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Chapter 91: Benefiting from Disaster


Amidst her confusion, a dark shadow slowly emerged from behind her. She was startled as she watched the shadow fearfully, her mouth gaped wide open yet no words came out.


The dark shadow seemed to be silently judging her, only after a period of time did it say, “No need to be afraid! Little girl, your intelligence is not bad.”


Gu Yunlan started. The voice was female, its tone peaceful and soft. Naturally, the fear in her heart died down.


“You want to say something?”


Gu Yunlan blinked her eyes furiously. With a wave of the shadow’s hand, she felt her throat loosen, allowing her to speak again. She immediately asked, “Who are you? Where is this?”


“Little girl, don’t you know that curiosity killed the cat? All you need to know is that I won’t harm you!” The female voice was just as gentle as before, “You don’t need to be scared either. This is an isolated space. Oh right, where did you learn that folk song?”


“Folk song?” Gu Yunlan hesitated. She squirmed a bit, feeling uncomfortable laying in this position, “Are you talking about the folk song I was singing just now? You heard that? It was my grandmother that taught me!”


“The Gu Family…” The female voice fell into a silent pondering for a few seconds, then spoke up again, “Then call me grandma! Being able to meet me is your luck. For the Pure Yin Physique to appear in the Gu Family is a rare occurrence of a thousand years! Even more unique is the ability to maintain harmony between yin and yang!

TLN: For convenience purpose and because of lack of english distinction of grandmothers: Grandmother = paternal granny; Grandma = maternal granny. Not actually english accurate but damnit english


“Grandma?” Gu Yunlan twisted her body yet still didn’t dare ask the other to let her free. Although the fear in her heart had disappeared, she still didn’t dare ask for too much.


“Your cultivation method has a few similarities with mine. They both cultivate by the moon’s essence. Because you are a descendent of the Gu Family, I will pass down the techniques I made myself to you today!”


Just as Grandma finished speaking, Gu Yunlan felt a rush flood to her sea of knowledge, there was absolutely nothing Gu Yunlan could do to hinder it. The rush burst in seconds, causing a a large amount of information to enter mind.


“Comprehend it well! You must not tell anyone about the matters today, including that youngster outside!” Grandma’s voice slowly faded away.


“Grandma, Grandma!” Finding out she could move again, Gu Yunlan immediately sat up. Yet she jumped in fright at the person in front of her, “Xuanyuan?”


“You’re finally awake! You scared me to death!” Xuanyuan Ying released a breath before slowly supporting her.


Gu Yunlan was speechless, she, Grandma? Was that a mere dream just now? That’s not right, her head ached as if it were to burst, that was real.


“What’s wrong? How are you feeling right now?” Xuanyuan Ying creased his brows, grasping her hand away from her head in one move.


“No problem! Only a headache, her body felt fully energized, she wasn’t even hungry!” Gu Yunlan felt delight at these words; her suffering has ended.


“Close your eyes now, feel out the situation in your diantian.” Xuanyuan Ying released a breath. His words sounded serious. He can’t relax without knowing the situation of her body. 


Gu Yunlan immediately nodded her head and closed her eyes. She brought her consciousness to focus deep into her dantian, yet was alarmed by the scene before her. There was no longer an energy body within the dantian, rather there was a concentrated white fluid slowly revolving within the turning dantian.


“How is it?” Seeing Gu Yunlan open her eyes, he immediately asked.


“The energy turned into a white liquid!” Gu Yunlan looked at him with pleasant surprise.


“The conversion was a success! In other words, you’ve broken through!” Xuanyuan Ying’s pupils held a slight smile as he nodded at her. She has suffered these few days, he too worried about her from above, “A milky white color? Although I’ve never come across this and is uncertain whether this white fluid is good or not!”


