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Chapter 31: Midnight Fright!

Gu Yunlan slept very uneasily. Around midnight, she abruptly sat up. Her frightened face looked outside the car, but there was nothing there.

She thought for a while before laying back down. The fire outside burned brightly as her heart continuously raced. From time to time, she would sit back up and glance outside the car, seeing nothing but the fire.

Right! There was absolutely nothing, not even the cries of insects. Everything seemed really strange. The sound of swaying leaves and rustling appeared from the patch of darkness. . Gu Yunlan couldn’t help but prick her ears up to listen.

Xuanyuan Ying saw that she was restless and reached out his hand to hold onto her. Pressing her down again the seat, he softly said, “It’s alright! Everything’s okay! Be obedient! Sleep!”

“But my eyelids are pulsing like mad…” Pressed down onto her seat, Gu Yunlan struggled as she explained.

“Alright! Obediently go to sleep. I’ll be keeping night watch!” Xuanyuan Ying said to her with a gentle expression.

“Big Sister, everything’s alright! We are inside the car! Perhaps it’s only your imagination!” An Jiaona also couldn’t help but comfort her. If this continued on, she was afraid that she would also become frightened, almost making her nervous.

“We’re here! If any danger appears, we will all stand in front and protect you!! Go to sleep! Everything’s okay!” Even Yangjin piped in to soothe her.

“I…” Gu Yunlan looked at everyone helplessly, not knowing what to say. Her senses were growing stronger and stronger. She could sense that something in the forest is deadlocked on watching her.

Xuanyuan Ying let go and clasped her hand, leaning back on his seat. He understood her worry. Her sixth sense was very sensitive. There really was something unknown within the forest. Although his magic power had diminished, his spirit strength had not decreased. It was still the same as when he was at his prime.

The only issue was, he could not sense what that something was. The space between his eyebrows wrinkled, and his head started hurting so much that he couldn’t shut his eyes.

Seeing that the two had finally laid down, An Jiaona released a breath, no longer afraid. Gu Yunlan’s fidgeting had frightened her. Could there really be something in the forest?

“Go to sleep!” Yangjin smiled wanly at her and leaned back, shutting this eyes.

With Xuanyuan Ying holding onto her hand, Gu Yunlan’s heart began to slowly settle down. Her eyelids started to droop, and she gradually entered into the dream world.

A rustling sound appeared once again. Xuanyuan Ying and Yangjin opened their eyes,nearly at the same time. The sound of rustling came closer and closer, growing louder and louder.

The two of them sat up immediately and looked out towards the window. The moment they laid eyes on what was outside, they froze on the spot. The fire pits were surrounded by rats. Were rats afraid of the cold?

The rodents had the looks of an arhat as they completely surrounded the fires. Each fire pit had at least five to six hundred rats surrounding. They stood in six or seven layered formations.

Xuanyuan Ying’s brows slightly creased. Rats?  That’s absolutely not right! Rats definitely don’t have such a strong gaze, but the view in front of their eyes really was bewildering.

“Do you have a plan to drive away the rats?” Xuanyuan Ying turned his head to ask. He was glad that the two ladies were fortunately sleeping. Otherwise, their frightened screams would end up causing the rats to attack them, if not scare them away.

“None…” Yangjin wrinkled his brows, shaking his head. Even he doesn’t know what to do, unless…

Seeing him shaking his head, Xuanyuan Ying could only turn his head back and silently observe the change. What exactly is going on with those rats warming themselves by the fire?

Suddenly, Gu Yunlan’s head rolled left and right, her brows creasing slightly. Xuanyuan Ying first froze, then rushed over to press her down, calling out softly, “Yunlan! Yunlan!”

Immediately afterwards, An Jiaona suddenly sat up behind them while waving around her hands and feet, frightening Yangjin. The two of them were close to one another. He immediately pulled her into his embrace and held on firmly, not letting her flail around. He kept on repeating, “Nana! Nana!”

As if Xuanyuan Ying had sensed something, he suddenly turned his head to look towards the window. A row of huge rats slowly emerged between the two fire pits, neatly lining up. Soon after, four huge rats appeared, carrying two white rats.

Xuanyuan Ying’s heart once again skipped a beat. That old rat suddenly became synchronized with Gu Yunlan! What exactly is that thing? The four huge rats carrying the two old rats took two steps forward, then split apart, separating towards the fire pit.

“We need to hurry and help them out!” Yangjin yelled in a low and soft voice. He obviously noticed that something was fishy. The rat that struggled violently moved in sync with An Jiaona!

“No! We can’t go out! They are all within a dream, and we are in reality. Those rats are all separate from reality. If I’m not wrong, the only way we can leave is if we can somehow get them against the body of white. If not, they will continue to sink into the land of dreams and remain in eternal slumber!” Xuanyuan Ying held onto Gu Yunlan, carrying her, while warning Yanjing.

“Could it be that we can only watch with wide eyes as they get roasted by the fire?” Yangjin glanced at Gu Yunlan, who was being carried in the other man’s arms. His heart ached. No, he must not let her die like this!

