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Chapter 86: Light Mood


Gu Yunlan promptly left from the Yang Family’s gates, smiling happily. Clearly she was only there to watch all the fun, yet returned with such a satisfactory outcome. Since that An Jiaona can’t tell apart bad and good intentions, anything else that happens won’t be her problem. For her father’s face, she couldn’t help but make a move and even save her a few times. 


“Yunlan! Wait for me!” Xuanyuan Meng chased from behind as she hollered. Yunlan wasn’t the only one angry, even she felt angry. That An Jiaona really deserved to be sold! That man treated her that way, yet she’s rather die than change.


Seeing Gu Yunlan slow her steps, the three trailing behind caught up with delight. Xuanyuan Meng grabbed ahold of her arm, “Yunlan! Don’t be angry!”


“That’s right! Young Miss! Look at their face, makes me want to slap them a few times. At least A’ Mu did it for me!” Xin’er looked over at A’ Mu gratefully.


“I also felt angry watching it all, seeing that neither manly or womanly way to talk, I just directly sent over a palm. As long as you guys don’t mind my medling!” A’ Mu said somewhat embarrassed, the strike was a spur of a moment action. 


“Good! You both did well!” Xuanyuan Meng looked at the two girls in satisfaction, then turned to look at Gu Yunlan, consoling, “Yunlan! Are you alright?”


Gu Yunlan halted, then smiled widely, “I’m fine! I was only there to watch the fun, didn’t we already get what we want?”


Xuanyuan Meng glanced at her uneasily, but released a breath when she saw she was really okay, “Well said! Yangjin dropped two ranks voluntarily, the two are both no longer virgins, I guess Yangjin will now go out of his way to find women. Seeing his dispirited look today made me so happy. And also that person, he even talked about sending an apology gift, we struck gold today!”


“Find out who spread the rumor if you have time, I’m truly curious as to who’s working behind my back!” Gu Yunlan looked into the distance. In this short period of time, the snowfall became even heavier.


In reality she should be happy since Xuanyuan’s power is recovering.; he can control his body temperature. This was also the reason it hasn’t been snowing recently. She worries most about Jiang Chen, especially those last words she heard back then, “Run? Wait until this emperor recovers and see how you will escape then!”


“What’s wrong? Why so distracted?” Xuanyuan Meng waved her hands in front of her face, why is she staring blankly?


“Nothing’s wrong!” Gu Yunlan shook her head. Girls from nearby cities are still disappearing, which means Jiang Chen’s strength is definitely recovering. She really hopes Xuanyuan Ying’s strength can recover sooner… she let out a sigh, then lifted her feet to continue on her way.


The car wasn’t parked far, only about two hundred meters away from the Yang Family. The four walked silently to the car, Gu Yunlan opened the car door preparing to go in.


“Yi? Yunlan? Mengmeng?” A woman’s voice called from behind them, sounding surprised to see them here.


Poised ready to duck into the car, Gu Yunlan immediately stepped back out and turned around towards the voice’s direction. Her face immediately lit up in delight, “Luolan! How come you’re over here?”


“Dummy! This is my home’s back gates!” Zi Luolan walked over smilingly, “What are you two doing here then?”


“I was visiting my little sister! Her new home is here!” Gu yunlan smiled forcefully.


“The Yang Family? They made such a ruckus this morning!” Zi Luolan didn’t ask for any more details, as she then changed the topic with a question, “Do you have time tonight?”


Gu Yunlan hesitated, then nodded her head, “What for?”


“I must apologize for the matters last night! Also, I’ve been busy with business matters the whole year, so I was thinking about inviting you out to eat. Who knew you’d show up right then, such a coincidence. What do you think about going to our Clouds Arrive As Guests for a meal?” Zi Luolan smiled towards her, watching her hesitantly, “Yi? You bought a car?”


“My big bro gave it to her!” Xuanyuan Meng leaned on the side of the car aying leisurely.


“Yi?” Zi Luolan looked hesitatingly at her, “Yunlan! Could the rumors be true? You and Marshal Xuanyuan?”


Gu Yunlan’s pupils flashed, she changed the topic, “Yunlan, didn’t you say you wanted to invite me out to eat? Can’t I just answer? What time tonight?”


“Oh!” Zi Luolan snapped back to attention. Hearing her change the topic, she knew she didn’t want to talk about the matter. She hurriedly smiled, “Tonight at seven, bring your friends along too, I’ll pay! It’s good to have more people!”


“How can this be okay? We didn’t have to pay when we ate yesterday, your family’s shopkeeper is scared of us now! Eating so much in one afternoon, we shouldn’t go again for at least another year!” Gu Yunlan smiled somewhat embarrassed. They probably wasted quite a lot of money last night, especially since they were freshly made dishes.


“What do you mean!” Zi Luolan shot her a look, “Who are you? My best friend, so you can definitely eat with no care!”


“Wow!” Xuanyuan Meng was completely delighted. She thought the food they brought home last night was incomparably delicious! Tche tche, she immediately said, “Yunlan! Remember to bring me whenever you go in the future!”


“Pig!” Gu Yunlan gave her the stink eye, then said to Zi Luolan, “Luolan! This girl is a real pig, don’t mind her!”


“Alright! You can come!” Zi Luolan looked at her teasingly. Her Zi Family has great wealth and business, these little things don’t matter. She lifted her head to survey the sky color, asking, “Have you eaten? It’s already midday, why don’t we go eat there first?”


“No way! We’ll eat back home!” Gu Yunlan shook her head, “They’ll be wondering where we went!”


