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Chapter 30: A Break Within the Forest

Xuanyuan Ying stopped the car for bit. The other three in the car had closed their eyes, but only Gu Yunlan was sleeping—she was tired from playing. Xuanyuan Ying rubbed his temples; she had actually played for the entire trip. She had actually spoken to him in her mind like that, he was speechless…

He let down the driver’s seat softly so that he can sleep more comfortably. After doing so, he put his hands on the steering wheel and said coldly, “We will camp here tonight. Chop firewood and raise a fire yourself. This General won’t look after the meals. To put up with you guys is the biggest step back for this General!”

After saying so, he opened the car door and walked out, “Peng!”, shutting the car door. The two that were left immediately opened their eyes and watched as he left from their line of sight. Only then did they leave the car.

Yangjin sucked in a large breathe. If he had known that coming along would put him under pressure, he definitely wouldn’t have gone. It was all the fault of the woman next to him— no brain in her head. That guy Xuanyuan Ying surely wasn’t simple!

“Big Brother Yang! What do we do now?” An Jiaona pulled on his sleeves and asked timidly.

Yangjin glanced at the woman next to him and smiled as he said, “Nana, go gather some firewood. I’ll go hunt a bit more. We’re probably going to be traveling on the mountain paths more in the future we should bring them to eat on the road!”

“En! I’ll listen to whatever you say, Big Brother Yang!” An Jiaona nodded her head with a slight smile, then hurried to walk off to one side.

“Hold up!” Yangjin suddenly called out to her.

“What is it, Big Brother Yang?” An Jiaona halted her steps and turned around to ask joyfully.

“Be careful!” Yangjin slightly smiled towards her.

“En! You too!” An Jiaona smiled shyly. She immediately turned and, into the depths of the forest, she left with a trot.

Yangjin’s pupils seemed to deepen; he turned and headed into the forest behind him.

When Gu Yunlan woke up, the sky’s color has already darkened. She rubbed her eyes. Inside the car was dark and black, outside the car had the light of a fire. She sat up slowly and used her fingers to comb out her hair.

Glugh glugh!” Gu Yunlan rubbed her growling stomach. Oh no! Hunger! Those pieces of chicken from this afternoon weren’t filling. Thinking of this, she hurriedly opened the car door and walked out.

“Bam!” The sound of a car door being slammed shut caused the group to turn their heads to look.

The air was filled with the dense, delicious smell of roasting meat. Gu Yunlan felt hunger. She looked towards the others. Three people sat in two groups, Xuanyuan Ying as one,  while An Jiaona and Yangjin sat together.

Seeing her come out, Xuanyuan Ying didn’t move. His hands kept on poking at the fire, roasting the meat. He didn’t even lift his head. Meanwhile, the two—including An Jiaona—looked over. Gu Yunlan smiled slightly towards them then sat down next to Xuanyuan Ying.

“I’m hungry! Big Brother Xuanyuan!” Gu Yunlan directly sat next to him, a foolish smile on her face.

“You’re hungry?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her in astonishment. He suddenly started to stare off blankly. He remembered that he had sealed off her tendons and blood vessels. Thinking of this, he held up a piece— roasted to a golden yellow color, and passed it over to her.

“Wow! Roasted chicken? Where did the chicken come from?” Gu Yunlan’s eyes lit up as she sniffed at it. Smells good! She held it up and gently took a bite, “Delicious! Your skill isn’t bad! Have you eaten?”

“The first one went into your mouth!” Xuanyuan Ying continued to poke at the fire and scattered seasoning over the other pieces of meat in there.

“Ya! You didn’t eat?” Gu Yunlan took a bite, and was stupefied. She hurriedly reached out in front of him, “Here, take a bite first!”

Xuanyuan Ying was flabbergasted and looked at her foolishly. Drinking a cup of water here and taking a bite of wild chicken there really wasn’t a problem…

“En? What is it? Are you not hungry?” Gu Yunlan shook the chicken in her hands.

