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Chapter 41: Memory is Lost!

“Yunlan! Wake up! How can you sleep for such a long time?” Just when Gu Yunlan was about to close her eyes, that voice called out again. Who was it? Why was he so familiar? Who was he?

Suddenly, the pile of paintings flew up, arranging themselves in the air, forming a screen and flying towards her. It was him! Xuanyuan Ying!

This time, her brain jolted with pain. The pictures in the air lowered a little and once again moved towards her…..

“She’s awake?” A familiar guy came over. She slowly opened her eyes. The light stung them, and she couldn’t help but squint. A long, sturdy arm blocked out the light.

“Who am I?” The guy’s first question was not asking if she was awake. But also, who am I?

She looked up slightly. A familiar face appeared in her vision. He had a pair of clear eyes and thick eyebrows. The corners of his eyes crinkled because he was happy, making them look charming. His pupils were pure and attractive, with his thin, pale lips.

Beautiful! Evildoer! Who was he? Her mind was blank. Right! Xuanyuan Ying, this name was what finally came out of her mind. She blurted out, “You are Xuanyuan Ying!”

Xuanyuan Ying was delighted. She’s alright! It’s great that she didn’t lose her memory, but the smile hadn’t hung on his face for three seconds before her next words slapped him back into reality, “Then who am I?”

“You are Gu Yunlan!” Xuanyuan Ying stared blankly, what is going on? Why does he have an unclear premonition?

She didn’t notice the frozen Xuanyuan Ying and slowly sat up. The room wasn’t big. There was one bed, one table, two chairs, and a big wooden bucket.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?” Xuanyuan Ying accepted reality at last, he asked cautiously.

She shook her head and observantly looked around and once again asked, “Who am I?”

Xuanyuan Ying froze, then held her fidgeting shoulders still as he looked at her fixedly, saying each word like a sentence, “You’re. Name. Is. Gu Yunlan!”

Gu Yunlan? That’s a good name, quite suitable for her. She nodded her head happily and asked him, “What’s the relations between us? How come I feel like we’re quite close?”

“The relation between us…” Xuanyuan Ying froze. What was their relationship? How should he say this? Seeing her hopeful gaze, he could only harden his resolve and say, “You are my…”

Suddenly, his eyes brightened up as he replied hurriedly, “You had liked me, as for what kind of relationship, what do you think?”

“What do you mean by like?” Gu Yunlan looked at him in confusion.

Xuanyuan Ying was dumbstruck. It can’t be! Even her intelligence had been lowered…

“Pft! I was kidding! You still want to trick me by saying that I liked you! You are a bad guy!” Gu Yunlan suddenly fell into a fit of laughter.

“You didn’t lose your memory?” Xuanyuan Ying froze in place and asked cautiously. How come he felt like something was off?

“Why would I lose my memory?” Gu Yunlan raised her brows, and looked at him uncomprehendingly.

That’s not right! Her tone isn’t the same as before! It’s very much like the pure tone from her previous life! Unless that Gu Yunlan came back? Or did she disappear? Thinking of this, Xuanyuan Ying’s heart skipped a beat. If Gu Yunlan was like this, he suddenly felt as if she was unfamiliar to him!

“What’s with you?” Gu Yunlan reached out her hand and waved it in front of his face. This guy is weird, why’s he lost in thought?

“Nothing! I’ll call Mengmeng over to accompany you, alright?” Xuanyuan Ying returned to reality, and reached out his hand to put it on her forehead.

“Who’s Mengmeng? I don’t know her! I don’t wanna! I only know you!” Gu Yunlan grabbed onto Xuanyuan Ying, shaking her head furiously.

He gently pushed her aside and pressed his hand on his forehead. He really should go find Meng! Gu Yunlan to being like this, his head hurt just by watching.

“What’s wrong with you? Big Brother Xuanyuan!” Gu Yunlan looked at him with concern.

Xuanyuan Ying once again froze in place. He felt even more of an urge to find Meng. For that Gu Yunlan to call him like that, he felt very content! For him to have such a feeling… , thinking up to there, he pressed her down on the bed, “Be obedient! Go to sleep We’ll go into the mountains to play after you awake.”

“The mountains? Alright!” Gu Yunlan’s eyes flickered as if she wanted to struggle up, but after seeing his gaze, she could only lay down indignantly and obediently close her eyes.

Seeing her peaceful breathing, he released a breath and stood up to leave. There was some complication that he didn’t understand. Finding Meng was a must.

Xuanyuan Meng heard from Iron Four that Big Brother was looking for her. She hurriedly rushed over. Big Brother had been giving her the cold shoulder for several days and finally found value in her. She had wanted to gloat but unfortunately didn’t have the guts to do so. Provoking Big Brother had more losses than gains. It was still better to obediently get over there!

“Big Brother! You finally looked for me, this is too much! You actually locked me out and refused to see me. I’m your blood-related sister!” Xuanyuan Meng whispered her complaints as soon as she entered the room.

“I want you to keep an eye on Yangjin. I’m already giving you face! If you don’t like it, then you can go back to your grandpa’s place!” Xuanyuan Ying sat next to the bed, quietly watching over the sleeping Gu Yunlan, glancing sideways at her.

“I can’t do anything either. An Jiaona keeps bothering me every night. He just doesn’t have a presence. Only when dawn breaks does he return! Every night, he would go out doing who knows what!” Xuanyuan Meng turned around to shut the door. She moved closer and glanced at Gu Yunlan, “What’s wrong with her? Why isn’t she awake yet?”

“She did wake up, but her memory is lost She should have forgotten the times when she knew me. You go into her dream world to see if there’s a change in her recovery!” Xuanyuan Ying stood up and beckoned her to sit down.

