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Chapter 32: A Dream within a Dream?

The two including Yangjin started to run again, fleeing to the top of another tree. Hearing what Gu Yunlan said, he nodded his head. Wake up? How do we wake up? There has to be a third-party to wake them up! But all of them are within the dream.

“How do we wake up? Xuanyuan?” Seeing that the other two fled to another tree, Gu Yunlan wondered when they would even find the time to think up a plan. She could only ask again!

“Let me think!” Xuanyuan Ying’s brows creased slightly. If they don’t wake up, they would only be delaying death!

“Xuanyuan! Take a look at those rats! They’re actually gathering up on top of one another!” Gu Yunlan looked below her feet in astonishment. My god! Isn’t this too smart?

Xuanyuan Ying lowered his head to look. His facial color changed greatly. The two rats on top had directly crawled up to them. He hurriedly brought Gu Yunlan with him as he flew towards the left, causing the rats to pounce onto empty air. The wall of rats stiffly fell over.

Xuanyuan Ying watched the other two’s escape pattern. It was odd that their movements looked like a lure, but at the same time seemed to be the result of a muddle-headed escape. The other man’s vigilance wasn’t normal. Even when running around and jumping, he used human martial arts.

Everything they had prepared was in the car, and they were technically virtual in this state; it would be useless even if they had them, so what now?

“Ah!” An Jiaona yelled out in pain. She appeared to have been bitten by something.

“Nana!” Yangjin’s alarmed voice sounded out.

“Big Brother Yang!” The other two immediately looked over just to see that An Jiaona’s body was slowly fading away. Along with the sound of her last plea for help, her entire body faded into oblivion.

“This…” The other two immediately looked at each other, what was going on? An Jiaona died? Xuanyuan Ying’s brows creased even more. He always felt as if something was wrong!

“Nana was bitten by a rat on accident! Then she…” Yangjin’s gasping voice called out.

A thought flashed through Xuanyuan Ying’s mind. Bite? He almost couldn’t hold on any longer. How can this dream be broken?

That’s not right! There must be a way to break it! He suddenly felt something in his mind move.

He slowly turned his head to look towards the inside of the car. The outside of the car wasn’t the only place he had put up restrictions, there were some set up on all 4 sides of him and Gu Yunlan as well.

The restrictions outside the car didn’t move, so how could the ones inside be moved? Unless… thinking up to there, he understood everything.

For someone to touch the restrictions on his and Gu Yunlan’s body, who was it? There was no change to the restrictions outside the car, therefore it could only be someone within the car, right! It’s just like this! He lowered his head to say some words softly next to Gu Yunlan’s ear.

The color on Gu Yunlan’s face paled, but she could only nod her head helplessly.

When Xuanyuan Ying took to the air to leave, she pretended to slip. As Xuanyuan Ying didn’t do anything to protect against it, he was pulled down with her. The two of them dropped directly into the rats.

“Ah! Xuanyuan! It hurts! Save me!” Gu Yunlan called out painfully.

Hearing Gu Yunlan’s pleas for help, Yangjin immediately turned.

Seeing the two of them had fallen into the rats, the color of Yangjin’s face turned really bad. Oh no! How could those two drop into the rats? He eyed the rats who had stealthily heaped up by his feet. His brows creased. The rats didn’t wait for him to fly up, but directly threw themselves at him, biting his thigh.

“It hurts!” Gu Yunlan opened her eyes in pain, yi? She was in Xuanyuan Ying’s embrace and not dead. She immediately lifted her head to look at Xuanyuan Ying in surprise. He was currently looking coldly towards the side. There was somebody next to them?

She hurriedly turned her head to look over. It was actually An Jiaona!

“An Jiaona! What are you doing!” Gu Yunlan turned to look at An Jiaona in rage, seeing her sinisterly raise a dagger while aiming at her.

An Jiaona’s face paled. How did they suddenly wake up? What now? Seeing the two of them look at her fiercely, she was stunned to find she couldn’t retract her hand. It was as if someone was holding her in place.