“Must the food be shared to eat?” Xuanyuan Ying inquired. In the time Gu Yunlan didn’t start to react, he took a large bite where she had bitten before and quickly pushed it back to her.

Gu Yunlan stared blankly at the wild chicken in her hand. What’s wrong with sharing the food? She suddenly saw that Xuanyuan Ying had bit the place she had bitten before and felt her face burn at the moment. She looked at him angrily, “You did it on purpose!”

Xuanyuan Ying smiled slyly, “You allowed me to take a bite; I asked for your opinion. Could it be you don’t dare to eat what I’ve bitten?”

“Who’s afraid?” They’ve even exchanged blood, what was there to fear in this? Gu Yunlan took a bite right at where he had. Only when she swallowed the chicken in her mouth did she react. He had tricked her again; doesn’t that count as an indirect kiss? “b*stard!”

“Why are you so childish?” Xuanyuan Ying glanced at her bitten chicken amusedly. He retracted his gaze and continued to poke at the fire pit. Since they had exchanged blood, this girl has been getting less and less scared of him.

And as the thickness of their blood is getting more and more concentrated, her behavior towards him has also been getting more and more intimate. Even he seems to be affected, becoming more tolerating of her affection. It’s just that if… forget it! Future matters are to be discussed in the future!

“I’m hungry! Let me eat!” Gu Yunlan ignored him and lowered her, eating.

Her appetite wasn’t actually big. Maybe she really was hungry, or perhaps the roasted chicken was just delicious—-Gu Yunlan finished eating that chicken quickly. She took out the handkerchief from this afternoon and wiped her mouth clean. Then she looked towards the two people sitting across from her.

They had actually sat together and were chatting and laughing amongst each other. Because she was far from them, she couldn’t tell what they were saying. When did they come to know each other so well, or did they already know each other from before?

Gu Yunlan leaned close to Xuanyuan Ying’s ear and asked softly, “Xuanyuan, is that Yangjin really a fox spirit?”

“We are still just guessing. My magic power has declined. Other than sensing the presence of a fox spirit on that An Jiaona, I won’t be able to sense or find him unless he reveals himself!” Xuanyuan Ying shook his head and transmitted over, “He really is vigilant, never revealing any bit of a demon qi. Even to catch those wild chickens he went far away. The one helping An Jiaona should be him.”

“Then why would you bring them along this time? Are you not afraid they would find out our secret?” Gu Yunlan said those words in her mind.

Xuanyuan Ying looked at her. This girl knows to be protective. His voice contained traces of a smile as it appeared in her mind, “Isn’t this just a meaningless journey to find you some delights, you could also use this time to torment them!”

“Hey! That’s not bad. Earlier today, I  tormented them so miserably. They wouldn’t run away tonight, right?” Gu Yunlan covered her mouth and giggled.

“To come together with us, is something they had suggested. How can they leave? Perhaps their goal is the same as ours. At that time, you think of a plan to stop them! Let’s see what they want to do by coming to Miao Territory?”

“Alright! Then I will go talk with them and sow some feelings!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head, and looked at him with inquiring eyes. To sow some feelings between them required some preparation; it was fortunate that she wasn’t in any argument with them right now.

“Xin’er prepared some water canteen for you. I’ll take it out; go give it to them. They probably unpacked while at the Marshal’s residence!” As Xuanyuan Ying spoke, he took out two full water canteens and passed it over.

Gu Yunlan stood up when she received the water canteens, then she walked towards the fire pits of those two, “Here! You guys probably didn’t bring any water canteens, these two are filled with water. If you don’t believe me, you can go to the creek and fill it yourself!”

The two didn’t respond at first, then An Jiaona only reacting after a while. She hurriedly stood up and received the water canteen. Seeming pleasantly surprised, she said, “Thank you Elder Sister! We just happen to need it now!”