“Okay!” Zi Luolan giggled into her sleeve with a knowing look. She blinked towards the two of them, “I won’t keep you here anymore! Head back now!”


Gu yunlan looked at her helplessly, she’s thinking too much.


“Don’t forget about meeting tonight! The more people the better!” Zi Luolan blinked at her, waving her hands before turning around to walk down the road.


Gu Yunlan smiled helplessly towards the three other, this rumor flies fast! When Zi Luolan’s figure finally disappeared from view, the four sat into the car and headed back.


They got out once the car entered the gates and parked to a stop. Feeling a chill, Gu Yunlan adjusted her coat and looked upwards just in time to see Xuanyuan Ying covered in snow walk in the gates. Zhang Ziyan followed behind with a cold face.


“Big Bro!” Xuanyuan Meng lifted her chin, delighted to find out her big brother has returned.


“You’re back?” Xuanyuan Ying directed this question at Gu Yunlan.


Gu Yunlan nodded her head, then said, “I bumped into Luolan just now. She said tonight at seven, she’ll invite everyone to eat at the Clouds Arrive As Guests for dinner! It’s to apologize for the mess at the Zi Family last time!”


As she said this, Zhang Ziyan’s face color changed, and coldly said, “I have matters to attend to, I’ll be leaving first!”


“What kind of attitude is this!” Xuanyuan Meng watched her figure disappearing further away, then turned towards the group, her tone is completely different, “Remember to tell me when you’re going, it was too unfortunate I couldn’t go yesterday. All this was so tiring, A’Mu! Let’s go! Let’s rest properly when we get back, then we’ll eat delicious food at night!”


Seeing her family’s young imss turning to leave, A’ Mu immediately nodded her head and chased after her.


“What about lunch?” Gu Yunlan blinked, shouting towards the two.


Xuanyuan Meng didn’t stop walking, they could see her waving her hand from afar. Gu Yunlan shook her head helplessly, and instructed the nearby Xin’er, “Prepare some lunch, you should rest too!”


Xin’er immediately nodded her head, then turned to leave.


“What’s wrong?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her uncomprehendingly, her mood doesn’t seem quite right!”


“Let’s talk inside!” Gu Yunlan shot him a look, her expression a bit cold, then turned to go towards the study room.


Xuanyuan Ying could only rub his nose and follow her inside. Was this temperament directed at him? But he was out the entire morning, he didn’t do anything to provoke her!


Gu Yunlan sat down in a chair. Her mood was fine at first -An Jiaona can’t influence her- but seeing Xuanyuan Ying just now, her mood dimmed.


Thinking about the rumors floating around, about Jiang Chen’s threatening words, and about what Bai Linlong said, she suddenly felt as if the current peace will be too short-lived. She must get stronger. Not for anything else, but for protecting herself, her father, their peace in these warring times.


“What’s wrong?” Xuanyuan Ying sat down by her, looking at her confused.


“Nothing!” Gu Yunlan snapped back to focus, shaking her head. Seeing Xuanyuan Ying looking at her worriedly, her mind flashed back to the rumors, “Can Xin’er and I move out?”


“You heard the rumors?” Xuanyuan Ying’s eyebrows creased. He’s heard of it long ago, but he didn’t care about it too much. He looks down on things this.


“En!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head, then went silent…


Xuanyuan Ying took a deep breath. He knew about her taboo topic, but in this world, he can’t help but worry if she went to live outside. He finally said after a while, “You care about reputation?”


Gu Yunlan shook her head and leaned back on her chair, smiling mockingly to herself, “I don’t care, reputation isn’t worth much!”


She’d only care about her reputation for a year at most, when war breaks out a year later, who would bother about that anymore? In her previous life, she was protected thoroughly by Father, Yangjin and An Jiaona, too. She had no idea about the horrors of this world. Only in the last half year did she learn about the terrors.


“Then why do you want to move out still?” Xuanyuan Ying didn’t understand her thinking at all, he pressed on his temple, “You’ve lived here for so long, you’ll probably be uncomfortable with moving elsewhere. Why don’t we move out!”


“No need! I was just joking!” Gu Yunlan shook her head with a smile, yet her pupils still flashed, “That’s right! You haven’t said whether you’ll be going tonight?”


“I’ll go because you said so! These mundane things, I’m too lazy to do anything beyond standing up!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her meaningfully, he knew she was conflicted, ai! Sometimes he really doesn’t get their thinking.


“Young Miss! Lunch is ready, would you like to eat in the study room or the dining hall?” Xin’er’s voice came from outside.


“The dining hall, I’m on my way!” Gu Yunlan stood up, said to Xuanyuan Ying, “Are you going?”


Xuanyuan Ying stood up too, heading towards the door, creak! The door swung open as Gu Yunlan followed him out the study room, closing the door after them.


It was only the two of them during the meal. Gu Yunlan asked Xin’er who stood behind unmovingly, “Xin’er, about when will they be leaving?”


“Young Master Bai said they’ll leave once the sky clears up!” Seeing her Young Miss’s expression softened, Xin’er released a relieved sigh. Ever since returning from the Yang Household, the Young Miss’s mood wasn’t too good. She didn’t say anything, so they didn;t dare ask either, “I bought a lot of things for Young Master Bai to bring to Gramps and Master!”


“Very good!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head. Then she looked down to see a bowl full of food from the dishes. She looked over at Xuanyuan Ying in astonishment, “Didn’t you say it’s not good to eat too much?”


“Gu Yunlan! Come out here!” Zhang Ziwei’s furious shout echoed from the outside.

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