“We will also go in!” As if Xuanyuan Ying didn’t notice Yangjin’s gaze, he lowered his head and looked at the lady in his arms, speaking softly. He had lived peacefully and quietly for more than a thousand years. No matter what he came across, all misfortunes had turned into blessings, until he met her…

She really was his nemesis. The same year she was reborn, he had been injured by his sworn enemy. Every year, he would go heal at the Gu Family’s ancestral home. There was still a bit more to go before he returned to his peak condition. In order to save her, he used up a lot of his power. Not only that, she was poisoned by the white bone demon, causing him to become even more suppressed. Even now, he could only heave a sigh…

Yangjin watched, remaining silent, not asking. He even hinted towards it, what would he not know. He slowly shut his eyes and aligned the space in his eyes with An Jiaona’s. By the time he had entered, An Jiaona had stopped struggling. The two people hugged each other tightly.

Xuanyuan Ying glanced at the approaching Yangjin. With a wave of his hand, an invisible barrier appeared around the car. He lowered his head to look at Gu Yunlan. Both of his eyes closed shut; their foreheads stayed close together.

“No! Save me! Let go of me!” Gu Yunlan thought this was just a dream; it must be a dream. How could she be a rat. Wait, what did her yell sound like just now? Zhi zhi? No!

How can it be? She had suddenly turned into a rat. Gu Yunlan looked alarmingly  all around. She was clasped tight by the two rats while large rats stood all around in neat rows. She really turned into a completely big and white rat!

“Zhi zhi zhi!” Sharp and loud sounds came from beside her. Hurriedly, she turned her head to look. A white rat that looked just like her was struggling violently… that couldn’t be An Jiaona, right?

Gu Yunlan felt as if her mind had made a turn. This isn’t like a dream, it’s too real. The large old rat’s claws were painful, this was absolutely not a dream!

By the time she realized, it was too late. The rats that held her up had already approached the wall of rats. That’s right! It was a wall of rats, at least five to six rats tall. Her pupils suddenly contracted as she saw a huge piece of rock and a large bone to the side.

Her thoughts raced. That was the piece of bone she had left last night. She abruptly turned her head to look at the wall of rats. Looking past the tightly packed rodent wall, she saw the light of the fire!

Her heart had a vague premonition that these rats wanted to roast her over the fire!!

Thinking of this, she became agitated as she struggled even more violently! What in the world was going on?

No matter how much she struggled, the two rats firmly held on to her. One step, two steps, slowly climbing up the wall of rodents.

The two rats were really fast, carrying her to the peak in the blink of an eye. She glanced at the nearby An Jiaona, who was also struggling. Could it be that, in this world, their fates would be the same?

“Zhi!” The sharp sound of a rat came from within the forest. Two rows of rats changed their formation in an orderly manner. “Zhi!” A commanding call sounded.

“Zhi!” Another sharp call was heard. The rats holding onto the two people raised their claws and used as much effort as possible to throw them.

“Ah!” Gu Yunlan finally yelled out. It was no longer the sharp call of a rat. Just as she was about to land in the fire, a black figure flew over and caught her.

Smelling the familiar scent, Gu Yunlan buried her head into his embrace. In a burst of confusion, the light of the fire roared. Gu Yunlan shut her eyes tightly. Only when her feet were planted safely on the ground did she dare to open her eyes.

She hurriedly held out her hands to check them It’s a hand! She turned back!

“Big Brother Yang! This nearly frightened Nana to death! Nana had actually turned into a huge rat just now!” An Jiaona’s crying voice sounded; her scare wasn’t actually so light.

“Everything’s alright! Everything’s alright!” came Yangjin’s comforting voice.

Gu Yunlan could feel her heart beating hard even now. That experience was too bizarre. She really felt weak at the moment. If she were as powerful as Xuanyuan Ying, wouldn’t she have been able to just kick over the big rats?

“Are you alright!?” Xuanyuan Ying pulled her from his embrace, and looked her up and down. Besides having a pale face, there really wasn’t anything that seemed wrong. A small problem occured in the time they entered the dream world; they were actually locked outside, unable to get in.

Gu Yunlan shook her head and looked towards the fire pit behind her. The rats that were kicked to a position where their four claws faced the heavens had actually gathered together and were charging towards the four people like a torrent.

“What now?” Gu Yunlan hurriedly leaned closer to him. Only then did she realize that they had suddenly become the same size as the rats.

“Fly!” Xuanyuan Ying glanced towards Yangjin and spat out one word. He grabbed ahold of Gu Yunlan and their  bodies rose to the sky all of a sudden. Gu Yunlan immediately held onto his sleeves.

Seeing the rats about to reach them, An Jiaona shrieked out loud, “Big Brother Yang! What now? Big Sister and him suddenly flew! Wu wu…”

Yangjin’s brows creased slightly. He grabbed onto An Jiaona and flew on top of a big tree nearby. An Jiaona held onto his neck in astonishment. He knows how to fly? So awesome!

Two people, including Xuanyuan Ying, were suspended in mid­air, while the other two stood atop a tree. What made them surprised was that the rats didn’t climb the tree but rather revealed sharp teeth and started to gnaw at it!

The tree they stood on was gnawed apart. They fled directly onto another big tree as soon as the other one fell to the ground.

“Xuanyuan, what now?” Gu Yunlan looked at the scene before her eyes. She felt like her courage had become stronger and stronger. She actually didn’t cry…

“These rats cannot be killed! We must wake up!” Xuanyuan Ying muttered for a short amount of time and said, “Go tell them! Have them think of a way to wake up!”

Gu Yunlan nodded her head and, in a throat ripping voice, roared, “Mister Yang, we can’t make an escape plan like this! Those rats cannot be killed, we must wake up! You should also come up with a plan!

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