Xuanyuan Meng nodded her head and sat down. With a solemn expression, she stretched out her hand, laying a hand on her pulse. Her eyes closed slightly as she started to reach over. After a long time, she finally opened her eyes and released her. She seemed to not understand something, “She closed off her memory field. It would be more fitting to say she’s trapped in her memory field. That’s not right either. If she were trapped, then what was going on with the Gu Yunlan who woke up? Selective memory loss?”

Hearing what she said, Xuanyuan Ying’s heart skipped a beat. He finally understood why. She was trapped in the memory field. This was the Gu Yunlan before eighteen years of age!

“How can we open up her memory field?” Xuanyuan Ying was a bit panicked, how did she get trapped?

“That’ll be slightly troublesome! At night, around midnight, you can enter into her dream world and find her memory field. Just breaking apart the field will be good enough! But…” Xuanyuan Meng halted. To be honest, other than knowing some small tricks, that was all that she knew. She wasn’t very confident in bringing someone within a dream. However, she herself could freely come and go from someone else’s dream world.

“But what?” Xuanyuan Ying was a bit anxious, fearing that a delay would affect the rescue.

“Whether or not she can wait will be on herself. When the field is broken, the space itself will crack too. Big Brother must be careful!” Xuanyuan Meng looked at her older brother in confusion. What’s with him? Yunlan merely lost her memory, must he be so anxious? Unless he fell for Yunlan? And he’s afraid that she’ll forget him?

“What should be prepared?” Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head and sat down on the table.

Xuanyuan Meng muttered to herself for a bit, then said, “Absolutely nothing is needed! If she won’t wake up, then just directly use spirit power to break it open. Just that will do!”

At that time, Bai Nightspring’s angered voice sounded, “Why am I not let in? This is granny’s house! Wait until granny gets back, I will definitely tell her that you guys are bullying me!”

“Bro, come back once you’ve taken care of that! She’s disturbing me by being so noisy!” Xuanyuan Meng looked at him helplessly.

Xuanyuan Ying furrowed his brows and stood up, how annoying! What’s with Old Bai? Instead of keeping an eye on his little sister, why was she let out?

Seeing Xuanyuan Ying expressionlessly opening the door and walking out, she immediately scurried over to the doorway and peeked.

When the furious Bai Nightspring, who was locked in the courtyard, saw Xuanyuan Ying walking over, her expression suddenly softened. “Mister Xuanyuan, why do you ignore me even after staying at someone else’s home for so long?”

“We’re familiar with each other?” Xuanyuan Ying creased his brows slightly and coldly dumped those words on her.

“You…” Bai Nightspring’s eyes turned red from hearing his words. She was very familiar with him, but he was not familiar with her. Every time, she would be hiding at the doorway, watching him.

“If you don’t have any business here, then please don’t bother me!” Xuanyuan Ying said coldly and turned to leave.

“Mister Xuanyuan, I just…” Bai Nightspring softly called out to him with a pitiful expression. She impatiently watched as he walked further away. She stamped her feet in anger.

Xuanyuan Ying coldly walked to the gate of the back courtyard, “Are you done watching? Take good care of her during the afternoon. I’ll be back soon!”

Xuanyuan Meng who was hiding behind the gate came out blankly from behind the gate and nodded her head dumbly. She was caught eavesdropping? How could Big Brother be so fast? He seemed to have come over in the blink of an eye.

Xuanyuan Ying turned around and walked towards Bai Nightspring. Bai Nightspring’s face brightened, and smiled as he opened the gate. She hurriedly followed him. Upon departure, she didn’t forget to turn her head to look gloatingly at Xuanyuan Meng.

Xuanyuan Meng twisted her mouth, shut the gate furiously, and sat by Gu Yunlan’s bed. So infuriating. For that woman to want to enter the Xuanyuan family, humph humph! She wanted her to go away and never come back.

Xuanyuan Ying was very fast. Bai Nightspring had to jog in order to barely keep up with him. Sweat started forming on her forehead. She wanted to call out to him to halt his steps. Yet, she feared that he’d get annoyed, so she could only continue to follow. At that moment, she hated herself for never learning some martial arts from her older brother.

Xuanyuan Ying finally stopped at the village’s back mountains. Bai Nightspring released a breath. Before she could even say anything, she saw her own big brother appear in front of them.

“What is it?” Bai Yiran’s handsome face flashed with a bit of confusion. Didn’t this guy really dislike Little Sister? How come Little Sister and him are walking together?

“Properly look after her. If she bothers me again, I’ll never come back here!” Xuanyuan Ying coldly dumped that sentence, then turned to leave. What he meant was, if she still doesn’t know her place, then we’ll break off our relations.

The words he spoke had some weight. Bai Yiran had a trace of a bitter smile. He glanced at his red-eyed little sister, “Nightspring, why can’t you understand? You guys really aren’t suitable, Big Brother doesn’t want you to chase after him like this! It’s really tiring!”

“No! Big Brother, why can’t I?” Her face was deathly pale . How could he say something so cruel? She really couldn’t stop chasing. She turned around furiously, wanting to investigate.

“Stand still!” Bai Yiran yelled at her to halt. “Be more obedient for a few days! Can’t you see that his mood isn’t stable? Pestering him anymore these next few days will only be courting disaster!”

“Then, I can do it any other time?” Bai Nightspring asked hesitatingly. For the next few days… so Big Brother meant it’s fine afterwards?

“Don’t think so unrealistically! Go back! Go make Big Bro something delicious!” In the end, Bai Yiran didn’t argue any further with his little sister. She was too stubborn. He really didn’t understand. He could only pacify her, unless she finally thinks it through.

“Big Brother! You’re treating me like a servant!”

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