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Chapter 7: A Devious Xin’er

A shred of doubt flashed in Gu Yunlan’s eyes, but she didn’t think any further and continued to watch.

The two people on the ground were clearly not to be trifled with, the two fully grown men simply didn’t care about their pride and laid on the ground, shamelessly wailing, “We’ve been hit! Marshal Gu’s daughter has run people over*!” The surrounding group of people all went silent. Gu Family’s Miss? Isn’t that the Zi Family’s carriage?

“Pft!” Xin’er was angered into laughing, and said loudly, “Where is it that you see Marshal Gu’s honorable daughter? Don’t forget to take a look, this is obviously the Zi Family’s carriage, unless you had planned to be hit beforehand?”

“That’s right! Where do you see Gu Family’s Eldest Miss? Isn’t that the Zi Family carriage?” The surrounding masses began to discuss one after another.

“Could it be these two are swindlers?”

“We knew it was the Eldest Miss inside when we saw you…” One of the men responded evasively.

“Humph! So what if you see this girl? This girl went to send a gift to the Zi Family. The Zi Family were polite, and let this girl go home on a carriage!” Xin’er knitted her brows and shouted loudly.

“It’s fine! Xin’er!” Gu Yunlan couldn’t watch anymore. She really doesn’t want to get into a difficult mess right on the streets; it’s so noisy as to make her head dizzy.

Hearing her Miss’s shout from within the carriage, Xin’er immediately ran to the carriage’s window, “Miss…”

“Give them some money, and return!” Gu Yunlan said coldly. From time to time, she scanned the top floors from the corner of her eyes. She smiled coldly; she’ll follow along with their show, and see how they will play it out. She has plenty of time…

Receiving Gu Yunlan’s commands, Xin’er walked over looking as if she was donating to charity saying, “Speak! How much do you want? My Miss has spoken! Do you want silver or gold?”

“We want…” The man lying on the ground brightened and greed flashed in his eyes as he spoke.

“Hold on!” A pleasant sounding male voice interrupted the man’s words.

Hearing this familiar voice, Gu Yunlan closed the curtains and closed her eyes. She should remember to bring guards with her when leaving the household in the future, so that these people can be sent away, directly dealing with them with a gun.

“And who are you?” Xin’er’s impatient voice came from outside the carriage.

“Girl! Don’t be afraid! Don’t let them blackmail you, I was watching from the side and saw everything clearly. They’re blackmailing you!” That male voice said gently in the carriage’s direction.

Gu Yunlan lifted the corner of her mouth. Although she didn’t respond, she knocked on the carriage’s window twice.

Hearing the knocks from inside the carriage, Xin’er promptly faced the man saying, “Since this gentleman is willing to fight injustice for us, I shall go report to my Miss. You go deal with them first!”

Xin’er trotted to the carriage. While entering the carriage, she smiled slightly in that man’s direction, “We have troubled this gentleman, I shall return to tell my Miss!”

“Let’s go!” Gu Yunlan instructed when Xin’er entered.

The carriage started to slowly move again, the surrounding pedestrians hurried to get out of the way.

The man stared blankly. How could the carriage just leave instead of following common sense? That Miss should have asked things, such as what his surname and name is.

Watching the carriage in the distance, he hurriedly yelled loudly, “Girl! My name is Yangjin!”

“Yangjin? You’re courting death! Daring to obstruct the Young Master’s good fortune!” Two angry shouts came from behind.

Yangjin turned around looking puzzled, just to see that the two men lying on the ground had already stood up. The two men glared at him furiously, frightening him into backing up, “You guys! I’m the one who spent money to hire you, you guys are violating our agreement…”

“Oh…”The surrounding masses burst out in surprise, could it be that this gentleman hired people to steal from Marshall Gu’s honorable daughter?

Those two men totally ignored everyone’s look of sudden realization and advanced forward.

“I!” Yanjin immediately covered his mouth. How did it turn out this way? Seeing the surrounding people’s face full of scorn, he figured that no one would help him. He could only turn tail and run.

“Stop there!”

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