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Chapter 40: Rid of the Corpse Poison

“Big Brother! Why can’t I go in?” Xuanyuan Meng pulled on Xuanyuan Ying’s sleeve, looking miserable. She really was worried about her sister-in-law, pei! Yunlan, ah.

“That’s right, Big Brother! Why can’t I go in?” Bai Nightspring tugged on Bai Yiran’s sleeve as if she didn’t want to be outdone. She didn’t get a clear look of how that lady looked the other day. This time, she was determined to get a clear look!

“Be quiet!” Xuanyuan Ying creased his brows and said to Bai Yiran, “I’ll go in now. Don’t let them in. Not only would the previous efforts be wasted if Old Dame Zhu were to be disturbed, both ends will have lost!”

“Go in now! I’m here!” Bai Yiran nodded his head with a solemn expression.

Xuanyuan Ying turned around and headed out the door. By the time the two of them followed him out, his figure had already been long gone.

“Humph!” “Humph!” Each of the two girls whipped their heads around and left. Bai Yiran shook his head after glancing at the two outside and took up the book in his hands to continue reading. Don’t mention them, even he couldn’t go in. Saying he was afraid that Old Dame Zhu would be disturbed should be fine.

Xuanyuan Ying appeared in the ice cave. Gu Yunlan laid quietly on the ice bed while Old Dame Zhu meditated at the side with her eyes closed. Only when she heard the sound of Xuanyuan Ying’s footsteps did she open her eyes. “You’ve taken care of the outside?”

Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head, “Can we begin now, Old Dame?”

Old Dame Zhu took out a porcelain jar and passed it over. “Hold this, something will come out of it later. Listen for my signal. Against this corpse poison, this thing is a good treasure!”

Xuanyuan Ying took the jar and nodded his head.

“First, take off her clothes, have her lay on her stomach! Tie her feet together!” After instructing him, Old Dame Zhu started to set up some necessary items.

Xuanyuan Ying put the jar in his hand to the side and slowly supported Gu Yunlan up. He had already done this three times. He was well practiced by the fourth. He carefully took off all her clothing and, without shifting his eyes, laid her stomach-down on the ice bed. With her face facing towards him, he took out a strip of cloth and tied her exposed legs together.

Only after he finished doing that did he pick up the jar and stand quietly to the side. Of course, he let anyone else spectate, just him alone was enough. He definitely couldn’t guarantee that Bai Yiran would be able to stay concentrated! Besides the second time, he took a glance.

“What are you daydreaming for? This Old Dame is about to begin!” Old Dame Zhu turned around in time to see him staring blankly and couldn’t help but mock him. Hasn’t he gotten used to seeing this already? Why has he not snapped back to consciousness yet?

“En!” Xuanyuan Ying snapped back to reality and looked towards the ice bed. He watched Old Dame Zhu hold up a coldly glinting dagger, and lightly cut four very long slits into Gu Yunlan’s snow white skin.

Xuanyuan Ying’s pupils flashed. It looked, unexpectedly, similar to the claw marks made by the white bone demon. Indeed, she lived up to her name!

What’s odd was that no blood poured out from the wound. Old Zhu’s movements didn’t stop there, she directly took out a jar, pulled out the stopper, and gently poured the contents onto Gu Yunlan’s back.

Xuanyuan Ying’s pupils flashed again. What kind of thing is that? There were three finger length, long maggots! That’s right, it really was something like that. Only, they were very dark. They wriggled a few times on Gu Yunlan’s back, then rapidly dug in. The wound on her back healed itself automatically.

One could vaguely see black things moving under her clear, shining skin. Three little bumps moved about. After an unknown amount of time, they directly exited from her brain.

After a short period of time, Gu Yunlan’s face darkened as she started to reveal a pained expression. Her body started to twist about. Old Dame Zhu yelled, “Give the jar to me. You go hold her down!”

He hurriedly placed the jar into Old Dame Zhu’s hands and pressed down Gu Yunlan’s shoulders.

Old Dame Zhu expressionlessly picked up the dagger and once again cut some slits on her back before lifting the dagger up and pointing it at the wound. In that period of time, black mist began flowing out from the wound endlessly, immediately disappearing into the dagger.

Gu Yunlan’s twisting and turning became more and more violent. Her feet started to move about. Xuanyuan Ying could only feel pain in his heart as the strip of cloth that bound her feet left red marks around her ankles.

After an unknown amount of time, the black mist gradually lessened. Gu Yunlan’s complexion also returned to normal. At last, no more black mist spewed out. Old Dame Zhu took out some white powder and scattered it around the mouth of the jar. She bit open her finger and dripped the rapidly-appearing blood on the white powder.

In a moment, three bumps appeared on the pure white skin and started to cut their way out. They were very fast. In just a few moments, three snow white maggots the size of a thumb crawled out and burrowed into the jar. Old Dame Zhu was also very quick, immediately capping the lid.  Seeing that everything had quieted down, she let out a long breath.

“You two have exchanged blood before, so she needs your blood now!” Old Dame Zhu glanced at Gu Yunlan’s pale lips. She was seriously lacking blood!

Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head and hurried to her side. He took up Old Dame Zhu’s dagger and sliced open a cut on his middle finger without any hesitation. His blood flowed out swiftly. He pinched her mouth open and dripped the blood in. One drop, two drops, all the way until her lips recovered its color, only then did he staunch the blood.

“It’s fine now! All’s good!” Old Dame Zhu clasped the jar as she walked to one side of the room and sat down. She started to tidy up her things, “Now, whether or not she’ll awake will depend entirely on her luck!”

