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Chapter 21: That’s right, I Did it on Purpose!

“Save me! Quickly come save me!”

Gu Yunlan looked at the person flailing in the water, and yelled anxiously, “Little Cui! Hold on! People will come to save you soon!”

Because the stage wasn’t far, Gu Yunlan’s loud shout was heard very quickly. Zi Luolan heard the call for help from far away, and immediately led the crowd over.

Servants hurried over at this moment, jumping into the pond in succession to go save the person.

“What happened?” Zi Luolan glanced at the pond, panting as she asked. Even all the people behind her had looks of concern.

“Little Cui fell into the water…” When Gu Yunlan saw Little Cui standing by Zi Luolan’s side, her voice fell quiet. If that wasn’t Little Cui, then the one who fell into the water is? She immediately turned her head to look at the person being dragged ashore. The person wrapped in blankets is?

“Little Cui fell in?” Zi Luolan looked at Little Cui by her side. Little Cui is here, then who fell in if it isn’t Little Cui?

The surrounding crowds were all confused. If it wasn’t Little Cui, then who could it be?

“How did you know for sure it was Little Cui?” Zi Luolan looked at her in astonishment.

“I laid down by the pond to sleep, and asked Little Cui to call me in half an hour…” Gu Yunlan looked shamefully at the person being hauled up, “Who knew someone would smack me, I accidentally pushed, and she just fell into the water…”

“Eh, that poor man substituted for Little Cui?” The corner of Zi Luolan’s eyes whipped around to look at Little Cui by her side. You’re so lucky!

“Big Sister was also so uncareful, it doesn’t matter who it is but forcefully pushing shouldn’t happen!” An Jiaona had a look of concern, yet made the ‘push’ word in the previous sentence more serious!”

“Alright! Yunlan didn’t even do it on purpose. The person has been rescued, so let’s go take a look!” Zi Luolan interrupted what An Jiaona had to say, and promptly pulled Gu Yunlan over there.

“You!” An Jiaona was angry, yet she could only watch helplessly as the crowd passed by her, walking towards the pond.

Gu Yunlan snickered secretly. Saying that women is dumb, she actually is dumb. This isn’t the ancient times, what use is there to act so clever? Nevermind that she pushed someone into the water, so what if she even killed someone? Probably nobody would dare to blame her. Don’t forget that she is Gu Family’s most beloved daughter. Unfortunately she wasn’t so clever in the previous life, and was schemed against by other people.

Until the servants pulled up the person and rescued them, did everyone find out that it was a man. Seeing that man with a pale face and pale lips, CPR was done on him by the servants. A big mouthful of water was coughed up from his mouth from time to time.

“Yah! Isn’t that Mister Yang?” A youngster said in surprise.

“Right! That’s right! It’s him!” Joined in another youngster with an ear-piercing voice.

“Sigh sigh! That’s my younger male cousin and his twin, I had him take care of the male guests.” Zi Luolan softly sighed twice, explaining for Gu Yunlan to hear. Suddenly her tone changed, saying to the two, “That’s enough, that’s enough! No need to be so loud, we recognize him already!”

“He he… Big Sister, I’m called Wu Wenhan, that’s my Big Brother, Wu Wenhao!” Wu Wenhan scratched his head, refusing to recognize his older female cousin, and smiled foolishly at Gu Yunlan as he spoke.

“Still haven’t gone to see if he’s awake? Why are you dawdling?” Zi Luolan smacked his head. This youngster, he’s small but sly.

“Yes! Boss!” The two youngsters yelled in sync, immediately causing the surrounding crowds to roar with laughter.

“Only knowing how to show off!” Zi Luolan was itching to slap them flying through the sky; a valuable human life is endangered yet they still joked.

“He’s awake!” A daughter yelled in delight. This is Chief Li’s sole daughter, Li Zhuting. She looked at Gu Yunlan and said, “Sister Gu, we should come closer to show our sincerity!”

Gu Yunlan smiled at her wanly, nodding her head. She recognizes this girl, the daughter of Father’s trustworthy subordinate Mister Li. Pure and cute, very similar to herself in the previous life.

“Cough cough!” Without even drawing near, they could already hear the violent coughing sounds. Yangjin leaned weakly against a servant, his lips deathly pale, his body wrapped in a thick cotton quilt. Even if it’s autumn, it’s still cold enough for him to tremble.

“Young lady, my humble self wished to wake you up, fearing you could fall in. How could you, cough cough cough…” Yangjin’s blaming words were not yet finished when he was interrupted by a fit of violent coughs.

“I…” Gu Yunlan looked as if she was wronged, causing all the watching ladies and gentlemen to not dare to blame her.

“Sister, aren’t your actions too violent?” An Jiaona pushed through the crowd and squeezed in, crouching by Yanjin’s side and watched him, then immediately turned to instruct a servant, “With this serious of a cough, it’s better to go find a doctor!”

“Yes!” A servant standing to one side glanced at Zi Luolan. Only after seeing her nod her head, did he stand up to run towards the gates.

“You… are you alright?” Gu Yunlan carefully half-crouched, and watching her from afar, her eyes revealed a look of apology.

Seeing the innocent-faced Gu Yunlan, and the aggressive An Jiaona on the other side, Yanjin’s originally angry attitude calmed down, and he only thought that Gu Yunlan looked so innocent. She had just awoken, and her conscious was half-awake, he could only blame himself. He shook his head weakly, “No problem, I don’t blame you, cough cough!”

“Eh, really? You don’t blame me! Next time I take action I’ll be sure to be gentler!” Gu Yunlan looked pleasantly surprised. It’s a must to hide how much she hated not being able to slice him into bits. Next time he falls into her hands, she wants him to know her through fear!