“Nana! What are you doing? It can’t be that you’re mistaking them for rats?” Yangjin’s voice sounded from behind. To An Jiaona, it sounded like a voice that came from nature.

Her entire body started to shake, her eyes bewildered, as if she had only just discovered the dagger in her hands. She looked at Gu Yunlan in confusion. “This… Big Sister… What is happening to Nana?”

Gu Yunlan’s pupils deepened. She really knew how to act. Just as her pupils became filled with rage, she realized that she must not show anger even if this were a dream. She wouldn’t forget how she had shrieked out of fear when she first entered the dream.

“I don’t know either…” Suddenly, as Gu Yunlan faced the woman who killed her, she didn’t even want to pretend anymore. She just couldn’t think it through. In her previous life, she had fought over Yangjin. However, in this life, she didn’t fight for Yanjin’s love. How come she wanted to get rid of her so quickly?

“I… I’m sorry…” An Jiaona had a face full of grief. At that moment, she couldn’t move at all, and could only look at the two people pitifully.

“Now’s not the best time!” Xuanyuan Ying retracted his gaze, coldly breaking off her words, “We haven’t completely escaped danger, yet here we are fighting amongst ourselves, humph!”

Xuanyuan Ying humphed coldly, and let An Jiaona regain control over her body. She collapsed backwards weakly, landing in Yangjin’s embrace as if her actions just now really were from being controlled.

Gu Yunlan retracted her gaze and also looked towards the front windows of the car. Her pupils suddenly contracted as they awoke from the dream. How can those rats be so huge, making her shiver so much? They were once again trapped by rats in the car…

The two sitting in the back only then noticed the scenery outside the car; their faces paled immediately.

“Xuanyuan, this… Are we in a dream within a dream or were rats always this big?” Gu Yunlan shrunk in his embrace while asking.

“You’ll know once you see that fire pit…” Yangjin’s words, which usually had an arrogant tone, were choked to a halt.

That’s right! That fire pit is really small, not as big as the one within the dream. It’s as if this wasn’t within a dream. With rats that big, no one would believe it!

“This is a dream within a dream!” Xuanyuan brought Gu Yunlan along as he leaned back, a hint of exhaustion flashed across his face.

Gu Yunlan glanced at his pallor, then asked quietly in her mind, “Xuanyuan! What happened to you! Are you really tired? Do you want me to sit you up in the driver’s seat?”

“No need, I wouldn’t be at ease, everything’s fine! I’ll be fine just by shutting my eyes for a bit! I have put up restrictions outside the car. Before the sky gets light, as long as the rats don’t break the restrictions, we will wake up naturally!” Xuanyuan Ying tightened his hands. His voice appeared in her consciousness, sounding incredibly beat.

Gu Yunlan could only nod her head. She understood that after entering the dream to rescue her, he had constantly held her up in midair, draining most of his energy. For her to, once again, ask him to…

“There’s no problem! I will take a short nap. You watch those two behind us!” After that, Xuanyuan Ying directly shut his eyes.

Gu Yunlan sat quietly as she looked outside. The rats were still stubbornly ramming against the restriction cast on the car. The sky started to faintly shine white, causing Gu Yunlan to rejoice in her mind.

Gu Yunlan’s consciousness was really abundant. If she were hungry, she would take the beef jerky out of the bag. Chewing on it, she waited for the sky to brighten. The two sitting behind had already closed their eyes to rest a long time ago, yet didn’t dare to actually sleep. They were afraid that the next time they woke up, they would be in another dream within a dream.

Slowly, the sky started to brighten and the rats’ attacks lessened. To Gu Yunlan’s delight, the rats were becoming smaller. She wanted to sit up to take a look at the outcome, but was kept down by Xuanyuan Ying’s hand, bumping closer into his embrace.

“Don’t move! Take a nap! The dreamland hasn’t gone yet. We can leave here by the time you wake up. Leave the rest to me!” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice sounded in her mind.