Xuanyuan Ying nodded his head silently and sat down to the side. This was the first time he experienced a dizzying feeling. It was truly hard to bear, but his heart truly felt happy. He slowly closed his eyes to rest.

Old Dame Zhu, who finished tidying up her things, nodded her head in satisfaction. Towards the girl, he really does have a heart! However, this made her even more determined to have Gu Yunlan as her disciple. Seeing Xuanyuan Ying resting with his eyes closed, Old Dame Zhu lifted the things in her hands and slowly headed out the ice cave. Her materials had been used up again. She had to go into the mountains to harvest and prepare a gift for the meeting with her disciple!

Gu Yunlan stared numbly at what was in front of her. The room was familiar, but unfamiliar at the same time. What are these things that hover in the middle of the air? Also, what is that black-colored thing? Who is she?”

She felt familiar with everything she saw. She was very familiar with that lady, and she also seemed to recognize that man. That’s not right! She was that lad.

A bout of pain suddenly appeared, ouch! Gu Yunlan covered her head. Why is it that when she thought that, her head would be in pain? Unless she wasn’t him? Coming across a beautiful painting, her hands dropped down numbly. The painting looked very familiar, very beautiful. A man sat atop a tree, while a woman looked up at him. However, the man’s charming eyes were looking up.

She stared at each painting fixedly. Two people deep in an alleyway, the man pulling the woman’s hand. The woman smiled very sweetly. The two of them slept in the same tent; the woman’s cheeks were blushing red…

Oh no! A patch of black fog swiftly rushed towards one of the paintings. Ah! Her head was in pain as that painting was swallowed. In a single moment, she felt as if something in her memory had disappeared! No! That black fog engulfed materials. It must not destroy the paintings or she will be in pain!

She immediately reached out her hands, only to touch emptiness. Passing through the nothingness, it seemed as if that black fog had no shape.

What now? She turned her head to look towards a painting on one side. The evil looking man in the painting looked as if he was teaching the woman. Close your eyes, quietly sense everything outside, come, remember it, you can manipulate it into anything you want. Then, you can use it to attack other people. This thing, let’s call this spirit power…

Spirit power! These words rushed violently into her mind, that’s right! Just use that. She immediately closed her eyes, and her head started to hurt again. The black fog swallowed up another painting. She must hurry up and protect these fine paintings!

With her eyes closed, she slowly imagined the world outside. Those painting and the black fog were clearly imprinted in her mind. Hand! She slowly materialized a huge pair of hands to forcibly snatch away those paintings. As the giant pair of hands appeared, she could clearly feel it. She brandished those hands. Go away!

The huge hand fiercely snatched away a painting that was being corroded by the black fog. As if it were living, the black fog seemed to hesitate. Then it drifted off towards another painting. The huge hands once again darted in front of it and snatched them away. It was as if the black fog was competing with her.

Slowly, the paintings behind Gu Yunlan piled up. She quickly snatched back the last painting. Just as she released a breath, she found that the black fog turned into a huge mouth and was rushing towards her.

Gu Yunlan’s heart skipped a beat. She punched at it, scattering the black fog. It instantly reformed! After an unknown amount of time, and an unknown number of times the black fog reformed, Gu Yunlan felt her body becoming exhausted, as if she couldn’t hold on any longer.

That black fog seemed to have been delighted by this, for it suddenly turned into a huge mouth and attacked. In the time Gu Yunlan had shut her eyes tightly, she immediately materialized two huge hands to support her up. Slowly, the huge mouth drew near. She could smell a hint of blood.

She couldn’t hold on for much longer. She needed strength to escape. It was very important. If she were to be swallowed by that black fog, would she die?

Just as the black fog was about to bite down on her, it trembled violently. At last, it pulled back and started to float in the middle of the air again, twisting and writhing endlessly.

Gu Yunlan opened her eyes weakly. This was the best chance to attack the black fog. Too bad her entire body had no more strength, even lifting her hands was hard. She could only quietly watch that black fog tremble endlessly.

The black fog’s writing stopped after an unknown amount of time. It floated menacingly towards Gu Yunlan. But she really didn’t have a single ounce of strength left; she could only await death!

“Yunlan! Hold on, you must not give up. Don’t forget why you came back! Don’t forget how the Gu Family was destroyed!” A familiar sound sounded from outside, talking to Gu Yunlan. That voice was full of strength! She was called Gu Yunlan! She wanted to live!

Gu Yunlan stood her body up abruptly and reached both hands out to firmly block the approaching black fog.

It was blocked? She was really delighted; she could actually use her hands to block the black fog, no need to use spirit power!

The black fog was incredibly powerful, to hold it off was really draining. Feeling as if a century had passed, just as Gu Yunlan couldn’t hold on any longer, an opening slowly appeared in the sealed room. The black fog was instantly sucked out.

Gu Yunlan didn’t resist as inertia pulled her forward, laying her stomach-down on the ground. She used the last ounce of her strength to flip her body over. The opening on the ceiling had already closed up; she was safe now.

Tremble! The room was trembling violently, but she didn’t feel like moving. So tired, so tired. She couldn’t lift up her hand. Wouldn’t it be okay to just sleep through this?

After an unknown amount of time, when she was all drowsy, the outside of the room started to shake even more violently. She seemed to hear a blood-curdling scream and a cracking sound.

Will someone come to save her? But, she really wanted to sleep, really wanted to sleep.

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