Gu Yunlan nodded her head. She wanted to tell him about Grandma, yet the words got stuck in her throat. In the end she still swallowed it down. Grandma said she must not even tell him, thus, she asked, “Xuanyuan, my cultivation method is different from your cultivation method, and differs vastly from those dao cultivators. What do you think about naming them?”


Xuanyuan Ying thought for a moment, “Milky white, why don’t you call it ‘Yu Force,’ similar to their “Spirit Force’?”


“Yu Force?” Gu Yunlan repeated it thoughtfully. Suddenly her eyes lit up, “Not Bad! Yu Force! Better than Spirit Force, we’ll call the it Yu Ye!”


“Good!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her with a smile, it’s better to live happily. Seeing her lay there quietly, his heart sunk down. Is this feeling ‘human emotion’?”


“How many days have I been sleeping?” Having obtained the fruits of cultivation from the last few days, Gu Yunlan knew the time wasted must not have been short.


“Tomorrow is the 29th! It wasn’t too long, just in time for the New Year!” Xuanyuan Ying reached out her hand and hugged her in one move. He finally released a breath, the troubles in his heart could finally be put down, “There’s no hurry for you to come out, stay here and solidate your cultivation! I’ll come pick you up in two days!”


Gu Yunlan nodded her head. It’s been five or six days and she truthfully does need more time; Her mind was in a muddled state at the moment. She lifted her head to look up at the opening, was she still in the veranda? The sky had darkened again. She suddenly realized she didn’t even try to resist his embrace.


Xuanyuan Ying let go and smiled at her. His figure left for the opening swiftly. He’s been here for a few days already, not only were there no one to manage the people in the residence, but the barracks too. He must take care of these matters before he can peacefully pass the New Years with her.


Landing smoothly on the ground beside the veranda, he waved his hands to summon a black mist that quickly covered the entrance. By the time he was done with the back mist, the entrance had disappeared from sight. He hooked up the corner of his mouth, his figure disappearing in the blink of an eye.


Once Xuanyuan Ying left, Gu Yunlan sat yup properly. Her thoughts were all muddled and must be organized first. She sank into her consciousness. The contents in her mind weren’t much, yet a single step of utilizing her cultivation method caused her to stop.


This was merely a step of the Moon Essence heart technique. The name was simple and plain, and merely contained one phrase: Order enters the sky, while chaos emerges on the earth.


Gu Yunlan stared blankly, a heat technique with only one phrase? She pondered for a moment but still couldn’t fully understand, so she gave up in the end. Comprehending this won’t take a mere half hour. She heard that each comprehension would take at least an hour.


Right! She seemed to have felt the younger Yunlan during her muddled period. Perhaps she would only come out when she’s in a weakened state?


Seeing as her search was fruitless, she ended up letting it go. It’s better to focus on controlling her Yu Force, and using the Yu Force to control the technique. Things like this, from now on she can only act in hiding and must not let others know,  including Xuanyuan Meng and Xin’er. This matter is now her best life-saving method.


Time flew by quickly, most of the time was spent with her eyes closed. Daytime was spent making the best use of time by familiarizing with the technique. Equipped with previous training instructions, she was a lot more obedient this time and quietly enforced her foundations.


“Yunlan! You’re awake?” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice came from above her head.


Gu Yunlan opened her eyes. The day has brightened and today is the day of New Years Eve. She hooked up the corners of her mouth, saying lightly, “I’m awake!”


Soon, a bag was thrown down from above her head, “Here’s a change of clothes! There’s a comb inside!”


Gu Yunlan’s face reddened as she retrieved the bag. To think she’d only notice the smell coming from her body just now.


Xuanyuan Ying’s voice once again sounded, “Change your clothes first, then take a bath once you get back. I had Xin’er prepare the bath water. Come up yourself once you’re done changing, I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance.”


Hearing footsteps, Xuanyuan Ying turned around. Gu Yunlan walked up to him wearing a purple attire, her hair curled up lightly. He smiled at her wanly.


