!” Gu Yunlan’s voice was cold, cold to the very bones.

Xuanyuan Ying was once again stumped. What was with him? Why was his heart aching? Isn’t this what he had wanted? Didn’t he want her to be cold and merciless?

“Don’t worry! I’ll be fine! I know my own choices!” Gu Yunlan turned her head to look at him. She smiled slightly at him. Her lovely face made people feel like wanting to sink in.

“Right! Then just wait here for Old Dame Zhu to return! Your father and I shall be waiting for you in Gu City!” Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head helplessly. He reached out his hand and gently brushed aside the strands of hair next to her ear. “They will be waiting for you to take care of everything, en!”

Gu Yunlan’s pupils flashed as she nodded her head.

Xuanyuan Ying released her hand and turned around to walked towards the door. He didn’t turn back his head, only feeling the aching of his heart!

“Xuanyuan!” Gu Yunlan suddenly called out.

Xuanyuan Ying halted his steps, waiting for her words.

Gu Yunlan rushed over and hugged him from behind. “Wait for my return! We still have to exchange blood!”

He turned back and hugged her while saying, “Alright! We still have to exchange blood. I shall wait for your return!”

He gently let go of her, then turned around to slowly leave.

The second day, the only people who left were Xuanyuan Ying, An Jiaona, and Yangin.

Gu Yunlan stood at the gates of the village, silently watching his back until his figure was no longer in sight. Only then did she turn around to leave.

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