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Chapter 85: Losses are not Acceptable


In the Gu City, the only one who has the surname Xuanyuan is him! Sun Jiafu’s face color changed, then immediately fixed his expression, “So it was Young Miss Xuanyuan, excuse our bad manners!”


“You really are lacking manners.” Xuanyuan Meng lifted her hand, and looked all around it, “To people who lack manners, my hand would itch. However, I’m afraid of dirtying my hands, what should I do?”


“I’ll help you hit!” Sun Jiafu stood up with a mocking smile, and squatted next to the sissy on the ground. He hit his mouth a few times, “Pah! Pah pah!”


The sissy was beaten till his tears flowed continuously, yet still he didn’t dare beg for forgiveness. Xuanyuan Ying’s fierceness have long spread all around the Gu City, simply a blood-thirsty madman. His presence on the battlefield would make people freeze in terror! A character as fierce as this, his little sister must not be weak. He knows this as he watched he two hands beat him.


Xuanyuan Meng retrieved her hand and fixed her expression. She lifted the tea cup and took a sip before saying, “Didn’t you say Yunlan knows no shame? Come! Let’s talk, how does she not know shame? Isn’t her and my big bro’s relationship known to everyone?” 


“Yi!” Gu Yunlan spurted out a mouthful of tea, who and who? What relationship could she and Xuanyuan Ying have? This girl is causing more and more trouble!


With Xuanyuan Meng’s words, everyone present went silent. The water Gu Yunlan spat out landed directly on the sissy’s face. He didn’t even dare move, and let the tea drip onto his collar.


Yangjin’s face color changed, even An Jiaona’s face showed she couldn’t believe it, as for that Sun Jiafu, he was scared stupid.


Xuanyuan Meng looked at everyone’s expression puzzledly, and said rather helplessly, “Yunlan is already my bro’s house manager? Could you have not know, because from looking at your expression, you think a female can’t be the house manager?”


When she said this, Gu Yunlan choked on her water. She could only say, this girl is too evil! She adjusted her expression, “Enough! Since we’re all here, let’s talk about my little sister’s situation! The mister on the ground get up first!”


Because she had to, Gu Yunlan made herself imposing. Her one phrase made others look at her in a more serious light. The sissy nimbly scrambled up, and found a chair to sit in.


“Alright! Then I’ll talk first, since Eldest Miss Gu and Young Miss Xuanyuan are here, I won’t go too far. I simply want to invite you to discuss it rationally!” Sun Jiafu said seriously. With Xuanyuan Ying’s reputation, Sun Jiafu was more sincere, and no longer called himself ‘daddy’.


“Please talk!” Gu Yunlan had always been like this; a bit of respect will be paid back tenfold. Disrespect me once, then I must attack harshly first. She’s alright with dropping the previous matters.


“Yesterday afternoon, that General Yang sent people to find me saying he has important matters to discuss. So we met in a tavern and used a thousand silver pieces to buy his mistress for that night! I found blood and a mess all over the bed when I woke up, yet didn’t find anything wrong. Yet when this daddy went home, I realized I was tricked! It wasn’t this daddy she slept with! You guys say, what kind of situation is this?” As Sun Jiafu neared the end of his history he became more and more angry, he even used the word ‘daddy’!


“Oh?” Gu Yunlan dragged out the one word, he’d even tell her of the hushed matters inside the bedroom. She hooked up the corners of her mouth disdainfully, “The who do you think slept with her?”


“I don’t know who it was either! Anyhow, this daddy slept soundly the entire night! That Yangjin and your little sister dared to trick me! Young Miss Gu! I ask of you what you think is the best way to solve this?” Zun Jiafu looked at Gu Yunlan with a smiling face.


Gu Yunlan picked up the scented tea on the table and blew on it lightly before gently taking a sip. Only after she put it down did she say, “There’s no point in asking me, you should be asking those involved! I only came over to visit my little sister, who would’ve known she caused such trouble. Even saying she doesn’t have the face to see anyone!”


An Jiaona was quiet the entire time, carefully listening to the conversation i fear Gu Yunlan would say something condemning. Who knew that Gu Yunlan would instead cunningly kick the hot potato right back at her. She froze, shifting her gaze over to Yangjin.


“I’ll return the money to you, then you leave!” Yangjin said after a while. Even he didn’t know where the problem came from. To think there’d be someone who can set him up without him knowing!


“Bullshit! You think you’re sealing with a beggar? You think we’re monkeys?” Sun Jiafu slammed the table. Forget courtesy, are they mocking him?


“Then what do you propose?” An Jiaona’s tears were swirling in her eyes, seemingly on the verge of crying again.


“Forget the fifty thousand pieces of silver, ten thousand silver! The night is over anyway, our Family’s lord can’t be bothered. Or you can return with us and become the Lord’s nineteenth mistress!” The sissy received Sun Jiafu’s instruction, and reached out his hands saying.


“Why don’t you go commit robbery! I don’t what to go to the Sun Family!” An Jiaona gritted her teeth, looking at Sun Jiafu angrily. Even the dowry Mother gave her wasn’t more than fifty thousand silver, more than half has been used already!


“Robbery?” The sissy humohed coldly, covering his mouth in laughter, “We’re committing robbery? If it were to be spelled out, you won’t say your Yang Family is the one committing robbery? Selling a night for a thousand silver, but not handing the person over? Now you dare make a false charge? You make me laugh!”


“I…” An Jiaona was stunned, she turned her head to look pleadingly at Gu Yunlan. She kneeled down what a thus, “Big Sister! Help me please think of something! You can’t just watch Nana get married off without doing anything! Even if you don’t care about my mother, please think about Father at least!”