“But I can’t fall asleep!” Gu Yunlan whispered in her mind. She was afraid that she wouldn’t even wake up! “Right! How did you discover that one would wake up from being bitten by rats? And you didn’t even let me tell Yangjin?”

“Close your eyes and I’ll tell you!” Xuanyuan Ying didn’t open his eyes. The two people chatted in their mind, “I only had a faint suspicion when they dodged and An Jiaona got bitten, but what made me certain was when the restrictions within the car moved.

“Then they knew how to wake up, why didn’t they tell us?” Gu Yunlan’s voice held a bit of doubt.

“Seeing An Jiaona’s dagger, you don’t get it?” Xuanyuan Ying was somewhat impatient with her ignorance.

“They wanted to take advantage of the mess to kill me, blaming it upon the dream! But isn’t this bringing about their own destruction?” Gu Yunlan suddenly realized that she still had good intentions!

“What a pity, they don’t know that this dream within a dream isn’t actually  one at all…” Xuanyuan Ying said ambiguously.

“It isn’t?” Gu Yunlan was confused by what he said.

“You said there was something watching us at night. If my guess isn’t wrong, we had unconsciously been affected by Peach Blossom Miasma! It confused our consciousness!”

She had heard of it before. A forest in the Southern Mountains with a hot and moist climate can cause people to catch a disease from the poisonous gases. It’s also produced by the rotting of the flora and fauna of the high-temperature forest. Among them, the Peach Blossom Miasma is the most poisonous. If it were to be accidentally inhaled, it would cause a person to go insane.

“After we entered the forest, the Peach Blossom Miasma quietly followed in and was absorbed by us. Then afterwards, the dream waited for an opportunity when you two fell asleep to control you. Alright, you now know pretty much what’s going on! We should be more careful next time we enter a forest! Take a nap!”

“En!” Gu Yunlan agreed in her mind, then drifted off into deep sleep.

Xuanyuan Ying suddenly snapped his eyes open, then coldly looked outside the car. The two sitting in the back had also fallen asleep. He waved his hands towards the back, a restriction separated the front from the back. He lowered his eyes to look at the girl in his embrace and gently let her down on the driver’s seat.

Seeing Gu Yunlan turn over and continue to sleep on, he waved his hands once again. Another restriction appeared around her. He turned around and got out of the car.

“Oh! How careful of you!” A sarcastic female voice sounded from the surrounding forests.

“Come out, Meng!” Xuanyuan Ying said coldly.

“You’re no fun! When did you realize I was here?” The girl’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him. Dressed completely in red and wearing a red veil, she only revealed a pair of sly looking eyes.

“That time when I got bitten by the rats.” Xuanyuan Ying hooked up the corners of his mouth disdainfully, “That low-life doesn’t even dare to bite my honorable self!”

“Big Brother is so smart!” Meng gave a cupped fist salute in respect.

“How come you’re here? Who drew you over?” Xuanyuan Ying’s voice became a bit more eased.

“Look! I thought it was a piece of fat!” Meng was unsatisfied, and pouted towards the inside of the car, “F*ck! For me to actually be tricked! I don’t care! This time I want to follow! I want revenge!”

“He’s not yours!” Xuanyuan Ying spat coldly. He knew as he walked towards the car that there will never be any peace and quiet.

“It’s her’s?” Meng hurriedly followed along, pointed inside the car at Gu Yunlan, and asked.  “I don’t care. If you don’t let me follow, I will go into her dream and tell her that you had tricked her just now!”

The color of Xuanyuan Ying’s face darkened. He coldly said, “You dare to threaten this senior?”

“Wonderful Big Brother! With other people following along, they could also protect her!” Meng saw that Xuanyuan Ying’s face color was off, and hurriedly changed her tone.

“Humph!” Xuanyuan Ying coldly humphed, then opened the car door and directly sat inside.

Meng’s face brightened, and she also hurried to open the car’s back door. Seeing the two people in the backseat, she waved her hands, directly dumping the two into the very back row. Her left hand trembled a bit, and a white fur mat appeared on the car seat. Only then did she get in and close the door.

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