“We just finished roasting a rabbit, would you like a rabbit leg?” Yangjin sat by the fire pit, his hands placed on his two legs. He looked at her smilingly.

“No need, you guys probably didn’t roast many. Save it to eat on the road! Big Brother Xuanyuan roasted a lot!” Gu Yunlan glanced back at Xuanyuan Ying shyly. Amazingly, even she was impressed by her own acting skills, it really was great!

“Big Sister…” An Jiaona hesitatingly came closer to Gu Yunlan. She said in a voice that could not be any softer, “You believe in him that much? You’re not afraid that he’ll drug you?”

“Ah? Who? Big Brother Xuanyuan? That person is wonderful!” Gu Yunlan paused a bit, then hurried on to explain.

“You… it can’t be that you like him right?” An Jiaona had a face full of astonishment! It was as if she had discovered a huge problem.

“How can that be?” Gu Yunlan now replied in a careless tone, she then covered her mouth and looked at her in astonishment. It seemed as if she couldn’t talk in an astonished tone.

“Yunlan! Another one has finished roasting, do you still want anymore?” Xuanyuan Ying’s distant voice came from behind her. They have succeeded in getting the way of those two’s conversation, he really couldn’t listen for any longer. Those two’s exaggerated acting drew black lines all over their face.

“Ya! Coming!” Gu Yunlan replied in a loud voice, then immediately came close to say with a red face and quiet voice, “He is calling for me, I’ll go over there first!”

An Jiaona could only nod her head and sit down next to Yangjin, who followed her with his eyes as she sat down. Only when those two started to chat and laugh together did she turn her head again, “Big Brother Jin, if she were to fall for Xuanyuan Ying…”

“What is there to be surprised about? That person has money, power, and good looks—-a good fit for her. One would fall for him as long as they’re a woman.” Yangjin was expressionless as he turned the rabbit in his hand, asking, “Could it be you aren’t moved?”

“How can that be? The person this one likes is definitely Big Brother Jin! Even if you have nothing, I would still be willing!” An Jiaona lowered her head with a shyly. She took up a stick and poked at the fire pit, “But Big Brother Jin, what will happen to your plan?”

“Humph! We’ll talk about this when the time comes!” Yangjin hooked up the corners of his mouth and hummed softly. The plan can’t keep up with the change, he could only use another way.

As for the other side, Xuanyuan Ying took off the roasted wild prey just as Gu Yunlan sat down by his side, and pulled off a thigh piece to give to her, “Eat until you’re full tonight! There probably won’t be time to eat later on. I already took out everything in your pack, there only dried beef and preserved pork. It should be enough for you to eat for quite some time!”

“Ah?” Gu Yunlan took a bite of the meat in her hands. So delicious, it was unexpectedly sheep thigh.

“Roasting wild game in the mountains is actually a mistake. Who knows what is watching us from the surroundings! A delicious aroma is the prime factor of luring in things!” Xuanyuan Ying held up a water canteen and directly chugged it down.

“What kind of things will there be?” Gu Yunlan glanced at the surrounding dark woods. It’s as if there really is something watching her, she immediately sat closer to him.

“How can your courage be so small?” Xuanyuan Ying looked at her coldly. He stretched out his hand to wipe off the bits of food at the corner of her mouth, “We’ll go into the car when we finish eating. It always feels as if there is something odd within the forest!”

“Don’t scare me!” Gu Yunlan’s heart shook. She nibbled at the sheep thigh in her hands two or three more times. She stood up to pick up the finish roasted sheep meat and shoved it in Xuanyuan Ying’s hands, “Let’s return to the car! I’m starting to feel nervous!”

Xuanyuan Ying looked at her somewhat helplessly. Sh really lacked courage. That partner he had personally chosen; is she really any good?

At last, under Xuanyuan Ying’s blackening face and Gu Yunlan’s nagging, the four of them all entered the car to sleep. Several fire pits were also lit around the car— they flickered in the forest.

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