Gu Yunlan smiled, an angry smile. Who cares if you caused a scandal by yourself, yet you expect me to think of something? Is her brain rotten? She smiled coldly, “Then, Little Sister, how should I think of something?”


Hearing this, An Jiaona lifted her head in shock. She completely forgot about Gu Yunlan’s tone as she immediately knelt down by Gu Yunlan’s feet, “Big Sister! When Father left home, he must have had money, why don’t you give that money to him?”


At this moment, Gu Yunlan suddenly felt not condemning her earlier was a mistake. Such a selfish person will forever be selfish. Don’t ever count on them having a change of heart.


She looked at her with a cold gaze, “Give it to you? You want Father to come back? What will he eat them?”


“Father? He’s going to come back?” An Jiaona said stupidly, Father will come back?


“Slap!” Gu Yunlan sent out a palm, she’s simply looking to be angered! “Unfilial daughter! Why can’t Father come back? He’s only there to recuperate! What did you want to do?”


She took a deep breath, then lifted her head to survey the few people, “Yangjin, do you have anything to say about selling a daughter of our Gu Family?”


“What is there to say?” Xuanyuan Meng had a face full of disgust, “I’ll directly tell my brother, after a half year in the seat of marshal, someone dared to insult your Gu house manager, meaning they dared to insult our Marshal Mansion!”


Xuanyuan Meng said this for the Sun Family to hear.


Yangjin pondered for a moment, but still just nodded in the end. Even if not counting his wrongdoings, the entire city would still hear of this. After a while he replied, “No comment!”


Gu Yunlan nodded her head, then looked over at Sun Jiafu again saying coldly, “As for the matter concerning my little sister, I can ignore it. But your insult to me earlier cannot be ignored. If I hear a shred of rumors in the marketplace, all future contact with this lady will not be pleasant!”


Xuanyuan Meng echoed, “Of course it can’t be ignored, Yunlan still has to marry in the future! If her reputation were to be dirtied, how can she marry? How about this! Wrong her once, then pay up fifty thousand silver!”


“Young Miss Xuanyuan! This isn’t right! The rumors going around isn’t from us, plus, we only heard the rumors about Gu Family’s daughter just now…” Sun Jiafu panicked, yet still didn’t dare anger Xuanyuan Meng. Seeing Xuayuan Meng’s expression change, he immediately shut up and could only look at Gu Yunlan pitifully saying, “Young Miss Gu, how about we don’t ask for too much from your little sister. Instead have her directly give us back the money?”


“No way!” Gu Yunlan suddenly stood up, eyeing their group coldly. She hooked up the corners of her mouth, “Then won’t it be me on the losing side? It wasn’t my business to begin with. I just came here to see Little Sister, however, my reputation was stained, and even the Gu Family’s reputation was stained! You still dare act as if nothing happened!”


Her intentions were very clear, she refuses to swallow any loss. They were the ones who caused a disturbance– she was merely an innocent observer. Nevermind getting tangled in the matter, but even the Gu Family was tangled, forget it? How is this acceptable?


“How about this! I’ll send some people to the marketplace to start some good rumors about the Young Miss Gu!” Sun Jiafu took a step back, saying as he wished to be looked on favorably.


“That General Yang’s wrongdoings can’t be left alone now right? How can he be a good role model for the military then?” Gu Yunlan narrowed her eyes as she looked at Yangjin, his expression was unreadable.


Makes sense. He took a deep breath and said to Xuanyuan Meng, “I’ll inconvenience you to tell the Marshal, I, Yangjin will drop myself two ranks!”


“Alright! That’ll work!” Xuanyuan Meng nodded her head energetically before facing Sun Jiafu, “What do you think?”


“It should be good! However, I will send an apology gift to your family!” Sun Jiafu also stood up and faced the two with a bow, “Goodbye!”


“Take care!” Gu Yunlan curled her lips in a smile, nodding towards him.


When the group of people finally left, Gu Yunlan turned to the other two, “An Jiaona! I have used all this time to help you! I hope there is no next time! I won’t be able to help you then!”


Gu Yunlan gazed coldly at An Jiaona on the ground, sighing, “Nana, won’t you divorce?”


An Jiaona looked at Gu Yunlan in terror, shaking her head furiously, “No! I won’t divorce. If I were to divorce, I will have nothing!”


“Fine then don’t divorce! Don’t come looking for me to help anymore! Think carefully, how many times did I have to come save your ass! I’ll tell you! The Yang and Gu Family, choose one!” Gu Yunlan said forcefully.


Xuanyuan Meng knew that Gu Yunlan was forcing An Jiaona to stay with Yangjin here. This time really angered her, sigh! These two has no ends to causing trouble!


An Jiaona was completely shocked dumb. Big Sister is really angry now; she created so many problems for her and now she’s done with it. But she didn’t think Gu Yunlan would force her to make a choice like that. Is it possible that the Gu Family would no longer support he? She could only rely on Yangjin? For the first time, she hesitated. Her life and death isn’t stable with Yangjin, but with the Gu Family, she’d have no need to ever marry!


The room was very quiet. Gu Yunlan stood up real straight, not moving a single inch. Yangjin was also stunned, as if stuck in an astonished state.


After a long time, An Jiaona finally raised her head resolutely. She hit her head heavily a few times towards her saying, “Big Sister! I’m sorry! I can’t go with you! I live in the Yang Family, and so I’ll die as a ghost of the Yang Family!”


“You!” Gu Yunlan was so angered she directly waved her sleeves to leave.


“Yunlan! Wait for me!” Xuanyuan Meng immediately stood up, but quickly said to the kneeling An Jiaona, “You better behave!”


Seeing the four leaving figures, An Jiaona sat paralyzed on the ground. She stared into the distance, staying in stupor for a long time.

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