Although she changed her clothes, Gu Yunlan still felt as if she looked messy. She couldn’t quiet understand how those cultivators could stand the smell from their body? She smiled shyly at Xuanyuan Ying, “We’ll return like this? Feels so careless, I reckon all the city’s citizens will be staring at me!”


Xuanyuan Ying amusedly brushed away a strand of loose hair on her forehead, “Relax! I drove a car over here, not careless at all. Only it seems you’re more beautiful than before! If you went out like that, then I’d guess nobody would be able to lift their gaze!”


Gu Yunlan paused, beautiful? Was this something that came out of Xuanyuan’s mouth? So he does know how to praise others! “Are you Xuanyuan Ying?”


“Did you get cooped up in there for too long? You can’t even recognize this senior!” Xuanyuan Ying tugged at the corners of his mouth. Grasping her hand, they walked towards the courtyards.


“I really got more beautiful?” Gu Yunlan followed his footsteps, asking in wonder. So if she worked hard to cultivate, could she change her appearance?


“You’ll know after you go back and shower. As for now! I’d say even you don’t want to see yourself!” Xuanyuan Ying’s pupils flashed, then turned away his eyes to stride unhesitatingly, leading her away from the ancestral hall.


The car was parked outside the ancestral hall. Don’t want to see? Gu Yunlan looked at Xuanyuan Ying in shock. After being pushed into the front passenger seat, and him entering from the other side of the car, she glanced at the rearview mirror in curiosity.


“Ah!” A sharp scream reached the heavens.


“Xuanyuan Ying!” Gu Yunlan gritted her teeth to look at Xuanyuan Ying who was focused on driving. She thought so; how could Xuanyuan Ying ever praise another? No wonder he won’t look straight at her.


“Didn’t we agree on calling me Uncle? No respect!” Xuanyuan Ying chided with displeasure, this woman shows no respect to her seniors!


“Uncle? Do you look like an uncle?” Gu Yunlan stared at him, then said while pointed at his face, “You look at my face, you call this beautiful? Absolutely disgusting! Going out like this, of course nobody would be able to lift their gaze, they’d probably fall over laughing!” 


“Angry?” Xuanyuan Ying took some time to reach out his hand to help her wipe off the dirt on her face, “Shall I make it up to you?”


Seeing Gu Yunlan pulling a long face and staring silently forward, he took back his hand, rubbing his nose, “Then how about I cook dinner tonight, make a dish for you? You choose a dish!”


Just as he suggested this, Gu Yunlan immediately turned to look at him with a sly smile, “Deal!”


“You must be kidding!” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her alertedly, you wanna fight!


“You’re the one who tricked me first!” Gu Yunlan pouted, “I don’t care, I want to add something. Uncle Xuanyuan should respect the old and love the young~ In the future you make a dish every five days, ok?”


She definitely won’t forget Xuanyuan Ying’s cooking skills, simply impossible to forget!


“Enough! Don’t ‘get an inch, want a mile’!” Xuanyuan Ying glanced at her sideways. With a twist of his hand, the steering wheel turned and the car went down the mountain, directly driving towards the Marshal residence.


It is the New Years today. Although not many people were out in the streets, it was still rather active. Despite still being early in the morning, the sun has not shown itself yet. Everywhere, multicolored lights, red couplets, and red lanterns hung up high were already decorating the streets.


Gu Yunlan leaned against the car window, perhaps this will be the last peaceful scene?


“Don’t be so depressed, everything will advance according to history. We can’t do anything about it, so don’t do anything!” Xuanyuan Ying saw her learning on the windows without moving, and knew what she was thinking.


Gu Yunlan  sat up straight, smiling towards him.


The car steadily entered the Marshal residence from the front gate. Gu Yunlan exited the car with a bit of embarrassment.


“Young Miss! You’re finally back! To think you didn’t take Xin Er with you to pay respects to grandpa!” As soon as they arrived, they could hear Xin’er complaining loudly.

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