“This…” Yanjin was startled when he heard this, “next time”? He looked at her foolishly, and seeing her pure looking face, he couldn’t help but squash the hesitation in his heart.

“Mister Yang, come, I’ll help you up! You’re going to get sick sitting on the ground for so long, so uncareful!” An Jiaona had a look as if she was thinking logically.

Yanjin borrowed An Jiaona and the nearby servant’s power to stand up with a lot of effort, and simply looked at Gu Yunlan’s wronged face as she heard An Jiaona’s words. He couldn’t help but say, “Don’t blame her, it’s me who was clumsy!”

Seeing him stand up, Zi Luolan said to the two servants by her side, “You still haven’t hurried to send Mister Yang to the guest changing room. When the physician comes, lead him directly there!”

Hearing their Miss’s words, the two servants hurriedly went to support Yanjin, immediately leaving the site with him.

Zi Luolan clapped her hands once, “Alright, everybody! It’s almost time for the masquerade, everyone can follow a servant to rooms I’ve prepared to change clothes and apply makeup. We’ve prepared so many different colored costumes, all of you can choose whatever you wish!”


“All of the Zi Family’s Miss’s clothes are so beautiful, the most new and original!”

“I also like it!” “Me too!”

“It’s good that you like it!” Zi Luolan smiled wanly, saying, “Go quickly! Time is limited!”

Just as her words were spoken, the crowds started to disorderly follow the servants into guest rooms.

Inside a guest room, Gu Yunlan and Zi Luolan finished changing and sat down in front of the dressing table to wait for Little Cui and another servant girl, Liu’er, to apply their makeup and style their hair.

“Wei! Yunlan, did you do that on purpose this afternoon?” While staying in the dressing room, Zi Luolan couldn’t help but ask.

“Pft!” Gu Yunlan finally laughed out loud, nodding her head, “That’s right! I did it on purpose. When he came close to me, I woke up and forcefully pushed him into the water, and purposely yelled for Cui’er…”

“Haha!” Little Cui stood to the side laughing loudly, saying while smiling, “Since just getting scared to death by the Eldest Miss, I was still thinking to myself that I would’ve been half dead if I were to be pushed in. I was still rejoicing that another poor guy had taken my place!”

“I reckon that he’s been irritated enough from being dunked into water! I dislike his sympathetic attitude the most.” Zi Luolan lifted her head, laughing out loud.

“Miss! If you keep on fidgeting, I won’t do this anymore!” Little Cui was very unhappy. The way the Miss laughed, she had just finished styling that hair before it was then scattered…

“Okay okay! I won’t move! Continue!” Zi Luolan winked at Gu Yunlan, saying, “This girl is good at everything, she just hates it when other people destroy what she makes!”

“Little Cui and Liu’er are so skillful!” Gu Yunlan praised as she inspected herself in front of the mirror, “Yi? This is… you couldn’t have been trying to dress us up as…”

“That’s right!” Zi Luolan raised her brows, caressing the cloth she is wearing. She didn’t move, letting Little Cui fuss over her hair.

“Luolan, could the real purpose of this banquet be to promote your clothes?” Gu Yunlan didn’t dare to move either, fearing that she’ll also upset the girl busy with her hair.

“As expected, you know me well! Talk, how did you figure it out?” Zi Luolan was so happy she praised Gu Yunlan appreciatively, pretty good!

“In the finale show, you left the most important for last. The ones in the beginning are nothing more than small-fry! Otherwise you would let me leave. Tell me! Aren’t the clothes that we are wearing being reintroduced?” Gu Yunlan said while narrowing her eyes into slits.

“No!” Zi Luolan shook her head, “What we are wearing are ancient styled costumes, they are wearing ones that became popular recently. As long as one wears the costume, will they know whether or not it’s pretty.  That includes us too, in order to dress up as a fairy…“

Seeing Gu Yunlan looking totally lost, she continued to say, “We’re only attending a masquerade, they’re really actually going to walk the T-shaped stage!”

Though Gu Yunlan had questions about the odd words spewing from Zi Luolan’s mouth, she didn’t ask out loud. The more she’s in contact with her, the more she’ll be confused. It’s just like how Xuanyuan Ying is, she feels as if those two are brimming with hidden secrets, making people can’t help but want to know more. But she does know, knowing to the point where it’s dangerous…

“Let’s go!” Zi Luolan patted her shoulder, saying with a smile, “Wait for when everyone leaves the evening party, we also need to discuss our own major business!”

“En!” When Gu Yunlan snapped back to consciousness and stood up, she was startled by her own reflection in the mirror; What kind of way of applying makeup is this? No! Shouldn’t this be called a way to disguise yourself? Seeing the totally different yet similar appearance of herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but hold out her hand to touch herself.

“Very beautiful! See! Isn’t this girl’s skill great?” Zi Luolan asked, resting her chin on her shoulder, her face lit up with pride.

“Beautiful! I simply cannot recognize myself at all! Liu’er is so skillful!” Gu Yunlan snapped back to consciousness and praised. In regards to her words of praise, she’s never been stingy with them. What’s more, this really does deserve to be praised. It’s just that when she turned her head to look at Zi Luolan, she was actually startled.

“Beautiful! Fairy, will you come take a walk with me?” Gu Yunlan slipped out a compliment, reaching out a hand towards Zi Luolan.

“Let’s go then! This fairy shall bear the burden of putting up with you!” Zi Luolan reached out her hand with an aloof and lovable expression, raising her head arrogantly.

“My goodness! You just accepted it?” Gu Yunlan raised her brows, looking at her mirthfully.

“The two Eldest Misses! We should hurry up and go! It’s almost night!” Little Cui stood by the two’s side, covering her mouth as she giggled. These two Eldest Misses can’t have wanted to flatter each other all night!

“Pft!” The two people looked at each other, laughing out loud.

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